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December 31, 1972
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Rate of Sorption of Phenols by Polyamide Fiberaj, VI,, by As. B. Pukohver., E. K. ManImah, 6 pp. HUMIAN8 mo yery Zhur Prik. XhIm, Vol XXMq No 2,v USMP Feb 1954,9 PP CIA D 237473 Consultants Bureau Scientific - Chemistry Cm 69/Jun 55 Investigation of tile viscosity.CK~ poly=iclo 1~01tsj bY T. No KftbCmBk.W.,p A- D*-n~ ~b"r, () YP- RUSSIMp blMo VW;p -20DUMA ZbW# VOI XVMs NO 21 mur/Apr IVA, pp IM-292. - M 9001313 C.- R"l No 55 (I-ONdtanu Banu sai - Mama ln%ftv*l"nM&r Struaturs or Ri& Pol3mrs. commmicattan $2. M*dMattlon of tha t1bloatUr Struct=a or 1116 Polphs" b7 tb* 1WIC21bn Vathodo by A. ff. bkov, A. S. MJS37AMP par'l X01101d 2hurp Vol im, No Ip 1957., pp 27-30. conmatants Barean Jan 59 7Y1, Increase of the Hydrophillc Propertlea of Capron Fiber by Hydrozywtbylation,, by XEM, B. V. Petukhov, A. B. Pakshver, 4 Pp. RUSSIAIRs bimo, per,, ]Colloid Zhur, Vol XVUI, 1qO 6.. 1956, PP 7ha-744. '(P Consultants Bureau /7 Sci - Cbem U3-// Jan 58 Diffusion of Phenol In Polyamide Pilms and Fibers,, by H. K. Mankashp A. B. Pakahver., SQ 4 pp. RUSSIANa pwp Kanold 0M., Vol VI, No 6, Nov-Dee 19%., pp 4n-454. MA D 151336 Sures" SclentIfIc Chemletry IAM 55 ONAU Modification of Pbl3=ida Properties by the Liclusion ;Wlxodp by A. V. Dykays H. 1, Ivanave, A. D. SWUM, per& 90110id Zhivs Vol XUP No 5s 1957.- pp 00asultauts Dwwa Sed - Chem 'Tam. 5 a r Rea, Gonmr.13DIcatic i gunt n I;Icns of tbe Strwture of High hoiceraEr D. Tullfhalov, S. S. Prolov, A. B. Pal=hvor, -p D F-CL1.2. translation. RUSSIM?$ mo ppr. _Zhur P_rilt a, Vol Mil. Ila 1954; P,,D 907-914. CIA c 4-1304, Consuittwits Bureau Scientific - Chemiotry 2r 56 CT,'z;/dex Quantitaltive Detezminatlon cW End Groups in Pol 4-pp. caprolactam, by V. A, Kyagkov,, A. B. Pakahver, it MMSI.U. mo per "hur Prik Kh:im,, Vol T.&-3:X., No %~,, 1956, PP 1703-114- ConmItants Bureau Sci - Chem I.:f -~. -,/// Mar 58 ~'e Kine-ICias -of Sorption of Hydrochl~,ric Acid-by -'olyamide ftbers,~t~V. A. 14m&'zov4s= A. B. Pak-shver 4 PPS, V uU trvnalation. 13USSIANp b1mo per# Kollold Zh= SSSR,'Vol XVII, No 2,, 14--r/Apr 195% pp 120-123./,/A %4 rT Consultants Bureau scientific - Chemistry Al"O Aug 55 CTS/DHX Molecular Structure of High Polymers. Cowmunica- tion 14. Reactions of Bases Wth Polyamide Fibers, by V. A. Nyagkov A& D. Pak5hWrj 6 ppe R 01 '- - - RUSSUN, per., Zhur Prik Khtikj, Vol XXIK, N'; 8, Aug'956., pp L?29-1235. Consultants Bureau Sci - Men Jul 57 Mo,lecular Structure of H" Polymers. Cammmica.- tiou 15. Sorption of Vater Vapor by Capron Fiber., by XX B. Ve Petukhor, As Be P"a r,, 6 pp. 11 1" ~ RUSSIAN,, per, Zhur Prik Khimp Vol XKIXp No 8., Aug 1956, pp 1236-1241. Consultants Bureau sci - Chem ~/ q 17 ZI Jul 57 W&Oww ftm*wo se a&* FIpws. UMITS'anwil 11111stawmal sklmome nb-- -jdA. S. Mobvers a. 2, BOW14 1. P. X% 3b 3.9 liah ad Construction of Appmrstus for the Continuous Zwtbatlm of AlkaU CoUnloses by 0. P. Ramaolov, A. S. Pakdow. RMIAN, per, aft Talamm, lb 6.. 1961, PP 33-35. Nz m 3995 Sol - WN Op Nlar 63 ". . 1-1.517 1 - --.A6 A -a mod"Aw ftrASUM Of No nrnwAre 0 ILI* J06 so L. Sol swul-M4 Wii~- 6n. 't SWQOU OWO v6L =4 so 20 Iwo, w ~-i 94 0 am- #I ?. f,406 Altmatiou of the strastm at Cowm IrLbw as Vw Somat of Mleat 21 ebmt., by L. 1. PWW*VdWt A. S. illbillibms 4 We * *9 TO pwr 902uu ftwo VbL Mv 3b 4a We pp 78"6 &4 . dfim 7f ahn 59 Evaluation of Polydispe-s4lty of Misr From Viscosity Mea-aurement, by E~ A. Pakshaver, G. V. Vinegradov. Rtzslsui, per, Mae volo~uaj' No 20 19650 pp 25-29. NLL Ref: 5828.4 1963 (1-93-06) (Lom". S Ci - Ch" Fr,,b 64 vl',.~i;z~.~.'y:j- .Zll VI.rj,-,os4: , _ . 3 V loy Po :L, 1963 BIL 1-of (Lcaa) 35110 - MIA 63 ,q Vo, .2 1.1, s'. A, investi7eation or concentr-ated so-hatio- of Poly-acrylonitrile in Dimethyl Formandde, by E. A. Pakshver, et al. RUSSIAN per, Khlm Volokna, No 2, 1959, PP 21-9. DSIR LLU M-1820 (3-oan) Sci - Chem oct 6o /so/ -9~19 lavwtisation Of lC=oenIL6x&ted 91 Solutio-')z Or Pal~sarylaaltrllc IU b.-f Ye. A. Fakshver, B. H. HeUer, 12 pp. RWBIAN, per, Xhim Volokm), ft 2,, ig5g., pp 21-24. sLA 6o-i8527 ;run 62 investigatica of Con-centmted IT- Solaticias of PW.Yma"lanitr.1-le In Dimethy1fox-oxximllcloi. by Ye. A. Fakobver., B, Be Honer., 12 pp. TIUSSL p Khim Volokn&.. Do P-,, ig5g, pp el-24. 4R., per SU 60-18527 juu 6e A Igew Quantltstive Metliod of Evaunting spactmi AnaljBia., by L. P&-sy. =94 per,, Acta ChlmicA Huugvwical~ Vol YUMII, so 1-3, 1.961, pp IT-27. SIS12741 Scl - Chrm lg 7 Jul 62 List so 137 itc1donce of Poliomyelitis In Lithuaniap 19559 Clinical and Epidemiological Chareeterictica - Xv, 'by E* At , 6 pp. -~?~~MWAR L. A. Vorontsova RMSWj par# Zhur Mi)mvbiol Rpidemiol I 1;m;m=biol,, Vol MT11,P No 1OP 1957,, PP 129-133- Perasmon Iwt Sci - lftd Dec 58 77 ~17 The Clinical MA Videuld2ftical MumseUristics of PoliomWelitim in the TAthmalm 0,8.R, in 1956-ni, by B,, A. Paktarisp L. A. Toroatsovap 5 pp per# Zhur Mikrobla NpJd='o3 I Mmuimblol,, Vol XVIII# No 22v M7P PP 103-113- ftrs~ft 1"t SOL - MW Jan 59 kvi OtAbLmak of Influenza A/Asia/57 in Sp-virr1, 195-( in a - .A;Industrial Concern., by E. X. Fa'lktorla, 4 pp. ,h,USSIAN.t per,. Vopmay Virusologii, Vol IV, 1~o lp 1959P pp 27-30. Pergamon Press Slai may 6o RiGUSTAT-1, R3!r, lain Med, Vol xxKVI.-C*~ ,.T ov tDo Thermal Control and Heasuring Instruments, (Conftinaction,, Installation and 'Maintenance), by M. D. Xuzin, 1. 1. Palctovslcy, 62 pp. RUSSM4, book, Moscow - Sverdlovsk., 1949. AMC F-TS-7L.6o-nE Scientiftic - Engineering Jan 1952 CTS Inactilvatuilon c);-.' the Stureptorzycin ilcsi,~;-',-ai o--.' Dirce S7-)ecies of Bacterian by Ionizill-r- Radiation, I by R. Pa-hula, W. llalc-.1-ak, D. Shuggar, 14. pP, POL ISI, i per, Acta Biochimica Folonica, Vol -FI-II, crTs 6o-2156c-4 Sci May C- 2 17 61.x I- -optococcal Polyglucosiduscs. III. Conccutration -Itd Purificutiml oi* tile Enzyr~e, by J. Cybulsl;a, R, Pakula, 8 pp. POLISH. peri f4odycyma Dostfiadezaltia i i4krobiologia, Vol XV, No 4, 1963. M 63-11411/4 PL-480 sci JW1 65 272,652 streptecoccal Poly glucoside-sca. II. 1he L-ifect w" Scine Factors on BuzyMatic Syathesis of Wxtran From Sucroso in Coll Free liedia, by J. Cybulska, R. Pakula, 12 pp. per, 11,5edycyna Doswiadczalna i Akrobiologiu, Vol XIrr No 4, 1963. OTS 63-11411/4 PL-480 Sci Jan 65 272 Oxygen and L)ose-Rate Effects f i -adiated Transfom-im, of Protective Stfbstances., by 6 PI) - on Survival Curves DNA in the Prosence 111. NOcula, 11. Walczkak, POLISH, per, Acta Biochimica Polo-nica, Vol IX, .11o 3, 1962. 9063483 N OTS 62-11051-3 Jan 63 2 2 6;, _75 An Adsorption MetbP4 for the separation of Streptckinase and Streptodormase, by R. Pakula,, X. TYCx D. Shuga3r, 13 pp- POLISH# per, Jkd Dowdadezalna 1 Xlkmbioibp Vol V11p No 3.- PP 323-329p 1955- SLA 3160 J%a 58 (6Y, Y f 7 R -900 8 (IIY-2537) PlamLing and lAvestmeat for Hydrcmliorstioh work im 1M-1965.. by ftezrad PakuU.. 12 1M. owpodarks wo4m, Vol X3X, No 2 19,50Y 9p 5b-59. JM-170.9-S maw rol" y Jun 59 The Content of 32p In t4e latermai Orsans of Rats After Its AduLnletr--rdon In Different Chemlwa Compounds., by L. i~- Pabalmo 10 pp. R=XAIT A,-er, vcpprozy Qdmlog, Vol v', No 5. 196P, pp 25-32. pp Sci mar 9 SL9~'a Ofy-aqfo) - L=d IjQcjam-t:Lcn in t.12a Yem-- 1959--1965, by Ryozsrd PakdA., 10 pp PM3=1, p*r, iliadc=cl YAUormcyjm i Lskarskle) Vol 11 no 10 1959, pp 2-4. Hour - 1.0016614 Boom - AgrIcultum NOV 59 Ulta (m -,2970) - 1-nnd Roclamtlon In tba Yearm, 1959-.19651, bv -qYv=rd Pw,-.aaj, 10 990 pMjM., per,, viadmwei *eUormcy&w I Waroklax Vol I.- m 11 19w, pp 9-4. aw-19-19-rt Esur Polmad Boon plaultum Nov 59 Camp&rative Bcou=Ics of the Open-Heart1h and Are Furnaces for ProductIon of Una' I oyed Low Caxton Steely by B. Krabal, B. PakuU&,- GKMMY per# stah' und Bleen.. 13 Jan 1955s pp 9-24. BISI 1805 Sci - ftgr Sep 6o la ~4, "t9 Y~~ h--c: ~'urm- cc, Uning Oxygen,, by K. U. Pa_-IMDWI K. r7escha. .... ....... bifit per -Gts~l und Risez.. Vol Ic;52;1 170 5., pp ~t,5.255--. Brat4hor Tech Scientific - uimruis/matmu 7 j ccazt-lnaztlG~ and Cpratloa of Npaern "110-t-oll Arc Pur-LiSCO23 by V. ralpOlae MCI aMW-Z,, V*r., Btmbl u Nice% 21 rob 1957., vp 197-204. M.I.tiall iron and meal 140 (no m=bar giV84 sci - Rnv S" 59 7f, -3-~?,4' z Cutwoon tile Pbotogm.pldc Properties of FxDrei6~ ~Pbo FlImp by 1. Z. ftbiablo., r. V. VendmvWdy, 17 PP- RMSM., pWo Zhur Na-ch I Prik Poto J XLuex Vol lXj. No 2.. 1964.. 1W 142-151. sz_ 'If Tr- III Iq CZA/FW MC-3*598 ND FGFX3XM DMOM Sal oct 64 USMD Intermal Use Oay Z8,065 Thotograpbic Propertles of Pbreign Photo-Fi3m, by I.Z. Pabmhko. WSSW, perp 7,h=. Nu*. I. Prik. FbtO. I. LiMM4 vol. 9, No- 2,, 1964, pp 142-151, 3HSDWT- 7275 pp 12 -1. 1 , P A ll:~- u s h If- 0 sci - Aug 67 335-680 t The Korean People's Army Is the Glorious Revolutionary Armed Stxength of Our Party Which Has Inherited the Revolutionary Tradition of the Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle, by Pak U-sop, KOREAN., np, Minju Ch'angnyon, 7 Feb 1961, Dp 2. *JPRS FE - Korea Pol 31 14ar 61 Descriptive Geometry Witb Three-Dimmsional Figures, by 1. PaljL- RMIMO bk. HLL (loan) Sci - R A/ ? Nov 63 .0 VIS Practical Experiences and Problem in the Manutfactmwe of High-ftecision Machine Zools, by XseWendt Pal, 14 PP. MEWIM per appgpastas TftbnDlogiat Vol T. 799i. DD' 241-07. JM 32652 BMW - BACOU7 Noon Hav 62 Technical TauU, in the Development of Parachutes. by Kerekes Plal, 10 pp. MMIASSIFIED HUMARIM, per# Jarmuvek MezogazgAaagi Gepek, No 1, 1960., pp 25-29- Acsi n-6556 ID 214h-879 BE - Humgary ECOU Jul 60 -2 Fluctuation of theNeutron Yield in Pulsed Fast Reactors, by L. Pal, G. Memet , 7 , " - !, I - I Russim, rpt, 1962. 1 - w a _4 - - - f. " '~ - ",- - " " "! Sci - Phys I L. !-, - , ~' ~' - ./ 1, Aug 62 AppUcation of- the- Uteory of Stocbai3t:Lc- - - - - -- - Processes to the luvestlEption of Duclear Fission., by L.,D!~j 5 P-p. MMINi. mo per.. 2hur ERLeE i Teoret Piz Vol X)Mj, No 2j~ Sm 19 Feb 5b,, vp 10= jwt of Pbysicr. Val IlXs, So 2. SOVLet Pb4sical JMW Sci - Pbyzics Apr 57 M 63-23321 Pa A UiICAL THEORY OF THE CHAIN REACTION 1. Pal, L. IN NUCLEAR REACTORS, I-111, tr. by V. ShIlittev. I]. NP-tr-951 Aug 62 [551p. 36 refs. 111. Atomic Energy Research Order from OTS or SLA $5.60 63-23321 EstabUshment (Gt. Brit.) Trans. of [Acta Physics (Hungary) 1962, v. 14, to. 4, p. 345-3801. DESCRIPTORS: *Nuclear reactors, Nuclear reactions, *Fission, *Chain reactions, *Neutron reactions, *Statistical analysis, Probability. (Nuclear Physics --Nuclear Reactions. TT, v. 10, no. 94 off= d 1.0 kx- bility of Cobalt in Strong Nagmetic 71014z, by L. T. Tarrmatsi,, 8 pp. .TIMX#3p per, Its A Mule SM, Ser Fix, Val =,, So 19,57, PP 1053-1063. Oalumbia Tecb sci - Plkvu I~L'c 58 /171 Ga the Theory of Stochastic Processes in Coude FWAttion., by L: Pal 5 ,poll MMUNO wo per# Zhur Rem i Tlaoret Fit, Vol XXX, No 2., Mm 1#~6.p pp 362-36b. Feb Awr Inst of Physics Vol Mj, So 2 Soviet Pbysicop JEW Sel. - Physics Apr 57 cM ~-,t,ut;%zLj,=j Lheo,-7 of the Obain WaC-UM in Beactmisp Parts Ip np Inp by Lo P-01 j, 52 W- =Mmm., rpt, 9206M. AW/V Tr 953. o-- Sol - M=l Sol - -, &e~) .2 j Ui 1joy 63 -Statistical Theory of the Chain Reaction in Nuclear Reactors. I - III, byAL. Pal. -T. ~ HUNGARIM, rpt, 1961 9' , 0 & C ') o Nuc AM, Harwell / Jvp - 1-r - C~- 5) Sci -lPhys Aug 62 (ny-lo) Tea Yeama of the Ce-,%trzl Phyalca-Reeecmrch Institute., by Lenard Palj, 32 ". HUMARM, per, Mae7w fttdanmy, Vol LX=, Eo 9, 1961, RD 529-536. im I= SWI - rap Apr 62 The Structure of our Industry by Branches, by E. pp. HUW o, No 4, 5p SL4RTANv per., statlastiml awml Apr-may4m.o PP 377-3ft- Burmm of V;4 Consus Foreigm !.Iwqmmr Rwearch Office Mm" - Hungary 93*0069eftl Ecom ig joa 61- to The EffeaU ot TLtazdm an the WeldablUtv of the low-AUOV Am stwil IV A, Ya. Prodsldyp Re ?Pal,6 m Ruseu-N., iwr; Avtamt Svexkap No 3j, 19Qj, pp 15-2D. BWFA sci oct 64 268s142 Liquid-Phese Oxidation of Olefins in the Presence of Boric Acids by A. N. Bashkirovs Shiman Pal, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok A Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXVIII, No 6.. 1959P pp U75-1176. CB sci - Chem Sep 60 7 7,041 STITEE Ofy'-3498). Investment Problems as Reported by the SUIM-Olfe Chamber of Control, by Stefan Palac 19 pp. POUSH., per, Iuvestyaje i Budovaictwo, Vol IX, No 11, Warsaw, 1959, pp 10-16. im 26og FZLLr -- Polaad Econ - General May 60 Which Is Preferable as a Bear Axle Gear Ratio for the Star 21, a 7.17 : 1 of a 6.13 : 1?, by R. I . _.._ *j 2 ppe / 1) '~ 0 V (~ IF PMMS ACS1j, 9-1343 Zter - Poland Econ ja 58 & 711,2 r s - Pa- /4,- C-r I " 84409 jml:66 303POP A 2heory of the 2byrold Fu=tion and its Diagnosis With Ta d lodi j, by T. Palaclos - mmwmftb~ PMUMM,, PWr,, P/971,, PxocmdiW or D&U=ational emftzen on Peaceful Uses of Atomde Eftera Held at Genm 8-2D Aug 1955.9 Vol. X. latematl ODnf -- UN Sci - Maear pownice CrA 1-669.9.162 .j-aJ,9--17 FWKIdMwW.all Objectiv" of tho pblitical U;nk' 1u Joso jAMLqG 7 pp. 1 3 -211 1 45# ~;ov Vo 1 5 to W1414 -qlv per, LWAl -y 11040 pp 4.79 61, MRS 28213 Mw~ 14irs., 65 The Berologic Diagnosis of Aphtbmw Infectica (Prew At the First Congress of Zoonosis of the Rrovince of ,';UeWn Airen., Dec 1948)~, by Drs Raul Palaclos, Raza6n Iolrl~gmz and FlIseo Gallardop 9 pp. CIPARISH, Boletin del Instituto BacteriolEgIco de Chile, Vol 5, No 2.p Spaiu, Jul-Dec 19Wp pp 13-17. CIA/FW X-6w 0 Scientific - Medicinep foot and mouth diseaoe '-;ational Institutes of lhnltb, Betheeft., Md. Complewnt FlautIca TWt In the Study of Aphtho= Fevc,-, VIrt,_-cZ (Foot ana PV--a*.Iz DlCuznc), ty Dxzz rmu, I -ftlacios and Am& RoftUwz, 16 pp. ENJUBH, Boletin -del Instituto Bacteriologico de Chile, Val 5, No LF; groin, jQ1-4*c 194U, pu 3-10. CDIAIFM X-676 ScientIfic - ftdicluej b1olojW., 2bot and muth disease National Institutes or BmM, Bethesda, Md. (HY-5739) Eleetrical Engineering Induatry in Poznan Wojev,cdztvo, by Edward.B4se-m, 9 pp. POLISH.. per, Przoglad Nechanimmy, Vol XIX, No 19/20j, 10, 25 Oct ig6o, pp 6o2-6o4. JMS 9055 ESur - Poland Econ Sun 61 3"rof 4 tability of Foreign Trade: Domeatic and I A. Foreign Opinions, by Tadeusz Pallacz, 9 pp. U!;- CLASSIFIED AWWW-=NMW- POLISH, mo per, 1hudel Zag--aniczny, Vol 111, No 10, Warsav., 1957., pp 4-6. US JPRS/lr--L-123' EE - Poland Econ - Foreign Trade Apr 58 9-6 Sats of Dibr=*-Md Wbomto-Diphen cobalt (M), tW Ao To AUTO D* & _P&144# 3 ppe =&'.Up# par$ 2wr mmmm MAMS Vol VIN Ho 3v 19ftj PV 593-600- Cloaver-How ftess Ltd may 62 Biochemical Characteristics of Different Divisions of the CNS That Differ Functionally, by A. V. Paladin, 13 pp. RUSUM.. rpt presented at Congress of the All-Soviet Association of Physiologists.. Biochumme and Pharmoologinta, Wo.9,, 16 J= 1959, SIA 60-18567 sci 7f Apr 61 OTSO Vol V, no I Biochemical Characteristics of Different Divisions of the CNS That Differ Functionally, ~din., 13 PP by A. V.__I!a RUSSIAN, rpt presented at Congress of the All-Soviet Association of Physiologists, Biochemists and Pharmacologists$ No 9, 16 Jur. 1959, siA 6o-18567 Sci Apr 61 Fishery -ww-awply-of -craycLat -for---az4~0r't - Xp ValadLua. I VY )7 POLISR, bk, POIgn L RMtw Z Rk. jan5teM., 19639 120 pp. *CFM Tr 70-5,S115 F- E / e c C, (-j iwt_ Bay 70 - Me 00ativasUcs " J*qpn ex of th- 11 in 11 d A*M Us Fzopu'- tuo cc a-NowrUrot"a AcIft and Q*U liften)PirAt ~Iws Dw aw Cho* wo; Vol lo No 2p 200j, 3r 503-%6- &a - Chm Alw 0 New L:)Mtlon of Ccmpoopogm Cha3,VbW-ia hlitz., in UkmiDB,- IV 0- X- Bamftrj, 5PP- Umunmi, ivro TENORlW botmUcbmri Vol 31j, No 5p 1959,v pp dl-.u3. m 7,* 6d RW-M52 MR-203 221 I- I') IMM 3n), ~ rvr CEA-tr-R-1678- ---Uncl-i -- - ----- - --- - - STIMULATION DE LA CROISSANCE DE LA RACINE DES PLANTES DE 1A FAMILLE DES CHENOPODIACEES, DES CRUCIARES ET DES OMBELLIFERES DANS DES SOLS DE TOURBIERE ET MINERAUX, PAR LES RAYONNEMENT y DU RADIUM,, DU COBALT ET PAR LES RAYONS X. (Stimulation of the Growth of the Roots of Plants of the Chenopodiaceae, Cruciferae, and Umbelliferae in Soils of Peat and Minerals b Radium and by X Rays) . A. S. (C.) Pa I amarchM Translated into French from Ukr. Bo-t-a-5T.-M., 17- (196o). 27P. Radiobiology; Translations MC-48 C-48 NP NSA $2.60(fa), 01.01(mf) JCL or OTS N-4 0 Ro.11 Wear in Strip Rolling 14111s,. by E. M. P.--Im=rchu--,r. RMSM, per., Stall, Ito 10., 1957.9 PP 929-933- C.SOI.R.O, -,, /'*~* sci my 6o / /- "I-," ~ Vf This Wear cl? Rolls o2 tL4a CGutlnumo ahziat bdl3AS by go No Palamrlub*. - UWIASSXFIW RUPOIARP Pors sta. So A, l9cfTr, P9 929-Y33. C" Tr Bob Tr 46~ 1304- - MONO sop 58 on intramedu-Uary ifixatica of the Clavicla wimb- a Ifnitting-Heedle, by V.G. J:oroka, A.R. I-alaTmarchlak muSSMN, mo per, Voyennu Med Zhur., Ho 12, Wacow, Mc 19570' Yp 1,10-96 us jm/wy 365 aci - b&-.1 6 11 ~?/ 4? 1 Variability of Wet Proteins iia CIDver Leaves in Cmnectlf.-- velth the PopuLntiont, Ax, _~e and Site of Grcr4h, by A. 3 - Falamrahuk., N. F. Narpovich, 4 pp. RUWIAN, per, Piz Rastenly., Vol V, No lr 19580 pp 83-815. Amer last of Blol Sci Sci - Blol Jul 59 Acaumay of he Detemination a-a-Mxvo Compositim WM Different Methods of Thtarprepx, ting Clmrcm&toSrmu,, by N. K. 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