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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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Colmbla Avalts ChAttim UmWracy WIVe for the Poor and Domtmadeux by JMMM QQTTO-~p 6 pp. ... ... GOVZRSM MM WILY SPAXMp mV.. Pmblo y Libertedp Jan 2.966, Va. JPFG w0 low 'IA-Colmbis POI mar 66 20..958 ColaMa Awaits Marlstim bm*MKT 1111vo- for the Poor *ad UmatroMms by Jouler cormdorl 6 pp. Gana" i mi VM OLT IWAWW# up# Zrb Jim IJO(Ap lpop.. 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JFRS GW 2686 sci-;ioeru couvarvion (tion-Elropulaive.,I) jan 63 311#10 j,90q, Sam AspWts of Subvenden in Porta~ Guinme ~v lals FavnsrAo Mae Cwmda ft Qmu4 9 ppo KMWUEU~ Usbcm- Ap,-Jaa 1968a pp 125-147. "9ffw,,l*qft Oulw Possible Relations Between the Ststo *:f Preservation of Visible Compauents of Organic Matter, by 14. Correia. FRENCH, per Revue do I'lust Framesis 4m Petrole ot Lualos des Zom5uMMM's, LiquIaoss Vol 22. Ro 9. I99r,-p-p-IT8S- 13U6. NTC 69-10920-OBG Scl-Rar Sci Ifty 69 3821,J43 of CrIltiloTe. ty 1', Correns, .1. O"Itant. 1-.or, Faserforcsh Tax-tTech, VIDI 1111, -'Cl IT. CIAIIO/Ivo OS71 July 69 11 - - - - - - - - - - pril,44nz Toa-d~ mil roaxl:lc chmvewdwlim oZ tia Hypmcnic CivU Trampofts, bV V * GmuilitiL. r;.Vw:jp Mts ll,~ .3 g& ~-Wj Wlig'Jigil. 1111, AM, 740MV5 cm UMIM F&UNIP ZZRZCMP -2X7v 53 v.? '.ASA ,qCd Due 68 pri.Apal TacbnIcal and Emoodle MOMUNILUO.CM of the Wperoxdc civil ftwupowtj, by Vince= coammu. 65 99. ij Bla =1 Yao &am!gQo-ftL-.C.3%A 3PVT7#, 53 5- Ma TT F420470 WE= Mon ion 70 399,010 V -ce-t First Two Ycara of Presidontial Comicil. Brir,g Relativa Stability, b7 VinoWrt 00MOZO, 7 PlI.3. FRP.TC!-',, por., Croissanco dos Tei.-mom Fixt-101an, Paris$ I-TaT 7r# rP TZ170 JPRS 56334 JU2 72 I zv ;,lou rgLvitv ~ "Slavvmts in tho jafao-~ ivritiols, bY ":Orrcm, t lAr, ~~.,Iwdus do VAWCOWIVA" 4,ciwcft a t-_ -4-iiiin"Zo, Sits 01 2u+l b~off U.- pp A,-r ;Avtim :;XpQrj*Asmtja G:Jvil Dallarlds 112an by mw Can%" DRVIIA4 pp. SFAMSB* PWO jam pp qVIeRs 4.%916 LA Cdo Hn A at zg 362.&Q llvuts,., :0-17. .... I. ..... HaDgamse in the Seaflooc Dep"Woms at %be MortharD So", by T, U CotW*ova, RUSSUM, somp Hams-Itow" ftstwo-abdW441A 019 pp Dept of Laterioc SCOW A-374%rch 1970-No 40 On Loan 0 o C, v '41 ScL-Bah Jww 70 41-o .. )ral&al ot by Corso. 6 pp. fit`.am, newapapor, p. 7, amd 10 Jan 68, JAS 44,306 L-*AVcAezvel&) 111011tical ?*b 6a %~J- SIA10, 9 jall 6a, r. 7. MIN 174 CORT, J. H. New phenomen in the vicinity af tbdi Calactic centre. I . .!- . I Symp.Int.Astron. Union, 29th, Byurakan, 1966.pp.41-5. (CSIRO/No. 10231) ~ - i -1 V, I -~ .. ..... Electrolytes,, Fluid Dynwdc3 and Vie Neuvous System, by J. If. Cort. CZECH, bk, l%S, 228 pp, NLL (Academic Press, London) -/ . --Iq. C'6-~ Sept 67 341,0301 Julio cortarAr Adds digs by JUUO WAAZ4.rp 7 Pitts [-rv Y,*&*-* tO Pro and Can of Pa&M Poetry Awild AvesisOlUde 11,2(j tv 4hdic Cortasary It ppe 0., , spAalUt pwv ftft ScatevIftop 25 Apr 9,969# pp 16-18. JPRS 48104 ju"k,o LA-Urugmy poll Jun 69 3W9196 USg of tile HoUto Carlo Method to SqJWO hiditaIN, PclaUan Problous by Go COTU110"as (3o VaJN*,hk* ITALIMO rpto Laboratold A Fr5ros. per loss 9232 .717 ALC GML-tr-1100 L sci/Physics of an Alurial -hotocra,,vh In .ormc-~. ami COrton. 17A A"', per, Aldnessix3a WwAle-Immiki, AM. Ltc 1.~67j'-Pp 191-19130 I L, 22,AO061 a- -'al - -eth wVJ ~'quip .ar 62 Hemodynamic Aspects of the Goronary CIrcalixtion, Part II, Effoct of AngLotensin, by C, Cor"*uird., It^ ITALIAN, per, QgMdA)J, 4111a -MLMF_d t Vol 17o Ito 5. 1967P py 541-547o NTC-71-11352-060 Nov 71 Autcmealam cC CmbmaUcm :Lu Stmoi GOWMt=43 of Largn Paim? SWIMS. FRmeir, par, nevue amanils do Th!ndjzo~ 11011, 9.0 1970j, re 573-, - = r,.-14oa:r-.Ice Nov 72 ititomittion j,,avjjj)jLgtj.on In Sitenmi Gen.- ,irnl,orv c-,f L,lllzqril, Power StatLolnap I'Ilr CM=nisto Asic Aid In 14im1mg Poplar UMWfi-~ =at-* tw lxds c4nalme 7 pp, SPAKSHg np# '4mtia~h 13 F" 196% !p 12., ~PU 47o657 .~Uj s (~fG k IA-Chne POI AVr 69 378*2?6 ccco=uz !Ammur Dmomoto AGSA~Ucwry cenanIMC7. k0, Luis Cov"Ithe 7 J;*.')2,';:; 52~32 aijwm CT Sect etary- (lonem I 44drOSOMIt SagdIbli-o by zals catValan, 9 pp. SPIPMSHI par& El gly.1g, SautlWo 3 W11 t4p P. 7. A-R.S. 45,459 LA(Mi I*) I-olitical I"ay 66 by lals i-orv*lAm. C, lip. AAI op.,j o- a ti .ha 613 L~4 6OCrOtAr3r CMMMI Of (;bilWM CP CAAWAMIP DUU410 of InaUtuto for ~srxivt stiarilea in a44l*~ 14Y Ltda Cmvv&]ALa L, 7 pp. SPAkWi~, pcrr# jj,´┐ŻAj"& 13 AVg 1967y 1)1~ 6-7* JPM Lipchue CoXotL POI 1LAot 67 j., cillie occrotmi"j camral au t;x, 3rd C - --. ass, by Ljiv C >rtralunj 5 j1h). ner Sploululdly np,, Pripplpia lb U3, kv/JunD 1XY.~, ",.. il4-32,3. JPBS 36716 LA-Chile P-31 c 133 .'empt 66 -cf;,kVIN P G ~: SVifi-CK SIMUL4TION VITM SULIO PlAtTFP C CiM,?,'.JST ICN CHAALEKS PPOCrzELli--~;S (IF THE THIPD INTERNATIUN-AL SYMPUS IUM, Jj,4 IAIL ITAkY APPLICATIUN 565-73 Analysis of Connecting Problems in thm Case of ftotonic Hissing, by Ualxt Coryo 6 pp. 4eexeAWNBOAM, part Cam tea Randus, vol 260 40 _W7 1969, pp. 985 9 CIA X-7248 ~-f ai , OL I Jun 70 PvqpvtSm ~Of u0 samhbwkz- #06ma 09, jjm~- ININO, VMS f""Ve newask I& a RuNd it 01110A - 1114ft 4illf N. 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Mex.), from 154q!~, Anaesth. $cand., 21 Suppl.: 69-85(L970). 2014p. 24Dep. NTIS. 24biomed, translations =06 2SMN-48 2,13 NSA 1 1,1-1 COSNEANU, C. and others. On the manufacture. of stee plant ingot moulds of spheroidal graphite cabVi0ob. 11 1. Metalurgia 20(9):5Z7-32 (1968) (ORL/T. 4,060x~ &'tudies About the Custing of Ingot IWU1418 in Nodular Iron, by C. Cosne-anu, PIMANIAN, rer I lVeta I urg la-- (Bucharest );m Val 20" .No 9, 1968, ;lp 5Z7-532, *111; 7691 5 A ti k, 14"Usmm or AxtomdAlaq tor 33 Iwo RUPARIM: pw# AKIO 12" Ja -ftali# 110 oo a" 2967 IPP 214% im 43512 n-Romm" so* co5oyafv(,k, DOO 67 Report on Marketing of Peanut Crop Olvon, by AlCino L. da Costa; 14 pp, FPXME,, npa Le Solellp DaRars 29 D400 73.1 'Doe 711 P bl 4 Jan 72, p 4; 5 An 72, ' 051 p k Jan 72v v 5v JPRS 55229 Mar 72 . ....... ............ . . --incral Layout of t1ka ColAtrul I'lYIIIAM, U043f the LD Precous, Ly G. SCMla &nlJ 11. CO-AUk ITALTU, pwir. Mitt. Ital. , Vol 1~1, IMMr. 1164, i-r 97-WE. sl 7842 Jan 71 Owwal Loymt of the Cvatrd &rAom fm Abe LD ProoWas by 0, reaft ad B, 0"U, ITALMs pwp DOAJDALU %161# ttlm~ 1,911or Ipp 97-110. 3M 7642 E*b 71 liriv-, iiour of Flavio PcaTuan2.L-, Janeiro, 24 44,736 ,,Jationa-l urUty, -py per, llaricliat4o Alic, do rob ca, -ip. 1313-1`19. Uir az il .--:olitical iiax er, 68 Arlcz~!Ya.vtoeia cmd AdenorTjor,"cr of tha by Cosmamni, G, Costa, F., 12 rp. ITALLIff, par, -Vine2va Ild 1907, pp 3805-3810 Dept; of IlavylMS 2577 Apr 71 --~i AL- JITII----~ ftsults or th-*:L97o Coamliol,fir z da Costao ~Iio de, Jouelvaii, 12- "W, I PIPI DaterMInatUn CC the CWW Viadvat tMI&I pro&wtlm by Dr* Owaft costaftem 29 pipl, ,Svmft~ I wo am A aud" Vol M-V 19my w r.$-Mp mia hrm pp. M.ft=M" so= ftt or Again (1293) C .:ra 6ER I-Irst Davel upxwt oage of 14uoml DAAI prooessim --yetsm ~)Aulnodq bV Us CONWI(so 14 Fp* RUMKWO PWO M21k,"I IL Emmuld do do 09 gowfulb pp 29,-330 JFRS 5D534 A/ hv-~~ Eam fty ?o 4. 6a-atall-tz~,~,v Crystallisation of mixtures of Paraffin and Residual Petroleum Fraetionsp by 09 Costantinideso ITALIAN$ parp Ri'v4sta d agnbUMAIWIN Val 23v No 11v 1969p pp 541-550 STO 72-12145-070 July 72 SuperhJzb~~ and datarwfiqs In ItlaV "d JA k.urapes tw J. costangq, 14 pp. v LALJA;it We Jan-Feb 1968y Ou ui 798-68 Oct 60 36(4?14 raullpnia IVOPWWWO ft.u.."Y"Buw owl to wwrosaso bv SAMM 404 0 -.m FMM& INW. Sm a d du-- Ostoo-ArUMILIM# VIOL.32# lb*]LDp spal M."10,9650 SLAOM-66-32W DO ~,. Avg 66 MOW Fmblens in the imtroftatitin or 5*04-alkot 'law&lmtln Alvicata's In Parnmd", IV C~ cbstos. 10 pp, RVANIAN. per, ft"ida p X, ria 0" Aug 1966. W,. 434-433. ims 39M ion 67 Is ~C! 2 m T)p 1 A], Paw lhoxc lilt Oct 71 -1, Uwaures tO FUMU U16 1%6 P2W In WUMML -