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Th* Bai=viour of Solid arA ~bltep- C'OPP4V IrLUO 2k.Ijp5c%,O, to Chaos, by A. Sieve-s"I'L.1s, W. Krum-Mc-par, "'i pp. GEM-0, pmrm~. Z fuer Physik Cham (LeiLazig), Vol T-,-aiv, 19-M., pp P-77-307. ~f Aw Tr 276 sci - chma Oct 59 (DC-4382)- ':00 the C&Uaytlo Mqat ot OCad 1n the Rodoctlon -of SlIver Wtm., by P. XMmboIxo ji. Wat"ks 4 pp. =MN Pero Mroddidos Aot&,P Vbi 118 no I., Sol - Chm Out 60 --- The - Utrattum- Of -2horim WA vr&4= ft=- -- - .. Yboultei by ?Q~~ F. gottdeWw.. 0 PA33v 0.0 midin-P of Inter- notlowa 0ouftnum an PsaooM*Uns of Atmdo znftw Ebla at Omn 8-2D ADS M5v Vol V3=. 3:cLtoxmtl Oonr -- Ulf G" - *aoUwr Phplas 'j- ARr 57 "'d7 c.TA 1-6W.9.162 Contribution to the Theory of the FrecipMtion of Metals frcm Aqueous Solutions', by P. Krumboiz. a pp. DMCR, perj Natian-w Tijdscbr,, Vol MI # pp 108- ino 1942. k3IA 3283- Sci - Chem - Aug 58- AEC-tr-4509(p.200) Uncl. ROTATION Or, A CONDUCTING SPHERE IN A CONDUCTING VISCOUS LIIQUID IN TRE PRESENCE OF A MAGNETIC FIELD. Yu. K. Krumin', Translated from Voprosy Magnit. Gidrodinamiki i Dinamiki Plazmy, Trudy Konf., Akad. Nauk Latv. S.S.R., Inst. Fiz., Riga, 1958. 229(1959). Original published in Latvijas PSR Zinatnu Akad. Vestis, No. 2, 97(1958). C-34. P NSA N-4 14maSUrIng Moisture Content of Wood with Electric HMometers,, by S. Kruml. x CZWB., pert Drevo, Vol ZCZRI No 14, 1* 1959o pp 99-1m. Em * Ft Belvoir T-m aci w 02-/ ibn 61 - I Meas=lug Moisture Content of Wood vith gleciric Rygrmeters, by F. Mr=l. CLEM, Per, Drevos Vol XCIR2 No As N 1959; vp 9~-102- MML * Ft Belvoir T-1144 sci is-il, 0-1-/ J= 67, The Calculation of Small Bevel Gears With CyclooPall,old Teeth# by W. Krummp 19 pp. ............I QEFMNx perq Zeit des Vera Deut Ins, Vol XCVI:Es So 70 X or 1955p pp 207-213- CIA/FDD/Z-236 SCI - Bngl=mrlng 3 47j 4e 9'4/ Jun 1956 Krummel. tL THE DISCOVERY OF THE AMOEBAE SPECIES IN HUMAN EYE (Fatoide Einer Ambben-Specles im Menshlichtn Auge). Presented on the Convention [no. 5 of the German Ophftlmological Society. Heidell)erg. 1937. 11%41 (16pi (forelp text included) 7refs Order from SLA $1.60 TT-64-1 485L Trans. of ArcWv W HySlene und Bablerkdogle (Wes Germany) 195k v. 140, p. 233-263. (91ological Sciences-PathDlogy. 7T. Y. 11, no. 11) TT-64-141151 1. Krummet. H. H. Title: German ... j ~A ofr- .1 T-%.6..1 @-It- the Serp by Otto I;pumye!~. UNCL bk, Ralulbuch dtr III, L9cq vv 266-279- Tr 2B58/no 106 62-23738 PROCESS FOR PREPARING MEDICINAL BEE HOR- 1. Krumml, 0. MONES, tr. by P. H. B. 5 Mar" 5p. U. Patent Application Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-23738 (Germany) K 11714 111. Patent Office, Trans. from photoprint of German patent application Washington, D. C. K-1 1, 714/30h/A 2D8, announced 2 Oct 52. DESCRIPTORS: Drugs. Preparation. *Hormones, *Bees, Eggs, Dehydration, A process for preparing and preserving hormone-con- taining cephallc gland extract of bees. characterized In 5 that the queen bee cell content of beehives Is collected 7 7 4 or 5 days after removal of the queen bee and pre- served by drying is discussed. The removal and col- lection of the queen bee cells, after cultivation frames with foreign eggs are suspended, Is repeated. The col- lected active substance extract is cautiously dried in (Biological Sciences --Pharmacology, TT, v. 9, no. 3) "k# 01 W&A UrAt" (over) Pbysicochemical Investigations-on Irradiated Proteins. Commmication VII. A Comparison of the Absorption Power in Ultraviolet of Ser- and Oval-Bumins Which Were Denatured by Mano of Beat., Ultraviolet., Radium., and X Ra PANAtion., by M. Spiegel-Adolf., 0. i~~ pp a GMMN., per, 13:Loch= Z, J--.X CCVjnp 1929, pp 45 -40. 48, 978 S.L.A. Tr 57-2a7 Sai - Cbemistry Jun 57 Pbysicochadcal Investigations on irradiated PrOtMins- n. Commmications. The AbSOrptiODG of LUM-Denatured Seralbumin in the Ultraviolet, by No Spiegel-Adolfp 0. Krumpelp 19 pp. QM". Per, 13100b= Zo Vol CXCY 1927, PP 28-41- S.L.A. Tr 57-288 Sci - chudetry 4f Jun 57 LN4stles Im Atadc --7: D.P 0 7j9l& FIWXgv per Rme so 6' lkyo Weeare, by vvo do Documentation Ullitalrej pp mu., i-ye6 Evar ; fteace Mil Fab 59 on St-'-m7, Clietverikov, Vt. 11. Vitul, M. A. !Iki~~- -via! cw-m , 1C. G. Kamt.nyetra,, 1. N. 1411,14ovas ll~ Yc-,. Yr,,~. 0. K-ornlblrbcher,. A. A. Rrym., K. Y. 9-2twoatnve,, 14 pm. RMSTAW, lolt, aloactm, Vo 2, 1949, P.") 2"10-4267. 6 -';3 51, Bob jfzarjuri:4rmru of -Energy Loss- in Gases of TO hk~T Wddum Ions by Em Electrostatic Analyser., by Ytx. M. Kkze&nl , A. N. Kabanmr, L. N. NruWakovaq 7 pp. FOSIMp pw, Riddatekh 1 Renronj, Vol Vs go 4p 3.960, vp 67"75. pp 6 Sfd *us 61 Effect of Arsenic, AntimozW and Tin on RftovaJL of QWer tsvo Lead, W N. Kuachev, L I Mkolov. ZMWRUN, per agWoblv Not. (Sofia-) lb. 7, 1g&, pp 19-22 072 Al kv.,vo-hev Sci - I Aug 67 337-48T Investigations of Mineral Fox-ming Solutions Largely by 3*4ui= Studies 2m of Liquid Inclusions, by N. P. Kxunkov, RUSSLU, bk) *NSF Grants to Geochemical Soc 5 jun 1961 RmIxtbition of Sconmic and Cultural progmss of the Soviet UAcc 1n Pelp1mg, by V. A. XnrP&.* 3 PP- MMUR., =D pws fbteorol I Gidrols No 11 4s Ighulmrad, JWiug 1955, vp 60p6le CZA/FM/U-8071 Ajw 56 Jar lm Methods of MweatigatIng Radioactivity in Foodp by M. Kru ..j A. Wolfs 3 PP CZNW,j pws Deskoal aw KMAews Vol VI, No 2-3,, 196LY yp M-M. 16 61 - -Thecxry-of--Seyaration-of-lAquida,#-by rqg_~4 -A .-, p -v 3.61o~p, R=rAN., per# zuw amgan xbim,, Voi 1,, No 6p 1956 yp L210-1 ABC-Tr-458T sai A]W 63 3 1~ ,2 P -/ Investigation of Irrational Systems by the P--- thod of Two Solvents,, by 1. L. Krupatkin, 5 pp. EMBANI, per,, Zhur Obabeh Kblmp Vol XXVII,, No 5j 1957P pp 1113-lUT. Consult-ants Bureau Sci - Chem SeP 58 L~vtdda, b T, 7, rmatki% 8 pp, y EdISUVW, per, Zhur Obsbah Khlm,~ Vol. XXIT., P-0 ~x, CB / Out 60 anventigation of Continuous Tramitions frcia Stable into Netastable Fimse Separation., by I - L - mmps 14n, 6 pp. ~_j _ 1=55UH, perp Zhw Obshch Xhimj Vol -YMIX, YO 1958s PP 823-&9- Constatents Bureau Sci - Cbm W-Y 59 The Occurranco of Equilibri= of 0aree Liquid Phw*eo In Termary System, by 1, L, ]~~tk~in,, 4 W. RUESTAN) perl Zhur Obabob Mixim, Val XMllp pp 1108-1m. Consultants Bureau SOL - Cltcm Jun 59 Use of Two-Solvent Method to Study the Formation and Properties of Organic Complexes, by I. L. Krupatkins 5 pp. RWSIM, per, Zhur Obahch Xhim, Vol XXIX,, No 8, 1959., pp 2490-2494. Consultants Bureau Sci Aug 6o -a trauxic at iort- in Binary SyBtew ajo Homogeneoun 1. L. &upatkin.. pp. Fuu tr RUMIANO 00 pw zhw owbcb md1cm Vol mm No 20 M6j pp 7io~. an qwm, a, Iteel No cotmultants sunmu Sci - aboolowy 7 la Dft 56 CM mic nppucmtjbu of the Vo- Ye- AUIw6v Rule to TaTrwy SyUba-Mg by To L. PP- I'lau tr RWMR,v m0 DWI, am Mobab las=s Vol XXVS, No 'lip 1955# pp 2M-2=7- CIA A2166-Co re" 39 ,?7),~J~4 cmultmmu BM-4au ScUmtlfLa - Chawlatry Aua 56 00 Study of Mtastable Equilibria Beturcen Liquid rhaseep Vjj by 1. L. Krupatkin, 6 pp. RUBSTAT., mo per) Zhur Obshch Xhimp Vol XXVI., no 12, 1956, pp 3240-3246. comultanq Bureatl Sci - Cbemistry Jul. 58 1 4~57,3%r Investigation of Fame-Equillbria in the System Autbramilic Acid-Water-Bbhawl,, by I. L. Krupatkir 3 pp RUSSIAN, perp Zhw Obahch Dim, Vol XXX, No 11,060 pp 1078-1W0 CB aci May 61 Investigation of bbtastable RqWAibrla Between Liquid Phases. in., by r. L. Krupatain, 6 pp. RMSIO.., mo pert Zhur Obahch xhip6 Volma j 190 7., Jul 1953v pp 1760-1M. Conmatmft Bureau Scientific - Chmiatry CTS/M 7 I -t C. -7n: pp Par) Mir cf,-nbl-,h raLILl, fol Irv rain* ox orst~ With Witbout Fogm- t4ork at WAw4c4 by L. &upatkin 6 maw,p so pw sbw VU 3=0 go lap MAW" - obudowy Avg 96 00 t -. - V (-I I _, i IJI W A~ U:! it, AkI-* L -7 L"~! t 1-; -'. " ~ j -I- -jAqidd-:Pbwes,q- -IV. --Uy-1,-t.-M7upatIdn,, HUSS10j, mo pw,, Z-bur Obshch Mdms, Vol XXV., No q.. sap 1955,p pp i6ko-ietk. cTA c 44a58 conmatants xm iq%/Dem Study -CC-Phwer-r%ulUbrIA-in-tha- Sptw Pyr=Ldoa- aalayU* AdA-Wterp bV X. Z. AmEttuinp 10 pp. MMUN wo Pwp A"Uw Obahch Olms Vol XMP No 41 Apr 7VA, Vp 10%-Wft. EWS a (Smmdstwy '345-tosv Flob 19"'Cls/am SeWation of Mazes in Systems with W-o-- Chemical Compowdo.. by 1. L, -Krup-&-tuno-Exp. =910, Per, Zhw Obahch XhIm.- Vol MMI-.0- No 3,, IW7., pp 561.566. Consultants Surewu Sci - Chgo Aug 58 (o '?,, /q/ ~~emtary E-yc;temir, With closed layel-iu-- icLuxatitin -a pp. rull timnslation. HU8ZIAIr,j per., Zhur Obsbch XhIm.. Vol. XUI.. No 2j, iveu 1r,4srj, pp 184-i8q. -D Consultants Bureau 152 Tiest 42nd SlGreet Now York is,, H.Y. Scaentlile Chemistry PAY 53 CTS 1""tl Q~"UOB Of PkA" BV42.1brIa In the 1. A. ToGarms, W o 12W ftsbah Ofts Vol No :L1,, Imt IV 992fi-MO. Bel - Chm 17 z2a ovena wi~ sepamte Ret-spuel.- With Cobs-Ovcr-Gao-by----- G. H. Vo)famklyj R % Ko A* I IVBWVP 4 12. Tono 91W.- Dw., Kcam :i wn,,, No ul 1960,t pp C2RA sci am OL Award of the U. V. LMonosov Prize foi 1953j, by B. DarooM., L. Kvqrba=,p 3 ppo RUSS=, 841mo-yr pars Vent Umkov''Uj-.Bor Fiz M- I Yeatest. N=kj. Vol VIp No 9.* Rmcovip ~-1953,j 171. MA/M Yj4Y& MR Sol Hiscallammup scientific prizess AuG 56 MsfiM VastUatAcaln Wok 14th staomw bir lio Ho RWAM* VIPLO Swim "a ad kh a Dq& at ftVy IITC tr SM 34d*%Wl x6v 67 lbe 6tb omrds Tank Anw iu the xhing-ano-Makden Opamtion, by 1. Krupebanko.. U VPS MMM,t W. Toyemw-TAtoriebesidy Zkuro No 12., 196e.. pp i5-3o. ACSI r-8M-B ID 222*769 am ma jkr 63 Design Features of largo-Scale Water-Treatnent Plants for Power BUttow With 91gh Condensate Loss# by A, A. Iftpabitskly. RUBSIMP pr ftimmrsetUms Vol VIX,, No 6, 1960.9 pp :*:te. IM U. 3298 set - ftv / 91, r 4711 Apr 62 P. A.. a& SOVIET PROCRESS IN NEUrRON MMCS. 1963. 2WN Order from CE 531L OD Tr-- of UMDN [w yo pbom. mma swte4 hiosww. 1961. 371p.). DESCRUTORS- Rwims. *Mwkar pbymko, *Nojtre Nuc,lor pardcles gftcl-r Fb*- aw Nud- CbeffAmy. 7T. T. 9. 12) 63-17249 1. Krupchitakii. P. A. It. 0onsultants Bureau EntearAves. by--. New York WN IN Todobd brobw m Cross Section for Therml-Neutron Absorytion and Resonance Absorption Integral in pit 40# by .,Po Ad ~R~takv ppo Pissim. per, At=zmwa swraiya, vo3. n, No 3, 1957., PP, 240,246- Oonsultante Bureau Sci - Nkm Ph" im 58 sawwt p"ame in Soutrw PiWalcs,, by-k. A. Xrq)chlt9kiLy. NMIAN, bk. ca Scki a Aw Sol 12A, 9*17 aw 63 V L L C - - -- ) Depericlence--of--Effective-14umber-of-Secondary Neutrons on Energy of Captured Neutronsp (Parts 1,9 II)p by S. J. Nikitiup S. Is Sukhoruchkinp K. G. i(Imatyevo N. D. Galaninap Ps As Krupchitskyj, V. F. Balkim,, 20 pp. Full tamnslationo RUSSM., bkj, Conference of USSR on the Pumeful Uses 1955j, Session of the Div Sciences,v UFO the Acad of Sci of the of Atc-le Energy,, 1-5 Jul of Phynico.-Mathamtical 3,r 44 .6 a ~80 ultant- Bl Bt 25 we 6 sto bv - 'N% L;. -10~,Ylrrk Up iU I Sci - Nuclear Physics *87 rPta for $350-00 Table of: Contents, )( by R. A. Krupchitshdy, .- -------I 5 pp. ALISSIP-114, U, Naytrcminuya Mika, 1961. FDD/J-1347/64 Sci - PIVS Get 64 Inwatigationr, of *tht Bectoricidal and Sporooldal Properties of Dichlorobydantoin and its Derivativesp by M. P. Veselov,,~ - A, Slinovs,, 5 pp. RUBSW,p perp Zhw MIUrabiol Rpidemlol i Dwmubiolo Vol =, So ho 1959s pi? M-n6. perssm= Press SOL #d~ 7 V tar 60 7 -3C At the Cherepovets MetaUurgical Plemt, by H. I~r~upenk~or,5 pp. Emim, up., swat nossim 16 Nov 196o, p 2. JM 9677 Um Boon Aug 61 OrA the Chole-ft of Wtho8s, C&Uulatlon DL&Srmw and Wtftl lksts for AmUtIma Ressaroh In %be Rwk Pressum PUIA, by 0. A. Mmivewdkov. U= MMUNs, Wt. VVIo go 7# J-958s PP 20-24. DM in M 1065 Sol - SW ja by v- ii. iitarmw ana ,.a. s... 2 140 't'.jvatvtL SMNSW% I ODtar ALC4 MU6 IM Wo Lose) U e ,-!) "Z/ 10 07 Courae of Devalopm-ent E-sst Gannsmy,, by K. H. Kra pp. 9L~Ir~ of a Tractor 2.1=i-t in Meyer,, H. Bey-er, G. ., r,-r, reutsche Agraxtechnik, 'Vol 1X, GINUAN 11 No 10; Berlin, 1959: pp 446-448. r.-I ! S 2 US 3 Econ 14=Wufacturing 1/7 jun 6o _) Tl--.e Uso of an Alooho-GIttease-Albmin Solutdun in D-58=Bes of the Gwtro-intmtinall Tract., uy P. M. Allperiny V. E, Rajdar-ko) F" 1. Logilacrva.. 4 pp RUSSIAIN& part ProbleV Gematol i Farelllvaniya &,ovi., Vol V$ No B., 1960., pp U-W pr sci Mar 61 Structure of a Metallised Layer., by A. F. Krupin., 11 pp. RUSSIAN, per,, Svaroch Froiz., No 12, 1959, pp 12-15. British Welding Res Assoc Set oct 6o 1,n2 ?- W/ / ~? KCIVIN A. P. FNYSICD-CHEMAL FROCINSES AT SMAY URTALUZATION (K Vbpromw o Fiz1kv~Kbim1cbc*klkb Frocoessakh pri Metallizatsil Rw"mim*. 119631 117p) (forelp ten imchided) Irefs Order from UM SLA, or SM $1. 60 Tr-64-14W Trims. of avaradam Pratxvobm (um) 1959, P. 17-2& 7T-64-16M 1. KrWLN6 A. F. 3 2' PA*mUurw--F-jig Menlo. Tr. v. It, m 12) embn of To*~ N 1 ql-.e Pbysico -Chemical Processes Taking Place Darii%g 17,1ectrometallizing, by A. F. Krupin, 9 pp. 79USSTPIT; per., Svaroch Proft., 110 5,. 1959,. P-D 17-19. British Welding Ras Kzooc Sci Aug, 60 / 2 31 7~/ E-fteict of lberuonechmdcal Treatment on Proceportiesq-t of Titanium, by A. VO 111, 1. Bernshteyn. RUSSLM, per, Trudv Mosks In-To Metallurdi. Nosk Eneviv,. In-Ta i I.Wk. In-Ta Stali i &Iavov No 44, 196.30 pli 271-2769 *FrD-TT-65-1250 Sci-Chon Aug 65 --- ---- w--- -by V-- ppo un-- lass it jr4d,, flumkwml, J . Krup,-W-.-9- --.- Own HMIAN por., ogowk,, Voi -*, No 23,, 1 4m 1'758, pp t-5. e--x-H a b ATIC F-Ti3-96ft/ill Sai - Speae nomrch NOV 58 ~74, J-2,3 BacctaricWml =actliveneim. of 3un rxayo in Atmajohavic Conditions, by A, ' - j, D. 1L !!~,tflwv, A. N. Ponamareva, ~ pp. RTJEWWT per Gigiyem i Sanitariya, No 8., 1954, pp 15-i54 US JPHS L-644-ii Scl - DkcUcino Feb 59 InJurY of the Byea with Wira, 'by M,S,Krupinina ' RUSSIAN, mo per, Voyenno Med Zhur, No 8, Koscow, Aug 1958.9 Pp 74-76 Us JPRS 1030-~ .9. C~b ... -19.)? 6 j ~.A~ 's- 9 /Y' /99 I --The-Problsm-of -tbs-%&cb&n1Au-*f FormtIon-of the Recryntal-lization Texture of Miatales and Alloys,, by D. 1. IAWmer 1, U. 1. IM 3 pp RMSIAN, per$, Fis Natal L Hatallay, Vol IX, No 4, lows, pp MA-S" pp Sci mw 61 (lV-663D)-- - :--SoleatUm fWM Meounslow on iftbmlzatlm of Coal uk Njnjug 116rks by B. UmylmU et gag !?L-ML41 bkp !Wklady Aracil Babot Gondazychp ED 5, 56 - sectim Wo.- 15-26 3a57, 394A, 0-5 19-2521f-~40 69-M.. 2D8. 26. Jul 61 stm Aftsomamw aD Xnbml=Uan of WW,l %W MmWA03d - OM ona waft 1660 VWAMJ Wt IWO (A-el Boon Ttmns an HMO. D-~--tormz"nt mtd Xtu jqfxn~uwm B010111mv &MAA#ip ULMMSIFED POMEI,, parp PriwSW Tscbntczqy* Vol IX=Xl,, 130 24J 19571, VP 1001-1C0. - us im/999-M Poland /77 /Y / , fo Boon - YUMIP pwaor Jan 58 ApploAmasom of Two".1am"Lonal Fields by G*by**V PolpMI"Sp by X,& Kos- i *I* and Kw to Cbm a,. 0 P, C OMOO porip T 4-kw- pp AFCRL T-S-US r-,1-5TY SPA-Maith 4 Data Pro 1,-2433 ,ghe EstabliEib=nt of New) and Modern Complete ,C--cbnological X?Jow Processes and the Reduction of I 6'realic Capital. Investme-ats in Oil Refinina - A R 11Y t-mportaat Task In the Seven Year Plan for tbc DevelOlment or the UM OU Industry, bar A. F. Aref'yev, B. B. Krvp4~t, .,kiy, N. 1. Scrokin, 10 pp. MMMp par., XhIn I TekU Up 1. yiwel., no 4; 1959, pp 1-6. USSR JM-L-1783-D Bcon - Technological - Patrola= Induntry Jul 59 -----Yk"tsn=e -of- Texp=ture- Conditions- During- F~wtvm Cacriawtric Detwulcatim of Sodium by Maw of Zdalms-Okim 91-11 W814 NM:L(UD2)3(CI13COD)!?06H20- by Af 1. �404.-Or. A. Loriaaj 4 pp. RMIOg, bIw per, Zbw Aul XhIz,, va n. No 1., 19%s, VP 30-32- CIA %2769 Co real 4- ewfultants Bur"n Sol - abomut3w 97 Aug 1956 On the Army 'Fhysiclan6' in a Garrison Ffospital,q by B. FA. Krujkin RUSSIAN mo per,, Voyenno Mod Zhur No 2,,14oscow,, Fab 1958,. pp 81-82 us JFRS/tly 480- Sci - Medicine -1,11ovement of Oallt - -Solutions-in -Soils and -Soil I 34ateriala, by P. I. mmpidn, 8 pp. MJSSIAN, per, Pochvovedeniye, No 6, 1963, Pi) 70-79. Scripta Tachnica SCI Aug 64 265,171 aern c:r Fractures.. R U-i-STAN, r.-,o per, Voyenno Yed Zlnuior R i 17 - '21 3 us j F I" pre"ITed Eustis M4 Tendon momanfus by 1, L* KsupkDo S. so TkAdw"00 lop* RMWIMP poirlb 1!ft.Kbl& Imal Gnkova, Vol !03* M4# pp 65-W. Dept at Navy sm/" 1161) Svi-BOI Dee 66 31SSSS (DC -V-,00/4) The Developmut of Electrification in Kazakhstan, B. Akatov, P. 5 pp. MOMS., per, Naradmoye Shot XaztY-,-% NO 101 19601 pp 27 -34 jrAs 6779 Rib 61 Themodynamic - Functlons'ln- Binaz7 System It )dY , s V. Ptak, A. Blek by Aq K. g**W ROOM lper, Mw necwg Mfts. Vol My No 4, AM F4M-q"Q/fj Itm loft Scair Sk--145. -- $W.00 ftl - Cho Avg 59 Mootrol"la of ZIM SWabeW by AlSdIcatim of RI& Demity Cament., by 1). KnVkDva. You=* I*r: irm". TaXt. aft.., ND 2J~p X9ap pp 7-43 Sol - Jul 67 334PU-,6 '--Y,L tl,C! Of So,!Vij3g tkic Giblus-rihcm F,~~UatiU~l 'U1 the Cia!3C Cff 121"Ji.ovac. A.. 5 PP. pt!x,,, Archiii-wn Gornletva i HI-Itulet".ia, -qo! T'(' -L, lot 1 10 5, PP 33 --Q - 900U~T4 OTS 60-21239 PL-480 1-7-7 0.2 Sr-:L Fhy,l Inr-Luence of the Speed of Testing m the Resietamce of Met-*Is to P2astic DeformtIon, by A. Kruptkaiskiy, A. Litwom. FRMMp per, Lee Mmolres Sclmtifiquea de la Revue de MULUurgie., Vol LTX,, 1962., PP 14T-159. C j.3 JI/f/a 5 0 (~ BIBI 2W6 --%.AmmawQmd-j Sci - II/M - ' .1 ' 1-0 Feb 63 ", -Z f~; :? 5 The Recryistalltratlon of CoIA-Worked Metaas by A. Krupkamid., U. Bal 4 cki 0 10 PR=I3q parp Revue do HeUUurj"et 1939g Vol =M, i pp fa-29. MA 59-9M'30 Sol Mr 60 Vol all No 1.1 7. 16 ot AL w INOM Vd 46 *151pill v4do lip s"am a:: 640 M#714