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Dynazacs Or viscool"tic awl and platess by a. I. XWW, par., Dok A Va ==M# 19619 pp 1317-1320. Ma 112 r4)M sr4 17a, Oct 61 List 2 ij as OWT MY On rhe Construction of a 'Iheory of Elasticity, by D, D. IvIev, 3 PP - RUSSTAT4, sK per, Dok Ak Wauk SSSR, Vol CXXXVIII, 1961, pp 1:321-IRV. AIP Sov Fhyu - Dok vol vi, No 6, -F-'77 Sci J=62 T,-r.qn critical Deformation of' Cylindrical Miells under External Pressuxe) by A. V. Pogorelov, 5 pp. -RUSSiA!T, per, Dok Ak Nauk. WSR VCLI CXXXVIII, xr, 6, 11~,,61, pp 1~-25-. AIP Sav Phyr, - Dok vol vi, No 6 Sci jan 6L:, Energy Distribution of Electrons in Photoioaization of Aromatic Amines in the Gaseous Ihaze, by F. I. Vilesov, B. L. Kurbatov, A. N. Terenin, 4 pp. RMSIAN, per, Dok Ak Tilwk SSSR, Vol CM%-VIT-1, o 6, 1961, pp'13~~-~ w 1 AIP Sov Phya Dok vol va, no 6 Sai jan 62 A Study of the Optical ProperLies o-f TranspaIz- e n's, Va:,.eria..:-s Under Ifigh Pre6sure, by XxxA Ya. D. Zel'davich, S. B. Kcmar, M. V. Sinitsya, 3 P)P - RUS-SXAN, per, Dok-Ak-~.~~ ~S, Vol CMWITI, no 6, 1961, PP 1333-1336. An" Sov Pbys - Dok voi vi., wo 6 sci jan 62 MABotrostatic ECftcts IDducogti, the 16DUM Of & Rarefied Plwm In Scumir=u NNpgUc Fields by YCL. S. SIwwj, WSSLM; pwp Dak Ak Nuft BMP W1 cxuvmj, Join 1961m, jV 13N SAG& TP IF-8M SCI out 61 p CIO,/ Ust 2 us W/T my Wind and Thermal Circulation in the Ocean, by P. S. Lineykin, 3 pp. RUSSIM, per, Dok Ak Hauk, Vol CXXXVIII, iTo 6, 1962, pp 1341, AGI Sci Feb 63 62-12120 Dogadkin, B. A. &W Dontsov, A. A. . RBACMN OF POLYETHYLENE WMi SULYUR. A. 1. Dopdkin. B. 1196115p. H. Dmtsov, A. A. Order from ATS $7. 50 A7S-93NS6 R U1. A7S-93NS6R " IV. Associated Technical 196i, Trans. of~Akadjetnl"j Nau ~kWy. Servires. tac., V. 138. no. 6,_'Vr99-l352_ EastOrange, N. DESCREPTORS: *Ethylenes. Polymers, *Sulfur, Chemical reactions. (Chemistry- -Organic, TT, v. 7. no. 3) Offl~.F T."Cw 5ftwe.8 Determimtion of the 15DISCUlar 1101&t Qf chelate Polymg=s by A. P. Twentlev. RUSSIVI* perp Dokl Aked Mwk SSSR V401 138s 19618 =0 ATS-4882 sci Doe 68 368,p750 A.A and Balandin, A.A. I'll 01111 I!T I-S CATALYTIQUI-S DES TERRES RARF-S I c) Zakonowern.~-tyakbv Katalitiche-skikh Svoigtvakh 11 ReJUL-1, Zeniel'i(C.-Itah'tic Properties ofitare Earth.4. III 121% fforei,:n --,:t jn,16dod) l7refs. CNRS-VI 684. R1 OT-dcr fr,n~ ()T~. ETC -r MRS $1.60 TT-62-287z,2 I Jn- 1061, vjl~,. mo" 75- 31- 0 1 ;(-:1 z I M 01,*5;: !T:11*e earth elements, 'C~~Ta I~Zts. 11c,11 .0 Flectrons. t 'I -F - 62 -287521 TolsroM-atova. A.A. flalan-din, A.A. cNRS-VI 684 Centre National de la Ret che Scientificlue, P aris (C~wm' -ti Iii- w.uamc, ,-r. v. 11, no. 8) ON- I T ".-I S E-.- ZZ.- c.,,. Use of Anion E=hange Resins for the Reeenemtion of Cynnide From CoMlex Balts, by 1. H. Mksins A. 1. Sinelinikova,, A. Yu. Bailin. RUSSTAN., perv . Nauk Ma.. voi ammm, v* 1961j, Pp 1.399-]AOI. ATS-961154a P"t (R7-- YIVAI) Sci CJ6 mar 62 If ?" -r--f -,0 Vol Vn . go 2 The Late Molasses of the E rly Caledonian Geosyncline inthe Interior of the Baikal Highlands, by V. G. Belichenko, P. M. Khrenov, 4 pp. RUSSLOY per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, 'No 6, 1962, PP 1405-i4o8. AGI Sci Feb 63 The Basic Features of the Geology of the Precambrian of Southern and Far Eastern USSR and Veighboring TexTitories, by Yu. Ya. Gromov, V. K. Putinsev, 4 pp. RUSSI", per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, iio 6, 1962, pp 14o9-1412. AGI Sci Feb 63 Nell Exposure of a Reverse Fault in the Western Fault in the Western End of the Zhiguli Swell, by V. A. Dolitsky, L. I. Berman, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk., Vol CXXXVIII, N,o 6-,~ i-362, pp 1413-1416. AGI Sci Feb 63 Discovery of the Marine Yeysk-Berezan Region of Ciscaucasia, I by V. L. V. A. Yermakov, 3 PP. Upyer Triassic in the Southerwestern YeFoyan, RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, No 6~, 1962, pp 1417-1420. AGI Sci Feb 63 Pollen Flora of the Pliocene Deposits Near the Village of Pc)dgornye Baylyary JL .-Tataria, by T. A. Kuznetsova, 3 pp. RUSSIAN, pe:q, Dok Ak Hauk, Vol CXXXVIII, No 6, 1962, pp 14pi-1423. AGI Sci Feb 63 The Reef Structures of the Birsk Saddle, by 14. F. Mirchink, 0. M. Yur-rtchyan, 3 PP. RUSSIPY, pe:q, Dok Ak Hauk, Vol CXXXVIII, Tio ~, 1962, pp 1424-1427. AGI Sci Feb 63 MILIJI! Ruin The Age of the Ore-Containing Stratum of the Yubudess (Kizylkol) Cha.1copyrite Deposit, by M. M. Rubinshteyn, V. I. Buadze, 2 pp. RUSSIAN,, per, Dok Ak Nauh, Vol CXXXVIII, No 6, 1962, jt~ 2 r- q I -~ AGI Sci Feb 63 Vew Data on the '_~ge of the Tiraspol Gravel-, by A. L. Chepalyga, 2 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CX=II, No 6, 1962, pp i431-iq ~y AGI Sci Feb 63 A New Parameter for the Genetic Classification of Oils., by 0. A. Radchenko, k 3 P--D. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, No 6, 1962, pp 14-34-. AGI Sci Feb 63 Food Sources oi the Deep-Water Fauna, Speed oA--:' Decomposition of Dead Pteropoda, by IN. Ye. Vinogradov, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXXVIII, No 6, 1961, pp 1439-1442. AGU Sci Dec 62 Qwaltative lategmtloa of a System of n Differential BTmtioiw in a Region Containing a Singular Point and a Lftit Cycle.. bV M. N. Brushlinskaya., 3 PP- mwipj, per., mok Ak Nwak sam, vol cxumx, 3.961., pp 9-12. Amer Vkth Soa ,rim 62 Adative Functlotn' a of a )WIticlip-maianal Wiener Process.0 by A. D. Veutcel-'.9 J~ pp. mmioj, per., Dok Ak Nauk Eam, vol cxK=, 1961, pp 13-16. Amer Iftth Soo Sal itm 62 ;;2 d7 /, 0 "/1 JQ-, uDioau of Partial DLfferejItIal SqMtiCkas With COngb=,b Coefficients, by, V. V. awaAm I" v 3 P.P. S Grushin, MWIANj, perp ~Dok Ak Naut SWR, Vol CXKXIXl 1961, pp IT-19. Amer Metth Sm Bei '2 a /j e~ -V Jun 62 L-L Illilill l1will On EL Limit Theorem, by V. Yu. KrYlav, 3 PP. RUSSMI, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, voi c=x, 1961, pp 20-23- Amer Math Soc Sci jun 62 On 17' Continua, by V. Ku:~'minov, 3 P.P. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, vol croay, 1961, pp 24-27. .Amer Math Soc Sci jun 62 The A-_Dqrwdmtion of Functims by Gmeralized Linea2~ Landau Operators.. by R. G. 14=edavp 4 p-p. RUSSIM;~ pw,, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR., Vol C' 7 .9 1961,, pp 28-30. Amw Matla Soo Sel .;2 0/ Jun 62 , DE~tuennination of the Re-g-ion of Capture for a ---'-.-sten - 1,1 - - - Y, bv V. Mei'ni lrc)v. 2 pp ~o a :,Iamiitc~lfa- e CD:Iy r, Nauk SSSR, Vol C' :,40 Amer Math Soc sai mar 62 Some questions on the Theory of Homogeneous Process With Discrete Time, by S. V. Nagayev DV .. 3 pp - RUSSMN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXMX, 1961, PP 34-36. Amer Math Soc Sci jun 62 Eli.iptic Operators on Two-Dime:asional Manifolds, by M. Z. Solourmk, 3 PP. RUSSIAN, -per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXXIX, 1961, pp 3T-39. Amer Math Soc Sci jun 62 Cm the Necescary and Suffled.ent StabllitY OwdltiOns for system of Uffereme FxBmt4=sj by V- Ia. Urm., .6 4 pp. MWIM., pw.- Dok Ak Muk SEISR,, Vol CIXXIXj, 1961p pp 4o.43- --- Amew Nkth Soc Sol Jun 62 ;~ a 17 azr-d A Method ofor Etatermiulng the Ccmstcnts In the 0--hvarz Cbristoffel lategral., by P. ]~. Fillchakzv, 4 p-D. irimim,, per., Dok Ak Hauk s&m. vol c=ccx., io,6i, p.p 44-4T. -1 ------------------------- Aniar Math Soc Sol ;2 '1 /,. eq,5- / jun 62 lite Grou-n. b- On :I-,-tens4.--ns of an inde.,:ia-l of a7~: S. Danihin, 2 pp. per, Doh P-R. 11-lauk, SSSR; 701 C'- T~rD DMXI Amer Math Soc Sci max 62 Me Structure of the F=ction Syme of Complex Can=lcal Equations With Periodic Coefficients., by :7. - A. , Yalwborl ch,, 5 P-0 - rwsm, per, thk Ak Nauk swR, vol c=ax., 1961.. PP 54-.57- Amer M4h Soc &-%.1 ;2 61 / jun 62 amd Ci-rcu-'- a ti-con C -on !,,a [~net - hyclr3d~-nwa:Lcs, by 1.!. .17. Kogan., 2 Pp. Russ=, per, Dch Ak Nauk SSSIII, Vol Cl---,IX,, 17 1 1~61, pp 93-59. AIP Sov Phys - Dz)k Vol Tf, No 7 Sci jan 62 ResisLance of Polyineric PlasLics Erosion, by K. K. Shal'r-ev, 4' pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dolt Ak Nauk 39SR, Vol MAXIX, pp AIP Sov Phys Dak Vol V1, No 7 sci Feb 62 near tL,,-:! Illlneory of a Ya--wellie-n Blc~iy, by -3. M- M Naimark, 3 PP - RMS-SIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C.*KXX-,.X, pp 03- AIP Sov Phys - DoL, Vol VY, 110 7 Sai Fe!b 62 Thc- 11~0~-gatlqn of Long and Waves abgat the Earth in the Lower ~C,D, and E,, layers of the Yomaphere in t:,-Ae Lij~at of Information Meory, by P. E. Kraznushkin, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Pqk_Ak-NaWi SSSR, Vol C.MXTX, I fo 1, 1961; pp 67-,~,O, AIP Sov Phys - Dok Vol V1, VO 7 Sci lg'2 g Feb 62 4111, 17 6 e - Probjerr, of - Lhe 6 Lal- ~Iw v A'Z' Ifear the Solid Surface, by S. P. Bakanov, B. V. Deryagin, 4 pp. RUSSL4,N, per, Dok Ak Nauk,S3SR,- Vol CXXXT.X, no 1, 1961, pp 71~,74-- MY Sov Fhys - Dok Vol TI, No 7 sci Feb 62 -Absorption Coeff icient and - Une - The rzAadrupole Optical Lifetime of the Ground 3tate of Excitoas in a Crystal of C1120, by E. F. Gross, A=A A. A. KAPI-yaaskiy, 3 PP. RUSSZAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CMIX, ,,io 1, 1963., pp--7-5--7Z-.-- A-M Sov Phys - Dck Vol VI, 1140 7 960 Sci 19-2.1 Feb 62 The MatrIx El-neat of tae Reactioxi at Lov Energies, by 0. L. Zav'yalov, V. P. Pavlav. 3 PP. RUSSIM, per, Dok Ak Nauh SSSR, Vol C)C(.X.TX, No 1, 3-561) pp 79--~. AIP Sav Phys Dok Sci Vol '71, NO 7 Feb 62 Kin-eLics o.'L' the Relatively .'Mstan-Laneous Deformation of Polymers in the Llasti-,; State, by L. V. Ivanova, V. F. r-huva7yev, P. A. Rebinder, 3 PP. RUSSLA-N, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CM.IX, xaxg,x -ig6l, PP 83-86. - No 1, A 1? Sov Phya - Dak Vol V1, No 7 Sci Feb 62 -1 Geodesic Lines on the Surft= of a Body~ by E. M. Morozov, Ya. B. Fridman, 3 PP. RUSSIAIT, Dok Ak Nauk- SSSR, Vol CXXXIX, No i, Alp Sov Phys - Dok Vol V1. No 7 Sci reb 62 OOKLADY OF THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE USSR. EARTIJ SCIENCES SECTION. 1961. VOL. 139, NOS. 1-6. Ian 63, Iv. Order from AGI 18. 00, $45. 00/year Trans. of Akadetulp ]Z.~ SSSR. Cp,!klAdy.~ 1961, V. 139, vo. 1. p. 91-9j, Lw-iys, 2025-2D7; no, 2. p. .431-459, 461-462; no. 3, p. 673-712; no. 4. p. 943-965, 976-979; no. 5, p. 1098-1100, 1173-1223; m 6. p. 1419-1459, 1461-1466. DESCRU`TORS: OGeochemistry, *Geology. $Geo- phyalcu, *Hydroloff. *Strattgraphy, *Mineralogy, *Meoewlogy. *Permafros4 Petrology. 61-12491-139 1. American Geological Inst., Washington, D. C. (Earth Sciences, TT, v. 10, m 3) Office d Tnb" Serttn TT-64-13363 Andreev, B. A. FREE Alit ANOMALIES AND ISOSrASY (Gravitatsio- 1. Andreev. & A. nye AnomaIll Pays I Izostazlya) D. Shalikashvill. tr. U. ACIC-TC-690 Sep 63 18p] l1refs ACIC TC-690. Ill. Aeronautical Chart and Order from OTS. SLA. or = $1. 10 TT-64-13363 Information Center. St. Louis, Mo. Trans. of Akosltmlya.NaWSSS4-,&~~J961, v. 139, no. 1. p. 91-93. (Abstract avallable~ Other translations are available from OTS or SLA $1. 10 an Tr-62-13262, JPRS-10688, 23 Oct 61 j7p] and from AGI $8. 00. DESCRIJYWRS: Earth. *Geophysics, Gravity. 'Gravity anomalies. Pressure, Distribution. 7be correlation dependence of AgF-,&gl on h was in- vestigated, whereagF is Fay's anomaly, AgI in the i9astatic anOM21Y. and h to the altitude of the observa- tion point on the continent or the depth of the ocean undez the observat-lon point. The origiW figures were taken offim .1 S.-I... (Earth Sciences, Tr, v. 11, no. 9) (over) 7he Therml Condeamtion of Dichlarosilane With Mlarobanzem by X. A. Audrlywwv,, V. 1. GavusW- 4 VP. RMSUW,, per, Dok Ak Nwilt SSSR., Vol CXXXIXp go is 1961.. ii ~95-98. -- CB sai ?- 19 V,, 7 6 x itm 62 Gas Phase and-Liquid Phase Oxidation of n-Butane, by E. A. Blyumberg, G. E. Zaikov, Y pp. RUSSIAR, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXYMX, No 1, 1961, pp 99-101. 0 7_7 7T- (_ -~ -16. Oc/_5- CB - Sci 4-rs :~ 50, P f.? & jun 62 TAt--rmlecular luteracticM Of Tletrahydro- ftxw3a Wlth Hydrogen Chlorlde.. 112- GO Borod'ko, Ya. K. SyrUujll FPO MODS,, per., Dok Ak Nauft SSSR, Vol CxxXjX, No 1., .1961, pp CB set ;2- "., 26 9' Jim 62 The Ccn&ewmtim of Formaldehyde With Perfluaro-OLefine-Tatrafluaroothylemp by H. P. Nolchalloap B. L. Dyatkinj 3 PP- RWSUN, per,. Dak Ak NwAr MR,, Voll CXXUX, No 1, 1961, ip-l-w;1w. - CB set '2,00" 7 700 Jun 62 The "Maerml" RearrmWmirzt of Hyc~o- COCUKXUWA.t by L. G. LrroLLkp V. 0. Talks hevqchj. 4 pp. WSSIAN., pars SSSR,_ Vol CXXXIX., is ft 1, 1961, PP 110-U3. CB Sol V o o, 7 71 jun 62 She TrI-p-AmIjwtrIpheuyI-ox=Ium Cation As a Itriwtural Amaog or r6raftchaine, by A. ff. Nesmeyswwt T. P. Tolstva, 3 PP - RMSrMs perp D& Ak Nwk SM, Vol CXXXIX, No 1.. i9a., pq7uUznfr.-- cB Sol .2 &10'. v 7.?- jun 62 The Lead Selinite - Lead Oxide System, by B. A. Popovkin, A. V. Novoselova, 2 pp. 'RUSSMi, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C)=X, No 1, 1961, pp 117-119. K CB Sci jun 62 7he Use of 9pwtrqphotametz7 for the Study of Com~pozition and Structure of Chloride Cogplexas of Cobalt by 1. V. Tanmnayev,, B. ?. .0 4 pp. Russia, per* Dok Ak He;Wc SSSHv Val CXMM# CD Sol V Jun 62 Alkylatiou or Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Alkylatioa it cKF Na&tbalene by Propylene on an Paumino- SilicatG Catalyst at Mcklerato TvnTemtuLmo,, by A. V. Toncb!~f X. V. XkUSShWl 4 pp. MiSSIANS )Mrs Dok Ak 11wk SSSR., Vol CMDW~, Ito 1., 1961.. prijok--leTi. cB Sci ,Z 7 jua 62 - Imination of 2-Substituted Indanddlones-l.'3, IDY Ya. F. Freimanis, G. Ya. Vanag, 2 pp. RUSSIAB, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C=X, No 1, 196m 1a'61, pp 128-130. CB Sci jun 62 Alkylation of Tetrahydrofuran by Dthylene, by 1. 1. 'Imikin, B. L. Lebedev, 2 pl. S RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C)COM, No 1, 1961,- PP 131-133- 1 CB Sci jun 62 T~- ;hJ "in,:~-f- ~IUSSIAN, -per, Do'll. A-k Na7L--"- -33S2; Vool C=--=l"l-, llo 1-34-13" C'P Sci A-pr 62 C;~L ~T C-T--o 0,A C" -CC f _I[Cc C L~ 1 77 -7 Uj Wterndnfticom of Plelative Adsmytion Coefficients by the Lmotcpe Dilutlon Method,, lyy G. V. Isagulyants, A. A. Balandin, R. 1. Popov, *.I pp. XMIM, per,, lbk Ak Smik SSMIp Vol CXXX3[X,, So 1,, 1961., pp 139-A1. CB Sol Apr 62 Me Phato2atalytic Action of ZnO and TiO in Reaction I u - 2 - involving the Evolution of Oxygen, by A. A. Krasnovskiy, G. P. Brin, 2 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C.MIX, No 1, 1961, pp 142-145. CB Sci Apr 62 Papw Owomtograp1W of DLgLryl Orgmwtin Caupounft and Its Use for the stu4y or the Pftdwts of the RO&DtiOn Of LftV=WtrlWa Maryliodonium Salts With Stumous Morldej by 0. A. Reutovs 0. A. Ptitsyna, N. F. Tdrabiniddy, 4 pp. MMSW,o per., Mbk Ak Nm* SSSR., Vol C=CEX,, So 1,, 1961, pp 14&149. CD sel Apr 62 The Heats of Wetting of AlumLnum Oxide by Benzene,, C~rc~e=V, and C~uldhemene ItLesolved in n-Heptane,. by 1. V. SmirAovap A. A. Kubasovp K. V. Topchlyem, 3 pp. RUSSIO, per., Dak Ak Nauk SSSR., Vol CXMX, No 1,, 19&, pp 150-153. CB Sal Apr 62 The Wfect, of Acidity on the Radiodhemical Reaction Ylelft., by V. N. Mwbino P. 1. DoIfnp 4 3p9. RUSSIM., per., Dak Ak Nauk SM.. Vol C '. Soil, 196ip PP 154-15T. OB sai paw 6 2 '-c,,: Data on the Ireca-mbrian Po=mations u-' thu ,I I Russian Platforia, by 71. '1. 'Ieselovskaya, 3 pp. RUSSUN, ner, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Harthg-~ciences Section, Vol CXXXIX, No 1, 196$, pp 163-165. 1 AG I Sci Aug 63 Discovery of Poriiiian Deposits in the Southwestern Part of Belorussia (Brest Depression), by V. K. Colubtsov, 3 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak '-,Iaul. SSSR, Farth Sciences Section, Vol CXXXIX, No 1, 19(4, pp 166-169. 1 411 C, I Sci Aug 63 The F~asis for a Threefold 11-livision of 'the Akchagyl Deposits of the Saratov Trans- Volga, by B. K. Gortsuyev, 2-pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak I'llauk SSSR, Earth Sciences Section, Vol CXXXIX, No 1, 196,1, pp 170-173. 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Ye. ~Tjssv-l:I Dok- Naul-, SISSI-i Section AGI -4sci Alig ,, Qj The Clay Minerals of the Akchagylian Deposits of the Pribalkhah Region, by A. L. Yerevich, 4 pp. RUSSLU-11, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSISRI (Earth Sciences Section), V016XXXIX) No 1, 1961, pp 191-194. AGI Sci 63 The Redistribution of Elements Durina the Dia-enesis of IMiddle -Jurassic Arvillaccous Deposits of hhe Northwestern Margins of the Donbass, by V. G. Kosmachev, 4 pp. RUSSIMI, per, Dok Ak Nauk S:3SR, Earthe j Sciences Section, Vol CXXXIX, No 1, 190#, AGI Sci Aua 63 Afanasi%, Nikitin KaDa Mountain in the Indian Ocean, by P. L. Bezrukov, L. K. k-Latonskiy, 3 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak- Nauk SSS.R. Vol CXXXIX, No 1, 1961, pp 199-202. AGU Sci Dec 62 On the Brachior;od Genus 7~eoU,~-)idula, by 3. 1c. Lildmrev, 2 pp. RUSSIP1.1, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR (Earth Siciences Section), VoICJMT-X, No 1, 1~-61, pp 203-205. 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