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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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LECTURE ON MARXISM PRESENTED BY CHILEAN CP LEADER TO STUDENTS AT UNIVERSITY OF CHILE) BY ORLANDO MILLAS, 30 PP. CH~L-EAN, PER, PRINCIPIOS, SEP-OCT 1962, PP 25-39. JPRS 16226' LA - CHILE POL Nov 62 219,720 The Case o.-E Gen. Miller. l'ussim, I-pit, lq~-7,pp 1-22. JPRS CSO: INY - 13599 J-1433/67 ,4 1 -V-- USSR Mil Mar 67 321,856 a9 7d IL)A L L ... Miller, A. " Trahms, 0. K. EXPERMfENTS IN PLACING OF YOUNG SALMON IN SEA WATER (VersucheUberdenEinsamyon Salmonildenbrut In Meerzwesser) tr. by Julius Rock- well, Jr. 1952, 57p. Available on loan from DI Trans. of Zeitachrift fdr Flacherel und deren Hilfs- wissenschaften (Germany) 11941?1 v. 40, no. 1. p. 5-40. DESCRIFrORS: *Salmon, *Sea water, Fishes, Marine biology. 61-25t67 1. Miller, A. U. Trahms, 0. K. Ill. Department of the Interior, Washington, D. C. (Biological Sciences. Tr. v. 6, no. 11) Offi- of S~1- Determination of Micromotmts of Iodine In Natural watera by a catalytic method., b7 A. D. J_#Uqri L. A. Shneider, EOWIAN,, perj, Zhur Anal XhImp X Vol XVM., Ito 1963., pp M-376. CB Feb A Dithisone Method of +,rations of Cyanideas Aranovich,q 32:-pp Datarmining Sma3l Gaacqm- by A. Do MMer, U* X. HUSSTA14 r Zavod Labs Vol XXV12, No L-, 1960, PD 426-4464 11, TBA SO i_ C07-~C';~ by ,07arlbonat-a and of a N"m'op-r eif "11, -real =.ents ki NaturU- Watcruc, Water Zxtrm:.L 1.4 L_ %.- wid lvlaete Waters, by A,- D. MMor and R. I:. Tylbina..~ pp,-, Ruosiang parp Zhur Prik K-nim, Vol IXXII, do I.Z~ 19599 pp 2621*-2631 GB AEG Sci Nov 60 Direct Potentimetric Titration of the Sulf mtA Ion Ming the M)MdO #Wo IndIcstor Zlectxode# Pert 1. by A. D. H 3ar. ~4s 0 - & b Yp RUSSM, per, Zhur Anal Kh1mj, Vol KI., Ito 5# Sep/Oct 1956, pp 615-620. Conaultants Bureau Sci - Chem ~4 '? Jul 57 /) r ~,/- /,' ~7,r- 94":? U ( ,r, D:!,--S, The Dotzm-ination of I-Acro AmmounU of Copp, end Mmc in Hatu-mal lip-tern a-,A in 03.oill -E-ft=ct--,,,, by A. D. and It. I. Libina, pp. TI=IP.11, rper Mur Amal LIAM, Vol ITT, 1"0 is, !958, pp 664-667- Sci Consultants'. Bumau 1'7 Pbb - 60 . -A I..',ethod of Determination of XXMM RLcro-Amounts of Molybdenum in Super-Imposed Salt Aureoles, by Miller, A. D. , Mokhov, A. A- 7 PP- ------- RUSSIM, per, Geokhim, 110 7, 1961- Geochem. Soc Sci oct 62 216,1,02 Calcination of Ultramarine Cba vs.. by A, N. Ae;te,, A. P. Muekiu. P. 1. Libinax A. D. H&U= Ful.1 translation. RWSIM# per,, aur Prilk Xhiu.. Vol XXIII Ito 1-~.I Doc 1951p Vp 32 ).317.1=. Consultsou Bw-eau usm Scientific - Chemistryj, ultramarine /7-7 03 Fighting for Priority in Competition in Patroleum Produationa by A. P. HMQr. IRUSaWj wo per, Haft Khoz, Val =1V0 no go 19569 pp 65j 66. Tech arA Comm #JL5.00 ~ -7/ usa -10 soon Fab 1957 CM/dex A NGw bbthod for Measuring the Polarization or Wdium F-,nergy NeVrons and the Pbase Shift Analysis of n-He Scattering., by I. I. Lavintov,, A. V.,kV0j= V. X. shamsevi 7 PP- RUSSIAN., mo per,, Zbur Rksper i Teoret Fiz., Vol. XXXII, 274- Amer lust of Pbys Soviet Phyu, imp Vol V, fio 2 Sci, Oct 57 An Invostigetion of the 8pj-A-OfI*,'-'Ej, 51 Ij-V~-jLqj .'. k' ~L of the RL6 Lov-91a in the Scattering of)Foliziuad Routurons by RTAP bj- I. I. IdmI-Imh1=- LOVIntov, A. V. Hiner, V. N. sh"Ohev RUSSIO, U.-CICO-1w per, Dok Ak Nauk SM, Vol CIT-T,, 1955p pp 803-806. ASO Tr 2370 Assoc Tech 6v Tr 36M Scientific- P17vica 31, / Z/ 02, Fab 22 56 OTS/dox J EVUIMM FM IM FMAUJO. GPMTIQU VF THIE ELEMIC POM 9WOO W NUALM OMMIqip By C. MIUA16-8 W. ,3iE,;,f mil Pm,, vwmicmcmtrx to to ig6j361" iw &L, i JPM tam Mm - MV a= EM ~ OR 63 U5060 MFIJV%A~ me a Im, haum Prowasi, w f " -~, C. S. NIUMP Do W. ndlw* GwMa 'b la&dM* lW--69-lawT-j=