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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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A. Uno ~brtality of the aged in an air-polluted district. 14IPPON IKA DAIGAKU ZASSHI, Vol 27, pp 584-612, 1968 IWC 72-15255-06J mar 73 mailli a the ".A413.up ynqoovv Metrlbtddan sm- carromps ot ~.bwdWa taeUMA09 tW A* 4200"4e an,, Iwo 09 Neurovirule=e Tests for Live Follovirus Vacciaes. Pt.134 Pathmorphology of Polomyelities in YA)nkeys Indmeed by Attenua d PoliG Virus on Iatralumbar Injection, with Special Referencea to Mfferences Between the Virus-Typess by-F.Uhterharnscheidt and Oo#onU* CAMOM j, per, ArcbIv Fuer Pozebintrie und Nerven., Vol-206, NoAs PP-454-473,* 1965- sm-TT-66-:L17oi C r- 57-.r Dix Aug 66 308,931 loubmace SPA v4-AL of the CBS in- jurUm In Bmdn& by Y. bol" b*Mt. (Mamj, xvt# PXUG aw Ut Nookas o 411immmma. -=- -- ,I 29b5s Im 'I --mm &33-0 r- SCIQM 390#28L emb 69 tz.- i1 11.1ri-4 f4Z :; ISv), 'n ta rn a L14 e; L wl --too lami lat Cuaiir 13 F- UV-X~ e 49' 7 116 i*.fftct of the stratusplacric Tovii-crature ou the Altitude of L~Wiosundcs. by A. A. thiukova, U, b. Chuchkalov, 6 rl,* RUSSM11, per, Trudy Gidmucteorologicheskiy I.aUCIIII&- Issledova-Tel'Skiy TSUixtr SSSR. :~o Z6. 1968. 111, 4' Z IL -ftss Afal/17STC/hT-23-712-69 U Dee 69 397.198 W 7;TWv=--M lil!j~ MI FA Unruh, G. Von Substwces Contained in Filter Papers, Part 1. CHEMISCHE BERICHTE. Vol 104, pp 2071-2078, 1971. 7ZJ4714--07C Fe b-73 !;L4V WM Lntvoduce I;cu Hoav~p-Dutv hanse 1v i~elft UE540 6 pp. WWArQ;kt4 Fort Vagut 140 80 Aug 19630 pp 10-110 ins sal/140ch.1nd. civ C. liar ergr Saw 68 369.93L Old. MnitlroW --- Rucm:LnU Technology of the Gooin ovitton of the VahtcLozz md the Trnck, by U. U;3yi tmd L, Baia'o Uss, :9 pp. WMAP", -,Aar, m i 8.;~cmle VoL 16, Ila 12., Doceabor 1956, 5-9-537, 545-549 DU U1 2 3 1 - 6) 7 34183'-' Hov 67 I . ~ - , - ws . .-I 1 -41,.-", "Will I :140~ I ~ I ;I - . T7~~ APM0114itim 0 elewtry for RAsearob In the !11*midlogy of labor and Sports - PqrIpment for stwl~img ir-603s M=Arz People, by P. V. Untbing RUSSXAI~, bk,' Ualodche Telametriya, Eoscow, Fp M-133, Inist .,-.-jajysjr o~ i:ebrnyl Theses, by Gorar4o UIMUZLa, 13 pivr, I~u, Sa;iclek~,n-, talre 11cliticat Feb 63 351,746 -1 rallral 'JLth trum-14. ~2iplltical Struggle Ln -a Sjxugate, by Gerardo Unmueta-. 17 pp. per, LI SL&lo Santia-0 de Chile, 28 jan 63g pp. It-14. JMs 44,392 Feb 68 350,355 -2- ?Wy4tan CAmmunist Refutes ALebray, by Gcrti-do Utt=e ta 19 pp. Se!.XIS:lj per, St, %to, Santia:;o, 21 Jan 63, pp. 11-lil. JAS 44,~46 LAUttir-iomerican qfairs) Polltical fqkb 63 5, 3 FICU Around a 't-lbsettig ~-tOWoo bg,~ V * Ae ALI (W Juverille Surfhoest Their Production and Propwtiesi by Go Pe Upits RUSSUMs pwo D* Ak Nauk 5=0 Vol 179V No 6j 1968# The Am M2st PbWe Vol 11 No 1+# Oct 1968 C, - p - u p 'J- Scd/P~yx Q Now 68 3?0*244 no bet; vl:kAml Maltol somd%coa Under t] Erf at niommml Dowa, by !-* P" porp. T)Olt Alc $NLuk OSEUf,,,, 0v Phas.. 71 Strength and Microhardness of UP MUskers, by G. P. Upit and S. A. Va=henya TUSSIAN., per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR. Val 178, No 4., Feb 1963, pp 8-37--93-7-- The Am Inst Phys. Val 13# No 2: August 1968 G. P. U p Sci-plkysics Oct 68 366,092 V. upitis 15 3 Cfacmto Tr"a Parr, by Erik Upau*o, DANISUp rpts SJ-NM ZSLUA 2 Fab 1966, pp 14?-Ho OU LH 200-6 7 -- Sci- Jul 67 SM,737 OtArtloticia DistributAon or Stremgtia char=t- eristlea of Bd*&" and kati2ayer hibb" SYStOm vMder SUMMAC 14wUnpp by A. Ir. WwaWcetya and -9. V.. UpOIWWkiwa RMSIM, per,. Dok Ak Nmik sma, Vol 178, ib 6.. reb iq~3-7-PP-13M-136T- ca -ry 4ci-chap4st 366 0014 Oct 63 A model Experiment on Teeming StreaM Turbulence, Part III of 'Development of a Sliding Nozzlet (for Teeming Ladlesj., by M. Urabe, JAPANESE, per. Tetsu-to-Hagane, Vol 55, No 11, Lecture 112, 19'6 ~,p M12. HB 8432 Bonding Textiles to Rubber, by S. qLf Urabe, X. Tokikawa- JAPANESE" per Pit on Gomu Kyokaislaii, 114 10: 9 6, pp. 987-92. Vol 39, .0 STC 69-11676-1N Of" Sci-Aut July 69 386,689 lboary, PMMtILCG Of kViOD A, 1"amismo A* iUftl*Vo a pps MkiU16 pwo Y.Q=w ao 30 1%-gs vp jpaz WOW uvc,4,\(Jv 3B2*141 Nikjoauye7sk Mipbuilding Plant Review Its Progrms,j by T. Urolov, 7 IV- WMXMo P=s SuAmtroyeniw no. 6., june 1967.. ppob 58-644 JPHB h2O94 Z1,AZ q le- Rim Sept 67 339#20T Ur'.)'LUVAr ~i s- SL THE ;,,"49, FUTURE OF lRf~ADI~.TIIA PALTHiDC, S F I J 12, T -f ~ LE h Y G I F N I C P f-, I N T C F V I t- i1 P-'UlMY'A PUTF.AVIN, VUL- 23, N.J. 9, 1972, PP. 2 72-273 F S TC -H I -- 2 3 -.-)!i 9 4- '1 3 Positicn. of the Isopause in S-1Cratospheria Cycloncs =6 Anticyclones and the Comwetion of Its Hei&it with The Vertical Distributioa of Ozone, by L. A. Ur-amm, 7 pp MWLW,, per., Mateo i Gidrologiya;' NO 2., 1965., PP W-W AM 29431 um Sei4gurth Sci & Astrmouv Apr 65 2T7,656 a Mineral 4v-~&itivne of pZaosr pZatimm Pokkal&, Japan. , .TAP.F,LWB, Sai(M2 of IL-1poshima 229-3:35 25 SeplWmber VASYI IT F 14,625 frm. Toshio -iln NO 21 Y nop ahe Role of the. Rijeka i3etro*Lleum Refinery In t-be Petroleum industry of Yugoslavia ana Ill tlw-- Eco-noi-xy of tbt- ;Ariatic coastal Zone, by Dviikola Uravicp 10 :3MBO-CRa%T1i1a4,, journal, Nafta, Igo. 12, Zagrdb, Dec 67, P7553=6 623. JPRS 44,532 Feb 68 351,83S Spowh of Cmmude P. V. Ura ~fflvv 4 pp, Njesmv Me 8 April 11966, p 3. JPMS 350= P V, USSR - Pal 303g,61S Jun 66 I r4 I I It I I Fl I I I I I I i I I I I I I i ri I I I i I I -I klovild,wm ox. Statute co owtMato EVVI-alood" by I Uft R e pp Decislong of Vie 23ra Party, Congmes aml Iq of Juridlaxt Science In UzImkistan., by Ski.. rZ,. (Jmsuyev.. 6 pp!. NJSSIM$ per., SWSMVV.~~ MIA-i v Uzbek- istwo. 31) 5,j 19662 3-6p, 7, 4 ~EV USSR Pol Oct 6,6 311,207 or llwky-u- st-ml, by A. ot '210 Client. a "SSIM-1.6 1141:9j.. lzv. VUZ l, t ,iw,ss ii-p 44-411~-r-- Kh, O~lqzc,-TL L)L-~ E V awantsm JUTIM HOIldLtiloolam Or Gas Vrallagov. Abadma SW& 2000ap bfy A. 121- % smso# isw 19op Rp A. I~h. UrazGillaeev end VW$F see tW- 67 I /.1. I~~ -1 1 I" :rf G 1, E,/ Locaualk of Tnaluldcom In ftlatlan to the DOMIrMa Btructv" In Stmlo by V. A. Vt&=W&. =Oxus verb IIW it 110 60 lmp pp 547"5490 Im I Om 73 lov 7M 14004M ZQbmvUw oh* Diskp$ bv tt. Skat"MW., 0. ve. x a l,$mMj= VC& 4% lb a.. 2969, Fab 10 H j-QjW Ilmillma-pill ,7-"e A y 3~nnortance of Polish-C-DR Passport Agreerwnt 0 ,tressed., by Jerry Urban, 6 pp. potnil, np, Polity1m, Varsaw, 15 Jan 72, mm I , 5& ~PRS 55270 I%r 72 Gammtor Rxponslm at Haahl" Lxblstry urgau by Jwv Urbw4 12 Ipp. POLIMII, pwo ZmqU clowadum"s Womwo 20 OaL OWN, pp 1-20 ipas 47,156 el