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lrFM4"iT-W.1 A t, Colo, I ic G. !I. pa=,;Jl A. M!~'tljAna !a', linakVa, pp. '10 Dak Ja SSEXI, V01 CX-N. 959: ilp 4-46-11049. jan 6o i4thod of 6"MPF"esirle FaUs Sigmas* tv As Go SdwIloddve Ve J. OrlAw. 2 pp. RUSSIAN, Patent ft% IM58, 27 Au& L964* 9 AIRATD/kc-230-1005-67 sci-fiavie Como Dot & cm Jon 69 3MM7 imchiriZ i~=blm US-9 with a ivanchod Pv"psmv b7 1, Tus S*kQ1ium1dYt L he F"x"&Os 172 IPP* promumdramumm- . 9boguILA haisWe PW* ChL 1963o pp 84-108a P1001971 FTD.z:T-6?.3o _7- 6-k "t, 56,~- 1 Bloat &)sr Sept 66 364.902 Teaching , Machine With IM Dranched Prograva., by N I . 'Ia. Sol:olin&.iy.. 21 pp. RUSSUIT, per, Iz Vysshikh Ucheb Zaved 1,170SO SSSIR po Razdclu Radiotekh, Vol VII !~o 4, 1963, PP 417-424. JPRS 23245 Sci reb 64 249,32.8 Sokoijnskf~IYu. A. CALCULATION OF EQUILIBRIUM IN THE SYN'ME- SIS OF AMMONIA WITH THE AID OF COMPVVERS. [1963] 6p. Order from ATS $9.50 ATS-89Q67R Tvans. of Khtm[ictieskayal Protn[yshlennost'l (USSR) 1962, no. 6, p. 410-413. DESCRIPTORS: *Computers, *Ammonia, Synthesis, Chemical equilibrium. 63-12M I. SoWfaskil. Yu. A. It. A-M-9906111 Ill. As socLated Technical Services, Inc. East Orange, (Engineering-Chernical. TT, v. 9. no. 8) w 14*A" A Stable Forms of Semi-Arcbos and Arcbou,., bly V. V, Sokolivakiy. UNCLASS37M I RUSSIAN, per ik Mat i Mekh, Vol AX, fio 1, 1956p . 73V-r TIL Tr OW sci . ftg Jun 58 6d1, Effect of Deoxidation with Alumicum Upon the Irreversible Temper Brittlenean of Structural. Alloy Steelsj, by E. 4. okolkov et alo 5 HUSSLU,, per,. FiziM Metallov I Metal.].ovedenle., Vol I. No 2. 1955, PP 366-367. Brutcher Tr 3743 Sci - MinerMs/Metals., ebwww6ry Jun 1956 "Phe SIIvi.intvre of the Grain Boundarit.-a and "he H,~ai' t~csistance of Auatenitic Steel, by R. VI. SoIcalkov. RUSSIM, per., Metallov i Obra Wtallov,, No 3.1, 1958, pp 19-25. DBIR M 2947 19ci Aug 61 /, /V -31 /.,~ / 11 - A "'IFAIPH III ~j lit [I., I I,, 11111 r 1,J11 I q.111 I If I fjj I I p Ff I I jItIoll~Zi ~ P, MAPii I affect or high tem-p-ratim-e thermcmi~,-; on the fine, crystal, structure of austavitic siCeele and alloys By Y . 0. Lozinskiy., Ye. N. Sokolko 6 Op. L~ PIM.SIAN, per.. Piz Fetal i Metallov, Vol XTIT, No 11 1962. pp Sci. A ug 63 Coiacemlng the Tendancy a Wtal s lbwa--d Brittle Fractim., by M. M- Elhteynberg,, Ye. N. sakna(yv, M. N. Varakslna, 10 pp. XMIARp perj Trudy Ural lakqp Politeld, lutp Sb 68, 1958j, pp 54-58. ATIa N3L-"S/ln sei - WR -,~4 ///, '70, Apr 61 / " - 10-404---," 11 'lily HVIII? I I s ~11'tl I I I I !I I I ill I r fill'"I IMw. 'I r 1 511' 1 q4, .-.-I ~, l , Tbs 1 11 1111 1 1 d a Sysum of toome to ftotal mo".V~k xvm An AAMPM 41 41 aila" Class W4 W44 a AVO Tzm LVAMM" %V=Istorized AnOog-Digital Convoet-ex, by JjI,I Sokolaicako 24 IV* 0OV3MM' USS (MY CZHM,p perj, Maboproudy Cbtw,, Vol XMIO Vo 6, 2962s PP 317-326. JM 16149 Sol - MW Nov 62 .217, bll by and Sc."L r m Ce 1)CC (2-DD 20936) Continuous Operation Apparatus for Procensing of Coriandor Seeds for Essential Oil,-b"....P. Sokollja~~'p 10 pp. RUSSIAN,, mo per, Yboldboyno-Zhirovayn Prom, Ito, 9,, Moscov, Sep 1953s pp 18-20. crA/FDD/U-WIB USSR Economic - Techniqu*9 ion Or 1-e-tbjxvx~ -by~~ Taukervanik, H. D. SokolnLkora;, 3 pp. Full tralmlation. RUSSXAN,v mo pw Zhw Obabob Xhlmv Vol X=,, No 19549 PP 11&35-3-438- CIA C 41477 CmaultAnu Scientific - Cbadwbry Alm- 56 CTi;/&m The Effect of Supersonic 7-faves on the Solidification of ;'_~Dlten Meta-Is, 3 pp. TJI,7f' 1. , TM ,LkF,ST- per, Actan P~qsicochirdca U.R.S.S., Vol J11j, 'No 6. R.T.P. Translation No 2568 Issued by ?AiiUstry of Bk Yo 3192 Aircraft Prmiuction CO 51`/-.3 3, / ) ?"'t i I ~~, ;-b-' Practical Appliestionn of the Dif frwtiaa of LI&M on Superawle Wwme; by S. J@ Salcaoff P. GERNOt perp Phyalkslisebe Zeltwliriftj. 3935s Vol =Ms No 4m, Vp 142-1w~. SLA 59-176ft sai Feb 60 ~r/y Vol 2# No 10 OnA the _Cni-nitic Intr,-*-qi-r-MF bytV. F. Eiokoloff~, 9 ~ R ROSIAR., perp Geekhimiyajo Vol '111, 1956,, 11v 7-1-77. MA R-2m siA F-M72 sci Aug 58 ill 14:0 1111 ill if' Ili ply UrIll [KIP111 14,1141115IRF14 1".."41 V V, I Wrl 11 Tke to Now SM W&S AtftsvWo by A. 3 pt. ASIM I m --- H - no 70 104 FOR Sd Fab The Syntlasis of So= C ~--Cjg Cycloboxane HemologS I&Lcb Hwe L~i~vauwtrlc Beat of CamblatiMp by 1b. S. Oftlawsp M. P, fteb~!M P T No m9ams !~!!Ils V"S" -_-_ a 16 FAMIN XhIm i m omwbk - ua us 1b 60 19602 rp UAC-IdA. sai -, Cbm 2 mar 62 Um Effects of Ultremonle Irr&Uatirwi on Alij~410,;J.c 'zdz , ti -,- It o Acid3,, by 14 E. W-piur =! .b V. OtAMO - pp 3.90-.196,p. p ftrown Imt Sc i - Med Feb 59 Y/I (P/ 4 / ~'~ Experimental lwastigation of the Rwrjw blotri- bution of Field-Blectrcm from US Slv6le (Irystolio, by go F* SbOberbdkOV aw r. L. 8OkDl'9ks" . 0 64,ap. RWIAN,, perj Fl Trerdogo Telap Vol r1r., No 12p 1962, iv. 3526-3;36. Awr Tmt of fts 8m phys - Baud st4to Val IV 2 no 12 Sol ion 63 Speech at CPSU CC Plen=, by.S(IkclLcrv. EUSSIAN, np, Pravda, 24 Nov 1962. FBIS WIRES USSR Pol i)e c 62 9 INIMMORP THE ROAM AM FWM V WnV ILAVU)4611ioy - SONKWO 2 pro. WUIAN* W* POWNio t AN 1963o F 9- too PAT 63 Repsold Renwalble Penftlum OscillsUou Gbservald=s CerrIed Cut at Pulkovo and Paris in 3.893-1894, W FMZM.. yw.. z3plwd, imperat"811W 0-covaticheakag6 Obabehestva po Obehchey Gswati.t., Val MC4 No 2.. 180* pr 1-78. A= Uam 7, Geog Accelerat=8 Mm Qutmtun BtfOcts wv IMIUjdzdp b7 A. Bolw3.070 1. me frolmms 00 xe PP* RMIANI mo Nor$ Zbor ZkPW I leamt M WM# Vol =,t &ug IWO VP "94M. Amor ZWIA sorm lival" =0 Vol ITS lb it Reasiving and TrwwmittUM LutaUirtionto Of ftlio- Relay Coc=uaication Li=sp by A. Sokolmrp 12 pp, MMUN.. per.. ftftoj,,,Xo 5j, 1953s pp 10-13. ATIC r-TS-ft52 Scieftific - glectrwics CIA 2523115 1.~'r a '? :2 J* Ifsn-a:;urlr-g the I'lloise Beasitiv:Lty of Um~ Oy A. Sol~~olovj - 4 pp. UrlerrsaiF I IMSSIA, Peri. ReAio.. No lo., 1953j, PP 110.p 411- ATXC F-Ta-83w; Scien't,ific - Eloctronica / Y, 371 ATIC 15443k-AA ~.. by R. Kaprelyan, A. SoXolov, 5 pp. RUSSMi. Parp Aviatsiya I Nosm=avtDm., no U., 1963. 96893P1 1 - IF-LD-BN63-4 SOL - .2 At? Of/ I "el illov 63 UrAEL12" to No* w A* FAMMS mold NAM 1 70MO6 As It JO&OO 35- I F" LOOM W ~ ~~*, W, 061 1 0'. 1~'- 1~ ~i. 4 wi 1FAM ., .$~ P-to, 0 mmou IP* Lon * 0 I 4m 1"309 (DQ-3645). The current CoUeative Yam Trend In .thto USSR j~ by A. Sokaov, 5 pp. v RUSSD30 pe"o ', Partly"Ya Zbl='p No e, Jan 1960, Pp 42-45. im 3153 Usm // v /l/s scon x Apr 60 A. A - SdWIGV - quantum Theory Of t1w ClONIM llsctrccP I- zhusel IMSISSNEft'" I "Oret-0 lms"".. pw# lebookol Flzw Vol 23p JqWp pp b32 rr- NASA TreirM113; Oct 72 1-1-11MA111 1FRI HIM H 1 11111 Effects of Temperature and Sterilization Tim on the Tr-jptophan Content In Beef, by A. J6 Sokolov. MSSIM parP larrogy Pitaniya, Val 21, No 4, lc_6P, PP 82:9. *MTS TT 71-51o24 Dee 71 The Wfect of lonL#Ixs IkU&tlcm on XtaW Plagod,p by As As Bokolmo 3 pps, Mums pwo ftvuww ematal I ftweliv Krovlj, Vol VTv lb 3, 196lo m U-M. w od Jul 62 XR,06M Lithogenic Soil Complexes in the Ooutheast~evn Part of the Kazakh Low-Ifill Plain, by y, II A. A. q2h2lo I. I. Xotin, %xff 5 yp. RUSSIA:R, per, Pochvovedeniye, No 10, 1960, pp 1-7. A M,133 Sci may 62 Tolie.ii Solonetz Complexes of 1--,be MVI(Ile Irtysh Rcz~lon, by A. A. Sokolov, R. fthanpeinovj N. L. Kotin, 9 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Pocbvovedeaiye, No 7, 196G, PP 32-42- AIBS Sci / 7 a, 6 ~~ 9~ oct 61 heterogemdty of the Cell viclace-ac Aerial Mycelium, P, A. Sokolov, 6 pp. Walls of Actinanycon by L. V. Kalslraitskiy, RUSSIATi, per, 14ikrobiologiya, I.Tol M., V.-D 1, 1961, rp 67-71. Sal ADS / I ~/ r ~ I oct 61 TMrA7ND(T Or PADIATION S1CWM BY HONDTRANSPLANTUION Or FUM AM FROOM WLEENr BY V. A. KVISo A. A. SOMMs It PP. RMIANr FERV NOITSIMATA WAHOMITAP VOL V1 I, ND lip 1961, PP 65-73. Jm 17%0 W - NO Im 63 29"VOW Calculatioa of Decay in '..j'aak Interactimise, by A. A. Sokolov, Yu. P. Ivjnovs 3 PF. PXS31A,14, per, Dok A I.Lwk SSSR, Physics Sections's Vol CLVII, ?Io 4-6, Aug 1964, pp 1096-1099. Aner Inst of Phys Sov Phys-Doklady Vol Us 110 8 sel 276,529 '~~r 6S On the Scattering of Transversely Polarimd Fermlons., by A. A. Sokolov2 K. M. Kolesnikova., 5 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Eksper L Teoret F:Lmo voi xwmi, No 6, ig6o, PP 1778-1785. AV Sov Fbye-JAT vol xi.. No 6 Sci mar 61 Hqu q jp, ".1, 4n In a 1,iolu, bi A -A 3u:WI-:)-;, P USSIA111, per,, Df-);c Ak Nauk 50'..'R, VQI 1960, PP 75-77 AIP Sov Phy,-,-DveaaJX Vol V, Idlo 2 Sci Nov i960 F ! I :!il p I I I .~ 111, 11 '1 w Quantum slectrodynamics. 1 and 2, by A. A. a0 yplp-vj_576 pp. RUSSIAN., bk, 1958. Axc Tr AW Sci - Phyn Jul 61 Ultra-microt=a on Conical Supports.. by L., S. Gelldin, A. A. Sokolov,, Ya. Tu. Nomiaearcha, 4 pp RUSSIM,. por, Taltologiyas, Vol n., so 3.. ig6o,. JPM 7666 Bei Feb 61 1,3 If f'77 Calculating the Basic Convection Stre= of Glass in Tank Furnaces, by A. A. Sokolov, 5 -pp. RUSSIAN, per, Steklo i Keramika, Vol =, No 4, 1962., PP 7-10- CB Sci jun 64 26o,oB8 soils of the CSOPIL-an imy]And,, Dy A. 14. Petfllim-p A. A* 30b;OIGV3 10 PY- iiussws Pero PmhvowAeniye: No Is 3952g, yp 20-27. OM 60-21831 FL 460 POT 190 US 3 a - r"- 0 / g -V /a 6l Dec 6o 7 Br-.~v.Loi- of Fer. ion spin L~j z as , -,..I ., a -L-stic P '. 1. 1.. 6 by A. A. Sokolov., IL M. KulallwULOYao 5 iv. per, == Eksper i Teoret Fiz, 'Vol XUYII'r# No 1., 1960, pp 165-171. Amer Inst ol' Phja sov Pbys - jLuM 701 xi, no I Sci Aug 6o A Simplified Calculation Kaythod tor a Trinw5i;otcx Amplifying Stag*9 by A. A. gololorp 4 P.1 BMW.. Porp Avtamt. L IZelkwwI&jP Vol X1171I.. No 12;, 1957.. PP 1136-1138- Inctru floe of A=r Sci Pab 6o /a,?- 702/ 7 S-5526 (IVC3174). Developam-at of !Vdroloa In tho Oincoo Republic I by j. A. SoIll-olov, 8 pp. HUSSUN, par, ;ict i Gid, Ito 91 1959, pp 116-49. JI MIA -L -1179 -11 Sci - Geo'v-'h~m' '~'t*eorclopty ,7, Feb 60 y I NJ a rbkl %wry of Los a RannXto CS tim WO-4 ow I - yougl, by A. A. ~~, 4 IV. MMW# pWp At= awnso W& SWO lb J&o %wool op Ar 06 i p 5a - Imamar ftp Alpr 59 Z ; .4 7s- Ulactronlac A=Iyttic Ralaucanp by A. A. 13talmler, V L, Alaksa&Grov. IT~MB,, per., lachmloa of th"uraromt, Xk~ p lkvy 2132ft-IOT scl - Blectrwdca MY 59 7he Excitation of Macroscopic Oscillations W QWmt= Fluctuationss, by A. A. Sokacrwv D. D. Ivanenko., I. X. TOZOOV, 4 pp. m=m, tkirice-m perp D* Ak Nwk S=j- Vol (ma, No 2, Nav-Dec 19%, vy 334- Awr Mwt ot Phys ft,w lpk~ VIDIrACIABOY111 VbI is ft 6 fti - Pbyalea Oct 57 The Problem of the Radiation of Ultra EL141t Velocity Electroas Moving in a Coru3taut Hwatic Field., by A. A. A. N. wateyev, 0 pp. RUSSIAN., mo per.9 2hw lku!r i Tooret Flup Vol XXX) So 1p Jan 195by pp 12b-135- Awr Lut oft Pb7slas V01 M, ND I Soviet pbyslasj, j3V sai - PbYsics J-//- Apr 57 C" /- w Danped Scottering of Spinleas Particlejap by A. A. Sokolov B K. Kerimovj, 5 yp. I MWIM,, perq Dak Ak Nauk SM,, Pbp See., vol cmis No 4. 1956,, pp 611- Amr Inut of Pbys Sm Pbp "DaklMy- Sc i - n" Vol I m, W 3J-6 J-7-11 Aug 57 The rMeory of the Electron F%eld Mmas In thw Pmsezxce of an External Medis",, by A. A. Sokolov, V. N. Taytovich.. 4 PPO RMIM., no pe3llp * poor 1 ftorat nip Vol =.' 5D 12 alau 195&V pp l3b-140. Amw Mut or PbW&I" VOI MO AD I sovIet Pbralcx# am sci - Pbysics Apr 57 CTO On Polarization- Bffecto-- - - . latJORI-01-ari Accelerated Mectronj by A. A. Soloolovj 5 pp. MWIMs uD per Sur Xkoper i Toomt nsp Vol XWj, 34 3.v 1956P PP 49JI78- Avor Mut of Vapics sawlet Pbwol"-JW Vol IV* Ib 3 - Sol - Pbysion ,e. MCI 5T i.ile itt"-,nLw-u Thuory vi: the RuEduting -Ov, by A. A. SokoloV, 1. 14. Ternov, 4 pp. RUMMj, bizo per, Zhur Eksper i Tearet Piz, Vol IUVIII.. Apr 1955., PP 431-436. ciA c hobtfo American Inst of Mkyalcu 57 last 55 St- Rew Tork 22 j, N. 1. Scientific - Physics 3 D&3AWcd xxoga circuits :rcc macuvcic Do Btag"p IW A. A. Sokolov We "A 0buio lpmp Afto 1 2%24MW&* VOI XM* Ib U,9 Vp "3-W. = fti 54 &AO a& Im Ow6m 7 A. A. Sokolov quontm Tb=y or the 01011ft Zlsctrcuo II- .-..& I Zbuxua mk__ - RMBIMI PWm ljp!!!ft .04 1 M!gret- ichaftol FI!IbL Vol 24, 1953s pp 249 ff- MA TE F 14.,451 Oct 72 (.FDD 25160) Prepare HiGhly Qualified Cadres of Physicists., by A. A. Sokolov,, 13 PP-, RUSSIAN, mo perp Vest Mookoy U Ber Fiz 1-[a~qt i Yestest Nauk$ Ho 12j, Moscow., Dee 1953, VP 9-13- crA/FM/U-7442 USSR Sci - Physics, general CTS 73 Oct 55 Ebtion of Fast Electrons in a Nagnat Ficido bit A. f.. Sokolovo, 1. H. Zarnov. Full translation. RUBSIM,, thrice-mo pers Dok Ak Nauk SMp Vol, =11p No 30 19532 p 537- 6 117/1 1~ My 137 X-r-- ~'-/y P--. Scientific - PbpIca CTS/ ma e 55 OXY02n-cezim Fhatotubuj, kCxloNf. . RWSIM,, per, ;lplrtrlrjlQr4tvQp no 6, 19.11171 pp 3-1-22. CFM TT &~-71453 sci Apr 67 _1M,0281 IT Circuits), by A. A. Sokoloy, 15 PP. RMSTAII, per, Blektrichestvo, No 10, 1950,, pp 72-83. CIA/FDD/7,-70 - Scientific - Electricity 7 6F11 CTS/DEX off b:,~' :It f