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Ga the Iveactivity of U-nmouranic Cbade (V). Oxi 'R,~;Isbion R"Butwen Reactivity of Ursnou.-mAc WAAMI UKJ Cond-itim of PrepamUon., by Rokuo Ukaji. JAPPST-93Z., per., Nipp= GenshirjoXu Cakkaiald., Vol 1:1, 1960, P-10 731-735. AM Tr-5072 sci - fmc-M jul 62 62-12072 Uk, ~~L It. .111d Karley-ima, 1. ANAETSIS 01; HYDROGEN FLUORIDE IN FLUORINE' 1. Ukazi, It. BY 1111' DIFIXG11tIC CONSI'Agl' ME-1,1101). ji96t) If. Kageyarna, 1. 7p. ' 111. ATS-50N56J Order fi om ATS $ 10. (XI A,rs-5ON56j IV. A,:s,)cIa1cdTvc:hniciI Scrvices, Inc., Fast Trans. of Nihon Genshiryoku Gakkaishi (japin) 1959, Orange, N. J. v. 1, no. 6, p. 359-362. DIESCRIPMRS: 'llydrogencompounds, *Fluorides, 'Fluorine, Dielectric.projvrties, Analysis. U ,;~ 4 (Chennistry- -Analytical, Tr, v. 7, no..10) Offi- f T.A.1-1 (FDD 2W58) Two-Stage Vaccine Therapy of Tmlarmia,, by L. C- mdmlovaj Btm Infekto ykh Bolfnykh, RUMIANs, bkt Leche mor-cows 1953,v pp 260-266. ciA/FDD Tr 4.74 USSR 4015- Sci - Medicine.. inf ectious diseases CTS 72/sep 55 Olivine Melilitite From the Dianmd-Bearing Diatrems m Anabar, By_A._K. gSb=QV,.. RUSSIAN, per, Dck Ak Nauk SSSR,, Earth Science Sectims, Vol CLIII, No 1-6, Nov, Dec 1963, pp Aner Geol Inst Sci Jul 65 61-23962 Uranc.". K. N". FEVERAL FECLJLlAII',I_.`lE5 IN T`,Ir FORMATION OF, I. Ugfinov, K. M. F~141.1.1_kllly AUREOLE'S OF TWE DISPERSION 11. TIElc; t4ateriall . . . OF ORE DEPOS!TS. [1961) lip. (I table onitEed)* III - Gealwgical Survey of Orde, fro. OTS SLA ~1- 69 61-23962 Canada Trans. frc-m mo.13. [Materialy po Gcu'trII 1%UURYKl Nllcstoro2~idcnii, rezrograffl. hlincraloZli i Ccokhimii) (Materials on tha Geology of Ore DLposits, Pt~zrq,xaphy, MIncralqFy and GcochcinisLry) [Moscow, 1959, 4Z,4p--I- DESCRIPTORS: *(Dres, Deposits, Geochemiscry, Rock. Geophysical prospecting. Mincrab, IYans- formations, Heavy elements, Separation, R&r* earth elements. Porozity. 'Diffusion, Density. (Earth Sciences --Geology, W. v. 7. no. 7) offi-I T-W-1 S-1... Formula-for-Calculating the Mean Velocity on a Vertical Line in the Presence of Ice, by V. V. Ukhanov. UNKNOWN. NLL M. 2453 Jan 62 , I Opt~--A,ql Absorption of Germanium and silicon Beyond the Main Absorption Rwirg Edge at High Teiq)eratures, by Yu. I. Ukhano~F' 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Fiz Tverdogo Tela, Vol III, No 7; 19061, PP 2105-2114. AIP Sov Phys - Solid State K Vol III, No 7 sci 201,0580 Jun 62 Investigatioa of the Temperature Dependence ox" the Electron Effective Mazz in Scmiconductoro, by Yu. I. !Rshin~, Yu. V. Mal'tsev, 6 pp. RUSSIAN,, per, Fiz Tverdogo Tela, Vol V., No 10., 1963, PP 2926-2934- Am3mr Inat of Phyn SOV Phyr; - Solid State Vol V, ITO 10 Sci 11ay 64 259,007 Modulation of infrared Radiation in Germanium at Lav Temperatures,, by Yu. I. Ukhanov, 2 pp. RUSSIAN, per., Zhur Tekh Fiz,, Vol XXVII., No 8, PP 1652-1654. Amer List of Phys Sov Phys-Tech Phys Vol 11, No Sci - Phys Jun 58 611" ;7sg* An Investigation of Induced Absorption of Infrared Radiation in Germanium Diodes, by Yu. I. 7 pp. RU&OLW,, per, Zhur Tekb F:Lz,, Vol XMIl., No 11., 1958, pp 24lo-2416. Amer Inst of Phys Sov Pbys - Tech Pbys Vol III, NO 3.1 Scl - phys Jul 59 /,W P, r7 I ~Ohe Frequency ReRponse of Germanium Diode M--dullator~-: to Infared radiation, by Yu. I. WKI'allov,, 3 19- RMSLU, per Zhur Tekh Fiz, Vol a"M v No 9, 1957 Pp 1950-1953. Amer Inst of Phys Sov Phys-Tech Phys Vol 11, No 9 Sci-Phys Jun 58 T7 L.L.Lect of Strong Electrical Field on Germanium Diode., by Yu. 1._UkhqMQ-v-,--q- G. Shul'man, 3 pp. RUSSL411, per, Zhur Tekh Fiz, Vol XXVII, No 11, 1957, pp 2507-2509. Amer Inst of Phyq Sov Phy13-Tech Phys Vol I!, No 11 Sci - Physics Jul 58 'Drl-3901 /5-5, Seasion on Present Problems of LexicolQgy aud Samasiology, by 14. 3, Ukhsnova.. 9 pp. 45,, par., Voprosy Yazkozr-nmiya, Vol X, VO 1, ,Tan/.Feb 1961; pp i6o-i64. Sci - Mac JOB 8132 vq~ Apr 61 A. New blethods of Modifying Artificial and Synthetic More, by ZI_._Vkbnov&l V. S. KLimenkov,j R. A. Marl'I ahlkwj ff. V. MLkboy3xw; B . The Relatim Befteen Artificial Silk and the Staple Fiber, by V. A. Usenko*s 15 pp. UNCIASS MISSIMY per~p Tekfftil Proms No ~j Sep 1954.. pp 11,, 3.2-1.6. W, /9' usm V. Economic G-2p WM 0-4445 my 55 CTOAM CMAIZWX4 of AUMM -$z a 2blu4nu Reactort tw a# aftori. ftw. 3.5 P. ,p Chead Tedn Vol 23p 1b U#- OOLMOZ4 pw 'gas SO am!-M~W~Olo ~ vo-IM ,,g . &,uca74- &I-Chem am 66 XrA9 Ph--n=enon of suppresolon, of Ismorphous- Reaction During Paorlasis.4 by A. F, -ILId4i ~j,_ pp HIMUN., pers Vest Ven i Dermp No 3.v 1952p PP 31-33. CIA 90040% Sal - Medicine Apr 1957 M/dm T*.v em a f m ,,, AlLon of EXU=03ay Abwxtwd Adno AcIda In COM ROGU# bv B* L Pat=M# 0- F-Umblmo 5 pp. =01"o Part risiol RM$tKdit Vol sp NO k# 1963ip pp 293-2903299- CB Bei Apr 64 254#2T0 PetZw and ~%-chanlsm of Mineral SubstaLuce Mament From Hoots to Abow-Gro=d PlAut Orgwe as E=mplifled by p32 Tmwport, by E. 1. Ratmer, T. A. Akimochkiwx S. F. W4-441j, 9 pp- RUSSIMp perj, Fiz Rutenly., Val Vl,, No l.. 1959., pp 3-12. Amer Inst of Bial Sci Sci - Biol 9 7, Sep 59 NEW POLYMERS AND THEIR USE IN-MACHINE BUILDINGy BY V. UKHINOV 5 PP. RIJSSIAE.'~ MA HINOSTROITELI, NO 9., 19'2,, S b 1 Pp 4o-41. JPRS 16556 USSR ECON DEc 62 217,303 (SF-1440) New Studies in SpectroscolW., by S- A. MdW .114,v 3 PP- Russm, per., vest Ak Nm* sam, No 3-1, 196o, mp 197-12B. im-45o6 Sci - pbys je-rq ~71 ~ 7 . ymy 61 Dotermin-ation of the Inditriduall Rydarwarl)(m Composition of Gasolines by the Combination Hathod. Cami=ication 3- Surakhau Gaeolinesp by M. A. r%a='USIqj.' G. S. Lanftberg, A. F. Plate, A~ L. Liber=n, E. A, Hikhaylovaj, P. A. ~ Br~tliraj M.- 1, Batx=; 5 - A - Molinj- T - F . Bu)Awva, G. 'A. Tara s a~a-Tw-ff RUSSIO,, bimo per Iz Ak Nauk SSM Obd2l Milm Ifauk, HO 2P 19540 vp 2784ML M& ~Dv 0 w Consultants IhIreau Scientific - 01mmistry OTS 67, Apr Amlysis of the Armatic-Componente of Ligroin-by Rawn Spectroscopys B. A. Kazanski,, 0. S. Lands- berg, V. T. A _U --- --- T. F. Bulanovs, A. L. Liber- man.. R. A. Mikbe A. Y. Plates Kh. S. Sterim, S. A. Ukholin .3 pp. RUSSAN., biso per, Iz Ak Sauk SM, Bar Fit, vol xvin, No 6, 1954, pp 7okqo6. ciA a 4o6a Co1mble Tech Tr Belentific - Pbysics 3 1j70- y Feb 56 CW/D3X DedcxrA--2~ the Caq-posil',ion a thu ln!Uvidwul ily&-GCETt)oao of Gazolln-ec by -.:;he Coz:biuation ccrplnlam~~ 5c Gozoll.W fr= Ebb-ft Pe"olaau, by D, A. G. S. 14"bergjp A. 47. PI!4~o2 P. A. Bazlx4inj L. Libark=j, E. A. ftUb'44novap 14. M.. G,, A. T-wasova,, S.-A. UtIolin., S. V. .7coonkop 32 P9.1 MISSTAII., b1= p--. Iz Ak R=% SSSR Mel ladm Fmiki, 1b % slop-oat 1950L.-Ii~ Nov 55 CrSS/D= Comwltsaru~s Mire= Determination of the Individual Hydrocarbon Compositiou of Gasolinea by the Combination Method. Cmmrunj~,Mtioli 4. Gasoline From Tuimazin Petroleump by B. A. KaZaWlqrs G. S. Landebergj As F. Plate* P. A. Bazhulin,, N. A. Mikhayloval A. L. Libermap 14. M. suallehinAkyp G. A. Thmovs., S. A.IUkholi P S. V. Vorookop 10 pp. FUU translation. RUBSIANO bimo per, Iz Ak Nauk Mj Mel XhIn NaWc No 3j, USSRP Wy4uii -1W . 09 ,p pp 456-W0 TUA Consultanta Bureau Scientific - Chemistry M 68/m1hy 55 ojjLv=Wcin,* a ftw Antibiotic Pxadueod, by AetluaM=s OlivoraUwUt by 0* F. Mtuaep R. S. MW 4m. WSMM perj, Aumumkiv voi. vnj, No 33 1962, pp :34-;6. mm 3.o.12-62 F*j a SW Dee 62 ~z 1210"3 1 isolation and Properties of the NevAntibiotic 323/58, Which Possesses Antitumor Actionp by Ye, B. RK:ruglyaky R. S. Ukholina, et al, 8 ppo RUSSIAN, per., Antibiotiki, Vol VII, No 7j, 1962~ PP 588-593. JM 15278 Sci - Med oct 6^,: a, 0 Me I.Y'letivylting EfCccts jIf JActi,-n=,ycctcr4 va Tobacco Mosaic Virtig, by- R., -S.- wi-ouna., 5 p-p. MMD-N,. per.. 1,Ukmbiol,. Vol XXMF 110 3., 1958,p -Dp 352-356. Amer Iwt of Biol 8ci Sai - Biology Feb 59 x x 7he VI-Aaglutlmtlon Test In the Magmatlo of the 4TWd Carfter S"tei, at by A. Ya. -ftoys . 5 VP. RUSSUNp per.. Zhur Mikrobldl Rptdeadolog I rhmmoblols Vol ]D=, so 2,- 1964 Im 54-57- pp Bel jun 62 2000518 Using Salt in Treating ClaM Solls for Ccuistructimi Under Winter Conditionss by S. IL !MgX* 17 pp. RUMIMs pars Iz Vyasthikh Ucheb Zavedl Stroltel Arkhitekturas So 117), 1959, pp 131-94. ACSI H-633o ID 2144839 USSR - Econ Jul 1960 Static Method of Studying Elastic Da- (I- "--/ formation of Ice, by S. B. Ukhov. RUSSIAi, per, Mertlotnyye lssledavanly~k, No 3, 1963, pp 354-361. *ACSI J-6356 *FSTC-11T-23-S98-68 Sci-Ear Sci Mar 69 ANew t%thod for the Isolation of I& A.. imric Acid from Mixtmms of Resin Acidsj, by I. I. Bardyshav., Xh. A, Cherchesp L. I. Ukbmj, 3 pp. RMSVM, per, Zbur Prik Kh1mp Vol M=j. No 1. 1958, pp 512-- Consultants Bweau Sai - Chem Apr 59 Acetylene Derivatives. Canwaication 150. ReterocZelic CcWounds. XM. The Syntbests of Heterocyclic Cwpounds. Containing a Coafta- sed 4-Piperidone Nva2ausp by I. N. Istarov.- L. I. movap V. A. RUA40kop 7 PP. RUSSUNj, b1so per# Zz Ak Nauk SM ' OWel KhIK Na gis No 39 NMY/Juii 1953j, UMp PP 49t5-505- CousultAnts Bureau Scientific - Chemistry CTS/M / A. V- 3L I .. Ow, l4mtbesiv and Stereo' rism of IT-Oxidma of the Dec8h4%l=qMlM2J= Oerlisal by Al. A, Ald=My pp" HUSSIM, per, Is Ak Umik S=jp OWal M2:Lm Fmkt lie 5s 1963., PP 838-&3- CD GrA My 64 M002h Neodbietic AcM - A Primary Acid of the Oleoresin of the Comm= Pine., by 1. 1., Bardyahavp V. Vo Kokbomekaya., L. ~TM., per,# Dok Ak Neuk SM,, Vol C)=.o No 4$ 1957.9 pp 65% 654. BMVM SOL - chemistry Jul 58 FWaft ACIM 32- Xwbm ot*-Segdale gad LO 1* Unk"16 3 a sp U XMWa VWp WN Obdwb Ofto Vol =Mm, go 2s, IMP vp %3-VA. ecd - Cbm Heterocyclic AvjaloZs of Corti cos terivi dr. 0 Oammaic-ation 1, Syntheses Based ou quinelone, by A. A. Akhreq, L, 1, Ukhaval 5 pp.~ RUSSIM6 par* lz AL IMauk !ZSR,, Otdal RlAiuliauk, NO 2, 19620 J)'" 5040.30P. Consultants zurumu .5c i Dec 62 21-301rdS Acetylene Derivatives. Co=mication 151. Reterocyclic Compounb. X&M. ftahesis of Polycyclic y-AmIno, Alcohols su4L Their ZatersF by X. N. lfazarov,, L. 1. Ukhamp V. A,, Rudemkop 13 RUSSIANs, bizo perp Zz Ak Nauk Rhin ' 29RI 1. Navc USBRO 1903P jM 742* 110 4j, 730 Con"Iftate Bweau Scientific - Chemistry Dw !01. MS / It 7 -dr-COK1 e- Ab'Mtic Azid - A pmrary Yiazin Acid of the 01coravin Of Tbe Cc-,-mon Pinc (Pinus Silvestrio), by 1. 1. Bcrayehev,, L- X.,jragja _.j, 2 pp. mzsm., tw~-Lcz!-w L)er., DDL- AX aSSR, 1101 M1,1 -40 1, Jul-Ain 1956, PP 09, 90- Consultants Dircau Oci - Ghzn D::c 57 Rescarelisa on Umaturated Oyc-U* nyfto=bmm a,-vd Tholl? Halogen Derivativws No Ao Domdus L. I, Mcvc~al 7 cf. the US-,4-2 Vckl E,711,t The Jamnal of Gonaml Obonlark 170 38, Mr 1951, pp 577 - 5W ftua'p 522)0 . camultants ow rack ri I usal .N-; Tonic Reflcxas in Dftn. Commim catio " TIM UncCn. ditionad Propria captive Tbaic Belflex First Daa%*ibedj .if by A. At Ukhtom5ki~, by E. P3 Kbeamvsa 4 PP6 RUSSM, per, byul Mmper Blol I Had,, Vol IUY,, No 2. 1958e PP IT-209 Consultants B=eeu Sci - Wd NOY 53 T7, ty Ivan Mikhall9vich 5echanov, by A - A - 2 w. ru F.-MSM, per, FIz.Zbur-SSSR In I. M. Secbpauov, Vol nvp E07-1, 195gj 1*- 117-118. Pergamon Inst Sci - MBd Jul 59 cza- Aut*mum or Trairling PrOCC&IMS by B. U. umnsdows PIMO;, Xo 2-3j, 02-0,5- ftt Of rub am malft sarvice Baram of aw 67 Synthesis of Eaters of So= Phosphin4a sad Phosphoric Acids,$ by B. A. Arbummo Ukhvatmo 4 ppo RUSSION pft# Zhur Obshch XhImp Val XXIKjj No 2,, 1959# pp 503-506- ConsultmAs Sci Apr 6o mg -0 23 Ow D--ceaaed Teacbar avA Rev Sc~ quee., by-Nakwic, Ukichiroj 21 pp. JAPAN=., mo per.. Bungei Shtmjtxj, Vol XXXITO, No 1, To4os Jan 1956s. Vp 110-121, .- c.TA/FDD u-8665 FE - JaVan AY 9 Bioemphic Aug 56 cTs/DEx -- -- - --- -- - - .I.. -- -. - . ill, - I i ", " !"""s !~110111 t.1 411 Permafrost Surveying (Manchuria 1943),, by Ukichiro Nakaya, 19 pp. UNUASS JAPAJOSE., per., Telon-Kagau!m, Vol 11,, 194% pp 119-128. 'r .QM Tr 482 Scientific - Geophysics UM/DEX /'/, 'u? Effect of Polymerization Conditions of Vinyl Acetate on the Branching of Polyvinyl Alcohol, by J. Ukida, R. Naito, T. Kominami, 10 pp. JAPAUSE, J Soc Chem Ind Japan, Vibl LVIII,, No 2, 1955, pp 128. SIA Tr 2476 ".r q - Sci - Chemistry -111~4 Sep 57 llr=hing Stnicture of PolyviWl Acetate; FolywrIzation of Vinyl TTImthyl Acetate in the Frosence of PolyvIVlacetate.. by Saburo Yuomoto.~ J44i Ukita., Thugio Kminmi, 14 pp. JAPANESE,, W., Munshl Kagakuj. Vol XXV.. No 142, 1957, pp 101 -106. SrA 60-18197 Bel, 9 17 *7 6 Vol 4, NO 10 RUKUJO., Tsuneshige UKITA, Ladawshin TAIRM.. Tonie TSUIUUj Akim KO-:qAKA I Shogo Sweening Test of tho Chemi0al Compounds UfAdh inhibit the Yoshida kscites &we=& in the Rat. 3-~Pagds Japanesejp Gsannp XL,, nos* 2p3j,4,* 19499 1AD-W Tmnslated at the National Inats. of Health Bethesdas, Md. Tsuneshige Rokujo Sadao IgucbI Tetsuzo Nishihars Aldra Tgounita Tadanoohin Ukita 7- Screening Test or the Chlemical Compounds Which Uhibit Yoshida Sa=cmap 4 pp. jApAmm, Gams vol 41, lo 2-3-4p Dec 1950, 91-92. "X-~-592 National Institutesof Health Bethesda, Maryland Rxecution of Twestu-ent P'l., 2 Goa, Or 'go .J=1 2-commy in 1961, by R. I-laeJa,-7,pp- POILIMp per, rdauto, Vol XIJI, lb 4, 1-962, PP 33-35- im 14186 POland Econ -7- a -3, 6r.2 j', i a C- 22- AtteMts at tba Thesupy of Neopleams wit], R-39., by A. Hadejazyk, A. Mdaj&-Boj-tjdew.Lcz, J. Zborzil,, per.. Zo,%,ot-.oW.. Vol =., No 2.. 3.94;9, pp 157 -162. NM Tr 9-35-60 Sai - PbWa Nor 60 115.1, .3 To Fesu--- the Training of Bmeders andl Sftd, bY A. As. OVW-,,. Fmrm,, pert Selek I SmIfnp Vol IWi So jp Jan/Feb 1959* pp 51j. 52. CYA qOhCQ6 Sol - Biology ju w ?, ~ / ~, 4/7 univerwa Prop-Twpe erwUe for Assembling a Ship's EM11 Structure., by D. P. Mw1ow -. RUSGUNj, Ver, SadostrMvxdya, Vol MMI~p no 7, L961, P ZZ M 3924 Sai - aw mr 63 Electrodes for the Welding of Chrow-MolylAauum Steels by 0. A. UkdUm. RMIM,j pers 6varochnoo Proizvofttvo,, UFO 7, 1955., pp 2546. 446/ Bmtehor Tr NO 3681 $1.85 scientific - mwubtau mw 56 CO/M Electrodes for tba Welding of Acid-Cesidtirle Steels.. by G. A. Ukolov. RUSSIAN, per.. AvtamticheskaM SverA2,, Vol VI., No 3o, 1953, pp 46-49. Brutcher Tr 3166 Scientific - Minerala/IL-taia Price $1.80 Nov 53--CTS Apparatus for Measuring the Blood Prothrombin Time, by m. A. I~Solqya; 3 PP - RUSSIAN., per2 Fiziol Zhur SSSR imeni I. M. Sechenova, vol nvii) No 4, 1961. IKLsevier Pub Co Sci oct 62 214,050 A n Fmnsrimnntal Few-vozis dun to jaclp~ c:l' S.1 N-111 z. -.9 by M, A. Ukolov--- g 4 p. FULOS7PH, per, Byul &L"er Bio 1,L-d,, 1959, 5j~ P-P 113~116- CB Sci Jan 6o Changec in the Bui'ver CkNpacit-j of the Tis!:-mas DarLig, End-n-rine Diso--ders an& iM:mth of Tim-ca-s, L,,! M. A. Uzolmma; 1~ Kh- 3 P-,- RUSSIM; per., Byul Mrapar Blo! i Irzip Vol XLDk*p No L" 1960., Dp 57-59. OB Sai - Dee 6o Thrombo%inase Activity of Tizaues In Variouri En.,Iocrina Disorders anB In Tumor Grovtbs, by .4. A. Molam, G. A. LeotYc-lyeva, It pr. 1 RUSSIM, per, Byul Eksper Siol i Mad,, Vol XL:CX, NO 3s 1960., pp 26-29. OB Sci nov 60 On t41z*_-- Coordi"eueun Chaapr, in the Blood of the Brain ania-113--tremit4 Mich Occl= Dwix;j Process of -TsUing Aaleepp by M. A. Ukolovft., "fu, H. Bordytwhkov., .4 pp. MWVM~ per; BvU Eksper Biol, L Wd; Vol XTX~T: Z0 9, 1957., pp 24-26. Conmiltants Buremi JU 58 RUSSIAU; r--v; ZhLw klaorj3 Milm., Vol 112 Va 9,p V-7 Copt SIF C-, 0, Dw- Hot--y bil.66wit'n ",I Bur oT Btar.,darchi '59 (Ily--woo) Ebadera in goaferrous Met&Uurgy, by I. Zabelyehinakly, 14- 1 yx 6 pp. -j.k,r.WLmn , RMM, up, Ekcm Gazetat T Apr 1961. JM 10287 USSR / ;72, EQ= nov 61 Field Germination and Seedling Survival of Perennial Forage Grasses in the Steppe Zone, by V. T. T,,x ~insk~y, 8 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Sovet Agronomiya, Vol XI, No 3, 1953, pp 48-54. 9o67311 OTS 60-51047 PL-48o Sci - Biol oct 62 214,837 PST.325 61-22106 Ukratnskiy, Yu. M., Novoselova, A. V., and - Simanov, Yu. P. 1 1. Tellurfurn-vanadium allo3,s-- INVESnGA`nON OF TNE VANADIUM M.LURIUM Phase studies SYSni?,L [1961] 7p. 9 refs. 1. Ukrains)dy, Yu. M. Order from MDF $4.50 MDF U-103 U. Novoselova, A. V. III. StmamN, Yu. P. Trans. of N[auchnyye] D(oklady] Vfyssbejr] Sh[koly]. rV- MDF U-LO3 Khim[lya] i Khimficheskayal Tekh[nologlya] (USSR) V. Friedm=6 Alorris IX, Inc., 1959, no. I, p. 62-66. West Newton, Mass. (MC,Lnurgy, TT, v. no. A Study of the by~ Yu. ta.-Ukrainskiy, A. V. Novoselova, Yu. P. 6-imanov. RUSSIA."T, p~r, Zhur Hcorgan Khim., Vol IV,, No 11 1959) pp !48-152. The Cleaver-Me Presa Ltd Sci - Chem jan 6o w~ -cte I)Jvaectic or the ketairarrphaais !atc: n. TVhzra-iui~oa~-.~ 1-6 ll:j" pk~r., Kcr ial-., wo 13, 196(", jims. ITSM Fol / o", 9, 25 Hov 60 ........... The Flamm I C444dft U"jofli; ON VA004 by IL MAO, Tw COWCEKS two"TION IN CYWMICS,p i6 RMI AN PgR mN2250 scl MAY 63 M,ztrac'uion oz' "-Ticrowiourrbs of Caritua Fron lJ'u:,.,Oc Acid Solutions With Dil- md Monaisoamyl Eat-ers of ,,:ethyl-ohos,ob-oui, c Acid., by E. V. Mki-aintoev., 7-11. F. 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