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tklt-, -8yur r~C2:,Cjreter Of !at L' r.. n*,arv gas-~.-L-vatory) by 17, SanemYan, a--, RTMS.-Wl, per, -SoobshchendYa EU Byurakeii-91-UlY Oba-enrato-riya, 1101 )WIll, 1959, PP -.5-ka. CSIRG T-- 52.4t1 Sci - Electron ,iov 61 Oboarvationz of Solar Radiation Conducted During the Eclipse of 30 June 1954, in Byurakan.. by Ir. S813a;wun, G. A. Yerzblmnyan, 5 pp. MOM. RUSSLUI,, per.. Dok Ak Nmuk Arzymnskoy 13,13R., Vol U, ilo 1955, pp 161-164. ATIC MCL-236/111 Sci - Astron Dec 60 Sanamyan, V. A. and Yerzakanyan. G. A. OBSERVATIONS OF SOLAR RADIA-11OX CON- 1. DUCTED DURING SOLAR ECLIPSE ON JUNE WTH, 2. 1954, IN BYURAKAN (Nablyudeniye Radioizlucheniya I . SoIntsa vo Vreaya Solnechnogo Zatinenlya 30 Iyunya 11. 1954 G. V. Byurakane). 13 Oct 60 [61p. (2 figs. III . omitted) 3 refs. MCL-236/1. IV . Order from LC or SLA mi$1.80, ph$1.80 61-1934G Rough draft trans. of Akademiya, Nauk Armyansko,. SSR fYcr~vanj. Duklady. 1955, v. 20. no. 5, p. 161-164. -_61-415UU Stin - -Radiation Sobreclifvse--Anal~sis Sanamyan, V. A. Yei7.nkanyan, G. A. NICL-236/1 Technical Information Conter, W right- Patterson A.F-B. Ohio (Astronomi- -Astrophysics. TT, v. S. no. M Thai-Lao Negotiations on Transit Agreement,, by Otm Sonanikone, 10 pp. LAOTIAN,-Wt-,,-Mic-I No I to A-40, Amembassy Vientiane. DEPT OF STATE FE .. Pol 311v430 ftt 66 - 0a the adld-up CC OsolUatIMB lu Ovwl2tOr asainators'p lu L. B. awtews z. Ya- smmt"QVO 0o I- Pop]"Mkqus 9 Wo awwj, pr,, ragotem I sacktirmil 1101 ME, No 9.1 19590 rp 15 -1 - sci pp :7,0& Doe 6D Mmimul ism Mmiu~-- Conttnwua DetawimUm of the OMem INSWIved ir. Moften Sted by E.M.F and Its Pradcal Aaftatbx4 by M. Ohtani, K.., ~, L JAPANEWO pa, T "21 XLV4 Ila 10 1963, pp 22-29. Bull 3670 Sa - 131W Jul 64 26J6"4 Sancelme, Andri~. ELECTRIC REDUCTION IN AQUEOUS MIASE OF $OLID INSOLUBLE INORGANIC CONIPOUNDS, tr. by Bertha P. Klenova. 9 blar 55, 14p. 5 refs. [No.] 3420. Order from OTS or SLA $1.60 60-23426 Trans. of Anqales de] Chinjiej (France) 1953 Iser. 12] v. 8, p. 826-840. DESCRIPTORS: 101norganic substances, Reduction. Electrolysis, Electrodepositicin, Memls, Lead com- pounds, *Phosphates, Chlorides. Oxides. 60-23426- 1. Sincelnut, A. 11. 7VA-3420 111. Tennessee Valley Authority, WUson Dam. Ali. Offi" 0 T*A.Iml 5"... (Chemis try- -Ph)s ical, 77, v. 6, ro. 5) 7-26-6L M-11M I I! I H fill lit I Rll WHIMPIRMITIJ I V "Pi UFO I *Ikv ta Tell 1."Cra rrqntq MW Ect 10156'0$ g)r.P 3.!),. S MOO Lw-*' I-lot !'ob 65 lucremins labor ProduaUvIty Stren0how the Bases of the New SooleVs by Augusto *wtitm Sundbezo 32 pp. SPAMMs npa Bon Havom,* 62s Ip 6-8. am La - CUba 3 a M., & X-- Oct 62 Ammonification, flitrification and Hitrageu Fixation in the Saile of Texcocop by A. Marroquin, A. Sanchez., V. Q,;rreto., R. Gurclup 19 pp. --- SPANISH, perl Soc Mex de Hiet Hat, Rev., Vol V111p Dec 1947,p pp 29-46. S.L.A. Trana 952 Sci - Chemistry V I G-,- Up -.F2 C-eneo '! GTO C'~ord-inat-~d Iri Mn OP -"into-; by P. Jacob, I). 6 T. Mcnadp -ndul, IL,.rcl "sit Vol 4, P pn 25 F40 C9, 1~.160, _ 127-1729- MM Tr 9-3..6ij* j7z/ RADIO ANDTELEVISION--AT-THE-Ui~4[VERSI-r(~ BY--CARLOS- SANCHEZ, 7 PP. I- SPANISH, NP, EL MUNDO, 2 DEC 1962, Pi, 6, 7. JPRS 17158 LA - CUBA ECON SCI - ELECTRONICS JAN 63 21g,637 FAMPMOIJUNMINa . . FOL i $063 *1 ^,i:: ~ - .11, i 1: f The Nematode, Meloidogyne IncognitaVar. icrita, A Parasite of the Roots of Tcmatc in Lima, by Yolanda L* S Ma a "El nematode, Meloidogyne incognita var. acrita, parasito de las raices del tomate en Lima". 16--pp- North Carolina State College Jan 62 avA 6,6-ieTa.~ A Test Flight in a Thundersto'rM FroatV., by Bubell Isidro Sanchez# 8 pp, -UNLASSIFICED sPA1110j, per., Vuelo Slleuclomos Vol Is No 71 19530 i~- - ;I :' '~-- -13. ,-P 10 -Air Ites mg & Dev C=mad, BOMMOre., ta. Amer Meteoral Soc Scientific Astroamy Adranautic Geophysics Res Dir) 9 ASTIA T-29,6 63-16538 Ruiz Sawhe4 Fco, Rtdz Sanchez. A. and others. SENSUIVITY OF SEL FLEXNERI TO COUSTIN AND aMR ANMtOfffC-S (Sensibilidad do M Fbawri a Is C;olisdw y Otros AndModcoo). 119631 Sp. 12 rob. Order It - ~ SLA $1. 10 63-165M Tram. of Malficinal; RevUstal Madicanal 1961, V. 41 Y. 41, 10 Fek p. 49-5Z DESCRWWRS: OSessitivity, *Shigella, *A-Abiotics, OColivoycin. Drugs. .1. Pjdz SawlvM F. Ridz Sanch*z, A. (Biological Sciences--Pharmacology, IT, v. 10, no. 9) IMO Cd Tedwea se"kes ljrlQ-9f;ar,Y of Genet-to and Cytaganatic Tax-mm, by' E. Mlongal 13 pp. SPSMSMj. parj Estaclon Exparimontal de Av),,r, Bret;, ,Arj.Qes By- pain, 1952, Vol Xl,, No 304., py 2-~(O-.n-6. SLA 59-17V34 Sci VO / ~V, boo :29 ftl - BUIL am 67 X60789 Cwbou Chwacteristics at Elevated TeMerature) by Smabi Niftushim,# 10 pp. -TAPAMmj- per, Tamo., Val Vn.- No 3, 1959, pp 70-73. Am Tr-4135 Soi - Chm .14 oct 6o 1.29,917 as m w ch MR40 44 tho ftuawx VZO&MUAS Q=w"s JA CWb4v by Benito Z2achez awymm = a= emss AD., v - lb w0 06 AN9 ma. ama" ZA ~ Cl" pa ftt 6L Gmtribution to the Study of the *tb(xi and Factors Affecting the Electro-Pbotometric Detwr=Uation of Traces of Boron With Carmine in Ursnktm Compounds,, by R. F. CeLlini, L. 0. 2M2bS& SPANISH, paper P/U93.. -Proceedinp of International Conference on Peaceful Vow of Atmdo MwrIR7 E131d at. Gene-va 8-20 An 3.955., Vol VM- MmternatL Coaf -- Us Sci - Nuclear Pbysics CIA 1-665).9.262 020, 7"rls J LwitX-1) Ifor McuwAlA-,; MtT,~V442-,a K'Awlip and 0 MON., Vol na mu (k-35B 67 COST ACCOUNTING IN CONSTRUCTION, BY WIESLAVI SAND, 7 PP- POLISH, PER, PRZEGLAD BUDOWLANY I BUDMICTWO MIESZKANIOWE, NO 9, 1962, PP 531-532. JPRS 16561 EEUR - POLAND ECON , DEc 62 218,o74 PROJECM AM REALIZATION RATE OF PLOM PETROCHOUCAL COMNE, By x ma"Is winum We* 13 PP. POUSHp PER* PUMM MUM" NO 4/5-, 19Q, PP 219-M. JPRS 1"l CNY4100) INVEStueffs FOR ALEKSAtM MMWIICIWS EEUR 4o POLAND Comnuaications md- "Tirmspartation in the Camormmi bY Oum=Q Sw2ftv 23 PP. PTOICH., per,. Industries et Travmm d'Outremer., No 74: 19600 pp 3.1-19. (Ca.U No ELLS Tr) HE/A - XMZNNMM Aflrlca = - mum Econ Hov 60 Paper Owowtogr*VbY ot U" Derivatives,* by Z. Frochatkat V. �ggoto Ke 34MA&V 14 Dye CZ3MV pwo Cabmtlm ftodmlov Cbem Cwmmp Vol mv.0 X959,0 Im "-038. AM W-435 sci - Ow phys Apr 61 1194.1 3-wr An*nlytic A,,Ie4,,hDdr. for the Determination of C113micel im Fruit and Veg2tablc Pa%Aucta, br Arnost TvceTc,, ana VIastimil Sand&. 25 pp. C= H, c"emie, Praguep Vol VII:, 1951.0 pp 203-206. WIH scs.en';I.fic - CIIC-Mistry Jund 54 CTS (DO-59D.3) Zicivase In Labor Productivit;y A=g audvZ 511rd Five-Year Pl=, by G., 7 YV, 14MMCLM,t mpt Ump 14 Nm Iga,, p 2. JPRB IPIW Asia I - Kwaqua ram Feb Q j-.-?j (DC-5302) Changing From a Ncandle to a.8"tled ~:Lfe# by G. SandagJO,, 7 PP. MMaL.IAN,, per,, Nasyn Amdralp lo, 10, 1960* pp QMM 9-9--s-el FE - Howlu Bean may 61 An ATrangcm-eint for Mlectrical Apparatuz,, Campriaing Field VAgnat Hembers and Arcature PartV Demigned to Rotate Relatively to Bach Other and of WMch One to Disponed Within tha Other, bly A. G. 1. Sandah%l, 18 pp. MdMW IED S~MISH, Patent No 12 'GO - Dept of Commerce Patent office Set Lib (01-ft) Sci, - M-ectronica Apr W-62-10SO _Sandakovs, S. V. ON THE FHaromffm OF mffrEoRs (o Powmacru 1. Standsk"IN IL V. Nfetcorov) A. Plagall. tr. 29 Jun 62, Sp 2m-fs ff. NRLTraw-904 N R L Tran . no. 904. M. Navel Res"reb LAb.. Order fromMOTS $0. SD TT-6241750 WASM0161044 D. C. Tram. of lasledovanlys lonorfery [I Muzoror. Sborrdk Statell (USSR) 1962, cwx S. P. 72-7& (Aburact available) V U. DSWRTFTORS: *Wtoors. Brightness. OPhotometem TracIting. Photographic analysis, Astronomical observatories, Astrooomy. The Astronomical Observatory In Klev worked out tachal quo of phowgraphic pbowmary at mawors. The G"luatiou of the magnitude to made by comparing the density of mataor trail with the trall of an "ardficial awtoor". The calibration of negod"s to operaW by (Astronomy- -Astrophysics, TT. Y. 11, no. 7) (over) I affl~ of Tel"kal so"kMe On the Photometry of Meteors, by R., V. Savfialwmp 5 pp. RUSSIM., bk., lsaledwanUa lonoefery (Xateory)$ No 8., Rexulltaty UsWov., po Ptograws N9zlhfiunfiurod,, aeortz, aoda., Izast, Aw Nauk am, i562j pp 72-75. 'F47,F170 Nov Tr 3219/*ML-90h, Sai - Geapbys Sep;62 I I I; ifif I It III "I I fir I I It 1 '110? 11 c I 62- Detort"stion of Ow ftss" =d busit"s of ~%teoric Boa" by PhatograpMe ObsemUmal, by Ye. V. at alio Russime Pere l8ftmwWm u 1~ MeshdUnazo4spito GeonalchesLe OW. pp 20-24- w Gal HMA TT F-lOv967 Sci-Astron Jul 67 &U*Ssl The Electrolytic Extraction of Mat4pnese, by Bengt Sandberg,, 23 pp. UMUSSIMD 'Pull translation. I DUMB, per,, Jernkontor&ts Annaler Arg, 134 F140 1950. CTAftM/X-916 Scientific - Chmistry Jm 53 Soviet Is Air Tmasport CaVacity, by Onn Ban0arg, 3-1 pp. UNM SMMH., rpt.. Transactions ewd Jouxwa a the P4,ra aveash Acadmw or mEutaz7 scimuop ma 6, 19611, p 36o; awl to 163-61 to usa$stocuaim., eT jui 1961. Dapt of Navy 0915225055 USSR Mil Sep 61 R,P=A:iea ;~Vorimfmts Uitil yLutures of AQUve and CV~' in Vw SOIAd State, by J. Arvid Oojval). MAYN, bko MAIgOICUL EU MWMj&9b&Amd silm-Alimllmaso Yol 240,o 193G,, pames 13-3). Tlept Os Wwvy 143r. 2496 Solichwai3try 3a,934 (Dc-8027) AFRICA: BRIDGEHEAD FOR RED PENETRATION OF SOUTH AMERICA, BY PEDRO SANDE,,,.,3,PP. SPANISH, NP, CORREO DE LA TARDE, 7 AUG 1962. JPRS 15o24 LA - CHILE POL, SEP 69 209,45-7 i-lo48 The Red Offensive Cont inues --Economic Penetration of Chile, by Pedro Sande. (DC-8027) SPANISH, np, Correo de la Torde, 6 Aug 1962. *JPRS LA - Chile Pol 22 Aug 62 i-lo48 Arica: Bridgehead for Red Penetration of South America, by Pedro Sande. (DC-8027) SPANISH, np, Correo de la Torde, 7 Aug 1962 *JPRS LA - Chile Pol 22 Aug 62 Development Model for India, by J. Sandee. UNKNOW: per, Statistica Neerlandic9-'-VOT'.'-CV' No 2, 1961, pp 189-210. csiRo/No 6623 FE-Irndia Econ. jun 64.. - Some ExperimAnts lu the Flold of lootoa-taityj by Dhrgit TimNilmider,,- ErIk Sandell,,.,.15 p. 8:91PES., per, Zm= Aeft .Ifelv: 1952, '101 Urlls- Volo ~ YP 179-197. SLA 59-20707 sci xar 6o 'e, f,:? 7 Vol 3, No 1 P7 of mxctxodoo for s~a Are Weldim Powt Is 5 V- amUM; MLsktv*fthvGls$W6v 2-93to VOI 7ilo NO 2v pp 28-3rt* siA 59.2o663 sci W%r 60 P71 Val 20 No 22- Sandeynon, C. S. Wilh :V!:,MENM IN HYDRAULIC APPARATU. (L961]. O.Jer from AC $3.75 Trans. of Belgian patent no. 539,548 11955). DESCRIPTORS: *Hydraulic systems. *Hydraulic fluids, Corrosion Inhibition, Lubrication, Olul'is. The object of the invention to a hydraulic apparatus In- tr,xluchig Into a given hydraulic device a fluid which dissolves in the pressure liquid contained In this de- vice and imparts to it certain qualities, particularly anEi-rust, anti-corrosive and/or lubricating qualities., (AC abstract) 61-25895 1. Sandernan. C. S. 11. Patent (Belgium) 539 548 Ill. Cspelo. A.. IbRywood. Calif. 1.84-C8 (Materials --Hydraulic Fluids, Tr, v. 7, no. 1) ON" of TGANIed lem.*� Supersaturation In the Spontaneoua roi=tion of Nuclei in Water Vapor, by Adolf Sander,, GO-rhard Damkohler, 19 pp. GMWAB,. per Haturvissenacbaftep Vol XXXX,. No 39/1,00 24 Sep 1543: pp 460-465. RACA TH 13W Scientilic - Chemistry Doe 53 LVS Quartz as an Example for the Analysis of Axial Distributicni. Part 11: Grain Structure, by B. Sander. GEMR1, per, Einfuhrung in die Cefugokunda de-r Geolo-vischen Korper (Springer Verlag,, Wien), 1950, pp 161-164. MU/T407 Sci Fab 63 &&&der, FrtadriclL 4XA4TMrA.MONS TO TM PSYCHOLDGY OF STEREO- scxmc VMO%L 1. "W REPORT wrm RYUON MUMA. FORMOSA. TIM LMa-.'S OF MWOMJLAR pusitw IN rMR DEMPYNCH UIPON 71M VERTI- CAj- FORM C&' rtW DOUBLE DAAGM (B~gc zLw Pc.mbnlogle tku SocrookopLochm Sebens. 1. )AUuU=g. Genw(umn omit Ryuom DaLmm. Formo". Me GrtL%am -Sr., Manku;drem VervcbMIxuag In nu'er 6bM&ZIoAv_ Ym der Gameakw9w dffr Doppalbilder). j25p] l0rfA_ Onlor ft= R-P, $2.60 7T-61-14608 Tr~. of AticA(l v I f1fir) d(ie) C4cm=ej Poycholfoool (Gcrum") 19AS. v 65. p. 191-206. 7T41-1" 1. %Ubdar. F. 11. TItIe- Mat ... 11i. Title- LAmIts ... CUokpo~ Sctowum--PhysictIoU. TT. v. 12. no. 7) rar AWE ja 66 of &2corlaaryr StIluctural Vai'iatlon6 by Scrption Isoterm Series, by H, Sander 2- pp. tjI GERVAN., pcr,, Chemische Technik, Vol VIIIP No 5a 1956, PP 274-279, 90TM78 ACSIL Tr No 1214 Sci - Chem Aug 61 / ~ ~ ) 7Z1-5- Infrared Night Apparatus, by K. J. Sander, 12- w, T M M-1 ~ per, Soldat und Tlechnik, Hoo 10, 19590 pp 503-506. ACSI H-6770 sci - phys iD 21465,13 / ~ 3j ov Axis 6o HILM, " JWITarw-d t1jacd PA~Iltar:Ljy, by C'Elptain Droator, joacbju esnderip 6 ppe- _2~ ~7,~ '- ' "' ", ---e OUM, pm, Trappmprmdis, go T,, 1959., N 53~-5h3.. oezmumy ACSI 11-5528 Aw 60 Power and HeeLting In the. Friction Weld1mg. of Thick- Walled Steel Pipes. by A. S. Gelldvva; M. 2~. Bomis-r- 3.0 RUSST-A"T., -er, NO 10, mp 18,00. British Waaldtqg Res Aa~,oz / :,j LiON OF ETHYL SULFURIC ACID AND I T DIETNYL SULFATE FROM ETHYLENE AND SULFURIC ACID AND THE SPLnT1NG OF ETHYL SULYURIC ACID AND DIETHY L SULFATE INM ETHYLENE AND SULFURIC ACID. 12 July 48, 6p. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 63-16031 Trans. from mono. (repot ) of 1. G. Farbentathuftle A.G., Frankfurt a.M.. n.d. (PB-70248). DIISCRIFTORS. *Eftl radicals. *SuUuric acid. *Sulfates, *19ftlenes, Ovpntc~addx, Catalysts, Preparation, Chemical rmcdow. 63-16031 1. Title. Ethyl sulftte 2. Title: Ethyl sulfuric add 1. Sander, L. U - PB-70 248 A '2 4 7 5 7 4 (Chemistry--Orptdc:, M v. 10, no, 1) WM d TWAtd ftn6w Preparation and Beactions of Esters of Yhosphonow and Phooldnous Acids.. lry Rmifred Sander, 15 pp. GEM=, WT, Cbm Berichat, Vol X033:1, 1960, yp 1220-IM. is su 6o-16WO sci Vol TV NO 7 Apr 62' Uca=emenE of the Fidn-Order EneqW In Qwoch-Con(Mmeed CWW at Low Temperature, by WirdrW Monch, Wilhelm S And&4 7 pp. GERMAN, per, Z ftw PUS& Vol CLVUO 1959, pp 149-158. 9691139 ACSI 1-2493-M IID 2232439 Sci - Phys mar 64 251,373 Ash CooMalent Or Was bY A* Mirmv and K. -.Saafta- CZMMv Ows U07 CWmvvamldwp Vi* rit 3056, pp 241-245. Oct - 62 I F I -,p ~.l I i I! I I I I I fillill I I I I [ill I A~rvVffllt fl, I Mt Blasynthatic vwtlaat-tma of Varlam Apecim of Pine$ by W. amwms i*rs V92. 16v ito. 3jo X962s. pp 6" Cs .67930 SCI - jwlv 1967 333o998 ow Chrommu6mmble Itmatigotim ac the MV Acids of T&U Oij.4, by W. So=l*rm=p lov. GERNWj, pars, Fatte Selfen Anstrichmittdl, Ab, as No 90 Wo no po Mumberoo. WC C-A9 C-W, Sci-Brom ju 66 3WPGU Investi,igations on Terudte-Rroof Wood Species, by I-T. Sardenmm, H. Dietrichs. OMAN, per, Holz als Roh- und Vlerkstoff,, Vol XV, '170 7y 1957) pp 2131.- 297. CSIRO 3679 Sai - Chem Feb 6211 IZ6, -5`7d Cbemical Studies of Ttopical Woods XV, Chemical 1weatigation of Teak 71 Wood, by 1-1. Sandermnn Dietrichs. G=03., per., TrbI-zforsah=g, Vol MIX, Y~a 1959, YP 137-1h8- C31no 4875 Sci Biol, Chem .Tul 62 T=Qslullsattions an O:Uy Proserntives t4eruft Elmo Stains by W. Sander==,, R. Casten, 11 p. ALSTMOp HoUfamobung und lTolsvwvn*tws, 2.958v Val Xj, So 43, pp 57-65. MM 0-2992 fti Fab 60 Vol 2j, No 10 016T 0 7 / f 3',fbs-Umces - (,'ause of the of Timbers. Pleaults of Paper Q4,joas, by W. .qjC Jrj,,reStJU 'ff. Dictrichs. pery Die Ummhmu in Wisnemahaft 'I'u'u'l-mik, V,-)I LVII, NO 7, 1971i PP ).?7- CSIRO 3985 1,q C', 'ell Studies of the Biosynthesis of Tarpenes, Resin Acids and Steroids With -the ;~id of Pxdioactive Progenitors, bj W. SaMern-alln IT. Stockmoun.- 7/110-- _/ GERMAN, per, Fette Seifen Ansta,icbmittell, Vol LTX, lb 10, 1957, PP 852-856. ms-6Mr~G Sci ?,Tqr 62 Vol IV, No 2 Woods Wuriours to Health, part oZ articlev by Vct_,~~~rmnnjq.-Am Wo Bargboom, 2 ppe GERMp perp Holz Soh-u Warkatoffy Vol XIVp No 3p 1956p pp 92s 93. MA 57-1612 SCI Ifty 58 49e 7al Reeeerer. jn-~-G ,he Industrial Recovery of Tal.1 Oil Sterols, by W. Sandermann, 15 :PP- SWEDISH, per, .5j'en9k Papperstidn, Vol Us 1948, J- pp 53'-536- SUL 3321 Sci Aug % V 01/6 StudieG -1.-,.t the ?ield of blood- V=serving Chemiatry. Part VIII. "aper Cbmmatography and Awapia of Wood Preservatives,, by Hans Dietrlchei~- ~:U49~W Sanderrronnp 15 Pp- MWAN,, per., Holzz alt; FAb- und Werkal*ff,, Vol XVI, No 9., 1958, PP 340-346. SUI 59-3-5361 Sci - Chemistry NOV 59 St!:dies in the Field of WQed-Rcecer-ring, Paa: t TIM lapar Chromatogrkphy and jlmmlyr, of Pz-clcrvatives; by Han,3 Hermmn 1.1.1. etri phs Ili-!he ~~q;l 5 pp. GERWN ,, per, oltz als Roh- und Werlastoff, Val XXi., No 9-, 1958, PP 340-346. S" 59-.15361. TM T- C 59 'ore 'Voi ~', 63-ISM G. and Maloney, kL L W00-4 M CELLM"E RIEL-17. [~ War 631 Up. 2 refs. 1. Sandersom. I- G. 11 K A. '007- Order from OIS or SLA $1.60 63-18= M: - lGarmany) 1 1,331 P. TV G B i 32 07 Tram. of German patent 1, M, SC. appl. 9 Nor 56, . . L r t.) 3 pub. 19 jWy 62, by British Cellopba;ae~ Ltd. (priority claimed: 9 Nov 55 (no. 32.078) Ot. BrIL). 6SCRWMRS:- -Plastic HIMA -C.M~~ plastics, t Processin& *Amines, Salto, *AwImplastica, formaldehyde real=, Ures fornmMehyde resins. 113e Invention involves a mediod of prodtictug abbets or film from regenerated cellulose with Impeoved surface properties by treatment with water-soluble Salto of Atpbod amines and wAawplent drying. duu=terized in that the treatment Is carried out preferably while the regmerated cellulose is still in Ofte 01 Teck*W Urftu (MAtertals-Plastles, TT' - 10. - 9) me Effect or 1wrt G~Ises on the Cho at oexwdc PZ*ftcts la a Uolat Atmospheriso by Ps Swadforaf 54 pp. SWEDIMS pwo CWAUw= Tek Dpmko3 Bandk..- 116 - 36j, 1944$ pp ii-38.. MA 57-9370 sai Aug 56 9, catesmimuce cw Famth= me*ldmm Its Mus =a- by the Agn-Apv XfAmlom lfttbW, bly L. UppalItft.. 33- -A-43di. MLIAR, Per - 269 Ift. 3~. ItM w lz9_13: cSlRWft.7W6 , =-- - S 4 f",0 /' $01.- soja Types In Vicinity of Wsmde aWl. Obrwovac,, by I Dj. Twwljeviog No Sandie,, N. Pavicovics 53 Pv- SWBO-4MOATUXs.Pw., Arhiv z& Pajoprivredne Xwjlw (B"grad .Vol IV* No 6, .1951s. NP 3-53- 9099993 ow 6o-el6lT PL-4w sci - MOM jua 62 .-Agulatims UgAm AlezeWrla ~;isouAtyv W lAsan.Ahmd Sandido 19 pp. AI-Afac;o per,, X~v ~*t 1969s PP 2-9o Rue calrol 01 ree 69 (Ni-6"0) The Problems of Econadoal Wanagsaw2tj, by Helmut sanag, A rp. Gamaj, p=, Rimbalt., V03. VIj ND 13LA20 ig6l, vp 1659-1669. JM 13312 zIkw - adwsaw 19VI 0~ iv/ Neon A]pr 62 IN Diaphony Problems and the Choice of Pitches for Calbes in Telephone Circuits,, by J. Bourseau, H. Sanajivy. FRUCH, pert Cables et Transmission, Vol X, so 4), Oct 1956j- PV 288-313- 50 A. 1892 Sal, Aug 61 List No 41 & - ". . . `1i III Mil-Il ".1 ...... ; 1 11-1. --.. .. Pathogenesis of Acute Bone Mar if vp R. st-odtmemyrtO S. Sandkuhler and T. rliedneri, PPO GERM., mr Deut Ned Vochschrlp Vol 1 0 No 24D 1956.9 pp 964, 965. 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