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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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AG-a betw(wn the United Arab Haptiblic =d Slorm Loom., by )Wimoud RLYYndo 5 PP- Afb%BM,, up, &I.-JarLdn I:[, 23 J= r-967, 109 47-499, JPZP,, POI Apr 67 3210299 ,xpeditum umlects ~.ite for sataMtfa beervatoryo by W&jdL Ripkdho 5; pp. Awns npw A-mAkt!"t Catros 20 Feb 196go p 3, Scl-*SWo Tcab MY 69 t tla .1 as :r . )~. ~ .e .1 -x ~ I N~ Sow Criteria for tie Approximation of Nonlinear characteristics (DetarmInUtic lqputs)s. by 1. Ith. Itinkint 12 IV. RMIMr. rzrt. AM/FST6/JU-23-306-72 JUI7 72 'nw fiblonco of %M USSR& bjr A. Vs. Makik. S. H* Utwok. bk, IrbclivUco--fte!AtIch"k:ii Sal $l1=$ SUN Im"m Abi PPO MLL 34 30"0 4 SCI-M&M Jul 66 3"o498 ft"Uvout sud buiddW*Wp. %W Aoo PLIMP4 VQV ".mIs --- - --- - -- --- ---- - - u I')- C-) - pu7minmat"Myma stadr of Amul"s awag bly 4.6 lo X114malls. lNlOUl;5!jlllx'w* Pp fodo*= I&bKwwdall Vol 32, Ru M-4 (66A46) sdm4lw" IL, Z- X/,Z-O/ / am fq 34543M c lido b 6~! F* , -?I Pp ska MI-Su1j, Sof lei no 405,1 IL JPRS 17 RIZZI, S. L. Machines and installations. Technological evolution in machines dealing with leather manufacture. Cuoio Pelli 44RU:148-59 (1968) (CSIRO/No. 9858) , "I IV libuir Sintmet bv U. P. A=a. 10YUMMSE-0 W-01 M-.-ARD Vol 231i U67s P, )'2- ca 3"*350 Reduction of Iron Ore Cartain Solid Retauct&ats, PORTUGUESE, per. Met. pp 855-866. BISI 8905 1'\~~ . ~ '. Fines in Briquettes with by H. P. Rizzo, ABM, Vol 25, Nov., 1969, Y", \1Ai~) ~k ~) ~~s Vmc iiii li wu -Nato Spy g in Cxate, by Gessire Rizzoli. ITALIAN, np,, II Wss8994!rqj' 30 March M7. JPRs CSO: EC-115135 J-1939/67 Wl:ur - Xtaly Pol Jun 67 3262131 Vjl~ I- ill val 1.034 .40, 'Th" ~* luth Ism '003 'U* $0 IN 041-06 ion Lernels of ~;rectra of Fw-ilies of Operators, by V. S, hjabC.Oia~. RUSSIAN, per. Dok Ah Nauk sssn. Vol Iss, u0 2. 1969, pp 27S-277. 'rue An Math Soc %101 10, No 2, 1969 v I ; , i2j * P, B E (J ' K) '* ~ I Oct 69 3940137 Ue 0~~erator of Licuarfary Projection, by V. Riaben'ki.y. RUSSMI, t,crp ,Doh AL 114cul. SSSR, Vol ISS, Iso 3, 19690 pp 54211-s23. Thc Am flath S~~ Vol 108, 'No 2,, bIar-AjT 1%9 V (3 t5 nJ Oet 69 304,146 Algebrea witiaout Nilpotont L-IcQcnts, bv Ju. M. Rjrbtdiin. TIZUSSIAN, -y-or, Vok At, Uauk SSSR, Vol 187, %o 1, 1969, pp 43-46-. The Pit; Math Soc Vol 100, t4o, 4,, July-Aug 1969 ~_j ry-~ j 1) IB Jon 70 400,031 hir4p; I'Vithotat hil-potant Elowntss and Ccaplotely ldoajgqv ty V. A. Andrunaklevice Jug I JaIxIbIn. REMUM, D* Ak Vol 1800 LIO to fga- lquo pp 565--!~Zr.- The Amr linth Soo V,O:L go, k"0 34. 19M. ITL4 03t 6s. 366069 rA ~'Vaal all a ic 4)c Lk.,UIC! !cu ~xk "4-vz) 7i I Ma G 4 1%7o I-J*-2330 The Attack or Argwmic on the Basic Bricks in the ChequerworU of Glaso Furnace Regenerators, by P. H*lju.' FMCH$ per, Verm et Refractolres, Vol 23Y 1969., pp 201-205. NrC 72-1432"M Jan 73 P- u 0 Application of Differential Thermal Analysis to Class Research anti Technology, by J. Robredo. MMCHg per, YjMgs et Refractaires Vol 21, 1967, pp 539-549. RTC 71-14OW11B Feb 72 -~/ -11!~- 116 e- 4LI Magnetism and Rate of Chemical Reactionat by F. Figuairas Roca, FRENCRv perg, Agnalas aL-Ghjj" Vol 29, 1967# pp 255-261. IrM 72-10902-07D Xay 72 Producer-Bulked Yarnal by P. Rochas. FRENCH# pers Journess Injornation&le d'Etude deo Zilm Testaxem, Comptes RenAust 19690 pp 49-61 NTC 72-11327-11B June 72 Falymological Study of Sediments of the Continental Moatian and of the Upper Laad*aiaa in the Belgian Provinae of Hainaut# by go Roehoo PREMORP per* Vol 78g 1969p pp 111-145 NTC 72-12388-080 July 72 R. Rodmlus pasim Welding of Abndmm- 104-109. GERMS *' 9A AboinluMp Vol h2, 1966, pp I= '12-1 -13a- - - Ncmr 7P. A, RodowsM Transient Phenomena In the Nkrz-Type NaltipUer Clmuit After Firing the First Svitching Spu* Gap, GEMN, per, SahweiserAmbor Ilektx-oteebuilMAIX Veroln, Bull tin, Vol 60,p 1969, pp 37-" NO 72-60490-M s*pL 72 Characteristics of Naphthouic-Aronatic Aydroaarbone In the Oil Traction of Orgwde Natter Scattered in Rocks and Coales by K, 7, Rodionovae R'IYSSlkgp per# GaglowiY& Vol 11s No Sp 1967p pp 47-52. NTC 72-1079.4-07C Apr 72 7hs BmMdLUg of AMIce lmLth loomamed Rmdatance to lklkmxt Gas* by I., BDO~dmr and A Von* sabombom. 11 qw~ 9!0- luo. Val so an= Seab. 24o 1196T9 13P Z6-566. IrTc 'M-14133-02F Feb 72 , , , F 7 , - ~ ~.- ~: J,~TFI~ Chmical Reactions Under a Chroxato- Igrapbic Separation legines by S. Z. laglaskil. RUBBIANp per& Laheskays, No 8s 19630 pp 1321-1330, N?C 72-11217-07D May 72 ............ rio Zen--Mtolumge Sorbento Based no A4169 und Their Verivativeno 4 - 30 On Lbik Bwtwwim the MarsetwIsUes of a Cotalyst and Catalytic FAactIons, by V- A- Rolter. fussIms perp xxtaus I Zfttuli!!&=, No It. 1968.9 pp 17-25. VZC 72-14113-M pp, npa 1-taito 2"iyal. t:ja-at Old 353. - -Zmd ftnft*Ap In GulstftmIa$ tv clownte - - - - - - iftrroodn now,, s mp. OMMOM 90 OWAX 8 Mw 1965s, pp. 4 and MMMA MVP TA 60 JPIRB OW 9T3 La-Gaebmi"s ftl me 0) 2M539 F*NL+Iotlvtm ~of -ftttlema-le -f xvaci t - , r, IDEaled - -- M)aqoly'~, ty Onowto FArmquin Roan, 6 pp. owmivm~. On wx wmIM.# ups. 11! MMi, 3 Dft 1965, pp- 4-6- jims AS e tA New jen. 66 291-853 t Lonim or the ustjAnsa Idbemtlnn Fkmt is Guatemlap by Clemente rar=%Au Ibiao, ~ PPT GOVEM"M USE owx SPANM,p mps In 5 Apr 1966, j2W2 So 20Us. 2 W,j 2p 221 im GUO ilft AS UL-OU06tUMLIa Pol Jun 66 301p665 D~o .:A k~r jvwwuaav -by ftv=&-v 22 Jay 19710 Safth T30tnmm PW Fewcup Paul~ tr NoWta Hojes* 6 Igo SPL-Ollit 144 Waft Smans 11 An$ p 7. i"S iwzgg )-~~ 6L,~tez n-N liet P" Swt 169 /2 &4~) v 19699 3929249 31 Reporteirl's AterAmt of Susar itamts im Tun",wPuarto Padre Piwincej, by Conewla RoJass OPAMMU, vot LftEM Mantra V., 8. ipHs 36986 U-Cubs SeVt 66 Production Activ Region of Ortente 7 PP 3 Apr 1966, L) 311#133 Govwment, bgr ansWo Pbjes aidna, n ,A_* i3ocaul, 16 ar 19699 p 9* Pal Nw 69 381o426 Two Q-1,ex-rilla Groups Still in U;,intanoder, by Jalma IL-oja-s Urazona. 6 prp. 61"ANDAF, per, Rl Palms Cali, 27 March 63, IPP. 9, 21. JPR9 45,201 ,Nprl 1 48 355,941 .;kfacts ol oR AntiLbody Forisation, by 0., V. Rokhlin. SUSSEAN, per, R!* Ak Hauk SSSR, BL*l Sci. Vol WOO No 6, Jun 1968, pp 1476-1479. CB 0 - V- Jan 71 7 -77 Data* U mu f%" Can Chu, Fraq-.ze ITI-WIZULLO-un- ~as RDJ , 5 M, np, lagt rio, 6 july SPAMI _ _ 'ir. Pl)* M-Doolracan lWpublLc *-.on SL- pt 66 303,953 Fla U~2XZN AW UW4 to DWI' oppWitial cimlaw-al 1w Nwia nqmtiw IbAm. 9 W- C. animmir um ma gelomago vft~p SEME& 3 aw 190s pv- 2.4'-ZT- as CAIO "M I&C03mik" VOL ato C* ge4ha 01go-picaj, by Jamoa! Vollap Varta lbJes =d Luin I'ma.. -U PDT SPIMM, tv, 1 21 Apr 19W,. p. 9. 3507 , I M 0-)Z 7~ 0 ,0--s MoCubis pox Jus 66 3D3,196 Tacb-n-Ac-g-ical III.Stitlate., by f4artp~ &i3as, 5 P'p. CPAMSfl,p n-p. lGrama, 15 ftg igiZ,, p. 3.. JPBS 36307 I-A ON-ko- ~Z(3~ C~,-s IA-Cuba Sao Jal 66 306.,1127 'Ilirst 9) Vete:rinariim Diagnosticians Graduate.. bZr liarUn Rojasp 6 pp,! S.VMM.t no, 03ramn 30 Apr 1966p pa 4, JVIS 36307 C.'s 1A.Cubm oo S I j,Li 66 lbund MOle J31soun4m ffe2d cc ftaWmwo or 013ralme. In Work at 23mmeath Mbdica Cdagre" iftma ewjfttb lik"Ona Stmawas-dad Nm4U& 14r Havu "m ma ARM& AArlw= C034M)UP 9 VPO SPAWN6 mpg 25 Fob X9669 P- Ito, AM 3" 0 'OAJ L&-Cubik 960 low 66 C4-ntl.,~slori of 7th Plenary of ~-~atlanal -dueation Council in lbuss do Collantes, by j,.,arla Rojms, Oscar F, RaM and Vicents Cubillas, 7 SPANWI. np, Urarma,, 4 SaPt 196A. P,~ 3. PR.-!, 38064 Oct 60 3131455 hocal ilittority Prerm-as Its Repart T,) t4e People, by Varta R.)Jus, 6 pp. STAMM, np, Grai" 11 J-a3,v 1966, p. J. J! 3 Sept 66 Intin-vi.emr 1.~ GuatongloA GuOrrillast bY 1 .4 larla Tbjaa, 7 pp* * GOWUMN U53 OIW SAAMSTI, per* - Pbarda. i? VAr aA9(>?,, pp. IZ-17~, JPAIS) GLK) C CU Jun 325M4 A.;tn--,rity Is P-10:) 1..!.( Marta rb!~Aaz, 6 pp? ViFAMH -p nyp 15 'IMIS hi OL IA-Cliba Pol Sept Ek Like a juiy 1.)66, P.! L"Ip L14uJA EltzoWs P24mt Stwrte Oparstlow., by Podm lbj*A.. 5 Pp. WPAWM# r4p., falM 26 ftpt 196T# p. ll~ mis 43254 PE,C)RC) PC>Tns IJVtuba MOM Am 67 346*33.5 awsm usaverms%y sto6was got Free stv&,br IIFA r1 ; % bp Fodm Jbimmor 5; SPA0% Mb 31L hu po W, low UNA" 67 SF-- 4442 9 Nov 66 Cuba: Greatest Groith in Merchant MarlW in An, Latin America by Pedro Rojas# p ar,vmmjp llavanao 6 oat 66 Sp4pigh ~4/Uqo. Pubumh in cso 4loo- e#ra copy of Published xeporto- page do not mutilate., lbog Progvm of the MAICna ZWUtUtO fOr %WLtjW aggaz*W4 by ftl" Hajam and Jam Vwmvmm~. 6 vv. IRPMUBV me* Ajmmlao 26 pug i967,w V- 6. 490 %A*Ciuba Ibm fftl 0l Text of Speech at First 14DI Coxwention, bj I.Winawlo verae BaJab,, 13 PPe IMCMMT USE ONLY SPASM.- wo La Serera.. 23 Clot 1:96G., p, 211 41PBS GUO 2i4V"- Raimundo Verde Rojas L.A.-vemezuels P'O', Dec 66 3-15.,735 ymmiffig I I I lilt milem CP Leader Supports lmterMtiOnal Iilo- :10tar1gn Soijamrltyj, by Hodrigo ]Rojas, 6 pp. nOOMMIT US OWX :SFAff=.* npv ~LRJQ?p 26 APr 1965v P- 7- JIPSS GUO 751 Uk-Chile Poll Jun 2011453, soul Notes CODOMAX)c the ca&mt Notoo"10610 ObommUmV at TAmu an the Bsokgr=d of albseroatima at W&I-javo by MUM Vol i0 *r pp CF9U TT 67--56102 Foa two G4" Arvta Liaatw Alwoon. Hmi Contacts vith tba CTAO, Emd3lo Rojoet 7 pp., .1 pcwlp ja~~.J" 7 ~ml 1968p pp ~6-3?. JMs 46:125 EMI L 10 RO -TO IA CbIL20 AuS G5 362v875 BlogmpbW Shaft Bev Lt&.t on Bxmsto "Cbe" atimaraj, by Rteavilo DOOR 14 PP- SPAXIMS Opp IkMbpo 10 %W 1968, pp 26-15- ,~= 4w~ - ~6-1~ ~~- 61,-41 /.. - ~, I Y LAAh%WxW mul Sept ca 365.t559 I-b-v,priorices tli= the basimins of OrlenWlo IPVw fbwmatA, 'bW AE&el fbjcw vnd JOW rMwat. 5 W, almm". Opt s Your* no 70 8 am 1966io 31;;7 U-b VIM 34140 A16 A12 tA?Oae am Fob 66 295p7b3 04WAM uave"lt;y SuAsuts Got Free stwly Notma"em tw P"" ibja% 5 Mv IWAM4 Mh A Aug 3-967v P? 22-, JPFA WM ow 67