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.......... CermAn Prciblem sin briproving W Certiln ftoblemo In linprovft the QuWlty of.coin~e'r GoDds, by Ya. Orlor, 13 pp. RU~SXAN, p~r, Voprosy Man-.-Nc- 5. 1964. I 1DD 44!li~*53.,-: 264,241 11 Plan Indicators and Economic Stimm-1-11 for Effective Use of Basic Punds, by P. Bunich., 24 PP, RIMSSIAN., per, Voprosy Elconoiruld, I..To 6., jun 1964, pp 28-43. ipps 27616 USSIR Econ jan 65 272,169 Role of the State Budget in DistnUbution of the Gross National Product and the liational Income, by it.. Zverev, 13 RD - RUSSIAN, per, Voprosy FkononWd, No 6, 1964, PP 44-52. JPRS 27616 USSR Econ Jan 65 272,170 AOk, 164. 265.893 Concerning Interbranch Balance in a Natural Expression, by V. Gusev, 11 pp. RUSSIXII, per., v , i-io 6, 1964, PP 100-109- MiS 27610' USSR Econ Jan 65 272,171 PVW'W-.,?.t.r Pay 1 b,f SoykhorMapagers and &pecialists, by M. NUnin,, N,-.'Pop6v. 9 pp. RUS81M, per, 3LoXLosy Ekono,. No 6, 1964, JP#~ 26016 --- --------------------------- Skiij6d Labor--One of the Factors in Wage DiffOrentiati :by YA. Gombwerg, 13 pp. on., RUSSLAN per, Voprosy, Bkon No 70 1964, pp 21-30. jpkg 266'2-5 USSR Ecoft Nov 164 269.529 -M1411 The. Use of Models in National Economic Planning, by V. Nemchinov, 13 pp. RUSSLAN, per, Voprosy Ekonomiki, No 7, Jul 64, pp 75-86. JPRS 27,240 USSR Econ Jan 65 271,757 Economic Planning With the Aid of a Unified State Network of Computer Centers, by V. P'ugachev, 12 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Voprosy Ekonomiki, No 7, Jul 1964, pp 93-103. JPRS 27,240 USSR Econ Jan 65 271,759 Methodological Problems of Long-Tern, Planning, 0 by A. Klinskiy, 9 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Voprosy Ekonomiki, No 7, 1964, pp 152-156. JPRS 27751 USSR Econ Jan 65 272,347 The Essence and Basic Principles of the Organizing of Soviet Industrial Finjis, by 11. Radonysellskiy, I. Shi 23 PP - RUSSIAN, per, V , No 8, 1964, PP 15-28. JPRS 27533 USSR-Econ Jan 65 271-997 Struaural Shifts in the Economics of CRMA Members, by Autkgayer, 19. pp. RU&qANi per. )~2proay-gLmn, No 8, 1964, pp 69-78. JPRS; 27149 Application of Economic and Nathematical 1,41ethods to Solve Problems of Introducing Ckic=ical Products in the W-atimal Econormy, by 1. RW-dklin, 12 pp. R.UssMij, Per, Vopivsy Ekoam-rdki,,. No 8,, Aug ID64, pp 1,914-1491. JPRS 27941 USSR Ecoa Feb 65 2720983 In the Scientific Council on the Problem "Cost Accounting anx Material Stimulation, by N. Linkun, A. Sokolovskiy, 6 pp. RUSSIA1q, per' ros ~Ekon~omiki, No 8, 1964, pp 142-7~ JPRS 27582 USSR Econ Jan 65 272,071 ~'.'Orl~ of t'-nc-., All-Union Scientific-Rpse?,rch Listitutc- of Econm.Acs of Algriculture, by V. Kar;--Arayelrl / OPP RUSSIAN .., per, 7opros- 'F,:onc., ci, 8 Aug 1964 PP 258-160 J.-FIRS 271~290 us s R Econ jan 65 271,1204 Conference on the Use of Mathematics in Economics, 70 pp. RUSSIM, per, Vbpzaey-R~oinild, No 9, 1964, pp 63-110. JPRS 27671 Sci-Math"Wata Processing Jan 65 272,107 Develasnent of the Sphere of Service to the P.,opulettlan and the AdldiM of Comminism, by B. Sakbaxe"Uy., 15 pp 11=M1, Ver., Lomay ekmocild, No 101 Oct 1964p pp 3-14. JI~BS 29233 USSR Hcon,, Pol l(ar C-6 276,,533 Capital Cawtvuction and the Problem of R*lWitkg ProductAcm EquiprMt., by Ya* MaLchs and V. Krasov- sidys 11 pp RMSIAN,,~,Ver., Vogrow Mwnomik.L, No U., Nov 64,, irm 29368 um Atw. 65 2?72458 ScientXfic DeseaTch iu the Area of Jdb Orami sation and Nblmi Setting, by Do Oniks,, 15 Pp TOWIMI.. per, ftl2a imp No 3.1., Nov pp 1T-W. RES 2BW3 UWR Econ laur 65 276,217 tilon ctr carmai M2708ftent Consump -tun in Prodwtua is an Mmortmt cauatum,:ror tho", ~ I Of Agrl*U'Ltmv,, by A. Llbk&W,. 1,6 pars mwn=W No 3.1. Ho7 WHO umm scm Jul 65 283.ol'L6 Further ImPrOVeMent of Construction.Plannirg band Organizatlon, by V. Sotomin, 13 pp. RUSSUN, per, Vomosy Ekonmild No 11, Nov :1964~ pp 58-67. JPRSI 28748 USSR Mar 65 2761,714, laatiow Betwew the Gwmmt kidustry and Tradejo by'Ya. Orloys 33 pp,* RUSSIAN$ per* v0proay smanutiq No* 3.1,, November 1964a pp. 212-Me JMS 293.57 um Apr 65 277#437 Ecax3cdc and YAthenatical Hemarch andl the Use or CWmical Materjele in Brauchou of the National EcmoW,, by No, PWoxvWwj, 23 pp BMW, I*r# yq2M Zk=mdjd , 116 Nov 04, 11p 226-141 JFES 2!A08 USSR F-cm Apr 65 Bxworimntal System of Avarding Bmuses to EbWne*rlM Md Technlcal Worlwrop 'by F. Veselkov,, 18 lp IUMNUff., POr.. VOPrOa Mwnomild, No J2., Doe 64, pp 12-23. jpfs r"4 USSR; FICAM, Apr 2",,710 IftdflO& Doop-IftterSy-fteM Of the Earop"n lmlh A G3,vat ftUms, Z=Omic pr6bf b. MMUMin and A. SytafV~kuws 12 VD, 'S. RMSM.P PorP .12, Dee 64, pp 24-31- JPAO 2941T Exl*rieuce in Using the StamUwd Promosing Cost lalleX In P3jumlmgj, t~r No lvs=v and A, Shubnikov.. :19 1v nwam, per.. LcT~m zkonmiki, No 12j, Dee 64.. pp $9-c8 JPM 29315 um Rom Apr;65 277037 *C the tcw-r- gir soclau"t 21 1v IMM"Ol Vsr, _XW_XqMltl So 12, bee 2YI-r- Loom poloon Al*. ~ Some Px*blems in Teaching Political F,--OUoqr, W Ye- Borlwvj, 13 YP MUM, perv VgLw~o ekonomiki No .12,, bee 19C*2 pp 86-9.5. JPW 9923-3 um E*on, pol Mr 65 276,534 %be lhoory of Labor Vala-le ana Matbemtics., by V., Movozhilov,, 20 pp, r4issr", per V, ekrmomLL p MEX 12, Dec 190~., pp j.110- JPM ayma. UWR 360a i4ir 65 276,531 *911tical Bemonq and Hathematics., M. 4OIgwAr.,.t 19 pp per,, ekopacgi tij So 12, L DOC 1964.P Rp LU-325 2 N-33 USSR Boon Har 65, 276.9532 A Meeting of Siberian and Fix Eastorn Econo- thists; ~on the Problems of Eccuomic Development in t1w Eastern Regims of tbv RSFSR, by Ye, Lazutkin,, 11 pp, RUSSIAN per, Xo wosX Ekonomiki, No 12, Doe 1964, pp 140-144. JPRS 29127 USSR Econ Mr 65 2764831 Table of Contents of: "Questions of Economics in Mator Vehicle'Transportation," by P. P. Strizhenov, 2 pp. (ID S)42�41) Russia,, blE., Vdproqy_T;,I:onomtki na Avtomd5ilrom Gruzovam Transporte., publ by NASH G-1-7.-Machine Con- struction State Scientific Technical Publ House, Moscov, 1954. G-2p GSUBA G-5017-C USSR Economic Aug 55 Problems cc the zconamice ana or' Of Prodwtlcmi ju Macm M3&mtryj mp. b kJo V 3-F-36D. usm Boca .Feb~:62 owto of ftaketica aDd Values by A. Ya. Bqysr.~ 25 jpp. klyp MW=p~bkp PIMXUVVVAUU I StstlatUd at ~M- , Pp 2 JPW Mo USSR RM *r 462 Problems ol' Agricultural Econonpj., by 1-1. Polyakova, Editor. 332 -~op - RUSSIAN, bk, Voprosy aonomiki Sel'skogo Khozyaistva, 1956. oTs 6o-51175 PL-480 jun 61 PST 98 Pimning the Dweioxmt of Com=ly-Gimed Livestock- on Collective 1--arm3,, by L. Ipatav: 16 pp. RUSSIAP., bk3 Vo profW. Ekonomikj . $a 11 skogo Khozya-i stv 1956. om 6o-511T5 gm. 1.1 ZS* F4,- a /I j~m 61 PST 98 The CalculatioU of Agricultural Cropis ActuBllY Harvested, by lq- Zt2lvil:ln.- 9 Pl?- W-sSum, bk, vcrjpr -9tv 1956. oTS 60-51175 FL-W j~m 61 PST 98 The Eco,nomia Effectiveness of the k~rouomicall Measures of T. S. YAI Itsev,, by N. VjSvTw,, 14 pp. HOSIATS bk,, Vcprosy Ekcnordld Sel I akc*p Xhozyaiatva, 195 Ow 60-511T5 PL-480 wa j~'e- ISY, jun 61 PST.98 Lairrering ProAuction Costs and Securing Profitability In State -Rww., W. 1. Novikov., 13 pp. WJSSM, bLr,, Vqprocy &==ik:L Sellskogo Khozyaistva., 1956. OTS 60-51175 PL-480 15 3, -76 i= Paymnt for Work of CoLLective Farm Workers, by 8 Skornyakav., 7 pp. Rwaoudkl SellaRogo Miozymistva, MIESUN bk* ~Oprqs 195 OTS 60-511T5 PL-1180 -5-S7 3 6 Jun 01 PST 98 Qaest-J=5 of SpecivOLization of v'?roduction and Long- Term Gecgraphical Matribation of Agriculture,, by v. lfevchiaov, 20 pp. RUSSIM., bk,, VoprogW Ekonomild Sellskago Khozyaistva, 1956. --, .1 OM 60 -5U75 PL-480 e" 5, awa 61 PST,98 Me Kew Method of Agricultural III anning and QAestions on the 2;o--,ml MstrIbution of Livestock Rallaingy by L. W.Itamv 16 pp. Uky Vc[prosy &onaWld Seltzkogo Khoznraistva, 1956. oTs 6o-5irr5 PL-480 341'7 14 S S 7 ,;,; I-aDr) jun 61 PSI, 98 Deteridnation of Animal-Produce Out-mt, by A. 3~zryansuy, 16 mg. RUSSIMIP 'ok, Voprosy Ekonomdki Sellskogo rnozjaistva, 1956. OTS 60-51175 PL-48o IME jF 0- -juu 61 P" 98 Utilization of the Lubor of YWhine-Operatars, by V. Peren7kin, 12 pp. RMSIAH, IA. Voproay PkazirmikI Sellakop Khozyaiatva 1956. on 6o-532?3 PL-480 ass R r- C, on jut, 61 m 98 Paymeirt, in Xtnd for MTS Norl., -en-cl Ita lqportauce in Streagthening Uconcmic Ties iletween Tovn and Couptry, by bl. Wiseyev, 20 pp. RMSIM, *bk, Vopropy P&Iwnomik:L flellskogo Mozyaistva.. 1956. OM 60-5UT5 PL-48o go qss-p 2 70 Jun 61 PM 98 Nestiona on the Introduction of Cost Aecolmtins in the MW [Machine-and-Tractor Station]., by I- Kupnotsov" 15 pp. ITUSSIOP 193 OTS 60-51175 FL-WO A5 371 jua 61 Plaming and the B&U=ed Developmt of Various Eranches of Agrimaturep by A. TUlUyaikOvjq 8 PP. RUSSIAN bko Vopromy Ekwaulki,Zya 1956. ms 6o-51m PL-h8o jun 61 PST 98 Economic Questions In the Develorment of Anlvml Breeding, by V. NewAdnov, 26 W. R=YAN.. blip VoprotW MmoaW Sellskogo KhO2741stva't 1956. OTS 6D-51175 PL-480 3;7 Jun PST 98 The Ri_--e-of Labor Productivity in-the Socir-IJE:t- - Agricvlture of the USSR, by A. Bolgovo 22 pp. mslms b-tj. Vaiprosy Monomiki Siallskogo Khozya:lstvr-, 195E). OW60-51175 PL-480 MM assk - jFc..007 / 5-s 3 'Tun a palp 58 Learning kUM9eM=t., b.,,r A. -Arep'ycv, A. ZWjvmkbin, 14 RM aiKj yWrovy MommUd SoOllskogo J(hozya s' 1956, CTS 60-53-175 PLASO. Jim (51 PST 98 Problem in Location and Develap=t of Forage Reserves an Collective Farms, try G. Eadiryan, 1T pD. RUSSIM., bX, Mtonomiki Sell skogo nozyaistva, 1956. M 6D-31175 &as ,.Tun &L PST 98 The WorkdV and Its Pole In the Organization of Collective Fexm Pro(biction, by N. Hazartsev, 20 pp. mmcm= Sel skogo M02yalStWll, WMIM, -QX3 ~Op~u 60 -51175 PL-48o J 5- ~73,7i~ im 6L par 98 Program of ~-- -mx--4cn for Further Progress in Aplmdture and 1A~.vistoa~; ralsings 15 Yp- 17,5ES"I.Aii, bks, Volwosy EL-mcadki Sti.-'--.Xogo Miozyaistva., 1956. OTS 60-51175 PL-480 VM M-5SR Fe-OA 3 77 JUU 61 PST 98 The Boanomic Aftentages of Corn, by K. obolenakiy., 20 pp. FUtj6Wj, "41t. Vopmay Ekou=lki Sel"skogo M107-yadstva; 1956. ----------- ~.Ts 6o-5n75 W3 USSR jun 6:L 7 FST 93 The Wuroduotion of Progressive Yrthods of HmmestinC-:- An DWortnat MWans for Macrawing the Grain Harvest., by A. M='kovzk'7, 23 pp. RMVX bkp..VMr e-L'Bkogo ll~joz?T~stva 195 - ~Z ~ _ MS 60-,nl75 PL-480 jun !61 B-4403 Agrlmluwa Hamm ana coopmnativifttim in NOrth Tjobab wd xCews by K. IL fto Smoot V~* A. seamtows N. P- 4kwwMftv 97 PP. VJWZWp JWWW bkp Vbp=y jftm=dki strw ymtdm,, 10,50', ppl&7O. -, FA A' VUUML -7 8"A. -. 59 (9279-3) r1conmiv Pro 2=0 or PAUTGSd-OW IFUUMUMP IS PP- RUSSIM.p bk I, ~!A~ v4sogl~vv lbsom., JL957s, 0 47-0* am Z-433-Ir4a Wl Zr~Port Apr 59 Study of Vascular Reactions and Respination in Schizophrenics Under Vathionine and Sleep 'Baerapy, by N. N. Stanishevokaya, 20 pp. RUSSIANj bk,, YpprQsXj%gWyJAQAk~A ~nq Patologii, Institute of Psychiatry, USSR Academy of Moscow, 1959, *u1no. 9070612 NM 7-16-60 Sci - Med Aug 6o 62-14696 Yurasovskaya., V. K. INVESTIGATION OF TOXIC PROPERTIES OF URINE 1. YurasovskaM V. K. FROM SCHIZOPHRENICS IN EXPERIMENTS WITH 11. Braines, S. N. ANIMALS. 119621 9p. 12 refs. 111. Title: Problems... Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-14696 Trans. of mono.. [Voprosy Ekspertmental'noi PatoWil (Problems of Experimental Pathology) fed. by] S. N. Braln6i,'Moscow, 1959, p. 225ff. DESCRIPTORS: OT(micity. *Urine. *Psychoses, don, Animals. (Biological Scie --Pathology, T`I% v. 9. no. Z afts of Tschdml $Wvk" Rapoport, A. M.. Kuchina, I- V., and I jordaniii, r- A. EFFECT OF ALCCHOL UPON A DEVELOPED, CON- DITIONED MOTOR STEREOTYPE IN MONKEYS. [19621 f9h). U ra&. Order from OTS cc SLK $1. 10 62-147SO Trans. ct mono. (Vo"Osv Eksperiff _&oblemp of Eq-w--1EiEw Ph1rx,=;[.d. ~by 141 logy) [0& by N.- Brsinw [Moscow] 1959, p. W-132. I)ESCRWrORS: *Alcohol*, AlcoWlism. Pharmaco- logy, Mm&qys, *Conditioned refleu4 Reaction Psycho1q;A Inhibitioa, Motor reactions, Dwage. With an AjMl~f t=tLoa of So ml of a 10% solullm of alcabol( 1. r. 3 ad of'pivre alcohol, or 0. 33 ml of pure alcohol per I kg of b~mdy wei& in monkeys) w changes In the conditioned reflex actIvIty cotdd be obsezved. (RiologLcal Scienc4s-Marmacology, Tr, v. 8, no. 4) (over) 62-14758 1. Rapoport, A. M. 11. Kuchina. E. V. 111. jardanis. K. A. IV. Braines, S. N. V. Title. Problems- Offi-f 5-1 62-14701 Lozovskii, D. V. STUDY OF AMINO ACID COMPOSITION IN THE 1. Lozovskii, D. V. URINE OF SCHIZOPHRENICS EMPLOYING THE 11. Braines, S. N. METHOD OF CHROMATOGRAPHY ON PAPER. [1962) Ill. Title: Problems ... (111p. 21 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $1.60 62-14701 Trans. of mono. [yoprosy Eksperimental'noi Patologil] (Problems of Experim'entat Pathology) led. by] S. N. Braines, Moscow, 1959, chap. 19. p. 212-224. DFSCRIPTORS: *Amino acids, *Urine, *Psychoses, Paper Chrcnnatograpby, Toxins, Excretion, Proteins, Metabolism, Nuclecitides. No significant changes were observed In the amino acid. composition of the urine In schizophrenics, which may indicate less obviow biochemical disruptions in case of this disease. There was a decrease in the content of (Biologic al Sciences- -Pathology, Tl~ v. 9. no. 2)(over) Offka of Teck*xl Servicts Krivosheeva, 0. S. MATERIALS CONCERNING THE DYNAMICS OF BROMINE IN THE CNS DURING DIFFERENT FUNC1'IONAL SI'ATES. 11962][91p. 20refs. Order from OTS or SLA $ 1. 10 62-14710 Trans. of mono. [Voprosy Eksperimental'noi Patologii I (problems of Experimental Pathology) [ed. by] S. N. Braines (hiosccnvl 1959, chap. 22, p. 243-252. DESCRIPTORS: *Drugs, Pharmacology, *Bromine, *Nervous system, Brain, Sleep. Our findings as to bromine distribution in the CNS and its redistribution in connection with inhibition during sleep and reflective stimulation lead us to assume that bromine participates directly in the processes of neurodynamics witMn the CNS. The pronounced dif- ferences in the relative bromi nef content of the dif- (Biological Sciences - -Pharmacology, TT, v. 8, no. 6) (over) 62-14710 1. Krivosheeva, 0. S 11. Braines, S. N. 111. Title: Problums... Offi.. ~f T-61-1 5-1- 62-14697 Korshov, V. A. EFFI-CT OF AhlINA7INF' UPON ltl:~SPIRATION AND 1. Korshov. V. A. OXYI)IZING 11110SPHORYI-AnON IN ANIMAL TISSUE. 11. Braince. S. N. f19621161p. 8 rcfs. Ill. Title: Problems ... Order from 07's or SLA $1. It) 62-14607 Trans. of mono. [Voprosy Ekspcrimental'noi Patoloviij (Problems of Experiffibntal -pathology) fed.- k% I S. N. 23. p. 2.53-259. DESCRIPTORS: 'Chlorpromazine, Pharmacology. Dr *Respiration. Oxi6tion, *Phospliorylation. Animals. Tissues (Biology). Adenosinif phosphate, (Biological ScienceR-Pharmacology. 717. v. 9. no. 3) office 01 79dwk9 Serykes StanIlBbevskays, N. N. PRELIMINARY DArA ON THE TREATMENT OF SCHIZOPHRENICS DURING TREATMENT WM METHIONINE AND SLEEP. [19621 7p. Order fron) OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-14695 Trans. of mono. [Voprosy Ekspertmental'nol Patoles~QProblemrzflTqrdFrdrEnturPanndvM ed, by-_K" N. Braines, Moscow. 1959, chap. 25, p. 272-280. DESCRIPTORS: *Psychoses, Therapy, Diseases" Liver, *Glucose, *Sleep, *Methlonine. Case histories. 62-14695 1. Title: Neoperbepar 1. Stamishevskaya, N. 11. Bralnes, S. N. Ill. Title: Problems... (Biological Sciences- -Neurology and Psychiatry, TT, v. 8. no. 4) WculatiOn Of Di3charge kqmtition Frequency In Electrical Ignition Systems,, by bl. V, autovskil, Ytz. A. Popov, 21 pp, MISSIMI, bt, Vaproxy Elaktroavtomatiki i 'El-6.kt!r*&or*dkxV=dy& Samoleta. -195ro-pp"N; ~-~D PM-W-63-14S Sti-Bleattanics i= 63 A 3 A Method fbr Calculating CaRments of a jjigh-prequ"W W= Activating Circuit, by N. v. Lebedav, 26 ipp. NWI.M, bkO-VGPLWff' 6 ropylaxgLiki.-L, Slektro obbrudomiya Samoleta, Moscow, 1962, VP PrD-7T-63-14S Sci-Electronics Jun 63 43;~.M, arfftuvmm -or UnIng ststAe conawdom In Bond UStrlbutlon Netwodw. by bmwanp Vo X&. M6'~Pwv Bma amm lb 5,9 19560. EM-60-37M2 problems of the Energetics of Atmospheric 7irocesses, by E. P. Borisenlwv. rusulany SH bkj V Energetiki P-tmosfe=ykh rxotsessaw, --------------------- Amer Meteorol Soo X-MO-30 Ar Cambridge Res Oej2ter -7 Sci -P IRW GL sep 61 t1luestions-in- the Pastilkilov, ALlarernia, by N.C,. Olsufev, bl,11, 325 RUSSIM, mono, Voprosy Epidemiologii i Profilak- tiki Tuuam-Ai, 1959, 187 pp. CFSTI IT-of)6-60118 Apir 67 322,438 62-15099 Olsuf'ev, N. C., ed. PROBLEMS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND PROPHYLAX12S 1. Olsuf'cv, N. G. OF TULARJ','.1IA: A LIST OF RUSSIAN PAPERS. H. National Instimes of 1960 [51P. ~i refs. Health, Bethesda, Md. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-15099 Trans. of mono. '~Mro~X idenifolo?W i Profflak-tiki moscow, DESCRIPTOR-S: *E-piden-dology, Preventive medicine, vrularemia Translations of any of die 23 papers listed herein will be furnished by the National InsEirute of licalth upon re quest front any American scientific journal that wish-2s to consider publishing it. (Biological Sciences- -Pathologyi Tr, v. 7, no. 12) 62-15327 Olsuf'ev, N. G., Pasrukhov, B. N., and Kucheruk, V. V., eds. 1. Cllaur'ev, N. G. PROBLEMS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND PROPHYLAXIS 11. Pastukhov, B. N. OF TULAREMIA..COLLECTION OF CONCLUSIONS 111. Kucheruk, V. V. AND BIBLIOGRAPHIES. [1961][31h). 84 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $3.60 62-15327 Trans. from mono. [V. roa E fdoziolo Alij Prgfi- M~ ~owl%58. DESCRIPTORS- *13pidemiology, Preventive medicine, *Tularemia, Bibliography. (Biological Sciences--Pathology, Trv. 7, no. 12) Office of T"halcal Services 1,;*, ex-lveuW.1 Study of Dermacentor thrginatus Sul% Said MILPICeybalus Roazicus Jok. Ticka w Vectors af 'Rilareaa,, by V. G. Patrov, 17 pp. RUSSUMI, Ut,. Voprosy Ppid=iolool i i:r0flicaMiki T iaremii. U1 pp NI31 BSTF-T-3.1- Go 150 F9 Sci - Hed .T= 150 //7 Problem of Latent Tularemia in I-litter Rat, by N. S. ~Yamolova, MrSSIAN, bk, Voprosy ~~ide*miolo.gii i Profilaktik-i Tuliaremii 34~ 1�56" pp IP4*-'Ipg. - - - - -- - ----I....... *NIH Sci - Yled jan 6o Characteristics of Experimental 111idaremia in Small Suslik, by N. I. Makarov, E. P. blakarova, qsy Epidemiologii i Profilaktiki RUSSIffig, bk, lTqRr Tuliaremji, 14~:OA PP 130-13 -MIH Sci - YRCI jan 6o Susceptibility of Southern Gerbil to TUiaremia Infection at Various Seasons of the Year, by N. A. Bystrova, RUSSIAN, bk, Voprosy 1~pidemiologii i Profilaktiki Tuliaremii, *NIH Sci Sed Y jan 6o Study of the Characteristics of Mcperimental Tularemia in Lake Frog, Rana ridibunda by Z. .2 1. Murav~eva,, RUSSIM, bk, Vop_rosv Epidemiologii i Profilaktiki Tuliaremii, 344~m, -Concerning Eirybipeloid -in- Small -1-1,mmals in- Northern Part of Volga-Alrbtubinsk Bottom Land, by A. P. Samsonova,, RUSSMi, bk, Voprosy h~? demiologi:L i Prof ilakUki Tuliaremii,;-I,-~P, 1958, pp *NIH Sci Med jan 6o StuV of Effectiveness of AntltuLm-emia Vaccinatica In Zone of Construction of Stalimpad Hydroelectric Statioup by V. P. Borodln,, 10 pp. RUBSISOp bk, Xg2jLpy RLdm gal i 1>rorilektiki Tullwemil, Moscow, 1938, pp 152-1557.-'' H3z HSTP T-17 Bei - Ked Jim 60 13!picutamous GLE:Lu Test With Tul=iu From Vaccine Strain to Deptemim Uwaity in Lhose Inc4mlated Agamt rAaareivda md for Diagaosis of Ihis laection, by H. CI. Olmuf 13,er., V. P. Borodin., Ye. M. Illsovtk-ava, 7 pp MMLAN.,~ bk., Vaprosy ~~idemigqgM.A-Profll0l~141 156-158. -ATE RBTF T-18 Sci %.- 117,,3,Vf Comparison of Results of ExterAination of I-later Rat by Means of Poisoned Grain and Vegetable Bait-s, by V." V. JWcheruk,, RUSSM, bk, Voprosy Epidemiologii i Profilaktiki Tuliaremii, Sci - Med jan 6o Importance of Industry in Regulating the Number of Water Rat, byll. A. Spitsyn, pidemiologii i Profilaktiki RUSSIAN, bk, 3Lpp~qy R - -iOd7 Tuliaremii 18:1 :P-. 56," pp Sci - Med Jan 60 Problem of Dermacentor marginatus Sulz. and Rhipicephalus rossicus Jak. et K. Jak. Tick Control Through Use of PentWchlorine (DDI') and Hexachlorane, by V. G. Petrov, RUSSIATIT, bk, Voprosy 4,idemiologii i Profilaktiki TLaiaremii,' 60. *NIH Sci Med jan 6o Features of Spread of I-later Rat Along Volga- Alditub�nsk Bottom Land and Prognotts of Number of This Wild Creature After Beginning Ope:gLtion of E~,droelectric Station, by P. A. Pantele~v' RUSSIAN, bk, Voprosy Epidemiol gii i ProfijgUiki Tulia.remii, -69.7- 1958, PP 181-183. *NIH Sci - Mied jan 6o