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11 L by ~0. T. 1.5 pp~, Alhur Tel& JEA Ito 19P 1949P 126-133, fti bhweum No W25V S(Aeutltk VItra-Acowtic Micromoopes bylS. Ya. Sokolov., 3 PP,, RUSSIU,t perp ZhUr Telsh-XUj, Val XIXj, No 2,, Feb 1949. CIA,(Y=/Z-90 sclentific - rhoice ACBM Ti- No 424., May be same mug AM P-4S-7252 emd brutchtw Tr No 3003 and IM-1218 /7 76 e? Fbat4lecu'la-mlan'try A. is. Oelperovich" To. V. L. b4 FJmWwv&s 311 pp. 71W. tAr at BmLl Light nm*sp by 'ftV2.OVLo Be Po RQdlOOOTjs xmumo, 03, =; XD 2,0 1 Moscow,, lmj, pp IM 4wk AM, -70Y Y-%0 %w4/ Us Nev OPiAcal MOthOd or Studyimg Strwaoo In Fo- larized L14$htj. by A, V. Stepanov, 19 pp. RUSSTArt, "r., Zhur Tekh Pi--, Vol 19, NO 2" 1949; pp 2,05-217. . sci IP=tt= LAO 51/2154 - Lb r%4c)--) Me Effect of Sxal~w Xupurity ftoperties of Staeuiuo IW I. RUSSIAN.0 per,, 22tur _TgM Piz 1949.. pp 225-2XI. ATS-14B'r8a on the Electrical V. Afanamley. Vol XIX., No 2., Sept (95 3C9j 7 75 Hardenability of Steel With Smiall Boron Contents (som. Proaam of the Phisica ot Hardenability), by a. X. Vimrov. RMOM, ZtELTakh IPLZ Vol 19, 1949, No 2, pp 243-250. -- -P Drutdher Tech Tr 2a1q ,Absorptica of Ultra;oo*U Wa"s b;r Singlo Cryoftlai, by S. Ya. Sok"OV Ruwams, p"t zhurleft sue Immm Vol 190 19498 no 21" IV glk~* - ~ I MmtcUpr ftdor So 30014 Mco 40-70 sclmfttxm - Vltxummdo / 3 f/ Ramer. S. 1. 1 'M--64-,&755 CH NGE GF N1.1 04 iNICAL. PR(JPTR TIES OF Ml*-TAI-S 1 1. Rainer. S. 1. UNDER Wli- )RCII;ThTll:. PRE~~SUIIE. :14641 9p Or~wr f. om 0 I'S, SLA. or ETC $ 1. 10 T Trans. of Znurivil Tekhnicheskol Fiziki (USSR) 1949, v. 19. no. *:~--T.: - (Mechanici, TIT, .. 11, no. li) I of".. .1 T..h~l-l S-1 ... A!~4 Oe ZHUR TEM FIZ Vol XI:Xj No 4. 1414 pps 1949 "Cleavage Phenomena" A. T. Stepanov Done by Sci Mus Lit Ot Brt - #50/1896 40149T95 #014111algi Ellin AwirestIption of'Mechanical and wpiezo-optlcal "ropertles of Silver Ckklorlde Cx7stals,. by 0, 0, TfjaI*aII*# 25 pAK RWSIM# pers, ZIuT_j*khj4$, Vol =j, No 40 1949# pp 507417. CIA/JPM/k-Lll% Satent1fir - Cbsulatry CTZIM ~Ilmpticv or the Fljvt StsV of the Vaftenulto Decom- p(~,skt,jorj, by G. Nwidyumv;p L. T~~k por, Zhur Irekb Ms.. Vol nXi, Ito 5, 1949,, rp 525-531. aratcber Tr !Pbl Scientific - MineraLs/metals CTS/I)Itx Price $6.85 ifAlil AlII Cmrbi4a Phase Durina TemperitC of Alloy Steelsp by B.. Z. Bokcht4yn. RWSLAjj,, perp Zhur TeMn rizi, Vol =j, No 5g 2.9h-9# -pp Bruteber Tr No 2687 /., r 7a? JP actuntiric - PbYsics $8.60 Halp-lorltles in 'the mokowtic Movertles of macro- lJoutroWmems Uvd Hepatic System., by A. Be Al"tosso L. Bb. Ilomroovsklys V. L. Mmelow. WJWUNsl no Vorp Zlwr T*kh 11%, Tat We So 51o 1949-~. AW Tr rm jel - -3 '~ y j xor ere lo? in in '"IN-tility olf Cwburv~,' Crz "LIA-la-9,13ng Current Activa"196. Am ill Sys~ltlmva tor Puxpwea of 8-,r---tral Arklyttis, II.W J:. 13. Abr=cn, 0. 11. rc.1'Zova, U p. EMIM$ pwo -zhur !rekb nz s 194cp.. xrol ux, Vo W11-615. ivA 6o-iomB SOL tow/ Apr 60 Vol IMIP Ila 3 Study of Zinc carrusion in An Alpha- AlCuIA Alloy in the Terperatu" Range 400-7500C, by S;. D. Gertariken et al. R'USSIX4, per, 2bur. "reklui. Piz., Vol. 1949' pp.. 769-1?"- *CV15121 ITT 70--5701i 19 Sci/phys Vel-~) 70 muR rr.:hH nz Vol. XIXO No 61 8 PP,1949 "Magnetic Anisotropy of Binary Alloys With a Nickel Base" I. He Puzey, Done by AEC - Tr #241 Avail Q Brookhaven Aug 150 listing 116/49T108 MucimmIoLl Strength of Carbon Steels at High Tem- peiruturem: by IL A. Zalkov. RUEUKTAN,, ZIkur Tek~ Pis., Vol 19, 1949, xo 60 yp UA-W.5 Brutchw Tech Tr No 2860 A. I . Oub"Ov The NOWW"Ca or SlAwto-visco-plaNtic bodles. M. Torslon of 4L circu]Ukr cylindor MWIM per Zhurml ISMnichaskol Plaik:L 1949 Vol isli. so i-PpP TTI-431 GcI Ansum Lib JIo 50J3021 ZHUR TEXH F12 Vol XIXJ No 8., 9 pp., 1949 "The Mechanics of Elasticoviscoplastic Bodies: IV, Tension and Compression in Prisms" A. I. Gubanov Done by Sci Mus Litp G. B. - i5q/1169 62/49T105 Dw Gouatacts of ft4rgetic Anistmpio Ternary Ni-CU-Mo Alljoyaj, I*r N. S. Akulowt 0. 1. Mokhims K. 14- DoIshova, A. P. Ohm-noVa. RUSSIANg so per Zbw-2wLb..nI,8 Vol xix,, No 8, 190j, vp 864a1. A?m ir-irs-s538/v OUR 303'snufto - Ph3vics 028 7Vbot 55 Coerelve Pkirce of Qiken had 1% a.. 1.5$ cr steel, bY B. K. Vainghtein, B. G. Livahits 4USSM, porp MM Hbur TeIgh F&!,j Vol XE(j, No 8, 1949.. yp 87143U. - - Brutebar Tr 3056 Scientific - Mrstra:W/Motals C mlib= //, Z/" Price $9.85 TI.134P. 7haory of Bound Waves in Open Tifoesp Ir,, ii. A. Tatlashteinp 29 pp. VIXISLAW., parjo MiEr Takh V-01 =,P No 8,0 2.94%, Irp 911-93M, _!!k~IU4 - 1 1-0 / 'icIleatitic - Phyllics Sel Tr Cbeter RT-3.483 / r, ~/ ~ f Vol XrX. No 8, 12 ppp "Spatial Pulsations in Connected Wwwe Guides" All P. Ye. Krasnushkin R. V. Khoklov Done by ABC, Tr #239 Avail at Brookhaven Aug 50 Listing ,62/49T24 ZHUR TIM FTZ Vol X11, No 9, 1949 "The Influence of Large-Scale Turbulence Upon the Propagation of Sound in a Turbulent MediumP M. 0. Odintsov 1. 0. Shaposhnikov Translated by 'USAFSS OlDt Directorate of Operations Brooks 4# Foroe Base, Texas AF-2000,'% Copy in files Done by ONI, F2 5045-50 (See 16 Nov Abat. listing) 149TIOl ZHUR TM FrZ Vol XIX, No 9, 2 pp, 1949 "Letter to the Editor" No Do Margulis P,, Go Borzyak B. I. Dystlavitakaya Done by Navy NRL No.251 ilt9T96 ZHUR TEXII FIZ Vol :KIX., No 9, 5 pp., 1949 "Temporsture of the Friction Surface Between Solids (A Theoretical Error In Bowden's Wo:rk)" M. P. Levitskiy Done by Sci Rua Lit, G. B. - #50/1344 149T85 The Meet of Large-Scale Turbulence an tho Amplificatiat of Golund In a Turbulent Wedium., by X. 0. Olitt"ws, 1. 0. Sbaposbw.Lbwp 10 pp. MZSUIIJ, port Z1w Tokb Fiat Vol 3=,, No 9,, 1949,, p 1001. AF 20W% ecientirle - fteles IWII 6 CIA 493145? 1. m cyl. lianat b,,,i cut, cr, by B. T .1, . SA*r 1. OL 0 SURMA, Tekt, MY Val l0es 30 9: 1949 Pr 2,015-9. Sel, Mucam No 51/2Q.212 scieuttrim. TiUalm,zass of Silver MaUdc aryctas cX Photocpr-.phic Rmovarvd by Linniklc Microinterferometc-r :ralolono. ~,'(Iuipp--a With ca( Cbjectivcz;,, by P. V. IWI;lyar) P. Mi. '31 , ~&,, 7 rr. Flussla RMEJ p 1*r . RAFlus Vol X3X8 UG gs 19491, Vp lola-i"W. M/PDD/1-3-318 ~2, 1w Carbides Im Rest-Timoste4 (Te"red) Steels, by M. P. Artp%Mvp 10 pp. MMZAS,p pTj. Zhw ToWh ftt$ VbI :=,, No 10, 1949. AINC IF-"-6977-FS PA 15LT97 solentifte - p"Ics jvne CTS r1me ol' a Vimco-Plaatic Body in an Annular Space Batue"m Tuo Coaxial lUbes, by Po K. rhchipanov., 4 pp. RUSSUMp perv Zhtw TqLh Fir. Vol X:EX,, go 10, 1949p pp 12-1.1-1214. Scl Nun Llb No 54/1377 ftivatific -, Ph"Ics Aug 54 (T's / 4 70 Refl(.ct--ron :Z Plane Waves from 6tratified Ii1'.,io:-,LjGezieous Mecua, by L. M. Brekituvshilh. RU68DLN, per, Zh. TeMi. Fiz., Vol .19, No 10, 1949, pp 1126-1135. . , ~-. , --" ~-' t-i 'Z-) 0 ( I *111orris D. Freidmen for Lincoln Library (Will appcar in SLA later) Sep 57 K. D. Ultoev The elatIftcal and atchavical pmpertles or thin Ilqu:Ld Aim 0 RMUM per, Shurml TekhMcbeakol nzLki. Vol 19 PP n46-1153, Oct: P ScL Nkneus Llb go 50/3175 On the Theory of CmImstion of Initially U=Ixid Gnset,.. by Ya. 10. ZaltdovIchs 20 pp. HUBSTAt, pare Qur Mlkb rIx Vol 1% No.10, *AMW Oct 109, pp. 1-199-222LO. (" Uni-W -Wtt~s: Wtiaml AdvIsory C-ommLttes for Aerocautics.) 'IN T&dtica-=ww=dum :~' 5T~m L,,Dn 40 n Fluctuating Protessea as occillations with Itandm An%xUtucle!s and Pbases., by V. I. Bunimovich, 41 pp. MMXM# no per, Ebs Tokbn F.Lzj Vol xxxt No U, 1949,~Vp Havle D. Friedban *M.00 ?.,/ -~% '94 56 ri-om Oxin oemiconductur Filuloo t. 19 1m. mc. porp Mir Tek-%. Fi2;j, Vcl IXp Vo 3.1j, Air Bea and Dev Coumand T-, TO 0-ItIontItic - phyvica cm/,b= DaviRmlow, N. N. 011MIMINGEN OVER ETN ATITWEL VAN V.P. DECTYARM', GET11 EIA " DE ' INIVIDED VAN VO()P;P'A',I%'NINGI!N oil ";'T FFETE, EN IMOS111--iD (1~'entorks on an .~rticlc ofV.)'. Dv~wart-v, entithx]: !'ic Influence of Itcmt,,rrcFz.,;iTIC on StTenmh am! Crisj-IICF;~- ). 61'. M'FAYL- 1~0. ( I em In Dutch). Order from 0-11, .~)r FIC SI . !~ 4.1-1 7506 Trami. (if Zhurmit Tckhnichv~i,,t I-Wki (IISSR) 1040, v. 1Q. m. 12, 1,. 1442-1444. *rrmicmatcrtaicz, Strczsc~, "I"emperature. 61 - 17514, 1. Davidenkov, N. N. ]I. M. Stichting Mociliji- Toczankeflil-c Weterischall- pelijkc I itcratuur Offi.. .1 T-W-1 S-k.. 0 1 t?1j, P.-a AdditicnAl Cmment e Article by A. E. Dryukbanoirrmta. heva and R. P. +et STIrims", Entitlod " a ion of Permal- 't za lcV In a Longitudinal Constant Nhgnetlc 71jeld" (Letter to the Sditor), by R. V. Te,l"ninj- 3 PP- MMSIAXj, per,, ZImr Telib PI!,, Vol XIX,, No 12, 2.949,, VP 1445-11~47- Assoc Tech Serv SOL ",j j-41 17,0&1 Aug 58 Ccindition of- Carbide rorwed During Isothermal DiMMOPOsAtion or AustvIlOp by E. 0. Asint"vp M6 P. ArbwoY4 RNSIAN, per,, Mar T*7xh nz, 'Vol XX) no 1j, 19W# pp 32-37. Bratcber Tr 4738 0'!2 Sclent1fic - Misles 04-90 'Ote FXfat!t of the Vallence of the ThIvi El~ment, on the Diffunim Proeess In BiLver-Cadmium AUcWup loy S. Geztarlkenp B., Dekhtyarp 7 PP. IMSIM per,, Mir ftkh PU# Vbl XX,, No 1. 19501 VP ~M.10 Assoc Teebi Berv 6Wl6R $10-30 Sol - AW; 58 Influence of Viree Valenco Elements of the. Diffusion Process in (.u-Zn Alloys, by S. Gertrikewni, et al. 8 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur. Tekh. Fz. Vol. 20 1950, pp. 45-5''F *CVSTI '2T 70-57081 Sci/Phys Otan 70 L. A. Vulls on -tjie etuilibuum tmwrature of a body In a w4bous streen. Ll mos"s per cbeeLot risikJL, Vol ZZ., So. 1 Til em- .0 1950" pr WT-109 Sri Mkweum Lib So 50~3174 The Imf1mance of `.-reosure on t1te flechanl= of Steam Pagration iii Boiling Liquid., lw, L. M. Uingma4dolozben, and 3, S. lCututelaLu, 1.3 PP. .4 RU33YAN, Zhur Teti Piz -Vol 20, No 1, pp 110-116j Scl Mussim Lib No 51/0572 - Londcn Zie~ctvicnl. PropertLes of Titanium Dioxides, by Ya. M. Knou,ftov RMISUN, ror,, Ehur Tekh Fix, Vol, Us, lr~Os, No 1p PP 117-1213. Bmteber Order No 3053 Price $8.40 Sclaintillc o Notallurgy 3 1O/ if d-4w Pienoelectric properties of some titanates and zir- conates of bivalent retals with a perovskite type of structure. Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fizikl, V-XX, No.2, 137-1117 Russian Tlw fttmtlal, DIstrIbutlon in a SpWrIml ospo"tor fw, No Quect a fttomtlm CurrentO by so P. rwavft. RMUX& PW* Mar 26M 7J.90 Val Zzo No 20 IWO pq )Ag-ugo TolAs ?-A 4&0 ftl - P*Nlft No M6 -4ufht(vuL4t gf Hickel Vron Diffusion of carbon in AU-5t4lMlt4lj, by m. E,, Blauter. =BIM, pers, Zhur T*kh nal, Vol XX,, No 2,v 1950m, vp 111T.021. ----I Isutebotr Tr No 2793 scientifte - HsOmtols $2.90 ." I - - .'. PeciLliarity of the Xmhaniam of Plastic Deformation of Icep tr K. N. rvimov., V. V. Uvrov., 3 PP. . 0 Zbxl-- Nekh rl-r , Vol XXx Wo 2j. 1950, hT j~, pqr rMI-0-231. ~ - Sci Tr=s Center BT-445 /0 1~ qcientirle - Pbyakcii "70.5 C-mbm lot, The ltdilWaph Sqmtloa for Gammlizcd Lines Wit% Lcw toaswi,,, by 34. :9. ZbAbotinfiblys M. L. lxvinp 6 - 34. FqrWv . 28 p. Thui- Telth Piz, 194e;0.- VO). XX, Ito 3,, yp 9'98483t. ATS-81L3M, Sci Mr CIO .rfi:7 61~ Vol 2s 110 U ThecwW at AWrodasto 61.53iUrl't.-Y it the PWncmza of .11sat OmductViltv, by A. T. VeLak., is W-. ztaw Telal riss. V03. 2DI, no 3, 19501 "Th't fiVixes Gme ally in the SC-1 M*em 10 31/28,38 Infl-tionce ar Vickal Upon qumtitative Charwteristics of the Coml"come of Carbidou In lootbormal TeMerines, by S. Z. Dokahtoyn.. RUSUTAN,. ]porp Zh-ur 2!N~F4., Vol Up go 3p 195Dj, rT 12.7-333 --*- Bmuhtr Tr No 2926 /001...'~- 742. Scleatifte - Physics saw crj,'-'cr-:L crnaranct-CIriatics of Ca-Cla Rzotc-c--thme a by N. 7a. letwiffianin, Ii. D. Mor&Uis. nill. trarw2tution. RWBMIO rio p--r,, Zbur Tekh Fi-mir Vol Mlv NO 3o 1950, pp 246-352. Asc Tr 1619 USSR Scientific - Physica Jul 53 CTS Oil Fucu.$1119, &)unC Waves by a Pairabolic Hotlector;,by L. D. Rosenberg, RMSDAN, ;er, Zhvr Tekh riz, Vol XX, No 4, 1950, pp 385-396. ABC Tr 1152 S,:ItntIfkc - Fbysics Structuml Changto tu the AVIng of t&,~? !,AI,-n- AI-L~,%- Mgp by Y. A. Dapnmitakly. IT=TAVp peri. ZWw Tekb rlxo Val XK, No hr 1950; vp hIlh-k". 14&bwr R&seorcb lustitute P 9MI T No 11 IratsUir Tr It* 2701 0-55 SciantS.2fte -- Pbre-Las 1~'re--517 113vestiption of the Diffusion of Zinc Im Eilver-Undc Alloya With Admlxturesp by K. Batsu~k, S. jartariken.. 3 PP. RMSM(j, per, 2hur Tekb lFLz# Vol XX,, go 4, 3.00,p -pp 'OlAe .. Sci Mu Llb Tr 55/0922 Sclentif ic - Pbysicsq Jul 55 CTS Source of Alkall qatal lonap by M. M. Bredov. RMTAHi no pm,p Zhur T*kh FLzj Val Us No 4jp 1950p Imp h-Ica;. - AIND Tr S'j% PA 163ELOT 161 '44c;?,g, alateftoic - pl*%~" Pab CTS A SJmple -Notbod d! Thermstatic Tepperature Ccahrol With a Coi istancy --- 0. 0050 C. , by P. At. i~rnogmnov, IS pp. 6, k, 1 RLUSIM Zhur TekjLFiz, Vol 20, 195 , pp h8o-4d' ^ Scl Xwm= No 51/2737 sclentific - ph"11cm / ,'- I' ~ Photometry of Fluorescent Lamps, by S. 0. Yurov, 21 MIAN., per, Zbur TWithaicbeekoy rl.zftl, Vol XXI No 5,, 1950,1 Pis Sal Truss Center W-3437 SclautIrle Apr 56 %~Aogmpblih Comparlean of Usht 13aurcer, Dif:erlna P ,-i.ocstly la Radiant ftergy Output, by G. A. Tikhov,, F--jL:=AI,p p*rir Zhur Tekb Fix; Vol :11, No 5, 19500 pp 526-528. C-IA/FDD/X-1177' ftsims ')-IeIet;U~Ic loosE;ps in Cerixmic Dielectrics and Tit.ixwite W: Hit-.1i Prequencies, by A,, L. KhodakOV. Rai, traxislation- RUS,SIAN, mo per, ~hur Tekh Piz SSR7, Vol xx, r1o .119 1950, pp 529-532. ABC IY 1420 USSR 4U.-V IOA M/0 - 3cf-entItic - Physica"O MineTale/me-tals' electronics, dielactric,, terwdc,, barium titanate Nov 52 CTS/MX Pore Forantion and Its Effect on the Rate of Evapors- tiou ot Mw Volatile ComVoftuts Iftva a Solid Al:Loy, by .11. A. Santalov. Full translation. ekh JU Val ZKO 1950,9 RMXU,, pers EhM.T pp 56h-570* AW Tr 3A881 Scientific - pbYsits., Pore formt1oup solo alloy. an 53 mium .qev A-pparatuo tow the lnwsti~pt-.Lou of the Ccc:bustion ,7,rooeigmcs in Engiuesp by A, N. Voinov. amw4j, POFt Eh Tot V. to-.11. "), Vol xx(5),, xx May 1950s vp 6W-6II37. Mumton Famearch Centre Tr No OTA3 Kinco 230 sci-outific - vbVicso codnotlon.p ancineo Indox Acromauticus 1. Recryst-allization Kinetics of'Alloyed Irono by L. 1. Xogan, R. 1. Ratin RUSSIAIV, per, ZJW,!K -7XZ, Vol XX, No 5,, 1950, Ipp 629-6--W . "'- 1hvtchor Tr 2E158 scientific - 141joitmIalmotals ars/bux p/tf,~ AI -1. 3 () Silo Proaant-lay Dolcmittry,,_ by I. D. Kanozenkot 16 pp. M=UD,, mo per, j,',IAw Tekb 71.z 1950# PP 645-665- ,j Vol XX& No 6. Scl Asseum Llb go 53/2517 USSR scientific - Physics ~'C 7Y ftbi 54 CM Atogde Sc-%ttering of X-Rayis in Copper-Zinc Allalro,, by A* V. Bemosikova,, V. 1. Ivaronovan., 4p Ru3swo r,, Zhur TsM PLap 1950-j Vol XX, no 6j, PP M-669; ATS -1M35 R sci. Apr 60 //-? d17 Vol M,, No 2 1 Effect of luitial Grain Size in the Penrlite4=toulte Tramforwtlon,, by IL 1, Usalennikove, Ya. R. Rautin. -AV& , %71ffo_, par?.'aa ftkb riz vol xx,, so 6,0 195o, .-0 -02~6911. ..1-1-- ~ . . ~ I BruWbeir Tram No SM 8c1*vLWc -1 Not&Uaro% steel,, lMarlitay austanite, I tz"wd MIM tion '.:.-be Use of nluminators irk luvestigmtina the Low .:.Moquoncy Statteriall Spectra of Organic Crystolo, A,. V. Zwokmovt V. As, Ciellkinp 5 pp. it Tokh It& voi xx,, No 6,, i9qo,, pp 745-749- ............... Set *swum Lib No 54/06% SC lent-If ic '. ftystell MY 54 Kavxasitic-"io- '~U-..o27 ex M-Mnwd"lm in t*'te Z'IUmiiy 6tate la a Ro!x4. v6--ticul fts*NP fbm*v) vith liorerpoalltlorA or Ycaved'and rrm, %~vdmsw Con-mcticon, by 0. A, QatroLmvt Q Dr, I Vl,~"300, Zlur Ytt-eb Flap 'Val go, Ila 6 1950, V 7150-7:q~ s Ultio. di am- Cray Su t1a Ruesum GrLaldla 4 OW SCI Nl*a= SD 5-1/2396 -itztbtXl. of Dflamewing Conductivity In Dielectr 9. by 1. M. lqwLitovv 8 PPS MUSSIANs, j*;rA Zbur W& f1l Vol;aj, 1950s AW IF 1%9 sciftlu'la - PWBUSI 5 7A- Thit 14MWUX*Mnt cd, ParMoabjUty and Meleetric Losse of 1hu4 Diaw#Ics in'ths coutimetei RanM by.Mcaw of lftv~ (14des, bit 0. D. Bin-dw. IttigilAft mo per,. IVAur Tokh Iftj Vol XXp Ito Tp 1950,V .%OU Pit '14343"1m. VIO. Tr 459 Pik 164T63 DLu Telepbo=,Lab Lib. becusion & Tr Wof wif NU)s jum 1951 CTO, S~,Cf,t,wal Ct;qrves of Absorption (;)f Solid Films ~) -'W~ T n, 12 :pp. Tartalwa Zb= Tekh Piss Vol Us So T, 47-853. pp 9h cnA/=/x-u66 Sci,eatific as IMx f " ~11 ~ -, ~ "'; ell. 4 ()f Confomity in the Theory of p3amuc Derro=RtIon.. by N. F. Lachko, I'M 2b TOkb Flz, Val XX., No 7, 1950, 403 0 3- ft3mw R"earah Mutitaft 23. 89W la .J. 117. . - - I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77'7777~~ -~- The Rollition Hattvven -%e Contact Rtmistance Metal/ Semi-Canductor and tbs Contact PotAstial Difference., by V. Y. Lyumheukop wid A. H. Pavlemko, 5 PP- RUSSUX., Zhur Tekh rino Vol 20P 1950., pp 854-857- Sci mmomm so 51/27)4 Scleatitic - ftsics Raptum cd' MbtaUp by N. F. Lost* HmslAB# Mi, TOO* nZes 20 (T)s GM-Mv 1930s vvamr ftsm a& Imtludo Mr No 2a OrAft Un QxaioLeut of Friction Durina the 33-iding amd Scra-bobing or ',Metals. by Z. 11. Yholov, 9 pp Runglan. Zhur Tekh Pit Vol 20, 1950, pp 8W- 891. SCi IIABORM 110 51/2745 Sclanwic - pblvics PhotocoMuctlylty of Go-3b Iayerii,, by P. G. Borzyak,, 10 pp, RWJIAHp so parr Zbtxr Tekb Fizj, Irol XXI, 1950,, pp 923-927. ABC Mr 1728 P7-214?0 Scientific Phyalca =/DZX e?7 Barryuk. P. G. A 'FIVIN OF OCKYGEN-CESIL11,1 FILMS. 119601 10p. 14 TOO. Ordet ftown RIS 53.00 RIS E-641 Tranot. of Zhltjrt*U TcWLtichewkjV.j_FI4*! I (USSR) 1911D. v. a. P. gzs---4m., 61-12D46 1. Cmthodrm (Electran tubeq)-- f%macmductivity 2. Oxide CAtho&*- -Coot Ingo 3. Fbetownductive nimm- PraKrUcs 4. Ttdn nims--mmo- ocneittrtty so"Yalk. P. 0. it RIS E-64 1 In. Re"carch Informalon %rr~tcc. he. YCWIL (Ensine*rInp-Electramic. 7T. v. 3. no. 1) 1hur Tcl;b- ?i pp 944-~?53~ ,Zl Vol sci Tr Ctr Al-v, 56 am, Awc Xorlumm of Cdbelt UFO Difftslon of Carbon in AuStpoultep by N. 9, Blentor. MjS6%W,*-,Zhw-.2m . . r~z# Vol Ims, ift 0" 1950P pp kMI-Itxw. - sngbd*r Tr go 27% /Z/ 40,i? 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