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December 31, 1972
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Let LAO ALCAOIL-T.- k 477 70 405.,713 I L I - i~' E -A H - q ~\4 v 1 t 'I A I S I s A Haw Stage In the E-conyde BkoveloMmt of Latviap by Vt rmMne 5 ppt klmsm. r4s, U-mmm"b2lb -3 G4s2l&A Vo 38, -qq2t 1966. p'?, st JPR3, 331,7's.. V, 9 IN USSR. Ewn O.t 65 313,553 Itivestizntion of the Controlle-I Platit and lystimns for Hegulativir. the outlAtt of a 200111if Turb6zaucraur Uniti, Uy V. R. Rullill RUSSTANs, perm Frm a Collectiest of articles _Cr,jpg 122.L451t Retulation and control Oi code" tur 2"'m pubMEMME T--IrAgu~xtk! &19691 194 pp V.E*/Trans.*-S262D VKH 71 The ftinalwat of tbilk PIM fm Us ROMMIk aW Pmftt is Dwo %w N 14 MOM aA NO P* faiwaawkyso 7 ppe RMSIA119 Pw* %2dM.93096 vot mne NO 9# D" 67 3"97yj Vl-z PrAlLt W141 Profit'A.-i'lity, by preTm vostalk Swazis, 1-10 Zlp 19a, Lk 0- x rv A12 Irpil"tant lJnk in the SysLm of Supply, by Yao Rjblwhlkv 15 pp. 9=10,p per, MIMMIna TeISISLes Srabahganp Sao 2j, Fab 1966.9 PPO 2T- JPIW 39x4 11, MR ~ 16 t' m C-,k I' ~~ ~t5 II VZOM Dec 66 315#959 Tx*fflo, Tonmae Toreftat, br 14MO Rubb4c. 21 pp. fto SMJ~CgrWAN. Vw. 3~4. Mr-Apr like v vp 7k4s. ;0,9 Q- P, L4 68 365,?W 1. F-A bit ixfective Trajectories of a Dynamical tkxlel of PrWuctlon, by A.M. Rubi-nov. RMISIM9, pmr, Dok Ak :.,Uuk SSSP, Vol 184, 1.'o 6, 1960, pp 1294-MM Thet Am Math S6c Vol 100 No 1, 1969 Ell,~Pvp?m 0=1!m-l wal Dw. els a Proftation, by A. Rubinove RUSSIA14p part Dqk Ak Nauk SSSR. Vol 180, lio 4, 19689 pp 69P694. The Amer Math Soo Vol 9s No 3v 1968- ~3 04 soih--~atb Oct 68 366,9o2- WOW'S poterwiftauaft of as Lon ftrwwtursof 60 A. "Y ijUMtW OMOT"OTO bf 1, 1. SUIPMOVe liQUI.Alto per4o D"I Ak X" Segal 85#0 ftl 1.1~, No 60 INS*-- pp 46741.3790 rompt of Xavy 4791/APVJIIU IrG 230-1469 a - i~&Ancvp Mwtowlikov. 14, .-UMP,b), i.~ierg Miumal VU 7t No 3* 1997a pp 3276-3B. f:al 69 t,-ticn t:erm. rat-im in -~-jartiur~- ot -L m~- X A, - - ci ~ 381,131 a. Al , ti o V -ii, ~er Uri "Vol 12, v 9, 19 6 8 781-716, x&-ViT f.16-23-477-69 J, INO 398,740 WtCAnikov. 7 LXklacki ..'%N' Wt;'R V~ 12, Ao 7, Got (0 394,156 Ar ~it Questions In the AnalZm is of Volume of Output vlt2i BqgLrd to Its Q;mli+,y,, tor Nq ffibinav., 7 we MSSTM~. Pero D-DIMM SWR, Mlo. 7, 1966.. ., ppq. 44-0. alta 3WA (~ 0 UM, Rom wo 66 314j,391 't a The Antioxidant Proportion of Sulfnr- Organic Compounds and Their Zvaluation, by lo A. Rublushtsin, RUSSIANg perv JkjALTA6.U!*khnoIoffI "- 221011y& L Hasels Vol IN No Is 1965v pp 45-49. NTC 72-10243-21D Apr 72 ft* UM or IWOOMOU In a PaobdalsM Yam in ma fkw Affllsucov *dAud*olno tar N6 V. win=# vmt* Ink MIAMEIAL- 0 Jam.- uffoct of Associatiou of Organosulfur Cou- poun4s with Aromatic ilydrocarbons on the OXidation Stability of Lube 011. by 1. A. Rubinsteyn. RUSSIAN, per. Xhin i Tekh Topliv i Haael, Noll, 1968. International Chouical Engineering Vol 9, No 2, Apr 2969 Available from An lust of Chen Engrs Junis 69 383,480 04 * CINWI~ MW 6T 3lKr3;t? ~-~vluts f"3m-dno Their Foreign Prado ~'.roblcvnsty by pp. par, V02rogy EkoronAki, No 9, S~apt 1966v pp. 11-t X-Ml 392,54 Roam)--~,t/7-Eytj Fab 67 315003 .;l- of P-ItittrWs, of i;tK,- !AAe~!r Clcu3 i5cluWaria-3 Let =-Azac bv ai Inatruvmit wid I-M-1 Paid AircrUftc W F6 V. ~wkiinz;lhib~ryn, 17 Thstatut V:tO::XIOZMP i0 157" 1966* j~o 4ft tai:) 69 375,621 CwtAwpm~uT ChamV In MImtso by Ye, S, BabUmMayns L, Go Pa*=YM* M pp, firmlArAs We Isamm!m P-JaLtao 0660 to L-2w. F ra~atnoa Set Ow 364sM iomjonsj~-by Preswit-Day-Climatic-Nar at 044 nimata ye 9 altra.-Gidromtoolvlog cho3koyo Isd-vo, 1966 P M *PTO-14T.24-193-67 W, Scl~,Atmmpheric ScA Sep ~ky COP I'llI Ikolet-APA"R Scomm"a Splattows by Is Mrs pp A Owl" Micas D11W 67 324~M c2 am -Whoractwisti" at the VwlsblUty of HolOt of CUtod Bame tr M. V. A"nst"n. HUSSZUI,p Poo.* TP. Len. Oubw n-I.T Val 130 19670 & --2gu. NLL Asts Smarr V u E;tj ism 69 =9614 Of tb* 74f, 'O'MrO irl ,~~nimms br LmvIM 1AMe Oarolat 9 Do SPA81i I ib 296 I% Iwo pp~ wpill5l 'VOW, .Le-PAP'o'-~vAko 06 40goving the proom vmd:bk prodwim F(lob-ams4"Ah DLOSOM VUCCUWP 1w L. M. abuw. 32 W-P Rams, Mo alm gall Nal Ima so VV- Jw 99198 V, zim 66 993P832 '\k ~o'zr Use OT Inhwee. Dmicts In Observatimw *f lee covaumse tv r,. 1. mq~v P. A. rvblol." is pp. RIBSUID, pwpo FCtgp -M&SLIps k f---dPic-mt ov jilts tA A Specl;al Class of Finite-Dinemtional SubslAccs pf a hanrich Smcu, by V.S. Rublev. per, 9,101, Ak Nauk SSSP. Vial 184, No 5, 1969. pp ION-1040. ..... 'Me An Nnth Sot Vol 10" mo 1, 1969 Jul-,Q On Saturated and 03uppletely Saturated bubspaces vf Certain Sequence Spaces, by V. S.. kt&lov. RUSS106, Uok A]. RaWk SSSR, Vol 188, No 2, 1969, ",!,1; 2906-193. Tito M ?Iath Soc . Vol 14), %0 S. Sept-Oct 1969 V , '5 - Q Q 13 L f-F V Par TCI 403,991 wpm LL veftmaLft all -- Isom an FAmb to tho MACWJA A* to gppgojm Rybdlabw 3r0, so - Wt Fish MA ViuLtft owwsm UFO, Boom cwr Famov TAONdum Ott, er T7T yk,:;~,-& o- rt 15.2 587 ystscmatuma molmd"3 PSWORIS tw I. A* %*low* 5 no MUM6 0 vba. MMM, 2# imp DPW "Fow. 5TS 0 v Una MdAm 8"4, 6r elactimspark m"Maing af me"184, by 19. No Rubtsor,s 24 pp* RMIAN, per, rilektTomaya ObrablWU Haterialav* No 3w *965v MRS 37414 Set - filectran SeTt 66 Dori Agoindala-I - Ity - 4L L. 14.. M- V. Ruutsov. RUSSIAN, I Get rotsiklicheskikh a!'* L i , s ov 364,620 Certain Generalizatons in tWa Theory of One-Dimunsional Radiative IletaLt Transfer, by N. A. Rubtsov. RUSSIMI, per, Zhurnal Prikladnox Mekh i Tekh Fiziki, No 4 1967, pp 69'--73. NASA TT F-TI,740 Sci- Dec 64 371,136 q ftwolral tm, 1** Fif Uvth Amdvars",7, by o*tvsav* 12 rp. EMIRIAR* paro Itit v m!.t vo n. ime k1mv 196% pp Y.W*. -a 4UPF."i 46= tust Pol SOP 68 365.300 (-/) . ,7 (~,- T 6c - 3320~ 945 $at-# , in 67 N 1 '* Inty On vxia.*,tt M.Wromalsa C-2, V. L. NCU.Vtqw~ ird. surfaces, by L. N. 5wayurkkina, 2. S. Rubtsova. It ppa RUSSIA.01, pere Trudy V*44GRUftbs INAUCIi-Issled lust -A,* P*Im abotkt~nvftx, no AU, Mr." jT 20-301. 70 WSSedl Ond IMMUVOS In AgAeUlture Diffetleved. by B. RucMint A. larinov* 10 no. RUSSIAN, perq, Hassamllskm Fnivda, I-mcow, 21 liov PIP J fti c,- H 0.4s R ,:ban I Doe 69 397,650 Possible CriL-,in of Layered and Winded GuIridde Gre ut the), )Ayava and Kmisomoltskoyc Chalcopyrite Deposits, Sauthern Urals, by G. V. Puchkin. RUSSIM, r-er, Dok A luauL, SSSR, Vol 195, No 2, 1969, pp 427w-47X.- Ar 12 /j 400VOOO Jan 70 3*9 A Test Set for tite Dete=iuatimi of Group, Delay in The millimatrm Vav6lcrgth Rangel, by It. Rackdesdial. GC-WNP per,, lindkrichtentech,zol"It's Val 20, NO 6. 19670, pp 325-328. ULL IRsf 9022.91 (2492) i), - -s c u C, July 69 365-M9 Mousurouent of GroUp Delay an a SOction of igal iiallow Waveguide C&ID-le In the Frequency Range 32 to 39 GIRS, by H. Ruckdeschel. GERMAN, per Nachrichtentech Zolt, Vol 20. No 11, iqw,--pp -635-63,'�. SLL Reft 9022.91 (2412) Sol-elec Apr 69 379,916 Folygnqthic 6tudy of Slecl. in the Vie., by Y. Ruckebusch. FREWH 11 per, C R -Z-oc Idol, Vol 162, No 7, 1968, pp 1346-1354e I&W NIIII 10-7-69 ~ - 12 C4 0- AZ e- 8 U 5 C 6 Sci/[]&)! Jai, 70 400,113 TesUag the -,'4wbw&Unl ftoperUsis of tard4mad 5tealt In Ntatio Bon*IM T"ta , by E. kmkorl. WEAK* per* Al-rdho- -4*dmi-nb Va 38, Jft 1967, pp =I 5565 Sel-Ilitt 349,240 Al ee Foinitiddehyde Cmd6m9ati0m* 1111. StO:Rlc "ct of Sugar Forwation, by 14 Ruckert, GEMIONs pert OuNdsche Berichte, Vol 981, No So pp MASI TIT r-lIwI23 GOWOMMT ISE. ONLY sci-Chelm $opt 67 U 34121, 003 FO=MldebYde Cmdeusation, 3. The Steric Matum of Sugar Yonationp by H. Ruckert. GEM", per -chm. Lkg' Val. 98, so. 8 1965P yp 255B-2565 GB 39/11ob - /-/. R u a & e /,1 7- Sci - Aug 67 337-390 ii,,,T ,,ioptlos Icr-vxd4yr riat. in 00 tw i!: J~aueildp Jarodum IVWAM ,:., -d" ~ M -* powl*, 19609 J::-r~!; WP065 Nov 303o663 yxouju td dic Left AtrJun In ar I.-I'rLt Yc,-rs -Aj-- Girl, hy F,. ivylcr, A* Nckli, GliMr-A"Is, por. ZeIttchrift fuer "aJorbeiktand- .0 - ~_-Ip Vsul '94, 1%5o pp 31 627, Wrc 169-11170-06L 14. July O'Si 387-267 Prouldn-In Period of UtIoulturers DurIng OpefttionaL ChwV"o" In a ~brkdW and Work. WM**, bar G.,, G. Rad' , 7 pp, HOSMIAll, per, Gialleft I-vqft:t fvqr"4*vjgj' rwyo-ZLIMIM31n, Vol X. lb 9, Sept 1966, 44 p. JZ-47.~ p JPRS 39632- C-1. C7 P, tj b USSR selmillaw! Fdb &I 315.402 chow4wis"m of nwm OVANU of CaMR, 9911%ad&jl bW 0. A. akt"pvjp Th- V- RWA, xb~ V. OmMAN* m sea I ideddb Rmlons ywo ---m3r3. -- VbL 5's, no :Ls 0- ZL (1.70-60-39L ADS 69 309$ VA C-t . 1/' go D RelAucalift of ths p4paral Itqpwties Of Palyarlaifts to thOr Cbed"L Structwes tgr A. Rwi*ew* ot &I. mums 0 In paiaAft, Pw AM VOL, 1729 a 1967 3m" INMTG 71-49 Fib 72 -Cbtaim-ent- aid ribeir I-rbysical and fled-waiml P2:q)erties, by r-6 P. Ijaclc*av,, ! 4 1. Besscnov, et al. 8 pp. MESIRN, per, Mdmd-ieskiyq Voldma No 5, 1966, pp 20-23. UVEM/IfT"23-371-68 AT 4~( , ," lvl' '~?UQlo-e6 V sci/matexials mV 69 380,102 -Operties of ROU"ambip of the Physie" PIL Polyavhdiges to IMir Chendcal Structwes by A. IN Rud"kavo MOW , lot# Dak Ak Nw* SSSR, Vol 172,0 No 4# Igai pp 099;997~~ *NASA TT 96110159 cl o,,- K c) -Y' Sept 67 :-bysiml awl. of -Abe~--s .btairmid from I by A* V* Roaalkov. i.b ~-AUSIULH# 4 hIL4M ipjd~a, vo 5, 15,66, PP 2G43, OFTD-02-23-M-68 -Rcl,..qA4,0 my 6a hcm 1.1,k i. of e~o 11kyAcal t "-'ertio.5 of to -,zAcir Cloc?~; Strtmture, tl~, new WA Ak Vol M, .",.'e 4, 1967, pi: 899-1.1L12. I- ~t-kSA TT F-U,151S j- dk c., I - - C I --.;ov 07 344,6S7 A Tedbook on Soviet ldlttm7 LegleUtion, by- Colt Justlo No ftdsh*vv 5 ppt HUSIVIEW40 port IL M&MMAU I ymmshegnmft 2&l. go 79 Jul -1956, pp,! 93-95. -To-s T-/ a i-=~ u,0,41,r6 V oat 65 313,t 549 affect of WWWV81 ot * Larip 91"Atity of so" Mormw an " 814mad System and JWvLval Rate at tlWadiatod Rate* by t. Ab ftilakow., 6 pp-~ RVMAMO lart WILL VA 34,01 ildt Val It 19"01 op 40-42,. MC-Mv-tt-302 Oct To K. I. HWULkov Raftetion of nineral phoaphate Igr Biological method. 4EEXAE,, per3, Zentra2blatt fuer tyOcterlplogie, Abt- 2, Vol 70v i92~1-p-p-2-02--29TL-- *NASA TT P 14s4U JUIY 72 .,y EVAULIJATIOll OF' THE POSSIBILITEIS OF USINIG A POIJ[P.RFUL. BF-AM OF --RELATIVISTIC ZLECTROIKS' F,OR rpi . 'IERMORFUCLEAR FUSION RUDAICOV, L.I., BABKIN, M.V. UR-4-thl IAEA CONFERENCE ON PIASMA PHYSICS AND C011TROLIX-D BUCLEAR FUSHON RESEARCH, YLADISON, 111ISC. 17-23 Jun 1971, P-p 1-16 9'R Lot# i"AXIAtWip 64, 41. 411tata Oiwittaa oil, t4ew*o qoatz I.-I, 2.~,2y W-Ac Effectu of F4onomLc Reform W, Fourth State Boviring Plwt B-a=9xlzod,, by N. -%dakov.. 5 PP- MoSTANP wicheskspGawtam No* 33P Sept 1966, po ul JDOVB 39010 USSR acon JAjo 67 316s,073 limit 42,2-4 coamtsaw and B"Ic awasuftis in the ftwums ot fto 'awring in the norwagum am OVA4SWO 1w V. A. baftbyv. n 100 vp 54s- Dw.0 fta- Val TTP Xq66j JmLlkt.. 9M.35 (IM) ~/ a sell"m am, (S 395,6139 w"IstwAamixy Statoso by Vw -U Rad*VAw. WA RMO vote wilklat.H. - it set -.:u4w w 3~ -WO' - A; pp IL311 tWor-wivy Tr 47anzfiAwr U Im 230-U0 selloftys Jm 66 3020090 24 ApparaTima and 1,mthod for CamparatiLve uvialuatlcr; of Waalt on S'olld Lubricaut 5urfacivis, by 1. All1mv, Lo F* Uudakova* 6 ppo Trudz m4scav Vass t4mch-Issled Inat top poll# P* verlwalmun Netti, NO 10, IM7., P~ 53=913.' Mar 7~: 403,314 lit cm-3. 1970 ass-Turbim Awls Hede frm FumrM MtMteso by ti, U, ftdokomo Be No AMONDtAt 5 PP. Russlut porb Ibf" - t IVAMMW,p 110 101p Me PP 7-90 fliras MOM. g u C) Sid-ALt Doc 68 W 695 .JX. if) t ID, the kuiw~kmum in Zbe ~Oxvct9ian '06 bY V. A. AWWvva. "UOM'~'o U-*--r* M& MOO, VOI 17F M6v pv 5-53. Dept of 14*,Orior Bureau of ownrMial Fisbmies offim of Fcmac-n Pidwrim NO A-26/RaY 69A4 jj.,W~~V-6L/ V 0 July 69 3881,627 AIR tWJ=o#A ftUmftj, tCr 0. rodaU. PWIP.- aft, &W19st Vol 9A0 IZ50 pp sm;ft, aw mm 047-M G. g SCA/mi DOW 610 -'160*462 RodentIIV* ISOWOM in mbing =4 On Owssiass, bir. Avi M"ANs "t, "a vow I&= v.Gaxm~ 141 Dole -missmalt A*"Xm!xma lb*3,, lau *ABC AIS-" 4f- sciaraml sci Oct 46 Udloactivo lsot%l" -in Kwas and On umsing (ccagootirAtions)'t by As. A, UWaimooklys, RUSSIAN, RSdi4D&kuvnYo gat wy 'e 0=02 d 0 10 , Oobp aft POASW I gra kh im [lilt of MomuMs !Ov4st TMde 'I'Mcal.9 (4AW-Um --t'WLM* 12WIM Modfireaw-'s 13 pps 14V yn*23b B. e u. ct iq s, The Uname at FsoUng cu the Etood &Apr cc AU=m DiaboLls BA*,# by BD Modaws FMCH# pwo Acalogia Ammin- vcl 19, 1 a yp 321-32t'. I-T--l 91-06P Fab 7 2 j-.) -4. 777,7 "I~-5z237-6,D Excitation of First and Socand Smmds In lid.4ife Solutims, by R. Ya. fludavskii, 1, As .4orbin. RUSSIAN, per, Zh. Ek!p Teor Fit Vol S1, 1966. pp 1930-3. ABC ANL-TrW455 Sci -. Phys Sept 67 342,283 "2-off S4 -0 lJorss" PAIW Of