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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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Aluminum Alley Rosiveftb in the USSR9 'by go, No qk Fridlyandors 430 ppi, RMIANO bkq Alyw1alywM* Splavy# V"vtok 4j, Zhar"rach"m I roub"re 9ptMe SO 40 19"g pp 3-3S2, MRS $7345 Sci - materials A Sui::t*r HaUmatics &Olml on fRiUmAin of Solving Problem of Coikmter Propvwidq~j by As A. P*ld=n 00d K. Up DU%OVIChs VP* MWVX,, per.. 9-m- ft $.4w Ls YAtO4Y. No 2j, Jas-ftb 19Wp IA!>-, MW set.w/w Apr 66 -rrjc Ilitc:,,actiull of 4'ijtrvZcn with ;'Viten Alloyli of Types 1-1617, UP220 and LPIOVO by A. C, l7rililllzloi. Ptk,61A.N, per, lavoo VUZ Cherne ]let*# 7, 1968, pl) 49-51. DISI 6687 -7 /-/, (-, I . / il SeWiat I'my 69 U29409 Ts tA an c- a & tt. frMIMM, Mau-130 vorp 'Jail hot ro 41D,vitt aP, C,=.vm MW 71 Similarity Requirements for 1,1odelinj Purso Seines, by A. L. Fridwan. RUSSIAN, per, Rybnoe Khoz, Vol 45 1969, pp 50-52. *Dept of Interior Bureau of Commercial Fisheries branch of Foreign PLsheries Sci-Moch Apr 69 IU ApplimtIon of drAUrlty iWmdo to '100 DesIM of FlabdM tquipMato, IV A* Le IAIlM*U* Ims PWO Vol 40 310 a iv.u5j aftaLROMMOVA 1966, pp 48-50. Dept of latw1or I Ish and W124Ufo anvlm wo kmatt or Fe"A" Doo 67 A Ut MOMIt t collective ascillatioms of vpherW4 t ~1'y symetric rotating wais systems, 01i, Ipt RUSSIAN, Daldiad,r Akad. Kauk No 1, IST~i-' -Phi' NASA T-1 T 14,413 oct 72 t in this Smoothness of Fwxftwm In the Ko3 arm Superposition Thooramo I~y Be Le Fridmno RUSSUNI, part Dak Ak Nauk SSSR, Yck, V70 No 5v 19670 pp 1019-10220 Am Math SOO Val 81, No 6p 1967 8. L I FPI 'dn,4,V Doc 68 354s309 Upr---Mcwo za Alhf art* cc UA lto)owup btv, 111-0 Am UlAaftwom #ad Ve yat* 1, 6~ G Dow ktmm,p IWO cvs - -- - --- --- The aaactIca of awaa, x1ortwol "r 0' 60~1411 Irmodsiolmm's Nr 16, U.* 0*1 INSSMI, part T4 301# go, DO pl? 0 8221 ocri/mIst ----------- !~he luifu. Of 1--onytikedec-A coilipc-6ite, l.-ImmInja Incorucratintj Flcwj Control Llevvjita and. of '.!ozzles Used ag Control Fe-e-d lnwextm for the Continuous Casting of 5teel, Ii, Ya. .4 a, Vol 34, DI) 2 RLSSM 1, per, 22ne!? pot 19G9, p,;j 21-24. 143 7745 Sci-'.1at June 69 363,250 R.~ Aa Study of the Ifechanism of )L t)h Amination onart Iron (;at4l)npj:, NEFTEK111MIYA, Vol 12, Ho 11 NTC 73-lU342-07C --FF 'Locnamic "aTer" in A* ~Ctvhtr.,,,no .2vtdmono ppo (so 4 vl;'t 71 Now to !!atA Constructio-i Profitablei, try S. FrId-man. 11 pp. AUSSI,ill, per,Zkonomika Stroftellstr(It t.oacew, Frob 68, pp. 3-10. JV-~S USSR Zconomic April 6E. /I/,- - - e x - / .,e . Solub IlIt7 In the ::RLJ:002-*R,4R2 PO 4.9 20 Systsup by So Do F AUSSIANp per# lrl6qo4,mlh6,ftmlk, - 9 No 3v 1967v pp 206, ETC 72-10919-07D May 72 A- ~-p WWWOM *86W *r tin Cie"* " --,,o adr 0300 aw*uns Dam* In aw probatift at Vbomw* rabaft MS Alm tw an naboum RAMW6 Rmt conumom CMwdus Ma "to alowmy oC Wbon Kwanasp tw B. 3). yelawat A. T. TAK16 lb So WTS 61L AJ Itaratioa Process For 'IalvinZ a Fi*itoi- vimasicaal ccmtact Problan, by V, V+ pridi4m, Y, 5, ChernLna. RUSSIAN, pace Zhur Vrehio Hat i Hat 111,10 Val VII, Ho 1, 1147. -pp 16=133. kipt of havy 5417/APL/AiU T-2010 \~. V\ - v f1i CIO sci - Math set Jul 67 326*17-.3 I A *Uwd fbr plaLOUS C"M VWWjM*bU Safto"s by To* A* Pridne MUZANO ftbouts 283Wo als" 67 wymur-6-%b-6ft Sa-Mathode a &-utv Avg 68 0j -1/, < - C', d", JIV Investigation of Intr&mass VarLalolAkty of Atmospheric Aerosol. by Yu. S. Priduan, G. L. Shubov. RUSSIAN, per, Trad inivad Glavilly I Lon .~ a Geofiz Observavor!za, No 1106, 196,6~1. pp 99-102-. 1 AIR/PTD/NIT-24-356-68 J45 G Sci-Atmos Sci Apr 69 39U,371 Parameterization of Televislou Inallips of' Clouds on Digital Computers, by Yu. S. Fridean, Ye. V. GaIldle. RUSSIAN. per. Trudy Leningrad Glavita Geofiz Observatorlya, No 199-. 1966, pp 90-97. AIR/FTD/%T-2&-3S6-68 Sci-Atmos Sci Apr 69 30 tious of WorIA C3aA Owwp by INe So MdOM ANUM4 per* NO& Memo Vol 203, 19wo 0 UL ftfs 5828-%y Jay 6B -- i Parametrization of TelevIcion IaWs of 401"IDUM, ~ r noes on Digital Computers,, W We So Ftrlikunn dul V& Ye. Golvdlnv 9 pp, WSSIMS. P"J, Trudy 2kom 92034 ftsernagra, No. 1960 Mo 9D-9T# JPW 42b35 U S. Sei-Atmw Sol Aug 67 334M Influence of Conditioning and DrylmG upron the Strength Properties uf Paper and Wnixid..p by E. Fridoeri. GM-.MN, per, Textil Rund-schau, Vol 1, No 4, 1946, PP 105-122- GB/15 Sci - Jul 67 334,1: 1-1 adc~'Cr z I TwowdA 41311k Atatim pN -;44Db I)TO9 70 iQ The Ignitiou Probabilty on a Low.-Prolizuro Spark Cap in the Case of Voltage ROMOV011 After Current Loading, by W. Fria. GERMAN, per, Zeit Naturforsch, Vol 22s. 1967. pp 1980-19-8-r. NLL Ref: 9022,09 (4966) Sci-Elee Juno 69