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December 31, 1972
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Abstracts by Leo Semjonowitsch Berg, 124 GEPHAN, per, Die Geographischen lonen der jetunion,*Leipzig, abstracts of pp 2-4, 11-13, Sgw 18-20, 50-66, 1o4-125, 219-233, 277-279, -301-328, Call No GB 236, B48, vol i. AMS Sci 30 Apr 62 Geogmpbical Yewbockj, by Gustav 7ochler-flauke Bogodnr WInIR., Ermt Roluerj, 139 IMp, d GMWN, bk -cho- Jabrbuch. Vol LXlv Put 2, l9j6lx!~14pp" Our - Gerim 1-D Aug 58 (o. on the Composition and Structure of Pyrrho- tite, by Olavl Kdow, Y. Vaorelainen. zi, No 6, 1962. Finimi., per j, ql2lo Dept of' Interior G(579) H36g sciq" Jan 64 SoLe II-lew -I:fliakel iNinerals, by Y, Vuoxelminen, t.,, linkii. 51-ILDIS11, porp Geologi clielsinki), Vol XVI, NO Sp pp S3--r55v 1964o NASA TT F-9599 U* Sa GMIERN1,01T USE GILY 9n!rl Vi5l 66 Ccllculat-ion of the 1."cuntain Pressua-e -in C . T! e GERII,~LAITI, pe:r, Geologie und Bauvese-D Vol. 1~-) Pr, 33-95, RSDOC/Ilef. T. 21DOID Sci Jul)r 1567 334-ol Gabloa of GLibap 2-14 pp* SMUMS bkq 22agWe do Cuba . pabU by the Cuban Instit, of Mirwral Resoar- cost Havema, 19641, pp _1-2249 jm 320323 SeL - ES/A oat 63 290v446 Position of National Coal in the Economic Picture, by Alves Anibal Bastos - PORTUGUSE., $kbk - _, Geologia e Metalurgia, pp 93 07.- *Dept of Interior Sci - Chem mar 62 (SP-1857) The GwloV of Patrolem and Gas Deposits in the Tbnm4an Peage's Republic, by YJr. GrIgormes 260 pp. RMUMM, bk, Gwlqoa Zoo atrelor do Pgjt~L-Asl ~00&ze ~dlu ~M, 19W,-3P-P-IL--222, 231me 235. jpm ILA44 Eztxr - Rmarda AP7 E*on Agr 62 for llol*i-o--.,Q -.,~aw I-latlerialu i.11 by Karel Ovalboda, 19 p1p. GOVEFRITIM! IJSF- OIUY c-X11", pe--, Gecplpj~iclW Elruzlcm', Vol IVj, No 9, pp -69-L-12- axas 15361 Ecor. ,liov 6.,:,- CON'FERENCES AND OTHER DEAVELPIMENTS 11". GEOLOGY A;..'D RELATED FIELDS, BY JAROSLAV STEPANEK., Ei.:GR FRANITI E2- ) PP, FOR GOVERNMENT USE ONLY. CZECH' PER t, -GEOLOGICKY PRUZKUM, VOLV, NO jUNE 0'3, PP 1 1 'u ub- 191. JPRS GUO 164 EE-CZECI-l Sc 1 -141 sc SEP 63 343.1~1-7 The Start of Activities cd Czechoslovak. Geologists in the hionSdian Peoples' RepubUe, by MojmLr Krauter. 5 pp. GOARNLUDd USE ONLY CZECH, per, Geologicky Pruzkim, Val, V, No 10, 1963. (Taute-4w-06=111B) IJIV -S GUO 216 EE-Czechoslovakta Geog Feb 64 249,459 New blethod of Cmaculating Wage Funds, by Presysl Brycbco6 8 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH~~G;01295U Pruzidun, Vol Vi. No 6, 1 03, ILD4. JPIUS GUO; 391 EE-Czechos Ecoll Sep 64 266.940 60t-b Birthday of Prof Jan Starohorshzy, by L. iva;-i, Oiy-6-934) oFFic:EAL usD oi-ax SDOpik, SLOVAiC, per., GeologicV, Vol XII, 1-10 2, 1961, 145-146. *J-pm- COPYRIGEr2 EDar - Czeclioslovahia Bioik 2 Feb 62 Prof Juraj Suf Reaches 60th Birthday, by D. AlldrUSOV, (IjY-6934) OFFICIAL USE 01,11 SLOV.A.Kj per, Geologic1cl Sbornik, Vol I'o 2, 1961, DP -U 179--150- *JPRS COMMIGHT Mi ir Czechoslovakia Diof, 2 Feb 6-2 Leutweln, P. and Doerffel, K. ON SOME PROCEDURES FOR THE THEORETICAL CLARIFICATION OF GEOCHEMICAL PROCESSES WITH SPECIAL CONSWERA71ON OF THE LATTIC ENERGY (Ober Einige Verfahren zur Theoretischen KDU=g Geocbemlacher Prozesse. unter Besonderer Berlicksichtigimg der Gitterenergle). 11962][901p. (foreign text included) 43 refs. Order from SIA $8. 10 62-16432 Trans. of Geologie (West Germany) 1956. v. 5, no. 2. P. 65-100. DESCRIPTORS: *Geochemistry, Lattices, Energy, Lead, Ores, Crystallization, Silicates, Thez ody- namics, TungstateB, *Minerals, Heat of formation, Geological time. 62-16432 1. Leurwein. P. 11. Doerffel, K. (Earth Sciencea--GL 'IOU. 7r. V. B. DO. 8) OfR-.f T-1-1-1 S.M-. - NCH-201 721 Field 8G Kanter. K. THE PROBLEM OF HALOICNETIC PROCESSES IN THE NORTHEASTERN PART OF THE THURINGIAN BASIN. 1965. Bp. ATS-58903G. Order from ATS- $11.86 as ATS-SBS83G Kauter. K III - ATS-58S8k M. Associated Technical Services, Inc.. East Orange, N. J. Trans. of eV120-jWest Germany) 113 n10 pl.191-8 1964. 1=9= R-989-N Experimental Investigations,-, by Guido Oberti. MINO, per, q22logie und Bauwesen' Vol )DCV, NO 2/3, 1960, pp 9-~5-~I- *JFRS for Dept of Interior Bureau of Reclamation 17 Aug 62 R-986-N Ten Years ... by Joseph Talobre. GERMAN, per., _QgaIggie und Bauwesen., Vol XXV, NO 2/3, ig6o,, pp 148--1-65.- *J'PRS for Dept of Interior Bureau of Reelamation 17 Aug 196P Geology of Chile, by W. Zeil. GEFWN., bk.. Geologle Von Chile, :233 pp. *CFSTI TT b9-520bb Sci-Ear sci oct 69 Katange Geography and Geology, b.,r Maurice Robert, (ID 2034010) FHWI, rPt, 422-1-9gib-Ot-GeogmPhle du Natenga, 1956, Brueeela, VP 173-228. ANS Lib Tr Unit WE/A - Belgian Congo Geog Jun 58 4, 6 Geological Diffusious., by R. XlesegW., 254 pp, GM"j. MMUM; bk.. Goacgische Diffulanan. Idbrary of Geaoglcal swray cc conaft Sol aw 61 /SP /V/ y GODLO&a LWISJOIS on the Apf HcabiRty of t1w tUm CSvItles of the Rock Sdt Viorke ABW H for the Olopoad of lukuwalve WASW16 GERMAN, qW, - tachten d-I Verwendbarkelt der ASSE 9 lam dle HaSumnil R Iffiggedyw AbtsHe, 20 MV IV63, 24 pj~. *AEC Scl-Ear Scl Feb 65 Apr p~1jeability. of Stainlag for VitstinguitihiUg 3--tw-man quartz cmd relftpara, t-y F, J. GMUS, per, "ologieka rormUSenpo Vol U., Stockholm -314 1930, Pp 331 ~ Dept eL Interior US-Sw of, MUM Cmtral Uperlment Statior Pittaburgh.. Pa. w ScL - Oeophys -~ 42 F-7 b 73 May 59 !L:i t, pregnevion of Por=G Material With Plartier. for Microscopic Exumin-aidw-4s, Iq TGi:, A'jlagC--- T W,vatrom. 4e, ~i*.-Ihl)-Ylsll, per., Geologiska Forer-ingim.5 i Stockholm nrtmandlingarl Vol VLLIN, 165-2. CSIR 142 CICI - Chr-m 6c Clawalficatlan of the Plelotocene of --Nortbern OerswW and PAIjacent Regionap bY P- WdsWtv 15 VP- SMIGH, per, q~okroren Stockholm ForbanU Vol 'P'1955j, ~~- 525- SIA 57-3290 isci Aug 58 PrWalem of the Occurrence of Oversized Radioactive Halos in A2mo Granito, by Gunter Hoppe, 16 pp. GEW-VW19per, Geol Fown. -Forhmdl.,j, Vol LXXXI, Ho 30 59,, pp 385-49Zg MUM. ' AEG GIM-tr-756 i 292,713 Sci-Nuclear Sci 4 Tech Nov :615 The Ingimbrite Conoept, by a. Hjelmqviot. FWMISH, per, _Qgo'lDgjzkajftMaDW;nB J Stockbo aralivumrm --' LjM7u-'-%-2' f 9-6-1. RMIA sai - Nin/Ifat -~ug 6p .2 /~' /J-.*- Prospects for Non-Ore Raw Matm-Las in Czechoalovakim., by KQre3 Svobcxlap 19 pp. GOVEFOMM USE MY Mmi Pero Vol ivi NO 91 1962s pp 269-M. im; lm .- 1,. - '. llq Nov 62 FUNDAMENTALS OF PROSPECTING FOR OIL IN XX THE GERMAIN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, BY KURT KAUTNER, 7 PP. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH, PER, GEOLOGICKY PRUZKUM. VOL IV, NO 10, 1962, PP 2~3--Z557- - JPRS 16622 EEUR CZECH ECON DEC be 218,315 "GO 61 " -- STUD I ES OF ANT I C; I PATED EXTRACT I ON OF MI WERAL RA14 MATER I ALS,, BY ANTON 1 N PROCHAZKA; 10 PP. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY. CZE(-,,-i GEOLOG I CKY PRUZKUH, VOL V, N PER .0 -31 P I qG3, P JPRS GUO: 073 scl ml/m APR 228 ,002 Prospects for Copper Ores in Slovakia, by Ivan Ciu*, Karel Urban, 11 pp. GOVERMENT USE ONLY CZECH, per, Geologtcky Pruzimm, Vol V, No 12, 1963, pp 356-358. JPRS GUO 244 Sci-Mat & Met Apr 64 255,785 Status of the Technology of Exploratory Drilling In the Socialist Bloc Cmmtriw, by MroBlav Jedlicka, 11 pp. GOVEMACENT USE ONLY CZECH, per, Geologicky Pruzkum, Vol VI, No 1, 1964, pp 9-11. JPRS-GUO 250 - EE-C.zechoslovakia Ec,on Apr 64 255,781 Standoxilization of Drilling Equ4)ment In Geological ProspectIng, by Frandsek Hoza, 10 pp. GOVERNMENT USE'bNLY V/ CZE!CH. per. Geologicky P=zjm--xn. Vol h9C%ff;3J3W,, No 2, 1964 _pp 36-38. Ji;fig GUO 257 BE-Czechoslovalda Econ Apr 64 255,776 ~~Iwml Exploration of Lead-Zinc Ores An Slovakia, by Ivan. MUM, 9 pp. GOVERNMENT USE OMA V CZECH, per, GeologLcky PruzkxLm, Vol bM%MNTV, No 2, 1964- pp 42-44. JPig GUO 257 EE-Czechoslovakia Am- Apr 6i 255,775 WAaj%h"KrW The.Complex Approach to the Davelopment of Drilling Technology, by Frandsek Hoza, Pavel Wetzler, 7 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH per, Geologicky Pruzkum, No 9, 1964, pp 262~1263. JPRS GUO: 494 EE-Czech Econ sci-m/m Jan 65 27BI,299 ttLo Scmalilar-&%, by P. Turon. 7v,Mc!A,;, -p~, ftolceic do l'Afrique, ft-rle, T?qycA~ Dept of laterior "71 S157, Eo 65 n/A - rthl apin Geog Nov 59 "'WWWWAIC QMUVjv by. *=-Us Glow=, 698 pp. ymmv Dori, Malcom ftnmvquwaj, 4th ad'. - ,4e".54 * -ow w-uwv Md a ocawkwoum Fab " v .4iff Agency: U.S. Arzy Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180 q~~"Jo/0 " i C' Request no.: 1 6 C, Title: Aus der Praxis des Tunnelbaues h,- 7~ udt'L 'et4-vt" Author; Rabcewicz, L.V. I.r)f Source: Geologie und Bauwesen, v.217, no-3-4, p.l-~16T, 1961 Language: German A Survey of the Geology, Mining Industry, and Volcanoes of Rwanda, by A. Bertassa, 11 pp. FREENCH, pamphlet, Geologic Mines - Volcans, 1-14. SF-4436 1-203/67 313,789 rp Nov 66 UNC L par, DSM 33649,tCT or 59 Collinite of Bituminous Coal, by TZ. Stach, 30 PP - GYRHAN, per, Geol Jahrb, Vol LMV, No 4, JUIY 1957, 4 PP'30-Q. MA 57-3566 Sci Jul. 59 ?/ 9 ~/ Radioactive Density Determination With a Gaw-a- Probe, by J homilius, S. Lorch, ~C. Seitz, 18 pp. GEEMWI, per, Geol Jahrb, Vol L)D(V, 1953, AEC Tr 4099 Sci - Fbys Jul 60 iderotuatonic Investigations in the Region of Vie Nordlinger Rics, by 114 No I'agner, Qht-Difl, per, Gcol Jahrb, Vol LXXXI, 1964, lip 519-6006 1116A rr F-9535 U. So GOVEMNI-0 4T USE WLY Sci-,,,VL"', Kar 66 296,209 Positions of Ore Deposits in the Geological Formation Process, by Z. Cissarz. CZECH, per Geol. Jb..Vol. 82, la64, PP 75-1-98, ITRC Ref: C-5753 Sci - Aug 67 -1437-448 - r I nillisi Titl4y by P. -~. S(mder. per, -Icologisc!ie Vol 28, 'ju 6-7, 1937, pp 500-541. -RASA TT ~--11,589 Mar 68 atructurall SoUsv Solinuctiou and Froet Climatem cKf the Earthp by C. 11-roll. M;uwp pers Geol. RunAsdauj, Vol XM., 1941-di. OCE Tr 43 ScientiTic - G--opbyuics CM 65#613 55 ,F ol6 A, J~~ 13tructure-Sol2s, SolMuction, and Frost Clinates of the Zarth,,'by N. B..Wright,, 7 VP a Gw" . Geol Rmdmftm, Vol XI=V.. No Vas, IAX Ipp STA 57-3M Sat Pwa 58 74 ,0 I'd` The Problem of Frost 8611 FormatIon In the USK of Previous-Rasearchs by C. Trollp 10 Ipp. aEWAAN., per,, Geol Rundschau, Vol XXXIV, -,;. 1944, pp SIA 57-3190 Sal .,70? to 71 Aug 58 Ta.Lnotropy and rlow Propaties oT Fine Grained Soils., by IC. Ackm*mnn Glumas Wv Gewadsobs R=dq94& Vol MOLV v 1948. Nat#). ROD CombAl Ou~ Tr 150 Scientific - Geopbyslas / (Ofg-;70 Jul M/rff, Price 0,025 E=-Zemal Dtmtmics and Sedimento; Jual T2-o=por~ed Fine-Grained Soila., b-,lr E. t"iclamamt a-RuxAscbtm Vol 1949j, GM4M,j, perj, qpl pp 100-101. Hattl Beim Cmmil Cwmda ITT 379 Sclent=c - Oeopbysice xt Aug aS/DBX / &.0 ?* ? obliervationa ir, the UbYau Baba:mjl by C" 0"7117 No I e . M, PD:rp Geol-axm- 4-91)PA.- VIII - 7- -1 1950.1 Yp 40-59--- ATS 18JI?r- ATs io6-W Sci ifty 59 k ~7, ,-;- s 6 Convergence H'Iienonii.-na of th-~- !-'-Laea-al I~o.---,ma~;icjn Of Some S'L2%d:LiL,%!nte-1:-r Gexlzatmi Iron Ores, b-,y TT - , Irr 6 0 -r , rundue'aa-u, g PP M5~-',. Brelien Hill Fro-u Co U6 (CRf./T UY51) D c 61 '~-t Met bc~("r AIC. 13 TT-65-1213U Field BG Kuehn-velten, If. SUBAQUEOUS SLIDES IN THE HIGHEST UPPER DEVONIAN 1. Kuehn-Velten. H. OF SAUERLAIND. 241), (figs ondtted) 14refs. Order from SLA: S2.60 as TT-65-12130 I Trans. of ~9~~~est Germany) ~44 p3-25 1955. MR 629 Contribution of RvfUttion Saim=IoZy to the UD3matlou of the 14imr Uhdw~- 6v ik tm)"=p by G- ftbr- ams.t prs Vol ILV7:* cam 41' , ', _~ , , I.L 1- 62 Sediments of Golfo di Pozzuoli, by German Muller. GERWI, per, Geologische Rundschau, Vol XLVII, 1958, pp I-Ix. *Navy/HO Tr 169 Sci - Geophys 23 Aug 62 Apr 60 Recent 86diments in Golfo de Nsq~oli, by German Muller, 12 pp. GMMI, per, Ggaiwache Rundsdiau,, voi 47, 1958-. PP 1-9. NAV/1900/Tron-169-70 sci/~&w sci June 70 New Observations om Radioactive Halos in Va2.-Ious MKI Minerals with Critical Remarks for the Evaluation of Halos for Age Deterntmation, by P. Ramiclohr. GERMN, per, Geologische Rundschau, vol. 49, 1960, pp. 25r--2o'"-3-. orm-wR-758 NTc -to-17185-08G June 1971 Kahler, P. 7711- VALUE OF PUSULINIDS FOR STRATIGRAIIHC CORRELA'noNs OVER GREAT DPWANCES. flQ61] 4p. Order frotn ATS P. 25 ATS-I0N53G Trans of Geolfogischle] RtuKJschau t GerFnany) 1%01`v .. 92-97. !-%"- DESCRUIMRS: *Geology, *Geophy3ics, Germmy. 61-25030 1. Title: Fusulinids 1. Kahler, F. H. ATS-ION53G 111. Associated Tcdu-dcal Services, Inc., Fast Orange, K J. 97 (Earth Sciences- -Geology, TL v. 6, m 8) ~ICW nJSCTV;atiO-iIS m Radioactive Halos in Various -Iiiiarals 14' th "ritical hommarks for the i'valim- i %~ tion of -dalos for Age Determinations, by P. P;Luddir. 23 pp. Gi:FI,'.VN, per, Geologische RmidsdiEL Vol 49, U60 Ire 253-263. XX OtSIL-tr-758 sci/Nuclear Sci Feb G7 318,487 63-14060 Jacob, H. RECENT CONCIAISIONS CONCERNING BROWN-COAL 1. Jacob, H. AND PEAT PETROGRAPHY: IDEAS RELATED TO MACERAL CLASSIFICATION (Neure Ergeba's der Braunkohle-n- und Torf-Petrographle. Gedankeen zur Mazeral-Klassiftafloo). Jan 63 [251p. (tip. tables omine ) 17 refs. Order from SLA $2.60 63-14060 Trans. of GeologLache RUndscbau (West Gernmany) 1961. 51, p. DESCRIPTORS: *Petrology, *Coal, *Peat, Classification The article proposes a petrographical notnenclature for peat and soft brown coal which conform to bituminous coal nonmenclature, follows identical or almlUr pria- ciples and complys with technological points of view. (Earth Sclences-GookW, TT, Y. 10, no. It) (over) Offl= d TccMkai U,,jm 'J"heory vnd Classification of Einrptivo Volcmde I-Evelits, by R. A, ,Sondor, GEIRDIAN., per, Geologischen Fkmdschnu, Vol P-B, 'flos 677, 1937, PI) 10-9---541-.-- T T TT F-11,589 Scil'21--rth 369,127 Sci Oct 68 I ICOI 16ala-OL A gs~i "..I.Wj43saNw 3H"lo 4 Geology of West Central Mato Grosso, by Fernando F. M. de Almida,, 911 pp. SPAMM, bklet, gj2Lojj& do Centro-Oeste Iduto-Gros Be-, No 215j. 1964.. pp- 11-133. Belk JM 35099 IA-Brazil Sci-ES/A Apr 66 299j.361 60-21674 GEOLOGICAL ANNALS OF THE BALKAN PENISULA, 1. 1958. VOL. 25, tr. by Slavko Todorovic. 1962, 113p. 2. 223 refs. FL-480 Int. 3. Order ft-om OTS $1. 25 60-21674 1. 11. Trans. of Geolosid Anali Balkanskoga Poluostrva (YUg0HlnVJA) l95%_V.__AM.~ DESCRHIMRS: *Gedlogy, Periodicals, Yugoslavia, Geological time, 'ahlarine geology. Seamenmition. Limeiftwe, Aquadc animals, Plants. Opaleot-cology, Batiotites, *Hydrdlogy Contents: Some new data on the age of epirogenetic and orogenetic movements and accompanying proceases in the norLh- eP stern Serbia. by K. V. Petkovic and hi. 7- Andel1mvic (Earth Sciences- -Geology, TT, v. 9. no. 8) (ovc~r) Title: Balkan Peninsula Title: Miocene Title: Aptychi FL-480 Int (60-21674) National Science Foundation, ',11ashington, D. C. Office of Technical S-1ces CROATLIVN, bk, 9!~o,lpski Anali--Balkanskog Poluostrva, Knjiga Val. 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