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December 31, 1972
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Fk No 262,038 Biographic Data on Members of the Tshombe Government, 6 pp. FROCH,, per, Etudes Congoliaisea,, Brussels.. No- 7. Aug-Sep 1964-,Mr-66~-. ~- I JPIS 27608 NEA Pol 27J93 Study of Gas Detect!= In Ybrtifted Works (Teohnical Xwovemmntem and ModUicstiona Made iu Fb~yslcaogiaal am Datectoral 7 pp. FOR w1cm Um MLY ft la, Z3?tj, tuft 413_Aq DOwtim d'Alerte &ma lea 0ayMem %6r-~en (perfeewanneamts --et-lb~:LeaMt= Teelmlqwo Apportes A= AppmIle Dateatmm PlusiblAaftm d'Atmaphems Tozlques)., 30 mar 3954. ACOI 5-~-C ID 2!61284 Sol - mw ;2 i0 3. -5`94 21 Jun 62 study of Uranium-Zirconium Diffusion.. by Y. Adda, C. Mairy, P. Bouchet, PIP, FRENCH, bk, Etude de la Diffusion Uranium-Zirconiumj, /AEC -Tk- 3 SO 3 Sci - Nuc Phys Dec 58 Study of the EquUibrium of a, Cy3Amdrical Relativistic Doam of 54h IntAmaity, by EP. Gra-breau, Ch. NmUo=ierj. 7 pp. yams,, rptj, Staft de- 0 b= d.~W- - U-1 do Fortia z 1957. AZO Ir 3673 Oct Study of Flight Test of Gust Absorber, by M.. Ito Hirschr FMCH, rpts, Etude et Essais emi Vol D"un , beur do Rvfal7es. COTIMUO Dtao3vdynwdql TRi-62-72 Experimental Study of Heat Exhcange Coefficients, Critical Heat Fluxes and Charge Losses, Using Water-Steam Mixtures in a Vertical Tube, by P. PL-rroud, A. Harpe, J. Rebiere,17.q -f-r. rpt, FRENCH, PM Etude Experimentald des Coefficients d'Ecbanges Thermiques des F ux de Chaleur Critiques et des Partes de Chage Aven des Melanges eau-Vapeur en Ecoulement Turbulent Dane un Tube Vertical CEA RePort 1853, 196o. *AL?c - -rr--,S q 3 to 63-1052D Meyer. R. de. TERATOGENIC ACTION OF SUBSTANCES MAT DISTURB CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM. 1L9621 1401p. (figs. omirteM. Order from SLA $3.60 63-1052) Trans. of mono.. rimentale de Is Glyco- reaulation GravidiQ et de I Ac an lrfim_T7P-&r_Fs_._F9&F, chap. 4. p. 173-190, 231-245. DESCRIPTORS: *Awmalies, Drugs. Rate, *Pregnancy, Eye. Mouth, Brain, *Hypcglycemis. OMetabolism. *Carbohydrates. Sulfonamides. Embryos, Mitosis. Urinary system, Hemopoletic system, OAntimetabolitei 1. Tltle.- Teratogeny 1. Meyer, R. de It. Title- Experimental... (Biological Sciences- -Pharmacology. 7-1~ v. 10, no. 2) efte d T~eA" SIMM Exp,--rizaent-al Study of Hui, MU--INCIf bulletin, Etvd(t R)Wri,.---ntalo de an Peintures ele -.7-, - -1 -.1 3 Mar 1959. Dept of Commerce Mari-ftine Admin Sci - Chem Nov 61 E3Werlmental Studieff an SoarAng Flight. Application to an- Soaring Flight, by 11. ldrac. tudes Ex jpcdInentales A am le WIC ontiu_7_vof_&V-oll6_R6iiiain, TT P-85 2 Scl - Aero 64 M IZ . U.t GOVIMMENT ONLY 259,404 Pmvloi=al Doe--ription of the S%p IType 668 ft"Obatoo 10 pp. WICHp rpt., ftudee at ftbricaticno AexwAutiqueos pp 1-it. .. I ACSI, U-3563 WZur - France Ream ?/ 4 //w/ Deucription of the E.T.A. Type 39 Chronobarowtric. Release Rannep 18 pp. U31CIASSIrIm FM=p bXp Studes *t Fabrications kmronmutiquzam (am). CC --~ --- .- I wb..-.Vmft~ ATIC IF-M-9342/V SCI - Sagimerlng Feb A Study of Relativistic Beww,, by Pierre Gretremu,, 6 pp. -11=j, Zloty E~Ludo AojL-r4Izc"" rIeI&ZWA.8te8.,, 1951T. ABC Tr 367J& sai - Ptwo Oct 59 , - -6- o--P the, Fluorescence of Ra--.a Ga-~es Y--"cited S ~%u 'Lly by c;jjaz-ged Nuclear Particles. litilizetion for the T-1--tection of Nuclear Radiations by Scintill;ktion. by Koch, 100 pp. FFJOICH, rpt, ]~~~lq F~lu=ence -deg Gaa Excites par des Pgtticules Nuclemires Chargees CmIlIzation four la Detection des N'uaea-E~~u ~illc~Ltlcn,~CEA-1532, 1960. 9Z)73-1425- r ABC UCRL M-709(L) Bel - Nue 1bys Dec 61 Military Geographic Study an Ccmtral Alpine., Bastern Europe and Contimmtal ItalY.- by colonel Pellissierp 36 pp. FRW=j, bk$ Btude do Geogm1phic- MiUtaim mw e C-0-HUgm- U X7 - v m a - w FEIA r - 50 v Z~e- on Tr WEur - FranCe 4v ty mnitary Geographic jan 56 cm)bn cittwkdommrk So* 94 HU=IWA uldds Pa-rtt.--Iw L41 ampumm Im kW Atogeogre et 0 QWtfta CMWbBr womi febmadow 0t U-PU Aftwo by oftwaft Batauer, - Sd-Fbya jkft~165 Study of H1:'A'r lgrl'op dtws In a ftrous SanVle, by Me Dtqpuy. K mminew. MEROW-99 vtxn V--'him tmm--Dlo banau -PaCSIBLIg" *ABC Scl-Phys Oct 65 GoO, y oT the LI-Lect of Pm-,-Traaimmt ok on thm Rechiction of Dissolved (b:5Wa, 9 pp. F== * Ito ,, *t., Rbide do l'Influempop do Pretral - mmrW ders Ile -xi -de V&6~ f6 - -0- e-1 -t- 50883.9 isias 21 pp ACM Z-1162-B XD 096080 Sol - pb" 14 Mw 62 q Study of V10- Influence of the Fust Neutron Speamm on the Forlwtion of DDE-acts in Solids and Liquids, by Plarro Pas, at alo Flemois rpt, 11tude do L'trifluence du S, ctre des N;"u'troas MiMs sur la Czeation Fauts Van las solidDs at les Uqgides UdAm- 25 0 *AM 0114L-Tr-1213 sci/ammistry May 66 Adpwvt ftbe at T - ca P.Q.110 - ro-00454 UU61 mu as Vmv~ M SWOM MM so Im =am= mam n won a m I cm no no. m (WAMMMU w I=&) ft,64~1 xmwuvQft=w, now* "mame ma'Iffe one a be~ or tau* ca 6tu,-jy of U-im-1- Interactions of %foutrzons Idth by the .1,bnte Carlo Nethod (Americim Progran Y6V.) by 11. P&illero. FrOXIL, rpt, usede des Interactions des Noutrons Avec la Kmtic~re 'Par la Methode de Monte-Carlo cr;=~,=.ramne Ame;lcain fzR. P911169066 AEC OINL-tr-1580 Spi/physi. CS Jan: 67 317,954 StuO of Thermal Aigitadon Waye Interference in Cijitals;,, Ap~llqattdn to Tra.miformation Activation, by Crussard, 37 pp. FRENCH, zpr~ Etude des IntexTerence des Ondes D'Agitation Tbermiqtt6 des les',Cristaux: Application a Medvation' des. Transformations, BruxeRes, 19W -375. 92242M863 TY-55 Scl Phys OctTN 268,527 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Grab Project, by M. E. Kassab, 7 PP. FREUCH, per, 3~ dude Mensuelle sur-1A jLti~_,E-conomic A ab s, et Finaucierp_de.. jgq-&_~ _,..e-t-des EtL r e--- ff~l~/20, Jan 1961, P 7, Encl 1 to Desp 1 2, AmConsul, Aleppo, 20 Feb 1961. Dept of State 4322550 UAR Econ - Irrigation mar 61 Z"brid" VaU*y lopmomat Nelwtv by Abftl.,- ftemeth lfttlbp 7 pp. MWAWWtW FJM=s Wks I - ow R%ofmomlo at 3me Floomin 10, ~ M- I IMIM lb ix&u%~Oftlll I&& IIWA- irrigation and Development Projects in ZI;2 Syria.. 15 pp. UMLASST-FIED FRENCH., per, I-r, March,., Syriens., Nov 1959, -Encl to Deep No mc~~ li~~ po, 111 Dec 1959. u li~ Dept of Stete L,43-1057 ME /A - Syr in Econ /a.7 ~/g 17 Feb 60 1 of a maw a LWA awmtca md bowoc- Usb* Sawndwy to Maloftat by Gim SkdAIM6 FAR I -is lfambms I - in . L_ - *TMSA $dwph" 3a a Wimid-C, D'emodVitst sawes fAr Rkit ixfeaft In FWD ]was by c4ifte FAIAV04 q4 Emu an Nkfill gs la rRestinv1W Ll'-a-Tw-. ' Dean PgoomAwliftr Ew 'PAUL, ~hwl-mm ato -spilogue., by Ancire-Thomaa,, Sairrt-Anne Deargeoviee., 19 pp. bk,, gbfta,~~ww,Au et le jewe Nourrissonp Wooonp Pari a 1952 p . . . . . .. ~~T IT- I MM Tr 5-33 Sci - W& May 57 by Jean Tachon. ROMM MIME, monograph, Etude! Neutronique d'Unc Pile A Reutrons Diermiques au Plutonium: "Proser- ine" Correlations Entre Neutrons dnn ne Reaction en Chai ne, Chapters 1, 3, 5- LA- 14AVE TIR ~ , ,.r- Sci 5 Feb 62 -H:~ 2b Cnn::2=in-: ?-comnltion of Y,pt, Etude f-ki 26 C= cernant- Reeberchc Lo oa-- -t=z I-C "~rult, itacicule 2, 2 Aug 1,63, f07 A Study of Electromagnetic Waves in Plasmas, by Jean Francois Denisse, 22 pp. GERMAN, rpt, Etude des Ondes Electro- magnetiques dans les Plasmas. Dept of Modern Languages N.C. State Unkv at Raleigh Apr 67 322,001 stoft of Rau Palau (axperls""I StWI7 of palsta son&) a, a ~Igj awto xxw 1 40 of no obi-O 00"tolotimp 3$O9 DOO of opowso *M*Uw A4M* an of ft", gas Ahm KV or. aft Serv: twow 1-214/6- Long-Range Energy Prospects in the European C unity FRENCH, bk, Etude sur les Perspectives Energetiques a Long Terme de la Communaute Europeenne, Luxembourg, Dec 1962,. PP 93-96, IPI, 132, 133, 166-169, 172-177, 179, 182, X3 183, 187-1-94, 195-197. Z ~S/nc-8672/SPECIAL WEur - IF Vance ftsicochemical Investigation of Glass h4p. Melting In Vacuump by M, Boffep G. Letocart. FRENCH, mono., Etude ftsico-chimig de la Fusion du Verre Sous Vide.,~~-1962P pp 52-74. sjA TT-66-1o692 Sci-Nm jul 66 3o6.,013 S Of the Planets by Means, or the Polarl7adon of T ieir Ligbr by Audotdn DoWus, 133 pp. FRE NC'14 bk, Etude des Planetes par la Polarisation de li iur LumiereMay 21. 1955, -177- pp. 9223334-V NAS k';TT F-188 Scl. Pb~a' Aug !54 265,140 pt"I"2-mmulaa ftmv at the Impffatim of C83AIUU loot*Vm by abomSMI aftagn imalwo ava 661t, BOIUUM* b7 P. Bdop 0. NrU% 2,9 ppo is=* XV4 Im-sk-aw woo do 2119 AN(Mt%-" 84 a rd" OY 3,14 4V Age 63 -W -- Flu1ma4 sw, ]am & L Vamest de ongm , lym sd-pbp JM63 "m -- , i Immums at .1 :10 1 " A w - ...at 2ON4. w J. . U. DMWAIOI 2qp. -W -- owk,maw I& maddim ot 1A llv"_~ as MM n A IMMIA-liffiew - mm== im xmqm ~~6JIMMMV , fm 10431t dw- as- w 71-12C6 su ad 333a.627 Ja 67 Study of Transformtion Ptocesses in Uraaum - Uol$bdenm ALloys of 0.5 to 4% by WSJZht Ea Of MDlybdoom., by Jw=w labummi, 59 pp. tions FRIMP Us AWWWA P ftm lea AlIlign ta"WPA - IL 'AiC gr-4308 21 Feb Study of Those Factors Influencing Corrosion of Aluminum in a Rue ar Reaotory by P. Renders, G. Spaepen. r FRENCE, rpt,, Etude de Quelques Facteurs Influencan. r la Corrosion de 1 A-fw'niniu~dans un Reacteur Nucleaire, Brussels, 4-6 Jun 1963- *AEC Sci - Hat & Y&t jan 64 .6tuLV of We Radiation Arowd a High-linera Accelerator, Production and 53curity of Cascade `40u'trGftS* by PlIjUppe TSrdY-JOFubert. PIU:NQI, 14m, Etude dw-Nzannownt Autour Dlkun Accalorstour'de Ilaute-Enage Producilan Ot MMU-SILZR NS IlButrals do Cdsamw, *a'C 014IL-tr-1368 sci/Nucloar Sci Oct 66 x"Otudy of 1 Radiation Frm Ur=iun Roda During Deactivation, by F. Balastiep FMCEII rpt, Etude du Fzyonn=-.nt- E__Sj~~a dtUrar-I~Lm en CTOLLT-q-d-eT=-Cr-3j ro_eac :-m on, 1957. AEC Ef -Tr-11 sci - Chem Y-V 6 1.9 ,, M.2- 1/7 Study of the Vegetative Reactions and of the Llectric Activity of a hatts Central INervous System during a Weightlessness. Flight on an Aircraft, by Angiboust, FRERCIII, Paper, Etude Des Reactions Vegetatives et do Llactivite Blectrique dU Systeme 11"erveux Central du Rat au Cours de Vols Band Gravite Sur Avion, 194-2, pp 1-13. *FTD-TUI-62-1828 Sci/l~'Ied Dee 62. mmu 40 ft"Umat st a Rkbo prowena XUMIW as no I ~w sm ow" jup got xvao ob-o"S"Aft 4%m cum, all AJW SmAir ar4 V*AWUA&w et a aftsmaw Tlm~Awpumdv come"" RW dw tawwwwd IRO&Z6 by F-hw.ro WAMC6 F-UMIMC Am ow smagess MEN s &"a -MMESSM Nowsawd Twom IMMOMMM 286,MS Non-Romogeneit in Elasticity acd Plasticity, by P. Dantu., ~; - FRMH, rpt., Etude de la Rep%2-tltion-des- Contraintes Vans un Milieu Beteng~ne~__!~.Deux =OrP!;m PP. --- CSIR 183 Sci / 7~ 6 Jc~ Oct 61 Study 'of the TemperIng at.Various Temperatures of the. Be;ta Phase.Retaiided by Water-Quendbing in Uranium- Chr6mlum, AUoys With Chromitun Concenstrations of Froih;* 0.37 to 4 AT.%, by Michel Degols, 56 pp. mtt4CJ4~ rpt, Etude Au Revemi a Differentes. Tet poeratures; dela Phase Beti. Retenue par Trempe a A6au dans les'AUiages U~-Cr.CAontenant de 0,37 a 4 atonis: % de Chrohie, 1963. 9:126608 AEC-ARLTr-124 Sci-Mat & Met jaj~ 65~ 272,470 ----- ---------- :Audy of the ~"tisk of ~)xidatim DuTin'..; Zinturing of UrEmitara Ltioxide mid Ciaracterizatimi of tho Excess Uxygen, by I-jadeloino Conte, at al. Fmxa' rpt, Etude du Risque D12Mdatim Lors du Frittag,g du,A*q*yde D'Urmixa-i at Caracterisation. do LlwoWgeno Excedentairo. *AX-C OlVL-tr%-l4S4 ScijlLnli, Indust, Civil, 41 Warine'Engrr Nov 66 Criterion for Choosing Between Road Projects: the Twenty-year Profitability Rate (TRI). French, Der, Etudes routieres Vol 7, 1-10 10, 1964. MDIA Sci - jul 67 334,769 Criterion for Assessing Roading Projects: The 'Nenty A concrete I -year Profitability Rate (TRI). casey by A. Dancan. - EFMCH, per, Etudes Routieres Vol 7, 1-40 11, 1964, pp 17-19. (14ZDIA) Sci - Aug 67 - 339,656 REQUEST TR CHECK BT601-i-2026T, Study of the Safety of Aircraft Used for Certification Applications Wanner Fr bk: Etude de la Securite des Aeronefs en Utilisation Application a la Certification Paris, Year unknown, pl? 1-106 Stufty on -the Simulation of the Wansient- State of the Assay Gradient in a Gaseous Diffision Plant, by P. Delarousso, C. Txwvov at alt FPMCH zptp Etude sxw Simulateur des 1bgi;;: Tisisrfaives d. -c...tti. d.. Me ru-stallMion ~ de U icp Gazeuse, MMT of Nuclear Studies .'saclay.-Tr-ance, IL9624 47 ;1 923=4 ABC GAT-Z-5034 scifil-Aysics '~Iav 66 300.449 (DC-4786) "Ifarld Conferenca of Tea-aboft-ran or, tbs Wrrice of Sorlat Policy, 9 pp. FIMM,, tmr, Los Studes SmIxibm et Syndlcales# No 6-3., Oct im 6461- 2 M. wmw - TVs=* BW4 jau 61 1;5 6, 4,117' Aamwy.- FAA a-ligia-D P.O.ifo. "1-71-0754-1 19 Aug. 1970 Tltle.- AFAM VVN SM AFOWMCnL POW PILAWO- ALTD62M BAM hKo-4400 mz- Autbor: R.VI"3=n, P. Gimt sourofs.. LAAMNeApt sj~ Insuvouaftz Plembe trawasto a tAm cNae wVy only-Ift Paste-W. Tcww4UsW aspUms of dlagmW & photm plue key an fanlM word* an orlgAma dowaamt In pasudl. THE SOVIET UKRAINEj, BY S. KOUKHARENKO., N. KALTCHENKOP 47 pp. FRENCH PAWHLET$ ETUDES SOVIETIQUES, NO 138: pp Ix. jpRs 15344. USSR ECON., GEOG , soc ocr 6-2 ?- i ?-., 169 ~mvtwlftl) Sttay or Molstrioa securitiess OKOOMPt4a 9 3PP. 5 st w gem empamout or N 'imm ra 0 3.0 Jun/ar otrue Services (LOW) IMM pro=* 44~ 14~0- U40cusa Oct n% =/&= Thesuraticta Study of tile Propagatioll OfE SIOUI-Ide Application of Anticipatim of the sonic D*ou Produced by Supersonic Flight, by Jean-Pierre Guiraud, FREN(N;, rpt# LItude Theorethque de la Pro- pagatim du,g;n-: Appile-a-Mms a la Prevision du Btuit ftlistique Provowle, par 10 Vol Supelmonivue. Offito Natitmal dyEtudes et de Itonherches AemauMu. Rep rt TP, 1,10, 1041, 1964. 922.R41-V WSA TT r-387 M.-Fmce Sci/Acrospace Feb 66 294,667 Theoretical Study of the Influence on Surface Temperature of a Geometrical Perturbation of Wall of an Electrically Heated Channel, by R. Gerber,,--.`.~; FRENCH, bk, Etude Theorigue-de l'Influence sur la Me Tepp -e d I _une Pe- -praturp jda-Burfug 'une Pexturbation I~qrqi d1un Canal CHE-uffe- Electriquement. C o 9,2 a 93 Sci - Apr 61 List 51 Study of the Trawform'40W ftrw& Ameali% of the Body Centered Ciftic Phme of Uraamm Molybdeum Alloys, by Hiftrt )MInUcIT, 82 pp. 6" w&w4mwww&tIQw Revezu SOU7- ~-' -70 AM-, AM IBPJWT3 21 Ift MnPrOvement Of an A*86mb4 PGiuts bY V- ClaSso UNCL RUMNs pero Xtud bl.- 1958.p pp 36-41. .-Ill-W, DSIEt/32758/CT. WZur - Frame Boon . Feb 59 v f --$ --4, -7 Study of the Variation in Efficiency of An Alpha EmiAtting Source as a Function of the Nature of the Support and the Applied Threshold, by Movchet, Boulloud, etal. FRENCH, Tpt, Etude de la Variation-~ d1une Sourcd Emmittrice Alpha cn Donction de la Nature du Support et du Seuil Applique, 1962. *AEC Sci - Nucl Sci Oct 63 bdaAlag the omwept cc tin "m cmstant, VIP* Awdilabso ~ 91~wv VW* Jmz-j, -makt*otochnische *i. ~ i- m 4---1 As* Ammt"M~i I -VbI 74P Ipp W-ffi~ fimurA rx-fx. 2100T Sol 331P " Aa 67 Ad,rance in the Construction of Dry Batteries, by j. 17'~Iler. GMWT, -per, E.T.Z. Vol. 75, 1954, pp 513-518. IFZMIR/Re'L. No. M- Sci - - J1.11Y 1967 334-o43 TT-65-12018 Field 13H Bergraann, E. THE IGNITION AND. STABILIZATION OF THE WELDING 1. Bergmann. E. ARC (Das Zuenden xmd Stabilisteren des schwaissliebtbo- gens). 10p. (foreign text Included). Order from SLA: SI.10 in TT-65-12018 Trans. of ATZ Elektroteebfflache ZeltschrM Ausxabe R, der Elchlrote-chniker (West Germany) V9 n6 p245-7 1957. MR 624 Accuracy of Measurement and Capacity of an All-Sheet Measuring and Sorting Device for Electrical Sheet, by W. Krug. GERBIAN, per, ETZ-A., Vol 78, No 11, November 1957, pp 829-833. BISI 7002 Sci-Mat may 69 380,398 On the ft2a I Mact TIMW A Nebo M- --iwcsratt X. zoo act 3334 (M Tranalent Effects in Rectifier ImtaUation and TheIr Damplq;s by Robn,-t Dichara. Q=Wmp wwp~m -ktx, ohm MutftiblAr" fur. Vol LID=j, No Ma IOUs- vv' a 1hr 62 AP51.0 Vol VU; go 2 Development of Impulse Breakdowns in Rod Spark-Gaps, by H. Baatzj 11. Boecker, A. Fischer. RUBIN=, -per, ETZ Eleh-trotechnische Zeitschrift No- 27~ 1961. NZDIA / 1. VI'l "V" Ld r-A Sci - july 1c,67 334-039 Glow Discharge Inception on Protective Fittings for Overhead Line Insulators, by G. Hilgarth. GERM, per, Etz-A. Vol 84, No 11, 1963, pp 348-352. (WZDIA ) Sci - Aug 67 339,924 Checking the Aging of Transfonaer Ol I and 1.1--intennned of 'the Oil in Power and Instrmnent Transfomers, by B. Gaenger. GEITAN, per, Etz-A Vol. 84, No 24, 1963, pp 8oo-803. NZDIA Sci - A-ug 67 335,796 Protective Value of Earth Conductors Connecting Towers of H.T. Overhead Lines, by F. Ollendorf, GMU", per, ETZ Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift, No. 18, 1962, PP 5T3-580 NZDIA Sci - Aug 67 335-TO8 Radio Interference Caused by Electrical Equipment, by A. Heuser. GMUWT, per, ETZ ElelctrotechnIsche Zeitschrift. No 11, 1963. pp 305-311. (NZDIA) Sci - Aug 67 339,928 Instructicai ior Programming of Vie Flexowriter, by H. Ii. Bernstein, 46 pp. GC1111M, rpt, BUR-19S. d., 1963 AEc/ofam-Tr-0922-69 Sci/Elec Sept 69 392.203 LVMTOH -- Analysis of and Z--fwnto on the Treaty* by J. Errera, E. Symon, J. van t., L. Vernaevej. 260 pp. UNMABSIFIHDd-w~=191~-, ftmtco IL Q -4Ares du PRE=$ bk.. -AnmjML _et_ pmknt TrAj&ej Brwwelsj, 19Wj, Vp 1-309. (DC-1743) US JM/DC-177 World Wide Western Blurope - France Pol Set - Atom Energy Research and Development Contract With CEnT, mol, Euratom Quarterly Report No 9. GERWI uratom Trimestriel Rapport No . ., rpt., Burat Apr 1- 30 ~IW2* *AEC Sci - Chem Dee 62xx -oneware se-ser-PAPan: and 'r.,wmda=utal Consideration't by, He-nsn!3nn, '-'TT V p 306,- Vol V173 j, 19582 p 156- vay 6o Dryijig of Sh"I"s Materials and Its: Prin#pl"*.by X* Kroll. GUIRMANj, peri, Huro-Ce Vol X1110 No 90 1963,6' pp. 29 Cho~m Trms Sv No 2594 sci-materials Mar 67 320,827 S-367/6o Intellectual Traditions of Soviet Pedagogy, by Dr. Leonhard Froese.. 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