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Cp,)Jaatitw C= su'~jective b7i 0. "Otwoh. ~Owavmw M ONLY GgMM* pors Ak!gb BoiN NASA T7 ~F IW84 Loucbzess Abmurmmts, Vot 6.p 1966.9 pp 49-68 sai/physim *V*, 70 The uncomm aMlltude cowee cC the donlimm distortion of tbAk ear,, by getbfirt,, N.., 21 pp. G&lMj- wj, Almt, Beith 1. 191.i5p -V 67-!74. StA Sol Aug 59 GERMAN, per, Akustische Beiheft (ACWtiCa) , Vol 6, 1956, pp 40-48. *NASA TT F l3f083 =W 70 GFMIAN, per,,--Akustische Beihefta (Acustica), Vol 6, 1956, pp 494-5a-. ftVZA T-A F 13,oas may 70 61-25369 Kuttruff. H. PROPERTIES AND ANALYSIS OF REVERBERATION 1. Kuttruff. H. CURVES IF-igenschaften und Auswertung von 11. ATS-90N52G Nachalkurven]. [1961) lip. 111. Associated Technical Order from ATS $14. 80 ATS-90N52G Services, Inc.. EastOrange. N. Trans pf.~ku e frjZwitzerland) 1958 [no. lip. 73v~ DESCRIPTORS: Vibration, *Sound transmission, acoustics, *ReverbLration. (Physics- -Acoustics, TT, v. 7. no. 1) Offic. of T~halcal S&Mces The Audibility of Acoustical Signals on Ships, by W, KaUenbach, H. J. Rademacher. GERMAN,, per, Alcustische Beihefte, no 1, 1961, Pp 283-290. *JPRS/Army Biol Lab Sci-Physies Apri-164 Should -bbe Acoustic Power - or a Sound P:.~,,--ssure Level be Snecified in Cases of Machine Noice, by It. Reichardt. GERIMI, pcx, Akust Beihefte No 3-1, ic,161, pp 76-269 CAcL sci, - .~ 'Luz 67- Loudness Level of Single Short Sound PulsL;s, by E. For'.. GMUU, per, Akustische Beihefte, No 1, 1963, p.-L) 25-23.0 C,AcL Sci - Aug 67 336,717 Theory of Attentiation of Air-transmitted Sound in a Rectangular Duct with an Absorbing Wall and the Maximm Resultant Attenuation Constant, by L. Cromer. 27,pp. FOR OFFICIAL~USE ONLY FOR INTERNAL USE WM IN THE DEPAIMEM OF DEFENSE,ONLY GERM* rptO~Akuxtiwhe Beikefte, Unter des Patrona Mar 70 403,295 - - - 0. Wehrmann Acoustical control of turbulent excitation in free jets. 17 pp. RUSSGERMN, bk, Akuetisohe Steiterung der Turbulenten pp aW 72 On the Interxering- Pover-of lJorilinear Distortions, by H. J. Brwv-ll'hl, Wo, Weber, 22 lip. GEMUNI perp Alaw II, Mv 1937, pp 135-147- STA 57-2151 SCI Mmy 58 J Oa the Machmilcal Frequency Analysis of Non-Raeurrent Ocall3istion Phenomena and the Deteraination of the Variaility With ftequency of Tzanomiscion Systems an Mipedences by Hamm of Transleatep by G. Belzesyp 27 pp. GERW,- per., n., j.uo 5p ftP 1937., pp 21-7-2&B.' B.L.A. Tr 57-361 scl Nw. - Physics It S/ NRY 57 on the OrigUL of the perception of Distanee In Bearu& by 0. Belmayip 33 pp. OMMip p=p' Akmat Z.,q Vol Mj No lp Jan 1938p PP a-31., S.L.A. 2r n-360 IM . pta4m 7 It an Oaxtion, =*so by Be W#Alt=MUMS 04 LAUM v a 3 SXA 331v SW 67 fj()- 18978 Wactzmann. r. and Schinidt, Tli. SURFACE LAYERS ON CARBON AND GRAPHITE 1. Graphite- -Surface prxpertlen GRANULES 11 9W1 6p. (S tables, 3 figs. omitted) I Carbnn--Surfaceproperties I ref. 1. Wacamann, H. Order from SLA mil. 1. $0. ph$L 80 60-18978 IL -ctmkk. T. Trans. cd Akustisch,! 4ciltsichrift] (Germany) 193R. v. 3, July, _p__1'7F-Mu. (Unamv,unced) prese,ut State of Sam& -Recordlng Practice ana Itg Appliestion in aermn Radio Broadcastingp by H. Bramnalbil 94 pp. amump Per$ A%V&ap_yol =v Bro 5,, ft 1938., pp 250-268. MA Tr 57-725 601 - MAOOtXCMIM Aug 57 A Omtributton to the Theory of Bound Records; me Ravoftaing Process. by IR. Blerij. 43 pp. ="v P!r.&jM!fLj Vol. No- No 4,p 1939.- pp 938-952. :Oil BOL*A. Tr 57-322 ad - pt"las Lf 9,f ? ) 19 mw 57 Ex-cors in the Luminatis Band Width Wasurement AppLUd to Somail Pecords., by N. B:Lerl,, 9 pp. GMM.p p Aktwt Z-,- Vol Vp No 3m MW 1940,# PP 145-1r77." S.L.A. Tr 57-302 Sol - Pjvsfts It q XhW 57 17.7 0 ~7 TC 0410 Vb P362-304 m3SLET 1859 P-0"00.1 Wfto V5 N2 4*)' -vod~f"?P-l 49,63 ve P20.22 PP~jsrAj On at. Of Probe, by Georg V. Beilmay,. 37 p.. Vol VIE, ORMON, per . Akcatische Zailmebrift, lc Ho 1p vp SLA 59-172133 set D" " OTS TAU B., no 6 03 7 51~ ~I On the Mastitity of the SeptLn Cochleae of the Ears by 0. BSIM13Y., 30 PP* GERM., pws Akut Z. VOI VIs lb 5., ft 101s pp 265-zr8. G.L.A.,Tr 5rf-324 ftl AM: - pb7slas Lt q,, 7 /0 OW 5T MMM7 Of Boandpra"Ing 7hIn Wells at Oblique XIM3:Ld=ODMs by L. ecomr. =~* vws Awm%~ ZMadvarto- Va I Vnp So 3a 19%2, w XMMIZ &.I&. mw T&Wcgy *f C-2395 fte 3a the Vibrations of the SeptLan Ooebleae iu a pzvToxatica and In a mdel of -bbe Earp by G. Bekezy.. 48 ppq o, mm,, pwo Abut z.., va v3:rp No 5.. 6,, sep-Nov 1940s, pp S*Loke Tr 57-34 Sel, - Pbysice 44- P, 7 IS- 16W 57 On the Re-sonance- Curve and the lWng-Oat Tim of Varlow Pblnto of the- Septum Cociblessi, by G. BekeffYs 34 PP- com"s Pwa All" Vol vMMv No 2. Jkr 1943j, P9 66-760 AhMIJAA B.L.A. tr s7-362 A w Phy"M 149,91/3 SchWIL17. L. ON7M 71MORY OF THE DEFFRAMON OFA PLANAR SOUND WAVE ONA SPHERE 44p l4refs. Order from SLA $4.6D 77-64-16573 Trumg6 of p I ribel jUdjd&UGerm&ny) 1943, _VgL V. a. P. 9 Tr-& 4-16573 1. Schwarz, L. (Phrdcs-Acomdc- TT, v. 12. rkm 4) 1 Ottim of T~hnlcal se-i-s Ootmd TrmmAsalcm M=iN#i a X"al PlaW IA Uquld or a Pl=9 Wave at GbUque lucidencep by J. Goetsp 55 pp. GWWO Vero Abmt Zt Vol W.Ulo 1943p pp 14!i-168. Am -Tr 3638 a"- - ra" M" 19 " 7 Y,5--l o ~~ 4M-lt-- Fatal Eh=tbyMjdI=j, by SI:Vert SV%-.=p 8 W. -.UNCLASOMPM X-23MUM", ~~ aorL Kasdielnv* Vol 1). No 1j, 1959.? PP 13-115- Nny 2642/fims 497 Sci - Ybdualne ITd7 60 (U) UAR AU=lc bwgy Progrmov i~ pp. ARABIC 27ts Al Ablust 7 AW 1961. jw U662AS SOL - RM rA*8 flay 61 /6~2 ix 7,5 y I-PWI- ~'r- A"wona T*sts SUrted With the Agusta-BeI2 109; VInit ftid to Owelm Coottas by Leston P. F4Lue&p BwvfW Gmylord# MLM,t per.. ~-Ia Rotanteo, Ift 1/2p pp 3-13. It"Y wear - UNNOW We 59 -A-I=.V Houcoptors at C"Wfto - =WWo perp Ala 1/2.* Vp 26-28. ACUO ~R-6M vmw a ZW* um Jf 41. fg-4- fto 59 x E rIA: Q pas ariatloa Olt Tho Ten-&Otw -Aguts-Bon 102, at Paris# 3 pp. zrz) zz/(:~,~gq 4/;7 rAUMNp VWj, Ala Rotentop jugi-Tim 1959# p 81. ACUq NoW9 w3w - ltwwb D 0 59 /a 1~ #W/ Asu"a-Bmu W2# 3 Iv- OM nUZM,p Wi. AU ftftiftjp Mu%-ftr 1960. skm ml ik m0ow 0 9163oft vmw .- lbft in aw SL Irl .OF,rjvt '~Ihe Air Defense of the Territox7 In the Concern of A-U the Citizens,, 3 FP- tUIM=MrM, MWH Pw.- AUtap DWI to IR-334-54 A&P Rmes, Jan Ar 62.9512 aso/ .WL,6,r Itgaw HilitalT - - OU-D-&.)%7 ,CI,;eL1Iic Alconulaten in Oily Paint Systcm;, by F. SchleaMr, 6 pp. GERMANj handbook., Albert Handbuch, Ju1Y 1954- ASLIB GB 39 Sci Apr 59 V~44. 44(11.41, a ~ I ~Acre - 1961 Ni'06L~-60 1 -70-23537 1v67 ka obl,~44--V, 70 -23177 mg IV's wg~ PbtP'70 V i.f*Gt;it4-T'?0-231T9 lf#be ha P71 0-23268 .,ago" 11SADO. 19W owl 00 us 2'i Nigbt Visloia Wltb'amlydrared In- Convuter, i by AjWeltl~! P. Scbrami. GtM4^ per; 44"N"k-Berichte Vol X, No 7, E"L Tt Belvoli T-1702 AD:* 4L726) sel glecman Sep 04 265,052 lienson and Wickers. ON TliE ACCOMODATION MOVEMENT OF 111E C310ROID IN 114E EYE IF HUMANS. MONKEYS AND CATS (Uber die Accomnxxiat ions- bewegung der Chorioldea Im. ange des Menchen. des Affen- und der Katze). 9, 19611112bx (foreign text included). Available on loan from SLA 61-14741 Trans. of fA1bXodiLxnmfkAeW&_&xldw_W S~.thalmolj "cGermany) 1873. Y. 19, p, 156 DESCRIPTORS: *Eye, Physiology, *Optics, *Adjust- ment (Psychology). Cats. Primates. Man, 'Retina. Motion, 'Choroid, Experimental data. *Anatomy. (Unannounced) 61-14741 1. Henson EL Vdickers 61 7GO 10111M of TOAAW 61-16028 Graefe, Allred. CONCERNING THE FIXATION OF THE EYES 141 1. Graefe. A. TIJE INTERRUPTION OF BINOCULAR VISION (Uber die Einstellung der Augen bei UnEerbrechung des Binocularen Sehens). [1.9611 [11 1p. 3 refs. Order from SLA $1.6D 61-16028 Trans. of [Albrecht] v[onj Graefe's Archfiv] f[orl Opht.halinjologle) (Germany) 1889, v. 35, no. 1, p. 137-146. DESCRIPTORS: Vision, Eye. Visual perception (Unannounced) Office of T"61"I semIces Fischer. R. FURTHER SIZE ESTIMATIONS IN TliE OBJECTIVE VISUAL FIELD (Weltere GrBanenschamungen im Gesiclunfeld). [ 19611 (521p. (foreign text included). 2 refs. Available on Inan rrom SLA fl-14082 TranN. In manuscript of WbreLM von_Qrgdc~a~chlv (Ur Oplultalmologial CGerm`&-n-yTTR-9I. v. 37. no. 3. DESCRIPTORS: 'Hye. Measurement. Adaptation (Psychology), Mathenutical analysis, *Visual acuity. *Vimml pe rception. *Space perception. 'Optics. 61-14002 1. Pischer. R. itj1696 (Unannounced) 61-10937 (Schnell]. THE THEORY OF 'ME MOVEMENTS WHICH SUB- 1. Schnell SERVE BINOCULAR VISION (Zur Lebre von den dern Zusommensehen mit Belden Augen Dienenden Bewegungen). (196t) 10p. 2 refs. Available on loan from SLA 61-10937 Trans. of jAlbrecht vIgn AGr*cfe~s,Archiv-jfUr imol rmani)1992. v. 38. no. 1. 117. DESCRIPTORS- *Opticalimages. Theory. *Eye, Physiology. *Vlmmlaculty, Wision. 16 43 0 ON" of T 304~ (Unannounced) 61-14739 Koster, W. A 00NTRIBUnON TO',nIE SCIENCE OF MICROPIA 1. Title: Weropsia AND MACROPIA Mur Kenntnisa der Mlkrople und 2. Title: Macropsia Makrople). 11%11 4Dp. 7 refs. 1. Koster. W. Available on loan from SLA 61-14738 Trans. orAfibfech!Lvf--Ig-rkd"ArcJuv-4arl- Ophthah4ar-- 251-iligirmany) 1896, V. 42, p. 134-178. DESCRIPTORS: 'Visual perception. 'Eye, *Retina. 'Optics. Opthalmology. Brightness, *Vision, *Optical Images, Focusing. (Unannounced) H - 10967 Sachs, Moriz. PURTHER RMARKS ON THE QUESTION OF 1. Title: Micropia MICROPIA (Weitere Bemerkungen zur Miltroplefrage). 1. Sachs, M. 1196111171p. (foreip text Included) 4 refs. Available on loan from SLA CI - 10967 Trans. of (Albrecht] 0phthaI!njLDj%'rejjC;irtfi&ny) 1898, v. ff, no, 35, DESCRIPTORS. *Eye. Physiology. *Vistud perception. 6 Omw of TOAkw swoleft (Unannounced) 61-16023 Elschnig. CXITrRnKMON TO WE KNOWLPDGE OF BIN- 1. Elschnig OCULAR DSPTH PHRCHMON (Zur Kenmtnies der Binocularen Tietemahmebmung). [1961] [11b. 5 refs. Order from SLA $1. 60 61-16023 Trans. of. [Albr4?da] v[oul Gracta's Arch[lv] t[Ur] Oph[dal-logie] (C-many) 1901, v. 52, p. 294- 1. DESCRIPrORS. Space perception. Visual perception. (Unannounced) Office of Tocholeol Savleme Fcilchenfeld, 1-1090. THE LS-IMATION OF MAGNITUDE IN THE SUB- JEC.MVE VISUAL FIELD (Uber die Grl)ssengchltzui im Schield). (July 491 27p. (2 figs. omitted) I I refs. Available an loan from SLA 61-10933 Trans. of IA[brgpb)-vion~Graefele-k"ivfUr)-- 0011thallm6lijiel (Germany) 1902, v. 53, p. 401-422. DESCRIPMRS: *Optical Illusions. Theory, *Visual perception. Measurement. *Visual thresholds. 61-10933 1. Title: Hemianopsle 1. Fellchenfeld, H. 16i620' (Unannounced) 000" of T.40-1 61-14785 Bartels, Martin. CONCERNING THE REGULATION OF THE OCULAR 1. Bartels, M. POSITION BY THE APPARATUS OF THE EAR (EX- 11. Ziba PERIMENTALLY, IN PART (CHAPT. 11) JOINTLY WITH DR. ZIBA OF TOKIO) (Ober Regullerung der Augenstellung durcb den Obrapparat (Experimentell z. T. (Kap. II) in Gemeinschaft mit Dr. Ziba aus To)do)). [1961][1281p. 79 refs. Order frorn SLA $10. 10 61-14785 Trans. of [Albrechr von Graefe's]Archfivjf[Url Ophthalmfologiel (Germany) 1910, v. 76, p. 1-97. DESCRIPTORS: Ear. Eye, Modon. Head, Visual perception. (Unannounced) Office of Tochalcol SoMme Albrecht v. Graefoo Archiv fuer Ophthalmlogie 2925 V 90 pp 426-432 nto 70-24380 61-14609 Roelofs, C. Orto and Zeeman, W. p. c. VISUAL ACUITY IN SEMDARKNESS~ AND AT 17-113 1. Roelofs, C. 0. SAME TIME A CONTRIBLITION TO THE SCIENCE II. Zeeman, W. P. C. OF NIGHT-BLINDMESS (Die Schschftle im Halb- dunkel. Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Nacht- blindheir). [1961] [391p. 14 refs. Order from SLA $3.60 61-14609 Trans. of [Albrecht) vfon] Gfraefe's] Archfiv] f[(Lr] 0[phthalmologiel ~(Gerniany) 1919. v. 99/100, p. 174-194. DESCRU"TORS: *Visual acuity, *Dark adaptation. (Unannounced) Offics of T.-WcA S-Mcos Additional Experimental Studies on the Source and Course of the Intraocular Fluid Flow. Report No XII. Manometric Demonstration of the Physiological Pressure Gradient Between Anterior Chamber and SchleW-A-Canalv by R. Seidel GERMAN, perg, Albrecht von Graefe!z Archiv fuer Ophthalmol2gLel Vol 1071 1921t pp 101-104 NTc 71-l6867-o6z Feb 72 61-14618 Kest,enbaum, Alfred. TUE MECHANISM OF NYSTAGMUS (Der Mechanisniusl 1. Kestenbaum, A. des Nystagmus). [L9611 [641p. 106 refs. Order from SLA $6.60 61-14618 Trans. of [Albrecht] v[on] Graere's Arch[tv].f[url -843. Ophthaimfologie] (Gerimny) 1921, Y. 105, p 799 DESCRIPTORS: Eye, *Nystagmus, Motion. (Unannounced) Lliwenstein. A. 61 10946 ON THE INFLUENCE OF UNILATERAL LIMITA- 1. 1.6wenstein. A. TION OF THE LIGHT tNCIDENCE ON THE VISUAL ACUITY diber den Einfluss Einseltiger Reachrtinkung des Lichteinfalls auf the Schschlirfe). (19611 12p. (2 tables, 5 figs. omitteo 5 refs. Available an loan from SLA 61-10946 Trans. in manuscript of JAI blada-yon GrApXfc:s Ajrshhijy~~hjt!Ll ~olij_(Gerrnany) 1921. v. 105. lb-i p. 844-950. DESCRIPTORS: 'Llgitt. Physiology. 'Bye, Tests, *Visual acuity, *Optical Images, Visibility. (Unannounced) K01mer. Richard. Ttit! orriCAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE "PSEDUO- 1. KrImer. R. APPARENT REPLECFION OF THE PUPIL IN THE CORNEA" (TOGETHER WITH C01MMMM ON 0ON- SrRUG-rIVE OPTICS) (Die Optischen Grundlagen der "Scheinbaren Splegliung der Pupi1le in der Hurnhaul" (nebst lk-merkungen Ober Konstruktive Optik)). 119611 141 1p. 6 refs. Available an loan from SLA 14078 Trans. in manuscript of (Albrecht van Gfsqfqjj AYFhjy- CGeri-miny) 9 1. Y. 105, _ P. I I 11UH. L DESCRIPTORS: *13ye. Physiology, 'Optics, Reflection, *Ophthalmology, Vision. (Unannounced) 61-10934 Roelofs. C. Ono and Haan. L. Blerens dc. ON THE INFLUI-NCH OP ILLLTPAINA71ON AND 1. Roelofs, C. 0. cogritAST ON VISUAL ACtJrrY (Ober den Einfluss II. Hann. L. B. de von Beleuchtung und Kontrast auf the Sehachlrfe). [ 19611 7p. Available on loan from SLA 61-10934 Partial trans. in T7-I()6/I(J7. p. 152-156. - DESCRIPTORS. 'Visual acuity. Illuffninatim *Ligbt. Mysiology, Vision. i 61 6'2j (Unannounced) 61-10957 C.Icichcn, Alexander. ON THE VISUAL POWER IN INDISTINCT FORMA- 1. Glelchen. A. TION OF IMAGES (Ober das Schverm6gen bei Unscliarfer Abbildung). [1%I) 5p. Available on loan from SLA 61-10957 Trans. in manuscript of AI br--Ia "raidell'- Fc iv f lhj 0 phthaldi Cgrmi.y) 192Z C Cf 6 & jr _ _ -v. - . P. gir-41(w DESCRIPTOR& *Optkal Images, Theory. Tests, *VIsion, *Visual perception. Measurement. 'Visual CUIt7y. 00" 04 Tea." (Unannounced) 1 61 - I U977 Krelker Alacur. THE PSY~HIC COMPONENT IN VISUAL ACUITY 1. Kreiker, A. (Die Psychische Komponente in der Sehschlrfe). [1961] [541p. (2 tables, 4 figs. omitted) 20 refs. Available on loan from SLA 61-10977 Trans. in manuscript of L-Ibrecht yon Graefe' rchlv fflr pI%Lej (Germany) 1922/23, a ~A~ 11. p. 128- V. 128 X 11. p~ ~f DESCRIPTORS: *Visuslaculty, Tests. *Bye. Wisual perception, Psychology. Vision. 161 C-53 (Unannounced) 61-14797 CONCERNING PERCEPTION DURING MOVEMENTS 1. Leiri, F. OF THE EYE (rJl)w- die Wihrnehmung 1"hrend Augenbewegungen). 119611[13]p. 19 refs. Order from SLA $ 1. 60 61-14797 Trans. of (Albrecht) vion) Graefe's Arch[iv) f[Url Ophthalm[ololl,el (Ge-rmany) 1928, Y. 119, p. 711-71 B. DESCRIIYI'ORS: Eye, Motion, Visual perception, Vertigo, Perception. (Unannounced) office of Te"Cal swwims Cords, Richard. MOTOR AFTER-IMAGE AND OFTOKINETIC JERKINC OF THE EYE (Bevve snachbild und Optokinetisches Augenrucken). [1961r4p! 11 refs. Order from S LA $ 1. 10 61-t4999 Trans. of [Albrecht] v[on I Graefe's Archfiv I f[Ur I Ophthalmyologiel (Germany) 1928, v. 121, p. 163-165. DESCRIPTORS: Eye, Motion, Visual after-images. 61-14999 1. Cords, R. (Unannounced) Herzan. Werner. ON 711E IJQROPTER IN OBLIQUE POINTING OP THE BYE (Ober den Horopter bei Schiefer BetrachttuW 11961][61]p. l6reds. Available on loan from SLA 61-14095 Trans. in manuscript of [AjkxcSft jqp-Grae1*!s-ArChIv fUr Ophthalmologiel (Germany) 1928/29, v. 121, DESCRIPTORS- *Viuwd acuity, Tests. *Refina, Physiology. 61-14095 1. Title: Horopters 1. Herzan. W. Dow .1 Teakd bwl~ (Unanno unced) 61-14620 Schubert, G. Mill INIrRA-OCULAR FUSION MECHANISM (Der 1. Schubert. G. Intraokulare Fusionsmechanismus). [1961) 8p. 2 refs. Order from SLA $1. 10 61-t4620 -lYans- ct [Albrecht von Graefe's] Archliv] f[arl Ophthalm[ologiel (Germany) 1937, v. 137, p. 506-509. DESCRIPTORS: Vision, Eye. Offl" of T*.61cal umft.% (Unannounced) Hvlkema. IL .1;L CLIMCAL USE OF THE DETERhMqA71ON OF FUSION FREQUENCY. COMIUNICAMON L 119641 27p Crder frxn K-H $16.20 K-H-1234-a Tram. of [Albrecht von Gra&e's ArcWm nir-Opbdal- mologiel (diiiiiin-j) 19-44. v. 146. p. 110-127. 7T-U-22DII 1. Hylbmv6 B. S. 11. K-H-1324-a M. Kresge-Hooker Scl Library Associates. Detruit. Mch. (Biological Sclences-Physiology, 77~ v. 11, no. 11) ajfj~ ot T~hnj~j serwj_ AZbrecht v. Graefee Arohiv fuer OphthaZmlogie 2952 V 251 pp 249-274 nto 70-25599 Intraocular Pressure During Changing Enviromnental Pressure in Atsimal Experiments, by E. Marre. GERMN, per, Albrecht von Graefe's Archiv fuer Ophthal mologle, vol. 166, 1964, pp. 462-47,r--. Pm 7o-16984-o6E Experience and Results of Three Years Investigation with Bumble Bees, by S.N. Holim. H. 11aas. GERMAN, per Albrecht Thaer Arahiv. Vol. 5. 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