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Trit'I'vise 11. Baftiventri-CuLar Atropk- After !~amdlo- tbamsaVe-utle Treatment ar C(Webral geoPlamm., bY R. Lafoll, p. pagesp R. tabm%ey j. ZAL-aviolle, 4 PWISMS, Mj Joum de Radlologe d*ElectmIoGis,. Vol %"Cmj. plo 7/8.. JU-Pmg 1956j. vp 607-ftO. 0 NIHITr a-20 Sci - Wed Dec- 5'1~ 7,77 UZIon- to the Stuly of of HWt Voltpge Potors, by P. Diew=action Lnfout. MUM., rer, Bey Gen Bloc., No 10, 1953, lp 485-490. Sol Jul 59 5,3 Z/ MIV= harorpt-4cm of C&Uium Saltas by Bormal and Tubqoreabw Irdividu&U. Favorable Action of MNpm,,LimL ftospbsteg by A, ~LaroutLUwq 4 pp" FRMEH4 yW Ca*t Rand Boo B1010 Vol CILIIt 1948., pp 2WSu-I;9U. $.L.A. Tr 4%/56 Sol - PAjoIjW AM 1956 M13,1xw at bubeaquerst Fabrication ai Ftwl Elements (d IlInridud PItMAun4 by R. DMIau, 1. La Fontaine,. et al, 26 pp. GUIKMAN,. rp4 wra an 690M (.V9Mk&CbOndM . Brusselso IWO! AR WL-Tr-207 &a-Owm Dog: 64 269,942 ltpnly."tA=y for Chroi4e Arthritin of the 0", by s.. s. amomp oa tontautp.-33 vp. UWMO rwo RW"W " wimlle Ortbove"quep W1 EMLIP Oat-Doo 19%, vp 3"4M- mm 3-40 I"- ft md AW " ,r6-, DetemUlatim of Pbwpm in Titanium TetlwlUwl.Ap- J, IW Deloj*me~ T. larom 4 lVe M pw# MU IN d4p Oftwee).9 Vol. 27.t 1900) W. 2904so. S.L.A, Tr 1333LA956 Scd - OWN 4 rob 97 M/dw PA 5v, 4r:T7 by 58 LAf K -,ZCZ. L)cnlse. *""GSPa1q TO -mE YI-L-q)Y OF THE CON- airr I d S11TUPTION AND 1-rIE RELATIONMIP OF POILY- 11 AND METAPHOSMATE& (1%2190p. III ord.~r from KAJ $112. 50 K-14 S083-b Trans,of Anniales de] Chim[iel (France) 19% Iser. 12)v. S, p. 919-B8t. DESCRIF'TORS: *Chetnicaj analysis. 'Phosphates. b. - 17444 K-H-50S,35-1) Kresge-fi"v: Scivii,c Librar~ AssoLialvs, Deiroit, Mich. (Chermis cry- -AnalyEica 1. 77. v. 8. no. 10) ....... Proolems of Heazing the Znd Flues of Coke Ovens, U. 1. Laftaai, G. M. Volfoyc-UY.- 5 Pi). R.M."MVIP per, Koks i Ya3im, No 4, (M I A Sci / 7,2, ? 7 7 oct 6). Diciguoslu tuid Tnatment of a Local end Aftcriarda Ce-marmlizod Plutonium ContzzJmation, by J. LrtTx=wj, .5 pp. 1IL"OfIVal.. Pwceeaixign of the Scientific-. Meet.'U,G dri J.Aur~uafjis sAu-4 1'ren mt of Q roisoniN~v 15-18 Oct 1962, 1963, PP 3M.-'35, q all, D ,z 6 AEC-T'r-6026 ,2 jolt (54 1 Pwpeated Poisanirk by Barbiturates Acvoapm.UW by PeduucaUw Hmiuainmis,, by Jr. 0- TmUes o D. PIP Ype IJNP~ 8 FRiHM, Pw., Annlftl= Medico-PsYchologigme, Ira =, 1932j. pp 565-W2. Nn 3-71-62 Sol -1414 / V, P5 0, 0 f aux 6e I whi. Nljch~-I, Ch.11vau. Mal L vl, and Poill, N Gil A~: -1 ING-CROSS.'ANK ING OF ALIAL CELLULOSE WI-I'll VINYL MONOME-RS (Gt effav-Ponlagu JL I'Alt) IMItilomv pat k-t; hiononit-i vs Vanyliqut-S). JIQ621 j6h). 2 refs. Ord-!!- ftoni -SIA 11. ILI 62-14:115 Trar's- of jAcademie Jes Paris). Compiles) lk,ii,ljil~j (Fran,:e) 1960. v. 2~1, no. 22, p. 23S3-2 V;~; (put, by Gaudiiur Villar, ct , Parts). 1. Lugadw. M. 11. Chirvau, M. III. Polne%, DESCRI17ORS: 'Vinyl iadicals, *All%l iachcais, *Celhlk~sv, ("llianical tkqfjs, FII)CIS., 'The special propurnes- of allyl celluloqe are assoct- aic,l cith-cr with Ow double kmii or the reactivity of the met.b)lene gtoup b,-mccit the vdict oxide group andthe d"1161'. IkmJ. Eg-cciall). th,-~ latier group can he acti- vato,l 1:,,4 uit i ~t violvi light and imnatt-s the grafting of vinyl tmnmmvr~. (Author) OfRc. of T-W..t S-i (Omnj~ti v--Chgattic, Tr, no. 7) PrIMM Or 10 MIT MRNQj, UY N. LAGADIRO $5 OP. FIMUFMLR~ 00MIAN pp& ---- CCOMICC# VOL XVp NO tit s w 444F6 wt JPRB ITI%q COM & KWIA 4:wv - 1W.' 163 em*ao% An Attempt to Formulate a Theory or Cmak Tcrj."x&tIon.In 02&ciers,, by M. 18 pp- UVITONSOMPUD GEBMp porp Zelts*hrift fur Gletacharkunde., Vol MIR Moo 4p 5p IMP YP 285-301- CTA 0 IWO1.4 .-12) , P4 - -A- M No 47 setsotifu - 0009twslas ft 55 CTS/= Tiltridda and the Kiuct*icls of af AtuncnInt In the Preamee of Iran Cata4stc, by L. A. Lag=CNM-)P* RUSSM., no per, Z-hl Fiz Min, Vol XXIVP No 3, 11950j, pp 311-320. Hesearch Information Servicte R 707 3 eo., ;'d 7 13(tientitic - Cbemistry Jan 56 MS /DO( icanamcli'lent 0 m Machmiml aryl Photoolastic Chhun,ot-arlatics of a I'L=tJ.c thtorial Subjocted tD SintMidal Strew at Imi E~quonciaa (Leas !I= 50 lic) , by A. laZardo clog Ap- 9,0--m YO, 2500, 19A, 177 K-' 73.-I,.r)551-20]C feli '12 7 J I.-' 4`30 of the Methair of Ilarmorde 1~xcltatlozrt for tlia 15emsurertarit ocC 14chaaical w)d Awtoolectric I~mpcrtiom of a Plwtic Hatexiall, by A, Lagwmle FOwicits P=O A-cadamle cloa Scignoest- Paris. Compton flail6lat Vol 230~ 19WI pp 2796-2796 IT.' ?1-3.5550-20K f-DI) 72 ContrIbutiou to the StWy of the Velocity of SeLenic WAv*S., bry R- DOSWUld"m X RnarAy., A. I-Asumej, 15 pp. FFMM Iftro hww do JL'DwUtut Yzww&U am Patrols et AmmUm' des - -, I Uoiftrip Vol xNA so 4/5., SOL - R"Ies am 60 VbI 11:1 p fo 051 Si4gle freqmay Une RlagUg Set for Taw- vire-cixcuits of Vm Fromb P*ToTo A u1nistratimp by M. Lasqoxftj 7 X4b=.. avA C1. Porimts 13 py. TEMB., Vier, Bft P*obercbeo# Vol VIIp ND 7s Apr 1952p p T--Lgq 58 The Effeat of Radiation on the State of a Gas Ahead of a Shock-Uave Front By I.. li.* Lagurlkov end 1, T, Yakutov pp. 5 I.IWIAN, per, Optika i Spektro, Val IIV, No 2, 1%3' pps 199 - 207 OBA Sal Aiag 63 IV I I. 'III IF, I I ll;lt, f I 1 11 f I "'I I U Illig.11 !'I I Zle. ILclusadall Cono-OUdation 0v Lbilf~ Ub:r Conct;~ %jetioml I bi-hq IW V. I. La U-ixllwv-0 ed. I(UI;41wp nic U5 Pp. G. P"Irgov -otmji- 1902 MIS HTS 2 612, (on 14an) N v ,11V Aiml; 65 287,1193 Chile: The L~nd Interautional Congress for Universal Brotherhood, by Ida Colorabo de La6arvi6-u,--, JacinUo J. Rouco, 1,; pyo. SFtUlI3Bj letter. FDD/J-5037 1A - Chile, Uruguay poi Jul 59 -4ems-uremajut of tha-Brittioness of Steol by t'~o I)ynmmlc Ilend Tests, by P. U. Lagasse FRENCH por, Revue Soud., Brux Vol l7a: 76-93. 1961 CRL/ID 710 'Lot (1, Sct-MINt JUSY 4W 385,80 The Wimttion of a Practical Method for the Hummmunt Of Difftsion of Vidrosm Throueb XM Stea Shoot,, by P. 2. Idipasep L. Ulat FMNIj, p"., Payus Y&taUur&je Hemolres Sclen- tIrIqpmt Oct 19Wj, Pp 729-740. BM 2DO7 Bel - Cbms Ifty lUi Myld !~ip-Forming Twet, by P. Z. UqWnep ,plbutlcm to MerwtLuml -~, I Dqmp ftsomxtb OVAnV,, Doc IM. BrItIsh Iraqi and steel U4 42 (LR 15s. 00. sot - xOp'l." Ape 59 t-i- 12724 Laga3se. P. E. ~Knd Lilet, L. 111H APPLICATION OF A PRACTICAL METHOD 1. H%drogen- -Diffusion FOR I'lit: NEASUREMENT OF THE DIFFUSION OF 2. Sieel- -Impurities HYDRMIN TliR(:KJGfi NULD STFEL SfiEET. [19601 3. Sheets--hietallurgical Order rrom MSI A. 6 5s BISI-2007 analysis I .LaSasse, P. F. Trans. of Rev[ur del lAkfallurgiel. Mc~rrjolrcsj 11. Lilet. L. Scifentifiques] (France) 1960. v. 57. Oct, p. 729-740. 111. BI Sl - 2007 IV . 131 it 1, 11 11 ('11 a Ild St vc I Industry Translation S'. n I ~'. Offic* f T~kmic,l S~;- (hictallatgy--Ferrous Metals. TT, v. 5, no. 7) 14w QUA Pjroptr-dau a b'skwaiul-I's t7 t3c--,Iu" !W , 55 vr- dM.1139,0 ywo AktlaboLno Atomanto 1950- M SM del .1 Cbw WMIT .919 g,wl., IAI 6 -F ~ LR~ e P- i~e e emlopbora Fas&Wral A. Suprogade ftWo of the NorrIand Plwo by T. Legarberg. s=m.- p"A awrion" a%m~lorbunds Tidukrift go M#944) pp 13D-132. 3 NTC 72-Wll-02F i= T3 Pow A I I So Lim loterlwry %of lp~rscticq j, by M. G. Joaomftp UNMASS Rmla Per Toterinarlp, Vol XMI no 60 Juu :79A, pp,44-48. um scialitifle - *aicim I I ~ f, (a 33 I Puraleat 93aingitis Cauned by &,%ci-Uuv -Pmteur., by Hrruam Le",rows, 5 pp~ MCLASSIMM W XXI PM' H., per, Pediat PolakA, Vol X Il, No 6 1958., PP T08.p 709- MVY 2688/MCS 505 -? Nov 60 3' 20- H,frec,~.,.'%reness of Combined Freon A(rczol- wit;s a Bactericidal-Insecticidal Effect, :17 1. K'. Lagert, V. N. Qperanv;~.Aya RUSSIAN, mr- per, Voyenno Vcd Z!:ur, No Pjosorw, Aug 1960, PP 107-11C JPRS 7609 Sg J'4 bacte-rial Freon Aerosole and 4xNriencc in tlw~jr Uve under Ship Conditions, by 1,,K.Lmpert RUSSIAR, no par Voyenno Med Zhur, No lloscorw,, Aur 19~6, PP 52-55 US JFRS 1030-N yx"e 7 DISTORTIOtiLMS ELWrRICAL TRANSMMION OVER MONMFORM UNGS. (19621 JZY Onur from SLA $2.60 . t2-20415 Trato. of Alta Prequacta (Italy) I"S. T. 2. wxL P~ sm-51S. I)MCRIVrDM* ~rrwwvdwswo limm. Electric cabl". Wave tronamlossoo. Ttansforowsome 04stburiatical). TViMry. rAstortift. 1. LAM C. (gogineenng-Elwtrical. 7T. w. 9. no. 12) No d %~ Resultdi Cbtsittnod by intandttent L=inour StUmls- tion With T o Usivitellint Individualn, ty P. Colat, P. lAzot* 6 op. If=,=, port &vl roic"o Vol ix=n.. lm, pp 121-12h. CU 93,459" ATIC F-TS-9583/v Bel - W Oct 59 - 4_ ~S,-;7 7-7'1 lKau(na, LLW to necomize and Avoid 7new, by IaCW, 19 pp. UNCIASS aw~ Inilitiquisee"acwt1lebe fttt,-2~-Mn, 1936, 45. qvr-348 Jul 52 am famcb1ow oC AMWUtion or Amuc ccovmag With Actkamdo MYVOIS in the Presame of Anbrlrous AICM3j, bfy R. N. ~~s N. R. t-Oladzes EM&LU,, 11mmv Ak Xm* Gmin MR# TIfIU 1959P Val No 1" pp 21-34. AMS-75L35R- Sol Ap~ 60 VcM III s go 2 A Nev Mthod for the ',ynthesis of AlW.. Darivativea of 2-Pli6nylnaphthalons, by R. H. Lagifte. N. ft. LoladxM, 6 pp. RUSM11, per. Zhur Obshch Khim. Vol )MCCIrl. No 5. 1962. bv 16V-1632. CD scd. ,7.f ;F S-S, I Mir 63 ,)1- 12"87 Lagjjjz4. R. M. and Ir,madz,-. N. K. Ar--kYLA'I1ON OF HEN7LNE %Nrm DISECONDAw 1. I'dgj(lz . P. M. V-ACT.-TYLENir ct-),cous IN TIIE PRESrNCI: OF It. Ir,ma,tz,.. N. K. ANHYI)R(.)',)S A10.3, 11962)7p. III. ATI.~-SZM IR Or&-r from ATS, $10. 35 ATS-R2P64R IV. Associated Technical Servic a, Inc. Fam Trans. of Akadjendva) Nauk Gruzlinak-oil SZSR ITIfils). Orang N. S,oobshchleniyal 1962, v. 78. no~ 4. p. 409-416. DIESCRIP71)RS: '&-nuaes, Alkyl radicals. 'ClycoiR, Catalysis. *Aluininurn compounds. *Chlori-J,-P. Acvtylenes. (V A 6 (Chernuitty-Orpnic. rr. v. 9. no. Ofte rf Tscinkid Servkes A-3-%ylation of Reazene With ,Yiaccltjtlenc 11:1nonc%atate in t c lu=zaacc cf Ululp by th H. LarL=a, V. 11C. IromwUmp L, P. Chigogid-ze, 4 pp. MYSSY09; iro Zhur Obnbch Xhimp Vol XXVI, !jo lo, Oct 1956f PP 11:75'~-2757- cousultCuat" Ba"au ci - S c gar 58 4WOMMAIS lrj 7bbb Mi TkW Ae" DaftoM. lkwprrrL4*kNk A- AWM*td. 5 W V7.h" A - Ak ftlk Q= =at VW XMI4 im nm 4" mma*" "70119 Trw QJ-q12v!Cirn o,-' Benzene With !jydrcs;iy!aopropy1- )*~r*4roicycy,u-loheiryl3cetyler.e Dincetate In the Prac-cince of A:LC 13 , by R. M. LaSidse, Sh. D. Kuprn"- , 4 pp. 'iU11810p tbriva-m per, Dok Ak Hauk 195SR, Vol Wit NO 5) pp 'M-' M. SOP/oct 1956 Ccmaultanto Bureau 9cA -- Chi= Ropl&cttmvt of Balqpn in Axe CoMounds. I* RaPaacG- mewt or ct-Wartoo Ss at- napbujol by Allwxy Orov~ap by B. I., atopawvo M. A. L. A. DedyuMllms, 6 pp. RMOUNO Par$ Zbw mabob M"s Vbl I&V 71. Is"s vv C*=U&t^uto avc iki - MOM fwl,e gw- STIJDY OF THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF HUMAN CONNECTIVE TISSUE WITH RESPECT TO AGE: DERMIS AND APONEUROSIS OF THE ABDOMINAL WALL., AND THE ACHILLES TENDON.o BY R. LAGIER, B. EXER.. 10 PP. FRENCH, PER, GERONTOLOGIA, VOL IV, NO L, 1960, PP 39-59. NIH 6-37-62 SCI MED 208,775 AUG 62 ON CHDIICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF THE TENDINOID CORDS IN DUPUYTRENIS CONTRACTURE. COMPARATIVE INVESTIGA- TlOtiS ON DIFFERENT KINDS OF NORMAL CONNECTIVE TISSUE Of THE HANDp BY R. LAGIER2 8. EXER, 9 PP. . .............. I- GERMAN, PER, VIRCHOWS ARCH, VOL CCCXXXIllp NO Lo 196o, PP 6&E~. NIH 6-io-62 SCI % MED 2o8,748 On the General Definition of the Quantity or Inf or- matIoU, 1,1y I. M. (jellfandp A. 11. Kolmogorov, A. M. Laeomp 7 pp. RUSSIAJI Nor, Dok Ak Ikuk OSSR, Vol CXI, no 4, 1956, PI) ?45-7ph. SLA Tr R-810 Sci - luthematics 51.:5- Aug 57 Iff - 15 3 2) InnUODite 04^ Pontoxyl and k;a tl!c B100i Plature in HaiiniAcri Sit-i- nese, by R. If. Abdullina, Z. Ya. Lagno, 9 pp. MUSIAlip bimo per, PatologicLeakaya Fiwioioglya, i EksperimentalInayn Terapiya Vol IT " No I., 14CWew, Tan/Feb 1953, PP 39-44;. ' US JM/NY-L-285 Sel - Medicine ,L--AA"k ~ cm ~~ Awe in 14611 &w V%mbmbm ON co t" A rAs wt $4 144! twodkAwn mok "Zon a Im emy am w an" x sllidw~uu the ft6m at MW xmqp n4vatfoup by It. ZMMS# 10 vv. ....... -- mmoo per no" mmum*I.M. 0 Va Lvmj, IMP W-74i-MM. - SIA tr 67-IM 04 &I " ~ 7 O:pz j 7w ,by D. LagOva., ISOTWOOM an& Canc"v 9 vy. Vitat Alk *Ut ssms Vol miosv&.* vws, go 3t 1963. 04 . am& a ma 63, A mramNam" oaft or Im &~ In ff~wgftftm Q&%F6 a am a rw - row". M By ""low 0 "" Ix am 11FIRIMI a OVISN4 9% LVIp IMP pr Ai0ow. - - - 1" 64" KI .0 No; 80466 AV a a a 2be EstimtIou of T="s of O&Mumt Indium iffid TWaIJA= bY Ylam SP*Gtr*PWtmstr7- ItS APPlIcatiOu In the A063,"is of BLO-Paritr UrUW~mp br A- 9- SPANM. p"r P/loill rnmeaftp -og imeroauami coefsronw on Posceful Us" of Atcule RwrSy Bold at Ommm 8-2D Me 1955,9 Vbl VM. fkd Ikelear Pkqsics matexInAtI. 00af am UN oik i-669.9.:L62 Ab m a,., plUcin o:r Sulftr O:ddruj by Metal 0--ides ar-~- 8111oateii; by P. No Fedoseyev., F%. 14. lappubmVa,, 6 IWIr-ISUDO j*xp ZIu, Aml Mdmp Vol Us go 41 Jul-Aug, lf,~54j. pp 224-228. c- X Jf Z Ixf ~x q Consultants Bureau swientific - Chemistry Nar 55 am/bu Niarac,ti~ri,,A~cs of the Transpla n table GA-Min =,a of the Mt !a=a-ry Glmd by V. P,, Tcncq)Iev, N. N !4&kwas 3 pp. R1,13)SIM, pi)rp Ryul Ilk8prxr rdol i Yed, Vol L., 7, 1960., r)p 79-81. Mar 63. OB (N-5336) Nonlone Tb*ftw of coralmm of the ummery obwds; bv W. D. 7 PP. RUWW,o perjp PrftlwW Baddcrin L Gormonoterspti* Vol Vlj No 5, Sep/Oat IL960,p PP 3-6- JMS 72W act - W V aan 61 V/ 41,-1-1/703 Col h. Z^tVn*iy an tA* DpwAsl CaqpsIgn Agai"t the ikabmle Setup at the Western Pbwro, by A. MuxmxkikAp Moskva, AV M5506 low KU Apr 59 IDitanomir.-a end Mvt'4ods of Armd Conflict, by 11bj Oam A. Lagovskiy ..- ..... ...... . . MAISTASp npp Scw*tskiy Flutp. 6 rob 196o, p 3. CTA/FDD Sm P-525 Col A. lalpvAW 00 %be DevelopAn of a but= of "amenti 5 ppo by A- loierddy- MMT.AN$ 1*s X: otxategiya 1 amomom, Kookimo M7v AV M*~$68 um ~i 4 ~t 70 M13. Apr 59 - --- - - - -- -- --- cxz I Strategy aul S=aomicsp 19 ppp bylA. Lagovaltly. RUSSZANjo bkp Stratoglya i Zkonmikep 1-957- Ar 2255478 um ECORJ Ml mar 59 '? r I -j ~- I/ so"00 w A. I osal 19p0 lame Tirci vordgs, by CLiarlc.,) Lcoroairo, 15 Ipp. WVRXIMR? j."Hm? Y"Ift"lurtrie Textil, NO T-jo, IT.11, Jul 52 CM 63-14M JAMMp. LvrRMMAurbmmL=ATm OF EGYFML FOWL 1. LAgrange, E. PLAiDLIS IS AN MT)HM PIIHNOWDM (L-Auto- erttlisadow Uthattle da la Pest* Avlatre d'Elgypt eat un = w &* MpldwdJqw). (196315p. 5 refs. orats &IM SLA $t. to 63-14M Trsrk*. of sw 41ftel do Blollogle et de Is dKipi~wmwm t P ra L U0, P. l0$1-104, D&4KZUTCIRS,. OPIAgo, *air&, RVIt. sEpIdemlolop Vl- dine-ea. Immawmalty. OAsugen-aackbody reactions. (MOIVcal Sclacces-Pubalca. 'rr. v. 10. no. 6) AVIAN PLAGUE OF EGyrr (f-.*lUd(9; FlUr la Petite Aviaire d'Lprfxc). [196311501p. 34 refti. Order fi,.:nn Sl.A H. W 63-148M pl, 51 Trans. d .Inst[itl a gr I~Utq . Annalcu(France) 19: p. 8-267. DESCIIII'FORS: ~Plaguc-, *ffirds, Eglx, *Viruf; disca4en, Iminutiltv. *Antigen-amibcdy reactions, Epidt-fillolop.. 63-14FAX) 1. 1,agrange, E. ii r (Biol(j,,ical SciLTwes-Pathology, 17, v. 10, no. 6) w Tub*A Strom (Ni -5471 On tba 1"cleeness of the Calculation of Winter Precipitation in the Arctic Region,, by R. V. Iogre r 7 pp - RUSSIAlf, pavi, Hot i GIdj, No loy 1960, PP 42-45. J"M 7470 Mar 61. Pmj;g;xatimu tttd Prapertles af SmAcanductinG Arsonfidesp by Fmncoio Gww# Jnn Lagremudies rua Sa&Lda, 4 P. FREIC'My pL-irp CcapUs PJWuz Mad des Sci, 195-1., Vol C10=71P 110 4m, PP 310-313s SIA 59-17903 set Af Z V 4!~ reb, 60 7 Vol 2s Ito 10 ChxorzatoiVaphic Studies of Amino Acids of the Blood Flazza and Wine in CeInin Pathological States, by F. Lagrot, 0. Antoine,, 0. Cesaixvj, 2 pp. OICIEVCH, Imr, Algerle Wdicale, Vol LX, Aug 1956, pp 651 -66. 9. NO Tr 9-26 SCI. - Mel3lcixft d-':~,IZ-37 Ott:t 57 c"VIONWO staaw or Aiguu-Twmlalas bY J. se"100 as is carts MMICM6 Pw,- BalOUD 4Q "-Rdft di&,~ 0 nit Im's" AQIO=-x53h ~ S"~ Sol "I ce 395P915 Ou tibe Extaudw of the NoM Afrimn O=vU*trLe Ubt t* tAd ftwA3b O"Ma bar J. Upuls. M804 l0ri SO= 40 Z,*EMSWW, de AwbWabes t-entalt V" Am* VP JL~-Tp 2D.M. Sai4lar 0*1 nulp 0 395s916 Graltimatric Study of Algeria-Tunisia. by J. Lagrula. FRENCII, per. Bulletin du Service de Is Carte L'Algeric, 4th Series No 2 . 10".-ii -4 OACIC U-1534,ar Set V Ik Y 6 -.9 ge"Oplo bambob a *me ft ft aqpwwn, ow a. & Lqpcbw. ... Ehm"m uk*A VA I-vis, RD an IMs"Pow'o- 2mssm =r m 4= Ut the Diumal !11ythri of tUtotic P,.ctivity :I,,, tim, li-jAtholiwa of I(oproductive or.-cuis i-.UX-1 "LIJI)MIXY QW141, by S, S. !!~u ~Clp 7 -)P. R.IJSSIXN,p Ivr,, Vest ilk Jedit Nauk S.SSR, Vol XIXS No 11, 1964, pp 55-59. JPRS 29171 Sci NIX (is 274055~) Prolift]'AtIOM Of the Epithelium of the *=ary Glenda in Wrious Stogem of the SewjAI Cycle, by S. S. Lnraehev, 5 r, ~ I-- z- RMSUN.. rer, Byul Eksper Biol i Med, Vol XLVI, No 9, 1958, pp 108-112. cannatanu Dw-esu Set - Ked Jun 59 T.I*g,, Preparatioa and Properties of fl-Am-ino- and & - Arylaminot-uthoxysilanes, by K. D. Petrov, E. S. V. 1. Pukhova, 3 PP. 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