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LIZ DI-.VGA.Op=-L-A~ UprIll th Devi,.Iopment of Hungarian Cities., by Razoo Buisz, 39 M-KGUUPX, per, Fuldrujzi Ertanito., Vol Vill, Bo 3, Budareat., 1959j. pp 337-355. Mur - Hungary Econ Nov 6o Economic and TecWeal Investiptlon of Con- temporary lRecoustriAction of DwelliM Hmsee, 12 by WWARM', per, usspr Vpitolpar,, Vol VII., So 3., RudaPe". Ner 1958,, VP 103-105. us jM/W-L-944 junpry Econ Construction '7 Rev Researches Into Re&wing the Tim of Rmsid MAIng UsIM Intewive Ubdng Tedbolqueej, 1W D. Baiter.. H.W. Vos. GEIM., peri, vereld, 1963v IM 945-946.,95T as/tft 93 re-- "e, Bel Aug 6T 335-715 Dread Aroma and the Taste of Bread Preliared by the llc.v Shortened Method an Compared vith that na4c by the Conventioma Method, by do D. Mdtcr. GM40j, per,, BWdc~mm - - S Vol 24, No 30.9 19ai, p - 3.130 M 75rL n6 Je- 'O.&LL'O-ep- Sci - Aug 67 336,539 at th,3 BMC-tl'ical 'Rc';sis ta---e for Am-mtic SYstemso by I:' lioutmer., et al'? 16 Ipp- 2M7,M* ;erv BaCmil des wits"= Cb'v'4V's'3 &13 I.U.~Bas, V(a LM=, 3.962, pp 5-M 92DM3 -473 Sol - Mcm jul 6-~ ,adj cai Cr - at ccai by rx.. fy i;, Vol. A~, C-,j a PC 4 1-jo 2, 4601 oc-; Chem 7--f ,L,,E- 62 c of 'the Pcei,7,lated Cit-vit - C,3 e ai, ulter H. Tbchaml :gk6m Cheri Diffraction of IdLgbt by Ultrasonic Waves.. by S. M. Rultovs 25 pp. RUSSIRN., per., Vest Ak Pauk SSGR,, go 2,, 1937,, pp 223-259. SOL Mus lAb Tr 57/0967 Sci - Physics 4 g Jul 57 Zydrologic Research in the Gulf of Lyon, by P. Bourgis, M. Gimt, - M. Ruivo. FRENCH., bulletinp Vie et Kil:Leu,, Bulletin du J-Qb- oratoire Grqp, Universite de Paris., Vol VII,, 13k 1,, 1956p pp 1-15. *Navy Tr 1494/HO 2 -R-Eur - Grance Geog Jun 57 Uicimml Sicabil-ity CociTiciant of AsPINItic MIX- turoz., bu Loberto Petroni., ard C. L. RLUr.. Smam, Cr-nanos., Voll 4., Do 12, Novwbar-Deceraber 19-le., V'r, U-SA Corps of Eagr, '11faterray-s Qcper Sta Tr IA-1 Sai - Magin-owing, hydr-,mlics, 2eva Econ - Twanuportiction, riverj vater Available cn Ic= &I, Rerearch Centar Llbrm"y Travels in Peru and Chile, by Hipolito Ruiz.. Jose Pavon. SPANISH Zkmummvs bk, National Science Foundation Grants Harvard University Botanical Garden -- Grantee 8 Aug 58 RUIZ, R. Influence of ixodidae on domestic animals. Anais Servs Vet.Ind.anim.Mocamb. (10)-.171-81 (1962) (CSIRO/No. 9982) TW vi v i -(i r r.- d-Eouto ae - C-- - LIA LK .77-7-65 /Vor-~ On-3taMeatitz of Ca-vIcia and VA"I Atcuit,, pe analva JkDd ftmo W vicauto wzq u=m PWZo 14 IV. Y Ginoodlads tatim- 0, Vol 12S oct 19540 Ve 516-5MG, of UW47 BE 7rms 3062 v c e- tj 14; 7 SCI/Na IALVI 70 IMDMM=ts in rebric smoothIng AVW*&tUs.. by RuMn Rulzends 3 PP- GMUM.v Patent go 23s334. Dept Of COM Pat 0mce Sol Llb / f a, d 4q sai - SW 62 GLUCOSE AND LACTIC ACID CONCENTRATION AT THE TIP OF THE VASCULAR COUNTER-CURRENT SYSTEM IN THE RENAL MEDULLA, BY A. RUIZ--,GUINAZUp G. PAHLING, 5 PP. GERMAN, PER, PFLUGERS ARCHIVI VOL CCLXXIVj i961, PP 311-317. NIH 5-14-62 SCI - BIOL 207-,829 AUG 62 lafluence of Temperature on the Oxida-~jcri of Sulphur nioxide vith Oxygnnn, in tl--- Presence or Catalyst-Is and Catalyat Poisons, bly L. 1. Xashtanov and V. P. Ruizhav,, 15 PP. RUSSIM., par, 1z Tis-kh Inst., A0 8,~ 1935,, pp 43-47. SLA R-'e- S ci Aug 58 The Effect of Catalysts and of Anticats.3,ysts an the Kinetics and-Machanism of the Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide with Ozone., by L. 1. Kashtanovp V. P. Iluizhov) 35 PP. RUSSIANI per, Zhur PbAh,.Chei Xhims Vol VI.- 19360 pp 732-747. SLA/ J. 5.2.j Sci Apr 59 The KAnetics of Oxidation of Gaseous Sulfur Dioxide e,% in Aqueous Solutions, a oi 'F ming of YBgrLanic SAY I Sulfate by Phenol, by L. 1. lcasntanovj, V. P. Rui.zhov.4 13 pp. V,,--5 RUSSIAV 'A Izvest Tekh Inst, No 7r 1935, PP 37-40. SLA/R.2526 Sci Apr 59 Po-yination of Intermdiete Compow,.& in the Oxidation of Sulfl-w Dioxide --Ii-tb Ovjgo)3 in t1he Presence of Catalysts and CataLlyst, "by L. I. 1(ashtanov and V. P. -Tluizhcw-., 10 pp. RLESIAN, per, Zhur abshch Mira, vol VI, 1936o F--.o 549-554. SLA 6-2522 Sci Aug 58 Rutz Sanchez, Poo., Ruiz Sanchez. Amodo, sod vag'-Cauxta~. M TREATMENT OF INFANTILF oAcTERIAL DtAR- RHE&S WITH COLISnN (BI Tratamlento de ks Dia.. a Bacterrianas dal NI-do cotk Colisfina). I t9631 16p. 28 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 63-16522 Trans. of Medlicinal; RevIlstal Mexicans. 1961, v. 41, 25 janj p. 25-38. DESCRWrORS: 013acterts, infants, *CoUmycla. Antibiotic@. Etiolo". Therapy. lafsats afnicted with be rtal diarrhea we rL treated with CoUstla. The age limits were 15 days and 36 mouths. 11 cases wow boys sad It cases were girls. The clinical form was very serious to 9 tabuffs. only rtaus in L6, and o( moderate severity in 10 came. treatment L orateus was Isolated tit 3 cases. = (BloldocalScioucim- ---ViU;Tov. Tr. v. tO, m 51 63-165U 1. Title: Diarrhea 1. Ruiz Sand -Z. F. U. RLdz Sanchez, A. Ul. Wbe CRUM. K slow d fo*" CEMA PROGRAM FOR THE CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT OF COOPERATION AMONG S(XIALIST COUNTRIESS BY 1. RUJICIKAy 9 PP. RUMANIANS PERp REVISTA INTERNATIONALA, PENTRU AGRICULTURA, VOL Vlp NO 5: SEP-OCT 1962., PP ig-24. jpRs 17411 EEUR SOV BLOC ECON JAN 63 2210089 Ve, C BudcrAlazin VC1 Y it-i's 26,09 -F ol a n -a 60 Choodcal SteriUzation of Injurious Insects end MiteSo by BA*Wrivl8hftlkw- WASTM -- -1. V. Bel khOz, Vol. 2 so. 1, i9;4) pp 3T-55 CSIM/ No - 7855 Aug 6T 337-344 Ccmbination of Chwdeal and Biological Control of Pests,v by B.I. PAdmvishnJJcovj* lft Russia, per$ ffd-i3jW'vSeVskcm KhoEyaystvep Xoscaw,, No 8j, Aug 64s. pp 57-0 JPR3 272" SO.-Chems Biol Jan 65 M094 The roaalblUty Vf Avoldlug the Davelow-ant of Haslatargoo A%.-o Chzmical Poisorm In Insects mr4 Parasites., by B. I. Rukavishulkov. UNCL RUSS!=, pcri, ZQshcb-itm fWatcay at Vmdltelei i Bole=Ls, Vol Mp No 5., 1958.o PP 51-53- DSIR LLU RM IW6 (79- 64-) 1e a 7,~Pxl SiZ.-.-is of the Times, by S. Isa-chenhE.~ G. 3 Fl--- RUSSLAIT, np, Krasnaya Zvezda, 2 Feb 1060, 2. jpRs J704, TUSSR Ki 1 i t -a 17 20 ,,-or 6o '17Z -- --- ------- oft FROWS. m TIS a ahm tu YW- Ov nwf Was" ThAtOwl 0 4M UNR (2466 -D). Ship BuIlding and ShIp Repslr, by ff. H. Balov, M. F. Konnov, Ya. L. 14vla, H. F. RukavUhnikov, 47 pp; RUSSIM., bk, Rechaoy Transporb UMBs 1917--1957., 4" 19~7, -op 235-2%. JRRS-L-I"-D Ulm gam - River tramp"t Sep 59 luelantic Scattering of 14-Mev Nmtrona of Nuclei of Sodi;w, Irou.. Nickel, and lAsA, by B. 1. Sukharzov, V. G. %IcaviebmIkov. - 12. MBBUN, per, Atomic Energy,. VOL XI., Oct 1961, pp 398-399. im ke6w USSR 16F~3-, ;7f4 Chem rob 62 The Cytogenetic Effect of Suall Dol3es Of Iardzin'r' RaUation in Mamals, by Yu. Ya. Kerkla, G. M. Bonichevskaya, Yu. M. Bukavifibnlkov 3 PP- RUSSIM, per, Dok..Ek Nauk SSORp Vol MVIIlt No 2, 1959., pp 397-- Amer rnst of Blol Set sai aun 60 Use of Alanine and Proline in RadiopaLrotection of Hereditary Cell Structures of Bone Marrow in Mammals Against X-Irradiation, by Yu. M. Rakavishnikov 6 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Radiobiologiya, Vol III, No 4, 1963- 9222264 AEC-Tr-5437 Sci may 64 26o,o4p Som Nagneaium Hichel 11~,droua Silicatoo of the Nizbne Tagilak Berpentlue Iftself, by 1. A. Rukavisbxdkova, 6 pp. RUSSUR, per, Doklady Akad Mauk SMp Vol L3 :LQ4-17b SIA It 1662 Bel Jul 58 The Siluro-De--- an Botmdoxy in the Northeastern Ballchash Region, by L. 1. Keplun, T. B. 1~~v:Lqh- u*ava, 14 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Iz Ak NwA SM, Ser Geolog, No 11, 1958. Amer Geol Inst Sci sep 6o G4 Dystrophic Lesions of the Liver With Cancer of Various Localization,, by V. G. Rukaviskmikovap 5 PP,- RUSSIAH~ per., Voprosy Oakologii., Vol V., No 9j. 1959, pp, 269-2T3. PP Scl Aug 6o 4 YJ Metastatic DiffuBe Carcinomatosis of the Liver, by V. G. Rukavishnikova,, 3 PP- RLWTAN, per., Vbprosy Onkolog,, Vol VII, No 9., 1961. Elsevier Pub Co Sci jul 62 205.-015 The SUidy of the ffuclear Apparatus of Gram-Kegatiwi- Bacteria With the Aid of the Anoptral Klerwc6pe by B. I. Aukavtspy,.4 pp. RUSSIM,, per- Zhur Miktobiol Epldttalol L Ixammobial, Vol XXIX, No 5D 190" vp 3.6 pergama Inst Sci - Med Feb 59 ',Wo-Storey, Back-to-Back Houses Built of Sand- Lime Rocks, by Ye. S. Sitnikova, V. M. Karro, 'Ye. V. Rukav-ts-ova, 7 PP. PUSSIAN, per, Arkhitektura SSSR, No 5, 1959, pp 23-25. SLA 60-17682 Sci 1.2 Y, '041Y CrTS, Vol IV, No 3 Sep 60 A Theovi of Cantlmlolw Molecular vistiuation In Caso of Rather Short; Coliums, by E. HWcen&teln, 6 92. M=M., per., lbk Ak Nw* SM., Volcyn . so k, 1956, vp 66545"T. Flaberles Be* Board of Canada Wchwlogical Station 898 Ridbards Street Vwmmvw 2j, ZIZX B.C. Feb 64 Heat c7- -9--5e in-siefer Betwoun ra, al ke -s - 7 pp. I-Tedium, by R~ Hu 3-hteyn., RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Prik Khim,, Vol UXV, No 2, 1961, pp 377-384, Jan 62 Theory of Miontinuous ~Ioleculer Diatillation L in Case of Rather Short Columns, by E. IR,al- I enohtein. RM-31AN, per, DoIc A-Ir Naulk, SSS.11, Vol CVITIp 1956, -';LIP 665-667. Sci - Chem I 14xf 62 ~;SIRO ll~a J171 7e,; p- - B Paring Diat-illatlon o, t uz v , b.- laakeersht*ln, 5 pp. RUS5W, part Zpji~ur Prik KhtM, Vol XXX# No 71 1957j, pp 1012-1015. Sci - Chem Coustatants Bumila RTS RT-) 2,Re oct 1958 Cmtiwmw Kolecular Ms%113Atwuj, by,,L. aam-a-ebtal-_ 6 prO - - - - __ _ - __ RUSS=$ tbrice-m per D* Ak ftuk SM. vbl CvMj, No 3* PY FI& i am Al 5 / d1l , ion 57 me ~e S-L /I -5-q- I Fe" -IC- Victory ul 1L.-luilibriuv and ~;tability of a Current O'elf-Caupressed Discharge in -vt (qYtIcally Uense Pla-qL!.a with ltadiative 'Pherwal Cmdml:ivity. by it. A. P-ddadze, S. A. Tri,,-,Cr, S3 pp. v UUMAIIJ, Preprint, No 169, Akad Nauk SS-SR,,. lastltute Fiziki, Oct 60, TT-65-13906 Field 20F, I2A- -Rukhadze, A, A.; Savodchenko, V. S.; Triger. S. A. METHOD OF GEOMETRICAL OPTICS FOR DIFFEREN- TLA.L EQUATIONS OF THE FOURTH ORDER. l7p, l5refs. Order from SLA: $1.60 as TT-65-13906 Trans. of.Xitademiya NaukSSSR. FizicheskilInstitut, Rept-A-23, 1965. Mit 66$ (p FluctusUaw of tkd AlectrcmqpeUc Pleld In a Ncsi-BT2LUbrlm V s by 1. S. a Dogdankavlob, A. A. RdftULze et alo 'T Pp- wfrtr"L NBBMP PWO lwwt Am& No* amp muUttzt- FIZ Inod P. N. wodwas Igo. a" Jm 63 1. -11 tions of a IA-,4 Prean inhomcgeox= acluffia, txl~v_-~A.U.a uTe If- M. Kovrizhwjkh, A. 7pp ASSM, per ZhurEk i Tooret Flz., Vol X=p 10 6~, 1963,. ;y 1953=3 - Auar Imt of Pir/a sm rap - im Vol SKM, No 6 ,ki len 64 Linear Electromagnetic Phenomena in a Plasma, by A. A. Rukhati.70-, V. P. Silin, 16 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Uspekh Fiz Nauk, Vol LXXVI, No 1/2, 1962, pp 79-108. AIP Sov Phys - USPEKHI Vol V, No I Sci 213,580 18 Oct 62 Electrodynamics of Media With Spatial Dispersion, by A. A. ~~ e, et al, 26 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Usepkh Fiz Nauk, Vol LXXIV, No 1/2, 1961, pp 223-. AIP Sov Phy5 - HUMAK Usepokhi Vol IV, NO 3 Sci 211,845 Sep 62 . Plasma Waves in the Region of the Ion-Cyclotron iRm- sonanceA by L.S. Bogdankovich, AoLl* Aukhafto, 6 pp. WJSSIAN, per, Zhur Tekh Piz, Vol XXXII. Ho 1, 1962. pp 321-328o Amer Inst of Phys Sov Phys, - Tech Phys Vol viis No S u Sci 213t644 Lin Shape of Cyclotron Resonance Absorption in a Plasma, by A.A. Rukhadze, V.P. Silin, 6 pp. RUSSIAN, peer., Zhur Takh Fizj, Vol XXXII.. Ifo 4., 1962 pp 423-434. Amr Inst Phys Sov Phys - TL-ch Pbys Vol VTI, No 4 Sci oct 62 4 21F,,914 r- Gravity rl--Id., by El B. Lmetakill, Ail A9 6 PPO msaw,; per: mmr Tekh Fin., voi =ang ND 6p 1030 pp 652-659. Awr Imt or Pb7a Gov aws ft Tech Eh" Vol V=s so 6 sel Dee 63 H:!chimec Returned to the Park, by G. MA.,,wishoVwv RUSSIAN, per, ~ , lb 1", 1966, " 30 4p4tt *ACSI J-3241 ID 22=38667 C-Y-, )~C'i kaos'Alul)~Oll USSR mfil TA*9 Mau ma -Lawif*L-04 cod, Tito Oslo Go ~ f 6 pp. MWIM no Me ll."s jpm Z~x p 94-darame-ew"Ns 99 plel - .s LAGV, ~ . '~' t V~v ) tAm ml m 66 WOAM ..~eorcd. 1*11 6 po.* MIL 15 APr 1949o -1~319,19 Me UV9mA-* 1 p 2* USSR Z111 j uly 6 -9 'lore Information on the Late Ordovician avid Lower Silutian Stratigraphy of the Chi Ili Housitains, by T. Riukavishnikova. RUSSIAN" per, Vok Ak Unuk Sc~-R, Vol 185, No 2, 1968, py; 420~4-ffa- AG I -F. 9 . 2 k W- ~1 V * s. H rV j' ~-J cD \J t~ Sept 69 3910441 Csi aluilibrim a-id Stability of a Hi(~-i Cmiant Disdiarge- in Ilmse Plasnia in Conditims of I~arAmt Heat conductivity, by A.A. Ahdiadmer S.A. Tricjar. 14 pp. RWSU-N,, per, Zhumal PrikMkqj Ibekhmikl i UWdutiches]-my r-T No 3, .1968, pp Ir-18. S-2-56--69 may 69 382.920 Q -Ct Ligotic Tacory of orift-Dissivative vlasma lu-~ ~ stabilitias, by A*A, R4h4JWg V,P, Silido Russim, rpt, P. N. Loyedow Immt1tute of, afthe Acadepw or SZONS of Me !L.5*s*!6 Oct 1%6s, P911027667 AEC MATr-tv-31 x)x9a C/~ sci/physics NAr 67 ccavactum =aZability Of an --thamogauems piagma 14- a G=vIt7 Fields by Be S. -r4WuaUI# A4 A4 flukhadwo 5 pp. RUSMO.. per.. Zhur Tekh M# Vol XM=., So 6p 1963y pp 660-666. Amer IuO ot Pb" SOV YAP - TOCh 74P voi vnis No 6 93063 Cc=cm~ng env TyVo ar Been lutabIM7- In A Mamm., TW A,, A. ku~-ft 9-pq RUSSIM, rpma, U V-ysOM Vcheb Zzved Mmaoflzs Vol Us Fo 2o 1953jp VP 4M;403- ipm 21869 Eci -),~/ ?, t,'-7,r 63 - .1, Mectromagnetic Waves in Interpenetrating Plasmas, by A. A. Rukhadze ,~ 6 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Tekh Fiz, Vol XXXI, No 10, 1961, pp 12306-1245. AIP Sov Phys - Tech Phys Vol VI, No 10 Sci 193,7o6 may 62 Blectrorua-,~;n.etic Properties of Plasmas 7md Plasmallike J-:edia, by A. A. RWdiadze, V. P. Silin. RUSSD.:T 11 monograph, 1961. -M-Gordon and Breach Sci 16 Feb 62 1101 V!, 11- 10 7 -Cerel3kor Radiatica of an Bleetron Moving In a YAdIum Vli-tb Spatial Ddelperal0n, by AgranovIch, V. E. Fafowv,-A. A. Rukbad;,-~, 4 yy. MSSIAH, per, Zhur HksW i Tearet LUZ,. Vol X=, No I-(q), pp 238,;.243. Amr Ins-%: of Pbys.- sov PUYU - imp Vol Ix. (35), NO 1 Aug 59 to 49 EvAra Iasses ot an Blwtrom In am Kedl= with Spatlal DlspenUm, by T. R. Agmmawlch, A. A. 3 PP - =$US# ma ZbW Mver I Teant ru.. Vol Mayo 2 pp u7l-u7t&. Amr 1"t at FbWv sw ph" - ~ MP Vol vnz("),. ft sal - v Pb" MY 59 SUMtrodp=lm at &ptmu =a ew %034 of by VI,* Glaxbwgo As A- RWdW4=- V. p4 ful"no U we Rusums gwo na wftoftp Wa-s mod, pp AV BOV phys gm-fa Stoft va M., a 6 Bel 4k- of a Charged Particle in a kiviug Xttd-iwa. 'B. M. Eolotovshiy, A. A,. Rukhadz-ej 4 pp. RUSSIM -r Zhur Rksper iTddcet Fiz, Val U.KVII, `v0 5 W-); 2-gcg, pp 1-346-195a~' Amer - Inct of Phys Sov FhYA-JETP Vol mmil (10), wo 5 jun 6o m I, 'I'm lifl.wm F"" ;jq~ Pluata2tiws Of ZlectAvwwwalo Plairl la ftdUbrlum PI-sammo by L S. BoSdarL-oviahj - A. A. RolMadze, et al,, ;~ IV. mw.- RUSMN,, per,, Iz VysabM Oubab Zaved WIWO SM po Razftlu Radlofisp Vol VS:p go 6j, 1962p pp 3493-3203- im 19W JIM 63, Letters to the MitOr intere4tion ar hucleons Through a Paeudascalar Meson F:Leldj, by A. A. Rukhadzes 2 pp. RUSSINs mo per., XER Zhur Ekspw I Teoret Flzp Vol xmp No 5j, Nov 1955: PP 709-711- Amer Inat of Phyalce Soviet Physicaj, Vol ZIP No 3 acl - phyalce J/ 5 7 ~,/ Feb 57 CM J Uff Frcq==Y 06COlAdaM of a Cold bUcM=cdn Plasm In a Cdvxtwxtwd Fidd, by ye. Yo-, Lovetd#, A. As RukAqAw.12 M RUSSDW& p=, Iz Vyggh Ucbeb ZaVC4 Rg&ojt4 Val V4 No 4.1963, pp 715-M. JPRS 23M Sci Mar 64 252,&M 'Ibs -6fol-mtJm ot Daturall-17 '11-Asted I*amot, N .f At Jul -:.I of a Mans Problem of the Tbaory of Usaticityp by A. Ya, Gorgiftep A. Re Rukhadze. UWL M18810i-wrj Soobaboh Omw Mialsj, AA. SSM& Vol I., ITO 4" 1940~ pp 233-258. DSIR LW U-1237 Sol - math mar 6o (loan) .13jou -Ir of C. cIrCUL'.w ~,Yl t3xvv Fm~-L?czcad Tiluth aLouSitudiml Clxcu:Lm:r- Bod, by A. R. Rukhadw., 1. I-J. Va',zua,, WSSSSLAO, par, I-z A% Saukj, VII Sa=iya. Otdal Natemat i Eate3tvanny". saa, No 3v 1933a pp 373-386. T- Sci Tr Couter RLMA. T.456 ScUuttfic - Mtbomtlca The Vietbod of "In Situ whacmd-l" P40amto for D-3- tei~iom of this Allallm bl+.b WrWo., b7 A. P. Torentava B.__G.-RqUwdxas.K- I- %:Ltwlnv 8 pp. RMSTMO bim pwt Zbw Aml Mdm4 VOL Up go If Jau/ftb 19%s, pp CIA OWTO Co voia 4- sai go chomistv '7 o Ito kbthod of cala situ shmewum rwagmts. c=. ouacetim 2. %be U" of Kaxaln - DUZIM UA D&term!2,atlm of C&2sdm ad SUvaUm an Their &=e.tool, by A. Pe famtllpvg 1. 1. lAtylop and R. G. Rubbv4sof 7 pp. FMIOp zWo ZbW AWL MUM# Val Wo lb 3v i= 60 ba-11r.y1alamincs In Analols. Tr1cycl1c Inner Complex Salto of Copper an4 by A. P. Terentyeva R..G. Rukbadze, Z. A. ftdeevat 7 PP. Wall trunslatica. I RMSIANO bimo perk Zhur.Anal Khft# Vol VII, NO go !~az--Apr 1952, pp ilfw IM-M. Constiltants Bureau Scientiric - Chemistry CTB/b= r2.31 The Effect of Tetracycline an - the -Inteatinal Microflorc, of Childrenp by R. Z. Rukhad-zeA 4 pp. ROSIM, per., Antibiotikip Vol 1Y.. No 2, 1959, pp 100-10$,k. CID Aug 61 The Hypersensitivity of Rabbi-UB to the Tetmc:ycliaeL, by G. Ya. Kivman., N. V. Chumacheako., N. M. Somol "aikova, V. S. 14Ltrofawvl E. Z . RuUadze, 4 pp. RUSSIM., per., Byul Eksper Biol i Md; Vol XLVIII, No 103 1959, pp 52-55. CB Sci - jui 6o 9 of Sautary Vubw PXabluo of t1m ft"tivilty "Lowy rar Ptnew4m Vwd" by On Notbad or ---- IPMIIS" rwtler sari"s by Zh. A. &Abmdm. MMIA16 Per# Tr- RM- W 4p (97)0 296ks Vp 31-29- wim-23-1523-0 Sol-NLVLI"r Doe 67 M9Q" Of DAWWO VITUMM by fte UL of *a. M103!ObUa Abootbafts by Va. S. Glaftlifuto A. A* FA&Vwlt=np pp. I= MMWO pwo it i go a was lb as %two Ims vp go34zo6. Fob