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so soommow TOM" or 06 BhUA02 VMFSGZIM *WtbadL tor amombe aw at a Sub- oUgm s4 ULU*-=& Fs"Wood"p bF & F. ZM=kp Vo pow- DO* 2m& luova M=- lb 2* UP am, aws - 2wo PA" Ta vils ND I MD6vft3 (ITY-7093) Assymetrical ElectromM;aetic Waves in a Helical Waveguid-e Ifith Longitud J wil I y Magnetized Ferrite, by V. P. %iestopalov, 1. P. Yakimenko, V. Plokhoy, 8 pp:-- RUSSUAN, per, Iz VysshIkh UcheD Zaved, ITIO, SSR, Radio-Limika, Vol V, No 1, 1962. ims 14, 515 Sci jul 62 (ITY-7093) PropaGation of aL Asymmetrical Elect-romaL-;netic Waves in a Plasma Rod and Their Radiation, by V. P. Stiestopalov, I. P. Yakimenko, V. D. Fil', 7 PP. RUSSMT, per, Iz Vysshikh Ucheb Zavea, mvo, ssR, Radiofizika, Vol V, r1o 1, 1962. jpRs 14,515 Sci 203,898 (w-64905) Helical Waves in a Helical Idabeguide, by V. P. Sbestopalov, A. I. Pdonin, 20 pp. RUSSWN, par, Iz XnJZ, MVO, Radiofiz, trol iv, No 4, 1963- JPBS 12990 Sci Ajxr 62 /Y q., 7 - ;/-, .. Coaxial Bifilar Contra-WouAd Helix Imersed in a Magneto-Dielectric Medium., by V. P. Shestapalov, A - A. Bulgakov,, 8 pp. RUSSIM, per,, Radiotekh 1, Ziektrou, Vol VI, No 1, 1961, pp 92-100. Sci /7 e, -7, fe oct 61 143thods of Mawmins Dielectric Coastanto of substances at jdarome prequmcies, by v. P. Shostaffla S X. P. Talmoks 20 pp.- RWIM,p Verp VvpAh Ms Wjmk., Vol LMV,, 1961.. pp 721-- AlP am va Ira 1w Bad - Ph" *w62 nectirms ftm In a IbUx with Aniwtropic Ideleetria, by V. P, Mosto"aaw V* A. Wy=a*kJLy* 8 NP6 Aw &~# IWO ftdiotdkb I mantmat no 3$ 1962. A=R ftl Dan 62 218,213 uiy.-N. B-'= in a COa:--:i,:-l SPi3:p-l Lino "'t" an Dj-r,()t.vcg?lc lia~etodiclectric V. -e. 13. 7. Yonalut v. A. 15 pp. T',I-jj~GMJ, per, 1:: Vyrr-liikh Ucheb 2~-~~vcu` F'--'~'jotclhh~ VC1 rl~ ITO 2.. 19~Sl' JIM 11075 ";~"2 f Sci Dec 61 slow Imectromagnetto va"O. in Be] 4 X WILve- guld9s vith a Oyr*UWlc MedlAns by V- P- Sheeftyslova L s As Shighidn' "Wit" RUMMI Wo zhur To]& plzj, Val xxxxp No 100 19%. pp 1285-1M- Awr Inst of Ph" Saw Phys-Tech Phys Vol Iva so ioa ig6o Sol my 6o lbff=ctdum of rnaident on a Maw MrtaMc antuw With a Dlialactric Lqers by As Is Admimp Vs Pa, Mostopilay, 8 MISSIO Per MW ftkbi Y"o Val ==Is No 6,p 1963t pp ija3x:&. Awr Int of Fb7z obv P478 - Tfth rwo la VMo ft 6 Sal - 13ma 63 jolo Dispersion Properties for a Helix in a Ferrite Medium, by V. L12v_p L. 1. Spol'nik, 11 pp. RU58IAN,, per., Zhur Tekh vizt Vol M., no 10 1960, PP 3-14. AIP Sov Phys - Tech Phya Vol V* No 1 Sci Aug 60 ,10?,94 (sp-i%)) Me Frolmottim of XLectromguetic Waves in a Modified Contra-Watmd Helical Coil Placed in Ft (~Irlindrlmft Umvoguida, by 33. S. Mluvkoya., 6. 0. TTetlyAmm,, V. P. Shestopalov., 12 pp. ff.,WIANj, Iz A% Nank 5MM., Otdal T"h am,-kr mmvt i AvtM4, go 2,, 19k,* pp 159-3.&. JFRB 4834 5- 0 ? Sol - phys V/ sop 61 I lAlsporsion Properties and Space Reooi~wice in a H"elical Wimegulde Loomted in a Magmetodielectric Medium.. by V. P. Ebestopalov, 2D pp. RMSUN, per,, Radiotelft I Maktron., Vol,Vf #o 4, 196op pp 6o5-6m. pp 4. 1 T" soi Aug; 61 slow Way SA a spirst Wors"de Wth a Flamm., bY D. N DMI4*W* T. P. ftestaWors L. A. shitUftj U W. WMIAN,v Dws Aw Tift- Fiss Val MMp So 7, AIP SCW PAW&-T*Cb PA78 Val Vs lb sei 14t.2 A Study a DzUW Avotoom of Types Cmbloing a Spiral With am AnUatrople Dislootric or a Spina With a MINA stntatmrii, 11j. by V. P. ova A. V. &^N"klys K. P. Y&%Mk,. wxwm Pw nur th vis" W& =J, no TP IL90j, AIP aw ftwo-loob ftys VbL To so 7 Sol A Qualitative Analysis of the Dispersion Equations of Some Periodic Structues of the Cylindrical Type, by V. P. 0. A. Va TTetlyakov, 6 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Tekh, Fiz, Vol XXXI, No 11, 1961, pp 1379-1387. AIP SOV Phys - Tech Phys Vol VI, No 11 Sci 210,400 Sep 62 Progagation of MActrmwpotte Waves In Retarding Sysi4as ComistOW of 91dral Plus Dielectric, by No Me Wa0mv, Vw P4. 91bestopalovp 2.1 ppe mmom.. yer" mw Twa F1z" Vol UVJL Is, so 'a.. 19A Vp Ise-m. Amer Inot of Ph7s am 1%" - 200b rb" Vol IM, No I Sol - nom Sep % 7 '/, o a (o 5 Use of SIm Surftce Waves to Nosiure the Dielectric Sumcapttbil~ty of Materials at Ultra-Righ Prequemims, n, bor V. W8b"*4"lfwj K. P. Yatsuko 9 Imms paj, Zhur TM Fts.4 Vol X=j No q# 1959s pp law- Im Amer Lut or Phys our fte-Tech ptws Vol IV, No 9 40 Apr 60 Y17, 7/ Rm-palueziou Con-ulluing a Halix utd PxrbiaLlv witu Dielectric., by V. P. Mse-s-bopaws 6 pp. RMIM, m Ivr., Zh= Tekh Fiz# Vol xxnj~ r20 ue-,., i956,v pp zr4g-2754. Amr Iwt of Phro Bov Awo-Tech Ipb4m Vca 1. N6 3.2 S--i ;L Bov 57 Symmetrical Surface Waves in a Helix Wavegulde with a Ferrite Medium, B. M. Bulrly .,akov, V, P. Sheqt p. gp L. A. Shisbid.n, 18 g, RUSSIAN, per, Radiotekh i Elektron, Vol V. No 11, 196o,, I)p 1818-1827. PP Sci oct 61 Theoretical and Experimintal Studies of Helical Dielectric Antemmp by V, P. Shestopalov., Ao Ao BuJgakovs B. M. Bulgakaws 9 pp. RUSSIAN; perv Hadlotekh'i Riektron, so 7* 1961. Ain /$?/, 76 6 Sol Unidirectional Propagation. of Waves in a Helical Wavegaide placed in a Ferrite Mediun, by B. M. Bulgakov, V. P. Shestopalov, L. A. Shishkin, 1. P. Yakimenkol"fo- -Pi. RUSSLUr,, perA ftdlotekh i Blektronj, Vol VI No 1) 1961., pp 81-91. AIEE Sci 7 oct 61 The DispeTsive Propertuie3 of a Notched Waveguide With Ilarrow Crosspieces, by V. P. Shestopalov, 0. A. Tret'yakov, 6 pp. --------- RUSSLUT, per, Zhur Tekh Fiz, Vol XXXII No 9, 1961, pp to 11 o4-1 i i i . AIP Sov Phys-Tech Phys Vol VI, No 9 Sci 11 Jun 62 199,055 Theary of a Modified C=travoma Ke3lx,. by V., P. Sbastovaloyj S. S. WaWkovao 7 PD. IRMLUU.p pero Mw 1*4h Pit, Vol X=* No 3.963.., VP 32T-335. AIP sorlet Pt" V02. VI.- No 3 say 61 A Device for WmmrivS Iftequencles,, by V. N. 3 NP - RUBSIANs parg zomwita 2W&., So 6o 1960, D 49. zu sci 44.4qa Apr 61 /4 / 01001-j O:r a NA:tfled S#Lrcil with k=ter WUdlng., by S. S. MMIRWJWMS V- I?* MW . ~ . 4 DR. BZUM,t Verj jDok Ak Bouk smj, Vol=m=, No 4s 1960o Pr el3-W- AV am Pbo- V V03. vo so Sol / -5-/// PV- -,- Effect of Periodic Properties of the Helix in Pendttivity Heasuremefte by the Helical Wavogulds Metho0i--by V,P, Shestopalov, K.P, Yatsuk, VoDv, ragait 4 ppe RUSSUIt per Zhur TOM Fizj Vol XXXv No 4,, 19% pp Alp Sov Phys-Tekh Ph" Vol. V:p vo 4 Sol ~0,0 Dee 60 Use of 51mr Surface Waves for V-^asurin.g the Dielectric If Susceptibility of a Material at Ultra-High A-equerLciee. 111, by V. P. Sheatopalovp K. F, Yatsuk) I. P. Yakimnko; 8 P-P-*--*-- R=IM, per, Zhur Tekh Fin, Val No 11, 1959, pp 3.330-1338. Amer Inst of Phys Gov Phys-Tech Phys Val IV, NO 3-1 Sci Jun 60 Space Rm-ow.=e in a Spiral Wave Guide Sitmted in a PAgrato-Dieler-tric Medium, by 3. V. ftndratlev, 5 pp. RUBSr", per,, Wk Ak, ftuk SSSR, Vol CXXV., go 4, 1959s PP 70- - Amer List of' Phyx BOV Phys - DokUdy Vol IVO No 2 sci Do a 59 Conversion e3actron spoetrum of neutron-deficient lirtetiun Isotopes In the 1000 to 3500 Eev Region, by B. S. Dshelepovs 1. V. Vaboyatkin, S. A. Sbettop&IM, 5 IV. REMSSM, per.. In Ak Nmik SMp Ser Piz., Vol 1W., No T; JL9$0# Vp OM4)06.. Sci MV 1,4 J,> ?.z P Sep 63. IU= Beta-Spectrometer With Wo-FoldlT42 Focusing., by S. A. Shes~opalova, 3 pp- RUSS=, per.. Iz Ak Nauk SSSRj, Ser Fiz, Vol XXV, No lo, 1961, pp 1302-1304- CTT sci oct 62 216,o2o New Data on the saistilre intemities of tka. y6Linss o.? W in RquiUbrium With Ite, DocW Produou, by B. S. Dnholeporp N. N.,Zhukovsk:tyo 1. r Uchwatkinp a - A. Ehattopal - -6, 1, - .. I. .. " , 8 Im. RUSWUNp perp Is A Mtuk SSORp Ser rlz,, Vol XM,, No 7p 1"8# YP Ml-&70 Coltm%IeL Tie& Sol - ftys Oct 59 !~*n ~Pwin,4-5 of Oak lit 64,01terbalts 4)t! zlia Wjaadjjn-.g m4 ExioriwatuL Fqr~,,, OV the kadlyshev P%vicaltural Institute* by G.- P. gbest(""*-IQ RLOSU,114, llrab&olO!,AyA,, No 2,(1S4) IM, p") 256- Ot IT 66-51cm 5 -fey 0 Sulfone Sulfonic Acids As By-Products in Sulfoaation Procez-ses. VI. The Possibility of the Use of the Chromato-Polarographic Method for the Quantitative Determination of the Sulfonic Acids of Naphthalene and Diaaphthyl Sulfoae, by A. P. Shestov, N. A. 04povaj 7 PP- RUSSIDN, per, Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXXI, No 6. 1961, pp 1780-1787. CB Sci 201,866 The Ra.-chattism of Haterogencaus Catalytic Iso=rizu'U"u, of gydrocarbous on Acid Catalysts. M. The *ahnnism of Pimeem1utim of Comphene on Titmdc Acirl by 0. A. Rudskovs N. M. 8 PP. RUSSIMj, mo perp Zbur Otishch Mr-Im., Vol XVI., No 9, Sep 1956a pp ZO3129M 2426-2432. BareAm 67 sci - COxmistry Feb 58 Catalytic Transfoimations of Terpenes. VI. The Catalytic Iscawrization of &-Pinene Into .8-Pinene, by 0. A. Rudakov, M. M. Sheats~mvn, 4 pp. - - RUSSTAII# mo perp ',,nnw Obshch nim, Vol XXVp No 3j, Umi, mar 1955P ip 627 . CTA C 39388 Consultante Bureau Scientific - Chenistry CTS 74/N()v 55 'gry on // lecbauism of Reterogenews Catalytic Isomerization .~e Hyarmarbous Over Acidic Catalysts. X. Xeabanim lvberactiou of Pivenep Oauvherap and Limonene Witb LAmerization Catalysts - Titaulva Dioxide and '4tIVELtOd CUyj, by 0. A. RuWAov,* Z. S. Khomenko, .,I. M. Sbes"Vap 8 pp. -~"un trunalAtion. ..tUSSIW,v w, porp Zbmr Obahch lb-Imp Vol MVP DO 3v 'Smp blur 3.9%# V-9-31 "-7o --CU 3.51317 .)cientiric .. Obadim cm 68figay 55 On a Stabili.ty Criterion for Creep, by S. A. '85eaterikov 8_ pp. RUSSIAN, per,, Prik Matmat i Mekh.. Vol XXnI, No 6y 1959., pp lioi-iio6. Pergamon Press jui 6o Historical DateB of Russian and Soviet Aviation and Aeranauticst b~ L, Sheaterikoyj, 19 pp. .. . ...... ~-- RUSSIAR# monogmpb, Duty lotoril Otechestvennoy Av"Istaii i Vosdukboplimunlys, 1953, Encl to In-L?29-56.p Ayou-ma. 9 )kr 1956. CIA D 420420. 367 Al ~40 AF 7326M USSR - Aviation Sci - Aeronautics Jun 1956 AX-the--Cmatruction at-a fteory-for au IdeaUy Bedy, by S. A. Shea-barikov. 5 pp. RUMIAN, per, Prik Matemat i Meklh, Val XM, No 3, 1960, pp 43.2-415. pp SOL mW j~m 61 j .57 7/ / F"' 0 Local Aatiaircraft Defeme! In Rural Localities, by H. Korablavp Yu,, Lebedmi L. ftesterlkova, 156 pp. RUSSIA11j, bk.. 1G" r Sellskoy Mestnostl,, 1959.9 py -.2w. JPRS-I.-1852-D Sci - 10:!d,, Civil Defense Sep 59 YZ Data cm the History of National Aviation and Air NWIG%tlon,t by L. Mieste-r1knap 3D9 ppo (AV 6293.17). Pun tr RMOUN, lbk,, DOW LwkcrJUL OtwJwatvuuW Aviatail i VowkWfiwpIwpmmI3%p PW,. by AU-ftlcm T 3mletWo MOWM* Ma NtL Ipp - C- ) 11~ MW7 - V Anc Ir-m-aw/I um 3reo.4175 f;ILUU&y Salmotma - A-MMIRS Ststics an& Dynamics of Aureanycin and Terramycin Ion Wroban WiAb WirpSen and Sodl= Ions on Cationitmi b~W. V. Owsowyp L. X. Mmv&3.ova.. M. P. NUM ;8. F. Lavrentyum., V. S. A. A. ~Wuowwujp V. V. BDkuvm,* 6 pp. RMTMS bluo per goped., zbur, vol xvmj. No 4j, JU/A* 1956.p pp 44-W# Dam= Bei - Pbrales z= 1957 Fhjsicochemical Propertlos of - AlboWcin,, by 0V. Swwouorv~, I...V. DmitrLeWID, A. 0. Blrote# M. P sbe!!lrAj!9v&.F a - 7 -, lavrilat I . " 4 pp. MMIM,; per, Dialkh1m, Vol XXIIIt No. 2, 1958, pp 220-224. C(Noulun" sai - Chm .J" 59 11 559 SHESTERNIKOV S. A. UK-30 On a variational principle in the theory of creep Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Oide). Tekhn. Nauk, No. 2, 122-123 (1957) M. 1678. On loan - English E u r a t o m (I= 256D4) BioehemLcal Coaposition of Saliva During Conditioned and UncorAttioned Feed1mg Reflexes, by To P. SA"tjtMWp# Teo 0, Sukolavaj, 14 pp. UKPAM[Mv qu per, Ukr BiokhIm Zhur, Vol XXVI~p Wo h., Kiev.- 1"4, ff 3.97-UA- CIA/M U-&)25 USSR 3 Bel - Medicine* biochemistry ry Ile ShesEopal, A. 0. OBSERVA71ONS OF SE77LEMENT OF EARTH AND 00NCRETE STRUCTURES (Nablyudenlya za Osadkami Zemlyanykh I Betonnykh Sooruzhenii) tr. byG. N. Cibson. Aug 54. 13p. Library cornmuniaition no. 493; M2172. Order from LC mi$2.40, pb$3.30 61-13667 Trans. of Cidroteklinicheskoye Stroftel'srvo (USSR) 61-13667 1. Dams--Construction 2. Structures- -Construction 3. Soils- -Mechanical properties 1. Shestopal, A. 0. 11. LC-493 111. DSIR LLU M. 2172 IV. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 1953, v, 22, no. 2, p. 6-11. (Gt. Brit. 7be investigations comprised observations of earth dams and concrete structures and of seepage and the determination of Stresses in foundations nnd on lateral surfaces of lock chambers. ON" -1 Toc6lml S~1-% (Engineering- -Civil, n Y. 5, no. 8) 61-15480 Shestopal, V. M. IN THE F(XJNDPJES OP CZECHO-SLOVAKIA. [t9611 1. Iron industry-- [91p. 1 ref. IDSER LLUI M. 2344. Czechoslovakia Order from LC or SLA n-d$l. 80, ph$l. 80 61-15480 2. Iron castings- -ProducElon 1. Shestopal, V. M. Trans. of Liteynoye Proizvodstvo (USSR) 1959, no. 12, 11. DSIR LLU M. 2344 p. 5-7. Processes and special nuchines introduced in Czecho- slovakia are reviewed. Offi-f T-Weel S"~ (Machinery- -Manufacturing, TT. v. 5, no. 12) Use of Slow Surface Want; for Measuring the Dielectric Permitivity of Materials at High Frequencies., by 1. V.P.-Shestopalov and K. P. YatsWL, 11 pp. RUSSIM. per, Zhur T-ekh Piz., Vol XXIX, 110 7p 19591. PP 819-030. Amr Inat of Pbys Bov Phys-Tech Phys IFOL IV, WO 7 sai Fab 60 On the 0-.*0 Tramaition in RaC', by B. S. Dzhelepov., S. A. Shestopalove., 7 W. I RMIM., no pero IS A[ Nauk F38SR., Bar Piz,, Vol XX, No 8, 1956., PP 933-910). ColuOla Tech Sci - Phys e-9 .P- 117-1d Sev 57 .. ......... . ... .. Observations of Settltuent of Earth and Concrete Structures# by A. Os Shestopals 13 PY. RUBSIAMO. parp GJA i Strol, Vol XIII,, So 2,, 1953s, pp 6-116 Sci Mu Llb Ir WOM ,9,d 0 PJL arl W. olO 7 Sclentific - ItegineerJmg Jun 55 C" lnvex"~PUOA or a lwtw4lng Brous with We SpIrWo Zuw~ JA a DL*Ieotrlc *@"vs.* by T. P, Irv A W& . NamaKO pwo aw IN" fins, "I mmlp 6v 1"80 A~w UA Of ftwo Ov fts - %a fto Ta in ft S" ftb U00trOU SOUS Ift WA Nalft Mood in a Dielectric Medims bar Vs ?a 06 qff, 14 M. ... 1!-~ft 1WHOW& wr, Roftotaft L zinktron, Vol III# No ]L, 1"8p -PP I-A-01, Pftvum fte" Sal - suat"m ?a eo7ff Sept 59 On tim Theoxy- of a Waw-Gai-da idith 611, Partially Mled With a Dielectric IftterW. (TL-- Case of Ar- bltr=7 DIalectrie Porm-saldlitim) by t. P. SAstq- Palov. FL41 trwoletion. RMTANj, no per., Mor Teldi riz. Vol mmo- No 3, USZRJ, 19523, AEC Tr &-AentjxIC . MzatrcnIcv,, wave Dielectric Sep !j2 MS/DZX 11,113,1 fill fill It 1 11 11111111 lig I I I I:.![ On the Regeneration of lh6t Neurons of the in- traw.ral Plexi of M%nm1.v, by X. U. Sheatopalova, 5 IPP 0 RUSSUN., per., Dpl Uspirliol I Wd,, Vol XUII,, 04 No 3m 1957,, PP 90-54- N Consultants Bureau Sci - Ned MY 58 pr'- P_ Decay in BrOu, by B. S. Dzhelepov, N. M. Antonyeva, S. A. Shestopalma, 7 r-P. RWSTAN,, thrice-no per,, Dok Ah Nauk SSSR, Vol LXIV, 194~) IN 309-312, PM Tr 2196 Scientific - CherAstry CTS 72/SeP 1955 /7 IncreaBe of the Sulj,'stc Resistance Qf Fort-l-and Cemats, by 13. V. Shestoperav, P. 11. Iva M.-V, 4 pp. RMSIAN., pur, Wemeist, No 3., 1956t pp 20-272. Consultants Bureau Set - EW Oct 58 17 , 2ho Mot= - A VApelle y-Spectrowtor With MV=ved Amaing, by B. S. Debelep*v,, S. Z. shlastopulplu 32 pp. %ft .. o".."Moom NMUN# jorl U Ak Roak SM, Ber ns., Vol XX,, NO 3j, 1956,, iP--j4-dB:W- Cb] I& Tocal Tr d Apr 57 C" Investigation of the a-Spactrum of RaCp by B. S. Azhelepovj, S. A. Shestor-a-lova, pp - RUSSIhNp per, :Ez Ak Nauk sssR, Sar Fiz, Vol XXI.- No 7p 1957P PP 99b-ILOI. Columbia Tech Bel - Physics 17A Oct 56 / %.4 j ~'7Z The Iatexwtion ]W.-~n TA Atomic !w to vith Xborgies of ,jet =A ftrtlalA 10 to jol3evo by V. Lb GrIgorow, To. abo-t-- r4w A. M*1upbOws, &W A, V. Sam.rAw81w, zhur skeper I T*Oret FiXL, Vol xams NO 5 (U)s IM PP 1099-11W. Awr Inst of Pbys "w phys-MP M VI(33) No act )~- a/Fas 71 (NY-2800/17). ny Millions of Tons of Cement Are Wasted, by S. Shestoperov, ---l RUSSIAN, np, Stroitel'naya Gazeta, 19 Aug 1960, p ~. YJPRS 7o 3 4 USSR Econ - Construction 3 Sep 60 TbeiTml 'I'matment of C(mcrate , by S, V. Shestoperov, L. I. PardUlova, 11 pp. RMIMI, ]per.. Beton i 51clowboton, No 1, 1958., pp 19-22. fiLA 6o-15377 Sci elp 61 1617 36-3 s The W2uemcs of Surfam-4ative Aftlxtures ou Cment- Water Saactlow, by S. V,. To Yu* Lyubtwvat. F. M. Ivaums ~-~Vv- RMIM.j pors Rqk Ak 2w 70,4(6),,1950.t IdI5- 4ktf(wdo Buudtm paseanh ?08. stat-100,91 ftadlM *80amb IdbiarY* Commication No- 5 5 9, 2WFIL 0 Ll 14 Hatichannel Amplitude Imalyzer vith a Mechanical Commutator, by I. L. Grigorovp V. Ya. Shestoverov. V. A. Sobinyakov., 3 pp. RUSSIAN# per., Pribbory J. Tekh Eksper, No 6, 1959, PI? 67-19. bmtru Soc or Amer sci Sep 60 ;7 One Illoaoible Mode of Dmlopment of Extensive Air Showeras, by H. L. Orle)rovp Ya. U. Shestoperov 7 IPP- RUMIMp pers, Zhur Hkeper i Teoret Mg Vol XXKIV# NO 6p 1958s PP 1539-1547- Aiwr Inat of Phys 9k)v Phys . jw Vol vu (34),, No 6 SOL - pbYs Jan 59 SaToaic Acida of Dilfoaes an Side Products in Saltonwtion Pmaesses. Ill. Behavior of Diphenyl Sulfone and Its Sulfonio Acids Under the Action of Sulfurla Acidj, by As F., Shestov R. A. OsiPova, 7 PI RM510p mo peri Zamr (Wbah Mimp Vol MMj Ho 10, oct 1956,. pp 2866-2M., Conautanta Bamau Sol - Chemlotry Nsr 58 SiLlfonic Acids of Sulfanes as Side Products in SuMnation Prpcesses. IV. Investigation of the Possibility of Polarographic Deta.-mi=tion af SUM'ouic Acids of 4y4l-Dimethyldiphenyl Bulfone., 4,,4-Dichlorodiphenyl SuLlfone and 2,,2'-Dimphthyl Sulfone,, by A. P. Shestav, V. A. Osipovaj, 6 pp. RUBSTMp per, Zhur Obahch Shim., Vol IMTII, No 10, 1957P pp RM-2795. Consultants Bureau Sci - Chem Jan 59 StLUwIc AcIft of Sulfoues z= By-r=.t&cto of YMMUMB. U. - 2be Z Dekmvlor of the Dimdfmic AcId or 01pbanylouIro.nea Under Ooctdt*Umm of Alkaline Mmim of Sonzene-m- DIMIStmia AcIds by Ao IN 14 Ebmtov., S. A. Os:Ll*v'&.- 4 pp. RMXW# no pars ZbIr Obahch Ih1m, W., =I., NO ja 3956j, vp WO-MOB. Sol - Cbmistry Nov 57 Sulgbala Acids as By-Prodwto in the ej Prow"Ose T, comounift so" Factm thilch Ddl=mve low Formuen of SUtmic AoIft of ftltmwj, W A. P. sbastoy, X. A. bsipyftp 5. ppe ------- -- RMLSIANt pmro Zbw QwbW% Mda., Val MMO No 2 -1959s, pp 595-599. amnlitaft" avown SOL 3jq Apr 60 Sulfmla Acids of Wtotme as Secondary Producte in P"Oew". t. F=mwum at v1phWyl oul. ram 901ftele AjdA- ja tbg Or sm Vith WAM.. A. P. SbootVjL 6 VV. WOMN L40 VWv =W O*bob.Mno Val MMS No 4l Apr 795t, Vp Mg-2224. Conmatento DLUV= 44 Sol ChadSU7 Ireb I"T Me/am The Polarograpbic Detendmtim of Sulfoneop by E - 8 Levin., A. P. Ob!stovl._-1(1 pp. mmin't 9-w MD. per, Dok Ak vauk affiRt Vol =no No 5t I"kil vp 999-low- I Tram center MT-326T Scl - Cbwlotr7 Pretsoure-batt Welding of Abuinilm-mQuesium AlloY Cowponents With a Cross BectiOn Of UP to 10-POOO =TP-,, by A. P. Gritsenko.. A. I. Sbeatskov, 3 PP- RMSIM.. per.. Svaroch Proizi No 7., 1960, PP 30-31- Sci 14 5~ '? -Y4 wt U Ciddation at P"wlne to Awrolats In the ftvqa~ ot 'Noladvap by a. a. mmobalW4, Be ISO sh"iwftu* Imp vp S" 63 M*67F Organisation Problems of Machine Shop Tool Maintenance Departments by A, Shestunin 5 Pp RMSIAN,, per vwt, mwihinoutroyj vol xL., z1o 1., 1960s PP 7U3 FEU sci Apr 61 /s-s-,w OP god WJM VbL Iq no 4t am $01,441 ja 45 9%3P957 Transfer of Container-thdt Goods by Packets, by E.. 1. Ridellp I. V. ShetfkA~41 pp. ID 2109941 p RUSSIM,, bk,, Perevozka Taxuo-Shtuchnykh Gruzov Paketemi, 1959, pp 1-27~ A-9-5T, 102-106. Slai - Eagr ACEII H-5952 / li 6 ~w Jun 6D On the Arbic3m by 1. 1, luruss ")bch=l:cz.oAO Wleating DLIveticcal by Too Be V&BLIL*GVO Ov, As per, lwt7zw7v'Xh*s (UM), TOI =022 ED 1$,l 32. 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Shuyuhh.1n. UNCL RU561AW, pttr, Stall, (Rolllnp~ aud Tube supplf'w3nt), 19513, pp 295-313. british Iron and 0 St'201 Iftd 1098 (L 6 1.5s.0d.) Apr 59 Cold RollIng or Shaped Tubeal by Yu. F*- Sbevakino A. M. Rytlkx)vo UJICL MMJM~ perj, Tsvetqm Metalp No 12.t 1958j. pp 70-77. DSIR JUU (loan) M.496 act - min/mt amp 59 poz" or, ro -T Impwoved Groove Design in the Cold Reduction of Tubes, by Sbavakin. RIJSSIAN,l per, Stal 1 Vp 4hi-4hh. h Tr 663 Sel - Engr Jan 58 91lu"clal Feet=* in the wamiftetmv or nin waned !r or Cold Pa&udn Nuftwoo by Yu. F. P. S. ftiakliev. 4 RUSSMp perj, IMIrt V= CUM moti, 1962p rp 133-139. Bisi set - awt 63 A Now Method for Daterrdning Frictional llactors VAten Cold Rolling Tubos, by Yu. F. 5h A. M. Rytiimvp 2 pp. RIMIAN, perj Tevetnyp Metally, No 10., 1960,; Pp 76-78. Aug The Pressure Relationabips in the Cold Rolling of Tubeap by Yu. F. ShevaMIn, at= RLTSSTAN to GERMN, per., Stal, Vol MI., 1958, pp 235-240. V*rein Deutacber Hisenhuattealeute Duesseldorf Drette Strasse 27,, Germany MY 59 B7. 2-5 Means of lktrther Increasing the Output of Cold Rolling Tube MLUs.. by Yu. F. Shevaldn,, A. M. Fqtilmv,, 8 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Tsvetnye 14,-tally.. Vol II, iio 4, 1961, pp 51-57. Primary Sources Sci 19 jui 62 204,145 Appliestim or ONWUVUB to Anslyide of Ekwid"a oft"es at low Pimmoures'. ty Z- M- MvvftGOva, L. D. Shwaeavaay, "UwLvt,p Wip Prlboqr 1 Tom nmpr, No 6. 3.963# m U&IM. (Dc-b2W The Effect of 3 Vibration From an Electric Drill on the Organism of Drillers at Shm-le YAWS.? *by A. V. Sbevallyej et aL., 3 PP. RUSUAR., per, Gig *W -L Professional Z-,-Yod,, No 5j 1960: pp 24-26. MS 6233 Sci Nov 60 CicOt"'C-1,211 Xe:~-05is Off" -thc by -,. r~, m, 170 !)P - 0 - RUSSM, bk. CD I Sci - f;ed. '71 J I , o 'D / 7 -1/1 6) lz z D--c 61 x-PAy spWxopaphic DeteralmUou of Bufaum In Uracidum MineroU and Conow*rstess, by X. S. D. Sh*v&Lvw)W#'3:. 7i. Shtsuberas Ow Awl JIM& Vol Xt No is 19"s 10 U-19. 'CXA D 1%,U~k Fun UarAutlon, coodultiats soft= cm 6slaw 55 t;.iti, vt-r- X-Rany 5pt-t-trogmplAc Anally.-As. Part 1. V~ii"~",teln, 1.D, and M.M. xalkhara.. bimo por, Zluu- Anal IlMin, Vol VI-If No 6., PP 363-376- Canstatantz Bareau cht-mistxy jan 54 cm/= f)" q6D ti %W Zr/*t MUD in Ifto z1vome cc Sam room= Boom air ON swomm Ina" at *be MwwdLrL amuua DkWa, IW At Ve 3betWln# Be D* 12wvalemkU# 5 Irp-P wimms, vw, 00*1% no 3s 200 as Doi Avg 62 Ws,933