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AdearqUan or XVm cc OUvw ScUdop Part n. PUMPUM of lb" rrm Agbr Sm-fbees t7 S. M. soamr"yw,# N 1. soft 6 pp. Tssm~* =BRAN - Pwo Dar Noob I Mk Fatogmf I rj-~tosmrv Val Vns Jb 2# 19fti, m 81-435. cm/pu xr-im wr mumam" TO ging &12zouw ftl *w 2 62 =Is lorim" um am T ie Effect of the 03nnge of Propoi-ties av .1 .14 of the Concentration of tion-Difftising Color Com- ponento in the Irnotographic Layer on the Color Develo.pment speed, E-793, by V. 1. Uopeuskly, Ii. I. -Hodion?Kqj 8 pp. RUSSM, per., Zhur Nauch Prik Fotograf Kineneuog, vol v., No 6, 196b, Dp 419-423. CIA/FDD )M-1 102 NOT REMASAME TO FUREIGN HATIONPW Sci - Phys ,Tan 62 USE ONLY :~omaliarttlea in Lhe Kinetics of Vie Cular Z)WD1Jj;Im'Mt )I-JVPGA., by V. 1. UZ-.A,-,Wkiy ~=t R. I. af~lalonovu =1' CUM, ver, Z%~I loasl~ I P~rlklm2nav POW 11 1 MO Vol 61 Ha 2, Par- ~ F, r-a-A, ~~Li_r ~110 pp 125-27*9. mma J-4356 Now &I fte 2freat of SoMte an the AoUvtty or CoUw Omp3we MA the ]MOM or Ww In Cbl ftwelopwntv by T 0 1. U v9 0 w k ty., N. 1. ! Lo ~j, 6 vp. XMUv.* pop Zhw nouch I Prlk ratcomr I 0 va VIP so 5" 19618. pp 358-36e. ew"s 2m RUMAUM 20 NAnalm ftl sm 6e mu Irmmm go 'Fae Effect of the Change Of PrGDE!rtieS and Dicroase of the Concentration oZ Won-Diffuning Color Com- po-v-.nts In the Photographic Layer on the Color DzveloTment Speed_, E-752,. by V. I. Uspenskiy, N. T 'W-Iionova, 6 2~-). RUFS,KAA~ per, Zhur Nauch Prik Fotograf i Kinematog, t Voi ri, No 4, .1959, PP 285-233. C1:A/FDD XX-1101 NOT RMWABLE TO FORIMGN NATIONALS Sci - Phyo Jan 6r- Separating DIchloroethane from its Aquefous Solutions., by,M, K# barana v. I. Su Oil-Rut L. M.'Nogaup 11. P. Rodicome 6 Pull translation I=BLAN# no per.- Zhur Prik M2jm,, Vol MMII* No lot i954s, pp Xxff ICYA-UM CIA C 41473 Consultants Bureau Scientific - Chemistry 3,qIq-i4A- Apr 56 cTs/dex Yho -Reactivity- of -the -=a.-' 'al's o' J. Q %, I - "'r thiophoaphoric Acift. IL Acyli-atim Reactivirm, by M. 16 Kabach"I , T. A. Vaatrv"mva, N. P. Rodionova,, X. H; Popov, 6 pp. Fu3I tr RUSSIANs mo per,, Zhar Obahch- Ehim,, Vol XM, So 1, 1956P pp 120-125, CIA 90004,04 "", acal N.3 21 Consultantn Bt=sau. jrg' Sai - Obiudstry Sep 56 CTS - The Reactivity of Alkali Salts of Acid Esters of Alk;yltbiophoaphouic Acids, by M. I. Kabachnik, T. A. Hastryukove, M. I. Kuprocbkin, H. P. Hodionova, E. 14. Popov, 6 pp. RUSSIAN., per Zh= Obshch Kh1m, Vol XXVIj, No 8, 19561, pp 2226-2233. Assoc Tech Sv 66H13R Sci - Mamintry --54 Oct 57 On Elie Moftdon of Zinc In Alkalis, by V. L Rodionovoo RUSSLAN, par# yEteni aid M01*0votogo Vdi XG]XV 1955P 221-226 NASA TT F-252 9 03 V, -r - Sd-Ch= Sept 65 289,996 Rodionova, Ye. F. and Kolesnikov, G. S. POLYMERIZATION AND COPOLYMERIZATION OF 1. VINYLPHOSPHONIC DICHLORIDE, FT. 31. (1961] 5p. IL Order from ATSW 15 ATS-89N51R 111. IV. Trans. of Vysokomolekulyarnyye Soyedineniya (USSR) 1961, v. 3, no. :3, p. 459-463. DESCR11`TORS: *Copolymerization, *Polymerization, Vinyl radicals, Phosphonyl radicals, Chlorides, *Polymers. 61-22613 Rodionova, Ye. F. Kolesnikov, G. S. ATS-89N5IR Associated Technical Services, Inc., East Orange, N. offi-I (Chemistry- -Organic, TT, v. 6, no. 3) Weter Ragixie of Soil Uader the Individual crops of a Aelderop Rotation, by F.: F- g0la=mkiy, 8 pp. RWSIM per, Pochvovedeniye, No 12, 1959, pp 90-97. 1,5-6, ---~ S--~- Sci j-,= U tcww fte a* mmxma at *MW Of cowtitatum ftw9w SW tjo WyIM a sojuUmp by F- BOdUs swor 0. y-yu 0 Gown" ftkomt A* I ma 31 Oct 1M- we 6swlw9;;W- F , P- C, A " s SWOON 386v601 July 0 A--Dplication of Ststistical Met'lliods to Mineral- Geochemicall Research, by D. A. Rodisonov. RU:3SIAN, bk. *CB Sci-Eart], Sci & Astron Jan 64 (Ily-5232) Suppression of Radio Noise Created by AVGcm-otive Tmusport, by )r. V. Roditi, 10 pp. -RUSSIM, per, ventn"Ir Svyazi, No 6, 1953. JFRS M4 Sci .Apr 6! 1,X41 /- 7 /'~ / Ri=;jiving Antennas aid Industrial Radio lntnrf~ovnmae, by V. V, Rodi M. 8. reartmenahteyn,, 11 pp. ---tsil Tjnc3-f:cr;VMed, RUSSIAr., p=r,, Rclictnkhnikm, Ho 9 CI-A 63853? ~ !9,1-6, pp Alf-10 Y-TO-9186/v Sol - Mectrouics BOY 58 q~ '77, =Otero of a ovezbm" Line at PW ptequenclesp by V.. Roati., 6 pp- RMSMil W.0 so 6j, 19Wv pp %-570 MMIA Tr Sol - sLeatron sep'61 ma"wing Wustrini maia Noises by V. v. IMIUS . 18 PPs OW 717651). MMUNj, w Vers Maktrow7ax, So 2j, 3556,p pp 36- 40. Am F-M-9vaft Sci - Blactroulam -1 -/ 0- 3 r (o Aug " rip-rde-aing of Polyemide Resins., by S. -~!~odt~Durd, L. A. Rodivilova K. N. Vlasovap 3 PP. RMIU, per, Plasticheskiv VAsay, Iqo 7, 1,060, pp 2D-22. Sol Aug" ~s 3106-5-"' CWFW X4&" Some Peouliarities of Trannformer Steel an Rapid Heating Kinatios of Textive Formation, by PsD. Isbranov, V.A* Pavlov# HoA* Rodizin# 8 pp. RUSST-0, per, Fix Netal i Vetalloys Vol VIII, No 8, 1960, pp 434-439 pp Sai 61 -4 "hst, I -arnmb to= blewim-m-At of rlsqa-,acy n~~d Aaorleraticu of Vibx-atic-maj. S~ D. Y=-akparica, -,Q 1.0 pl) - MISSIAN 1--nitcy, ,p p vp It VyssbvM Uobobnykh ZaTeL Prxbo=at,xWon!vej, No 3., 1.958,o P-u 30-35. 966076-6 NV u1slacm 4,0795 Use of the Shadow Vbthod With Time Modulation for Measuring the Diameter of Thin Ifires, by S t D. 4dKqvich rasik, 19 pp. .j B. S. Ka RUSSIAN, per, Iz Vyssh Ucheb Zaved WiSSO SSSR pa Razdalu PriborC3tTOYeniyc, Vol V, No 3, 1962. JPRS 21014 sci Sep 65 343.740 Rodkevich. S. D_ Sokolov, 1. N., and Yeflmov. B. V. INSTRUMENT FOR MEASUREMENT OF FREQUENCY 1. AND ACCELERATION OF VIBRATIONS (PrIbor dlya lzmerenlys Qutstoty I Uskorealy Vibrately). 8 Nor 60 2. III 1p. (6 figs. ornitted) 6 refs. MCL-9111. Order froffn LC or SLA mi$2.40, pb$3.30 61-19316 1 . n. Rough draft trans. of Izvendya Vysshikh Uchebaykh Zavederdy. Priborostroyenlye (USSR) 1958. no. 3. p. 30-35. Descriptions are given of an instrument for measuring frequencies of 0 to 100 c and accelerations of vibra- tions up to 30 g (gravity); and of an Instrument for measuring static accelerations and tilts. 61-19316 Vibrodon--Prequency nwNualrewat FJectrma tubes-- AppUcatoes ltodkvelet#. S. D. sokalm. L X yenmor. 3 V_ UM-91/1 TacbRical bdonnstim Cemer. Yhrigla-Partcrecu APB. Ohio V. (Mechanics, TT, v. 5, no. 11) 061k. of Ted6d=l Sw of, 1',cetal b- S",,- A. Rodhi pp. po~5:$ VOPZOI~y GnLoiogli~, Vo-, V.. pp om-6?3, perga-mon Rre-s;-, Lining of Hot Metals YAxart by W. UNCLASSWIM OHEUM9 per,, Radex RuWachau,, No V16, 19;;8. VP' 187 -1,94 British Iron and steel Ind 1057 W) Sol - jUnlYAt 117-3 Y,9 110V 58 ~ F, -L~ I~ct~-,xixrk, Vri Veit: 62-18916 MORE RECENT INVESTIGAMOM ON CMAPOUMD 1. Rodloff, G. sAFE-ry GL.ASS FOR WINDSHIELDS (Neuere Untersuchungen an Vexbund-Sicherbeiteglas fUr Windschutzschelben). 11962)125)p. (foreign text included) 4 refs. Order from SLA $2.60 62-18916 Trans. of ATZ (AutomobilteChnJOChe Zeitschrittl (Gen. any) 1962, Y. 64, no. 6, p. 179-184. DESCRIPTORS: Scientific research. QLandnated &as, *Windshields. Elasticity, ~Mlckness. Tensile li-5079 properties. It was the aim of the experiments conducted to develop a highly flexible windshield material with a rubber-like character a E; a compound safety glass which can be- come effective in the manner of a sdety-ntt. This character becomes the more distinct, the thinner the Ofte of Tedadcal Seakes (Materials- -Ceramics, TY. v. 9. no. 6) (over) An nectro-AcounUcal XoUwd of the Reglatmation of Detonations In Avlation Engineaq by,As S., Sokolik, A I* Sokol!Lk,, B. K. Mmplrop N. T. Rodmnj, 20 pp. Ru3siAll, per# Tekh Vasdush Fl to No 09 1947. AMC F-TS-7368 Sci - Aer6 Eheinecring 9 An Mettrostatic-Prism Energy AnalyzoT for Chargued Particles, Irj V.M. Kellman, It~od~nik ~,, 5 pp. RUSSIAliv per, Zhur Tekh Piz, Vol XXXIIO No 10 1962* pp 279"286, Amer Inst of Phys Sov Phys - Tech Phys Vol VII* No 3 Sci 2138663 'I Ww 4ScJwmcs for I-Jass Spectrorwaters. by V. Fl. Kellman, i. V. Rodnikova, 7 pp. 1MSIAN, par, ZIwr Tekh Fiz, Vol XXYJI, N'O 1j, 19620 pp 269-278, Amor Inst of Phys Sov Phys - Tech Phys Vol V110 No 3 Sci 213#662 Aug 62 Rudnikova, V. V. HEAT TRANSFER BY RADIATION IN MOLTEN GLASS. [1963]. BGIRA/Tr/63/16; no. 549. Order ftuni BGIRA RGJ RA - 549 Trans. of Steklo i Kerainika (USSIO 1949, v. 6, no. 3. p. 10- 14. DESCRIPTORS: *11cat transfer, *Glass, *Thermal radiation, FLISCLI matet-jils. 63-17441 1. flodnikova, V. V. 1[. I3GIILA/Tr/6:VI6 Ill. KIRA-549 W. firilistlGlass InduN[tv Resuaich Ass,k-tatwn kJ (Materials- -Ceramics, TT, v. 10, no. 3) Ofte of Techakal SeMcez Maintemme and JUderaising of Mackdnwy, by A* go 4qdnin, ~ q 4 pp RUSSIkXj, pws Vast Masbiwetroyp Vol XLp No h. 1960j, pp 043 PM S&L Apr 61 Is-If 0 0 7 3 1-1. Aqp .~plngqss C. a by A. M. RodinNaasIdy, 16 pp. r -M~'5DRP PID:?j- bfttm BbOn2=.v V01 =CV31-WO., 195510 .?p 69-8a. T Amar Math Son Scd - Hatb Dee 6o QA 3 A51 V. 15 On Differentiable Mappings, by A. M. Rodnyinskiy, 13.PP- POST EDITED RJSSIAN, per, Trudy Aviatsionnyy Inst, No 61, 1956, PP 58-66- 9693201 (PfFTD-MT-63-332 MOVIT USE ONLY Sci - Math & Data Proc jul 64 263,709 Electrical Conductance of Aqueouq,,S~ium Hydroxide at Elevated Temperature's, by I. M. Rodnyanski 1. S. Galinker, V. I. Korobkov, 9- MMIAN,. per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXVI, No 1-6, 1999, pp 32T-329. CS SCA Aug 60 4-1 Solutions of MCIO NaCi by 1. M. Rodnimuskiy,, H. and M1 at High qBe~mperatare, S. Galinker, RLPS S D-N,. per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CV, 1955-13 -pp MSDOC-TI572 Sci IL19 58 The Prevention of Injuries in the Garrison., by V,, K. Kuzlminov, V. M. Borshtenbinder, L. L. Rodnyanskiy RUSSIAN, mo per Voyenno, Med Zhur, Ho 9, Mo scow . Sep 1956, vip 10-13 US JPRS/,NY 1108 ,7 / Y 4~;Sl S-5442 OY-3045). Some Questions Concerning 2 the Production of Titanium by Mewm of Molten Media Electrolysia UsIng Soluble Ancoes, by A. B. Suchkov, B. A. Borok,__M. 1. Rodnyy, T. W. 'Yermakova. Z. I. Morozo~i~-r.-D-.-B-olAina, 8 pp. RUSSIAN per, Tsvetnyye Metally, No 8, 1959, PP 50-~4. JPRS-L-1104-ii Sci - mia/mieat e,7 -F 7Z1 jaa 6o Pxobletm~, by -IB. Yo. i: " LI.'; L. A t 4Ygm UfAv. %0 ($j 19646 50221. i,csl MUM a ID I"Kkw"67. UbM Mily 65 2W.47-2 Certain Ivoblams im the Proau,.t~oz o:;., b.- Electrolysis of Fjolten Mzdip. Wing Anodors, by A B. Sacbkov, B. A. Bj-rc~-,, T. 17- Yenmkova,, 11. 1. Ro&W., L. D. Poldim, 14 RUISEGIAN, peri Tavetnye Wtally, No 6, 1959, JPRS --4, -1007 -V, Sci - Pun/m--t 5r) Heaviex~than-Air Aircraft, by Andre-Rcmwe-RodoWix- Dujar"p 7 !3P, 973M. 0. Pattlent No 903.,4626 US Dept of Ca=roe Patent Office Sol Lib sci - RIgr / a -e-"16 22 Nov 60 p p Sc-" Uzvmt Tmatamt of BOV nuM an& RlectrolyiAs Unbalarmo,v IV U. P4dotdSjL- 197 pp - SRSW-CHW.l&'Wp perj Idja=lMd Vje=lk,, Vol IMD=, no 7v lq,62$ pp 679-696. MIS 62-U763/7 pra-48o Scl - slol & med ftl Dma 63 ,2 .9/y, '(/ V On the Metabolism of Bacillus Botulim:,rq by A. X. Radopulo# 17 pp. RUSSIAN,, per# Mroblolp Vol XX35, Wo 1. 1951j, pp 26-32. Scientific - Chemistry Dec 53 CMB/= OPV5- 4P ...... .......... ... sl:att~.c~13 Lri Theory O-Z Dlrlable~'~j by T~j. G. Ch.,aUikov. and K. A. 'Rodosaki-IL, RUSSYA15, mo per, Upir-kh Matheast Naukr, U--SR, Vol 1~,., No 2 (.30), 1911-9, 1-1ri 22-56.- AE-0, Tr 1447 -K;MW&it -Ecs,--tFir-ichlet In Desc 52 =/DEX 77' 73. Rodov Relations between the upper bounds of the deriva- tives of a function of a real variable, 32 pp RUSSIAN per, Izvestia Akademii Rauk SSSR, Seriya matematicheskaya, 1946 vol 10 no 3, pp 257-270 Sci Museum Lib No 52/1008 Za' A _F: ~2 -7 4A The DT7elo:pment o-I EIZU'21'rl 031 G Ro&)V T 1-1 4.4. por, 4yul laffccmi %.t.L;11,. Yo ME'ar Gam='W on ~ag Cyanine Pyes Irj~n Unsaturated Substituentso XIv ThiacarbocyaVAGO Containing Dimethyl-Diphanyl-.. and carb~~y,vviw,--, Radicals In the Benzothiazole Nuclei, Ev 10 No ~4henko:, F. Z. Rodova pp, 6 RUSSjo i v perg Zhur Obahch fttu, Vol XXXT-T., No Up 196;?., pp. 3650 - 3655 *2 c i aug 63 Vevel*pmut of Cricotopus SlIvestris, by R, A* Ro"Tal RUSSM., per, TnW Ak Nauk S In3tituta Sialopiy - , - WRO BMW A.,36-Fah IM-No 69 On Lom P. q - VQ 0 c1 0 ~'jA SCLAW "" 70 Mie Proftttlon of MWmrpbospbate frm Of Aprtlte vM Hitter Coseentratlom of %.:ft, by M. Chepelevetaklys, B. Bratskue, Z. ,Rodove, 11 pp - RUBSWP PWO nm mhft Prm, Vol xym, 1941, no No 21, 1 p 3-10. MA R-2&2 Sol JbI d& -7 STATE FARMS UNDER THE PRESENT CONDITIONS OF AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT, BY BORIVOJE RODOVANOVIC, 8 pp. CROATIAN, PER, POLJOPRIVREDA I ZADRUGARSTVO, VOL IX, NO 8, 1962, pp 9-12. JPRS 16023 EEUR - YUGOSLAVIA ECON NOV 62 216,656 -1-1-1,2- 2"S A I" I K. I 7 r 64 M,. I LIA LA CONF 1~11 E M DU DISCOU is ri:N -NCE 1. Rkkjowicz. K. SUR L ES PRINCIPES NJ I'liOJET P-ANII!1_1011ATION 11 CNRS-XII 14 DE LA vls*rtll,E (Summary or tile Discourse lieldat III: Centre N-ati,imil de la Rccher- the C'Inference on the Princ'iples of the Pro'TI f tile clic S, icntifiqucm. Fari, linpro"elliclit of tile Vistula). Rp. CNRS-XIM 4. or Order from M-S. ETC or CNRS $0.80 TT-02-28419 I I ran.,;. in French (if unidentified Polish langulige arLiCle. li.d. DE-SCRHYFORS: tlnland waterways. Navigati,.)n rr, v. 11, no. 7) off.. .1 5-- Engineering aud Engineering in the Army, by A. Rodrifues da Dosta, 21 pp, (ID 1Q800-76). FCRTUGW-v., per, A Defesa Nacional, vo 484., Nov 1954. G-2, GBUSA G-4417 WEur Portugal Military - Sci - Engineering ms 661may 55 Alm womoofflot ftvd*% kw &u*rw v- &wa*o Axbww aok%ipnp ma"a J* asboup 17 12. OOK~ pm so 2"WEEAM (&4=M AIM) yet lo.;9'as, w OUR-ftm FXUULopb7 Alberbo Rodriguez 327*W &-A - Ned 4 SIAA jam OT "*mks ft I jft~ft a ,Dc-2-loo/63) New Equipm rel, Workera at the Zakharova,, Kh. I,Russia, per$ USSR Econ Jun 61 aad IncTeasing t ".- Qhmlif icationc of Stalingrad 11-ractor Plant,, by V. Rodrirz., 7 pp. Sotsial Trud, No Up 1960j. pp 115-120. MIS 8328 lbasurements in Scattering aloa Absorbing l6afts., by F. A. Rodrigop 12 pp. DUTMp perj, Chemisch WeeMbluds Val Lj (13i g5lg)o 234-23b- Mm scloutific Mamlstry CTSA= 7F0 P-hii-6-v t~-P Obalcular Transmisaion in Conservative IFenestration by Means of Zollners Acoustic Probe, by J. M. Barajan, F. Rodriguez-Adrados. - FR=H, per, Revue do Larynogologe, 04wologie- Rhiwlcgle, Vol LM'.3XP No 3/4, 1958, pp 221-226. CSIRO /q Sai - b;Dd jun 6o Hiroutigm. 1. CUrdcga and aDraonal StuV of Xlnotecm Ciasess, G=ral Romarkep by J. VWSjL, E. Ct*D3jo$ et alp 31 wo POMK=Uj, parp Arq. Dm Indocrla Mftabp Vbl VM, (1)o 1959.. pp 1-28. NIB Sol - NBUCJM 930 ftu 60 Mi :0&,-ribwbion to the Study of Sodium Carboxymetbylcol- .-Ulose (aICS) in the Teatment of Peptic Ulcer, by F. ,3= Juan, J. Rodrigues da Silva, 17 pp. ta-Mmaationo PAN=.. Pert I 9222=v Vol XLIV, Jul 1953, -pp 21-32. S.L.L. a xl~ .Soientiflo - AmUcine Ozo WO Aug 55 Rodriguez, Joaquin Losada. -AS5E"F-f.4()AI_ITY AND AROMATIZATION OF CUBAN' TOBACCOS. J1962) 158)p. 20 refs. Order from SLA $5.60 62-18830 Trans. of lfnstitut.)] C(ubano de] l(avestigacioneal T[ecnologicas]. [Serie de Estudlos sobre Trahajos de Investigiciones Tecnologicafl 1960. no. 14. DESCRIPMRS: Chemical analysis, *Tobacco, Cuba, *Odora, *Taste, Smokes. Economics, Ouality control. This study was conducted for the determination and evaluation of the components which contribute to the quality of alkaline cigarettes. expressing this by means of chemical indices, and to the utilization of certain inferior classes of tobacco, by means of blends and modification of its characteristics of smoke, aroma, impact, and taste. by the treatment and aromatization of the tobacco le3f such as It is found to commerce. 62-18830 1. Rodriguez, I . J (Chemistry- -Analytical, TT, v. 9, no. 11) Ofte of TecWcsl ltrkt. J-W/63 .a -- ~ ram CoDft"10m. of wwwwwj.~# by Antoolo - a ~~w -oe~ 61~ w - alftw"A NOXIOD MY 17 Awr 63 # ammi, pwp -- . P;L? aq. T4;81;-Ow I um ftl 23 OW n63 .2 3/, 6 I-J ~ am$ MR WK ORR= Tw W 5M , * A& 1963p W 96109 Table of Contdnts of "The Quarter=cter Corps," by Capt Antonio Ferreiro Rodriguez, 4 pp, (iD 948064), SPANISH,, bk, Lp Intendencia Hilitar. Madrid, 1954. G-2, GSUSA G-4945 IA - Spain Kilitary Aug 55 GM MIOULS4 W CAM% RW#A pv%~ CM SMAUVAor RM 3963t- PP 7140 13 fR- 1963* PP 2.,4. jm~Jmm:Avmxj*m oil UYIN AMICAP w Power and Fuel Resources of the FhIV-ppineej. by F. C. Rodr4pezp C. S. Famirez. MM ., p%mr P/98L, Pmceeav Of Confenence on Peaceful Uses of Atomic ftergy Held at Gmww& 8-2D Aug 1955,p Vol 1. Ddemstl Conf -- UN Sci - Awlear ftsics crA i-W.g.i62 ,5-~2j / /p '? COCM,0MtIO;2 *f l-MStrOrjpV'C Unita an-Al r" -Rodrigwz Reariguzz, 2-01 pp, Cm Fu3l SPAMWI, - WO Per, -Marc .1t0 ~Ro 57, Oct 191AL, zn 35 ID Csu-,;A M-f4a Rcur - spalu Sop 52 CTS/bEX ALrt,orna Fwcev, by J. 6&766). uncLA Roariswo., (TD as3rim rQU AtraV33AtiOn. r *at 949j, PP 581-593. ID GMS& P-8796 UAW ll~ pwtupl flop.. 52 I=S/DEX -rican Fafto Broadc-ast!rZ I~Woen Gamez PbdriguAmj, 9 pp. SPMSH, perjo Cmmlosclones y Tivmportes,, No 2-2;, 1963., 0 37-)A- ACS:E 1-3606-D ID 2250313 LA - Mmlco Rcon . z all Dee 63 RAD I V6CT I V I TY I N 301 LS AND RAD I OMETR I C DETERM I NAT I ON OF K , BY J. RODRIGUEZ., 10 PP. SPANISH, PER, ANALES EDAFOL FIZIOL VEG, VOL XVIII, 1959, PP 3B9-405. NIH 7-27-62 SCI - GEOPHYS OCT 62 213,077 .... . ........ =AIW.IW TW aftm woMcm, W j=laz U636 PP "0-2015~ Oft 63 LAW 1076 DEATH BLMI TO SPECULATION, BY JAVIER RODRIGUEZ,, REINSLDO PENALVER, 9 PP. SPANISH., PER., BOHEMIA., NO 50, 14 DEC 1962, P 66. JPRs 17367 LA - CUBA POL%. JAN 63 2111'173 Inmalm Of Prolowd Actlmj~ by 0. J. P. ftbi JLMI - MWM# Vw-s ftlumda Nmo Vol XVIP PP 103- 10o., lu-iw., X951. 1053=-~rl6oq Scl AuS 58 pl"m 0 lilt IIIINIIIIIIIIHOUIP Thia Re razgaaixa:~ tan ot t'no r-orce; (ID IOC~55?j). lrv~mf%a sit? 1TA Pull trim-nalation. MMMIDEVE.J, Y-'.* pzr2 Re"i-inta 1'Quita? Vol 17, NO 1, Jon lej3S, Vp 496-5,~.- TD rfsn"SA F-0,95-,-e Lvj= . Portugal "Alit ary AILr Yarce sm - 52 cfo-/DE;!. The MAvarsity Ref=m in Cuba, by calon 41 ppe spaulm., Ders RtiWIVi0s, Vol IVA No 90" JVI-hz 19-69j, mo 35-53- im A5~1 LA - Cuba ;7- /P- / Boo Oct 62 (rW 26067) Por Party Diacusalon.- Problwo of the Vational Revolu- tion; The Phues of the OWmn Revolution, by Carlos Befael Roftlguez,, 16 -pp. SPAMR, phatortat.,-Para lAmer - Cuba POI - ca=mlst P03-ules la Discuplan del Parl-Adot n Naclonal Las ~5Uaa de Cuba. VP 1001-103b. CIA/FM/U-7438 The c=piemont nautum Test in the Stuiy of Ayhtbou.- Fever (Inct emd X.-th Diccace'), %j- "r- 1136). Falocios and Ram& Rmu-tawz' 16 pp. SPARME, Boletin-del Tnstltuto Bacteriologico de Chile, Vol 5, H07 5pain., Jul-Dec 1946, PP 3-10. 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