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63- 1 B943 BrUggemann, J., Niesar, K. -H., and Zentz, C. THE BIOLOGICAL ACTIVM OFA-.. dJ--- AND 1. BrUggemann, J. ]-.-TOCOPHEROI- PREPARATIONS. 22 Jul 63, 16p It. Niesar. K.-II. l9refs Ill. Zentz. C. Order from SLA $1. 60 63-18943 Trans. of Iniernlationale1_31qLaschrift fjlr4 VitarninfqT-f- witzerland) 1963, v. 33, icE u:ngj_(S 180-196. DESCRIPTORS: 'Vitamin E, *Biological assay, Molecular isomerism, Drugs 'Me biological activity of various d-, dl-, and .L-a-tocophcroi preparaLions was tested in the bemol)sis test in rats. It was shown that A-a-tDcopheryl acetate, depending on the application form, has a relative activ- ity factor of 1. 74 or 2. 13 and the I-tocopberyl acetate has an activity of 0. 51 compared with a dl-locopheryl acetate with an optically uniform side chain. Moreover Gtf~ d T..bW..4 5-h- (Biological Sciences --Pharmacology, TT, v. 10, no. 11) (over) Cal bfiaeri$4 by E. Zeftler, 18 IV. GERUM, pmp ITMWM Zschr trar Wissenschaft u Atnmjz waM. PbgMMIQ U d zenmt. TIMPrOdUlMlOnSteCtM.4 VOL XGV~ NO 1 _ Dept of Navy Tr 414 - - Sd - Phys Jul 96 65 282.305 3134 --I::~L ,e I I International Cooperation in the Field of Space Research and the Participation of the Max-Planc'.: Society, by R. Lust, GMIA-14, rpt, Inter'nationale Zuspumenarbeit auf dem G Gebiet aer Wel~raumf'orschun- und die Reteilirrung der 1-4w,.-'Planck-Gesellschaft, Jim 1961, 111 pp. *NASA Sc i - jul 61 Pr&oU*A Use ot the Text fbr RB 116Cbntatdjmg CoUs In El"d ftnno by ftm XIAMMW U pp. (IMMS pwo voi u me 6. ig6o: pp 292- 29.% Dept of Nm/ms I= SedLwB arA X m 68 340043 62-20121 Hartmann, F. THE BIOCHEMICAL AND MACROMOLECULAR 1. Hartmann. F. BASES OF A PATHOLOGY OF CONNECTIVE TISSUE (Die Biochemischen und Makromolekularen Grundlagen elner Pathologie der Bindegewebe). Aug 62. 24p. 87 refs. Order from SLA 42.60 62-20121 Trans. of Internist (Germany) 1961, v. 2, p. 403-412. DIRSCRIETORS: Biochemistry, *Molecular structure, *Paxbology, 'Connective tissues, Collagen, Cells (Biology). (Biological Sciences --Biochemistry, 717. Y. 9. Do. 11) Ofte of TechWcA Sertku Renal Shodk, by I-L H. FAel, 55 pp. GFItMAN, per. Internij34 1962, pp 531-543. Navy Tr 3739/NMS 845 Scl - Blol Ik Med Mar 64 2510667 (TT-1256) THE EFFECTS OF HIGH-ENERGY RADIATION. Pohlit, W. Translated by D. A. Sinclair for National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa (Ontario), from InternIst, 5: 263-71(1964). 19p. Dep. mn. JCL $1.60 fs, ~0.80 ME In NSA, 19: 38499. radlobiology, translations MN-48 NP RC 7- Interplanetary Life. ITITCL FRENCH, bk, La Vie Int ;j!jgxxeta;kra, No 2, 1961. *Acsi H-9147 3:D 2166456 Sci - Space Res may 61 Interpretation of Gravitict-ric A3io,-Aalies in Central Mile, by Dragicevic S. '!atco. SPANISH, bk, Inte2j)retacica De Las, Anomalias Gravimetricas do Chile ContT--a blo No 23, 23 pp. U.0 1962, Pi ACM 1-, 915 LA/Cidle Sci/Earth Sci Jul 6S 283,741 Inteil3retation of the Gravity Profiles: Arica, Antofagasta and Valparaiso - Hjux Del Plata, by Dragicavic S. Mateo. SPAInsil, rpt, int2EPT~tacion De Los PeZ-AICS do Gravedad A=Icu Ant~ta T Valgax.~o - Mar del PL-mta: UniVersidad de Mile, Instituto do Georlsica Y Sismol ' No 28, Nov 1962, 10 pp. 0111 RIC TC--914 LA-Chile Sci/Earth Sci Jun 65 282,403 of the Rumatir mAetw--A -ev 9, A. MW9Wn7l*f C. Xml;14p by A. Jmu~y".. P. mcr4lat" 7 pp. Am Ir got ftm P%" aw lat=yretation of some ro=nlw of Colestua Hachani(, and Their Gmphical PAUrcesentation, by Yarlo camarin. MALUMs mmagmphj, lmt~~Icme di Alcune Tormle di NbacEmics Celeste e lpm Rqwesen~lon~&~ pp. xmm ACM Sci - Geophys - Astrou Nov 62 215pg8g the 2 x-tic 93 et: dia Da L%7 (DC-3801 FRENCH COWUNIST PARTY DECLARATION AND THOREZ SPEECH AT THE MOSCOWCONFERENCE OF NOMBER 1960., 37 PP- FRENCH, PAMPHLET, j UIERVEU1LUXL%-DE-L%9-RLCE THOREZ FRANCAIS, NOV 1961, 4b PP. jPRs A61o WE - FRANCE Xatzodtictlon to Cartagrepbyj, by P. lbrio Bk=&atter,, 5 pp~ SPANW11j. p*r, Imtra&4celm a la Cextografia., San ime., Cbst& Fd4as pp Is ka 5P,54.* 55o Ca-U No " we C85. ANS Z4.b Tr Oct 58 PROBLEMS HN TRAINING WORKERS, TECHNICIANS, AND IIIASTEMS, ';~ PP. RUMAINIAN, PER, INVATAMINTUL PROFESIONAL Si TECINN11C.9 NO 2, 1 ~163, PP 105. JPRS 21184 EEIJIFJ S01- OCT o'3 3 4 4, lo, 7 9 '1 -y"I i p Prl=iyal pftwcw in Mmoatmw; emwtr=tlm., by F* po~~,q p. v CZ= Pftv No 10 1962,t pp 13. r= smemn. 4758 X&M - Czeoh Bm 43:~, 0 0 lb itm 653 NEW TECHNIQUE USED IN THE CONSTRUCTIM OF LL'-lK)Wf,'--COAL MINES 11,1 CZECIAOSLAVAKIA UNDER *rf-jE SEVEil:-YEA'1-11 PLAi'l, &Y EHICIR. PAVEL LANIG, 12 PP, FOR GOVERI-14ENI-1- USE Gl'~IY. CZECH PER INMESTICNI VYSTAVBA, VOL 1, 1-~'O - .1 "1 ) J, I-- MAY 19031, PP 65-6). JPRS GUO 1061 EEkli-CZECI-I EMN. SEP 63 'ReeU of 1963 lmpwtumt omotruatim an# tor jamw &Ojai. czmtr no 4" juu 3s ;p 9T . jw 8 P~ I "Myry I$M Emw - czedwalowskla aft STjP 63 OW J~ /,Ti j WHY INVEST IN TRANSPORTATION., BY VACLAV SYCHRA., 13 PP. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH, PER~ INVESTICNI VYSTAVBA. No 6, i-~63, .W PP 160-165. JPRS GUO 198 EE-CZECHOSLOVAKIA ECON Nov 63 242,589 NEW ELEMFtJTS IN METHODOLOGY, BY KAREL JOHANOVSKIY, 8 PP. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH, PER, INVESTICNI VYSTAVE,A) No 6, i~- PP 182-184. 63, JPRS GUO 190 EE-CZECHOSLOVAKIA ECON Nov 63 242,590 Terxitorial Planning and the New Compating: Methoft, by Viktuor Lorenz, 15 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH, per, Investicai Vystayba, Vol 1, No 9, Nov 196A3, pp 264-268. JFFtS GUO 238 EE-Czechoslovaida Econ Apr 64 2,55,788 Rua== Can,Suitable Reserves be Planned for Industrial Invest- mentrO., by Milos Micanek, 9 pp. GOVERN]KMENT USE ONLY CZECH, per, Investicni Vystavba, Vol 1, No 9, Nov 1963, pp 174-277. JPRS GLJO 238 EE-CzechoslovaJda Econ Apr 64 255,789 Karatological InvesUgations In Cuba, by Antonio Pkinez Jimenez, ArLulind.r Paws and Otakar Stelel, 57 pp, SPAMSH, bk, Irmestig nos Carsolp .deas an Q" no date, pp. L-1106- JPRS :)8B27 IJ60aba Geog Doe 66 315,019 Taxonc-mir~ Inv-.sti-irat-ion and Ctent~-ral Fnyc r-ope-,"tice ot, an F;ffkicient in of 7:~euaf , by Flector G,,Arc*--"v. Gonz,~Lez, 3P pp, !3Pt,N'-rSE, K, bk, Inves Geigxp-lcu de Lm 14 TUE-531's- Present-ed at the Max',ca-li lasti-tute at' TecllnoloZicul Research, Mexico, DIP. 1956. -)eTA ; U 62-16753 Barrela, A., Mira, P., and Carmen-hfarl,n, hi. del. INFLUENCE OF THE PRESENCE OF COLLOIDAL 1. Barrela. A. SILICA ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF II. Nitro, P. S17ED C=ON YARNS (Influencia de In Presencia de 111. Carmen-Marin, M. del SlUce Cololdal sobie las Propledaclcm Niecaalcas de Ina IV. Title: Congress . Hilos Encolad:~s de Algodon). Paper from Congress of Industrial Chemistry (no. 3) Barcelona, 1960. [19621 1141p, 9 r-:4a. Ord:! r fro in S L-k $ 1. 00 62-16753 Trans. of Investigacion e Informacion Textil (Spain) 1960, v. 3, no. 4, p. 285-293. DESCRIVrORS: 'Threads, *Cotton. 'Sizing, Mechanical properties, [Noxides, *Silicon compounds, *Colloids. The influence of colloidal silica on the mechanical properties of sized cotton yama has been investigated and there has been observed by application of factoral (Materials- -Textiles, TT, Y. 9, no. 2) (over) Ofte d Techalcal Servicts 4 1 11 1 and Phytoplankton Of the carbsuou co"t MW JM jb3.v, 1936t4a jbw 399T# w &T. nmrxwuo Ik. limplett. M?JMM$ oaqnmjl lb 20,0 1957* IV :VMO-"-~~Y"qmm 7- - * W9 LA - offidu ams 171,-5! -Y 7 Oct 61 HydrogmVhy and Pbytoplankton of the Castellon coast Frcm JUIY 1957 to June 19580 by R. Margalef. SPAWM, per, Tuvestig"lon. resquers, Val xv, 1999~, -PP3-38---- CSIRO 52T5 Sci - Geopbys 217 -/' 6.2 / jul 62 vy- 13h47 7 Oct 66 Kamtological Investigations in Cuba by Antonio Nunez Jimmez., VladUdr F~Mosp A Otakar Stelcl,, pp 1-110.p Investigacionex Cw~sologicas en Cuba., Havana(?).,- Spwdsh f~W/Sci-Publish in,-'S0-4100:Tmj. on Cuba-extra copy aeroxpp of book-do not MtilatAIj, Data and Regulations Pagarding -Investment in Tunisia, 22 pp. FRENCH. bk. Investir en Tunisie. no date. pp. 2_20. JPRS 40513 AF-tudsia E con Mv 67 325.474 Economic Beeis for the Existence and Development of Aluminum Production in Poland, by Stanislaw Kavinski, 13 PP- TMCLASSIFnD POLISH, mo per, lavestycei I Bud ownic tKg":Aol/ 1~111 No 10, Warsaw OFT US JPRS/DC-L-236 HE - Poland Econ - Metallurgy, Alumlnum Production MaY 58 6 yg--; 81,19 Public Cowt-ruction Birteipricie., Its Eole r-ad Palead -p by W. P-4mg., IL pp. PM19H., per., U=mty*j*-4--ftdolimictFit7!?,L Vol Vll~, No 17., Varmau, Nw 1957, PP Us JPRS/Nr-L-531) P0101-2 lcon - Construztion 'tan 59 so no vie Setee (BY-2519). Geographic DIntrIbution of Ind, try In Foland in 194A-1956, by Jan FAntcr, Antmi Kuklimaki.. 8 �F. PC[s=,,. per. ~~Stwc-je- No 7., 1958, PP 5-8/ - * EE - Poland Econ Geog Jun 59 (M-465). Ift ROU. GC OWDUSI COW%VtWtL*n In LOW4MW p3A=lqb %w mAd"Un coboat iftlenty am"t ]a pp. am arlt Vwv 10" VOL vmjp XQ 5p waswo jw~j. Vo M. am mp-N Nam - oomwtswtleo AW 59 loy 1.958ar I Mur -, Polip-nd 7?1 idi2istry of Cmwtructim and Omst=ctlm *taria3A, by JeWay ftlfteld~ (Vk No= Rpt an IM, j 220). M=.# pers ARM-tre" Jai 19580 lip 14;;~* cm/sts am 196x Jaw - Poland FAM oat 58 d 46 Oost Zat-tmtm and MWs In Cm-mmation-0 oy 11.1mmickit a Dye poyll -up &Ar# tycjc I Budcraactuop V61 IME, Fla 7& ftmllavs~ 1958;'PP 19-M. .. .- . im 2331-3 EO= Mt. 59. (,,m6j-a) Ucxw Prab2zw or TocMAcal Progosts In Owstrention, 20 pp a FOL39114p per Emstyajo I budomacimoo ft 8,0 194d, -pp 3S %Vm Maw INIaMA Boon Iftr 59 (2el5-.W) low ftlnalp3m and Omfttia3s in the Opemtim of Oomtrtwdon ana Aaaem*Ll,-f by Zwmm ftq*jdds 19 pp. Fo=j PW-o 1 0 Warams AWPA Iwo, W-134w; , US JM 3239-N POIAW C;F4~ Peb 59 9r/,, 7s - (23--T-ur) Investments in the First Half of 1-958, by Alekeander Smerwentke, 14 pp. POLIWj per, Je i Rudownietwos No 9 LM! ~61 2 ?ar3mv, 19580 PP 1-5- JM 3,344-D Mar - Poland Ecou Mr 59 9,3,1 9L AmUsim of Costs. In BuildirS Singl -.ftally B=anp by Uladya2aw -alwaseks Josef Soaackip 12 pp. POLTORP pera lawasUcJs L Budcwnictim No 12 .... . ........................ 3 206A - cozatrwtioul costs MY 59 K~.I R, E R riev )%ath,;dz of struction and WyuokinsU,, 8 pp. (INY-2578) Closing CaatrEwts for Con- Assembly Works, by'Adam estx2j-----:L JVAM Warsaw, MUSS,, per, law aj~Ko Nov mms, pq 23-M. jm-lm-n Esur - Poland Eam - Cozistruction, construction contracts am ~9 p, ~~W Wrl-rm (wt-wO ftoductiou Coau ln Now Industrial PUnts and in Branches of Induou7m, by Zygmut sprycba,, Ri pp. ro zwootya MudowniEtuo, No las Doe Er,Lu* - FoUnd Rooft - WY 59 J--~o BMW. (NIP-C-603). Achiever_-nta and Ai= of Conatruction Entariprizaa in Iniprovirig Organizmtion and Pimincial Results, 20 pp. MIM, per., lwdestyrr, W=a4'U' 1959 !e-i Budownietwo, No 1, im-1696-is m -Poland Ecoa - Construction, construction enterprises, Orpalzation and finmee Jun 59 (MY-26o6). Tecbaicel Problems in Construction 1959, by Bolealaw Kierski., Jerazy Witkzwki., 22 pp. P(LIW,j perp. InveBtycje I I!Wownictwo, Wwaaw, I~W 19591 pp 17-94. im -1&4 -ju Mhr - P*3 and Boon - Construction, technical prcbleft., zater"a Udex" 47 Avg 5S1 - SETIO. (xr-2813). Advantagee and Problem In Cbwglng to Electric of Diesel Trmtion In I-*olwAp by Edward Debaki., 13 P9- POLIM, per, j:qv"tY'C'3p--1 -Buacmdetwo, so 4, 1959, pp 14-1!L f8" ims-i856-N 57 J; 5"4 3; ZBur - Poland Econ - Trampartation: Electric, Steam and Diesel RR Traction Sep 59 Davelopment ct Investments Since World War 3:1 [Poland]. PMMFL, por, ]"ptycje i BudowniAvo, Uawsaw, Jul-Aua 1959" pp 1-66- ---*-- -- - - - - - VM San 2370 Mur - Poland Econ Oct, 59 7~~? lila7 (MY-3185) - Treads In Homlag Comtrtict.Unk In. 1958, 30 VF- rmmp FW& xmMetwas 3-amomdatwai, Vol U, Ift T-Sp WAUS 1959p PP 17-1-7. JM 2318 X9w m Poland ftm - owo%ruotlm //0, / f 9 jbr 6o MY-3284). Ctmrtructlon Costs Using Traditionaa rf`~Ter, of Concrete and "Sing~-c -Fract ion" Ccracret-,2, by p4 OgU3jpjjS. ,15 PP- POLISII, per, Inwestyqjq_i-BA mictwo, No 7/3, -5~ ' ~ 4qu .Iaxza-w, Tu2./Kdd"f9 , pp 44-48. MMIA) irmis-2167-H Elux - Poland Eco,n - Cow-tructioa (costs) jan 6o ij!Y-3n in po!L-.nd f 03~ the Past 15 ieaa's, j v": J- jcausn pp- -*L B'1110'11~"" c: tv 0N- C) 9S V~V' p OL 1959k PP J'(l 'R Poland fl,con - coraq,:caa-ion pab 60 S:~MLE (Iff-3255). Ccipitm-i Con.,.;imption in the Rroduction of the Food Proce.sx'mG industry, by FAim--d Rybarezyk, !6 pp. v POLISH,, per, inuestyeje i Budownictwo, No q.. ;-Jarsaw, 19591 pp 17.-23'- Mur - Poland Econ - Lt Tndl"stry Feb 60 arm (NY-3466). Problem of !1-4ne 0cwtmtion Vwk In tM -1959-1961%ria, by So Xierlnkl, J. VItkOVDk:I, No ZIOAaMVIO~p 26 pp. ,%-L-aAciadatim., va 1xi, PMM" p=t v"Ova, no 102 wa""J, IMP pp IT-". am ftm - Oomtrwtlou Apr 60 s 0 T.2 I E Soma Actu=cLl Problemo of Inveotment Policiy, by Aleksander Szorwa-atke, 13 PP- %~ POLIS118, per, Inim-styaje i Budoimictwo, Vol IX, No 11, warsa%i,--'-!959, '~b- iL-5. jpRs 26c9 EEur -- Polend Econ -- General may 60 I/M ~ SEV1.11E (N-1-3493). Gcncrnllza~tlon of the Formla for Effectivenese of lmmastm:uxta, by V11. lCalecki, M.. 11i 1:p. POLISH, per.. ~nveatycje i Budo-wnla-twop Vol DI., No U, w=rmv, ins 26og Mar Polarad Econ Gcnoral may 6 0 Invvstmerit Problems as ReDorted by the Supreme Chm!mkier of Control, by St7efaa Palac, 19 pp. PC-,T,:L-,3R., per> jAu -.1-BudON71 &aVc4e A;~'wo, Vol ifo. -U, Wiixsaw, 1959., go 10-16. ins 260,9 Mar - Poland Econ - General E may 60 Ny-.3498). PrLibl;Z:= of the Co"m5traction Dl%tf.'rieas Industry., by Jerzy Bolkowski, 13 PP. POLM, par, DiweatX~jq,j-.BudQ .,Vilatmo, Vol 1;~, No LL, 16-20.- -- - ' JFRS 2r,.109 -PPur Poland Econ Construction 7oT May 60 s KI, I ET 1% 1-71-3490 3). NL-,,- StanC13--ds A-or 110,ming Cow-truction, by Wincenty Grot-Giarps, 0. pp. i Budoiraiq~)~~, Vol IX, per, lnueo~y~A JPRS P609 EEar - Poland Econ - Constructioa Y-,iy 60 ~7f Acquisition of land for National ftnter of Selent2fic Risearch. UmCLMSV yawl., parp Joaml Offj.;;Aqx 40 IAL Hopublic Francuive, 27 Apr 1958,, prand'e. ID 2080751, W aur - frawe Soc Institute or PeyebopbWslologr Sci Rod JuIL 58 -M E Ull iflul illf!"InJI19 h (NY Report on the Work of the CEM Section for Constractim Econcayy 10 pps PaLM.. per, Jwmt No 2.. 1960s pp 10-13. JMS 5726 Exur - Polana Bem Oct 60 (NY -4245) The Management of the Wage Amd in construction Enterprises in 1960V by W. eQlesZa. 12 pp. FOL-WR., per., luvestycje i Budownictwo;-Vol X# No 3j, 1960j, Pp'5-9. im 5boo jggur - Poland Rcon Nov 60 Off-4245) Statistical Research in Investments and Construction In 1960,, by Jan Kjoxizwkl,, 5 pp. PO=H., per, Invqatyqjq-j,B.udcwnIctw.o, Vol X, No 3y 1960, pp 20-M. MS 5800 Mur - Poland Soon 1(ov 60 (DY-4309) construation Pricea After Mrmgae In Supply Pricea and Trawportatlan, Hates, by Jan Kmzlm:lerazaXj 6 Vp. Pori=,, M.. Irmatmde I BUICAmictwo, Vol X, so 41 19W3 PP 9-11. ms 7o96 JMw - Poland Zoon Dec 60 (BY-430---,) Tgo Flo=iug ftoduction Pros-ram for ig6o-io,65, by FOLISSO peTs lumartyoja I DAcvuictvo) Vol Xp no 4.ft 1960p pp-Tg--W.- JMS 7096 Is= - Poland Beau / Doe 60 (BY-4400) Labor rrOuctivity in Constriction and Mssibility of Xup"wing Itp by WitOM stsuiszUs,s 17 Do, Pmmffl~' W# in"styaje i Buamnietwqp VO& X3 no 5s *1960., pp U-204 JM 7163 neon Dec 60 (BY-4400) The Ccmt of a Wulti-Panel WIldirAgj by 9 pp. Fmam) par) IMmstyaje i Bpaqvulatwo. Vol X, so 33, 1960 04 JM 7663 ftw Poland Ikou Dee 60 * Tg--"923'1 (L Of UW BaSJAI Of the UPPer D,ortaJec Rivvrj by Stafau BlazymkiL 10 PP~ PMXM,, per, Dwastyaje i SU4_qR&;tw*,# V01 X; ijo 6, 1960, *Mr-4"5;T.- JM 7669 E-Eur - Poland Leon r*b 61 (NY-5292) CouffUlmUou aW IuvWmnt Im AaLculturep by 74&lalw Wltoboklp 24 pp,, VWP Zan" -P 30- Vol XP RO 0 19W# VP 35-W.- JM 71W5 Noon 141~2j -~41)1 Iftr 61 (NY-5861) Norms for Investment CaustruotIm Cyales., by JWlus z KollplueM j, 23 pp. PMM,, per, Ininstyaje I Hadownictwop Vol X, No 9, 196D., pp -1-5 JTVIP. 92h2 laur - polold /5 /-j 04, soon aw 61 (NI-5861) ChaMes Made by the Wv Conatruation Levj,', by Gustav Szpddewlaxp 9 pp. PMMMO per., Inkmetyaj% I Bodownictwoil Vol xj, NO 93, 1960J. pp 9-138 am Raw - POIWA /SXI Rem *w 61 Uti-lizatican of Work I-Sime In Conctruction, by Witold Bii~lasik, 19 pp. POLMSE, per, Immatyaje i Budowiietwo Vol X, No 9P 1960, iP-IW--3T.-- am gile BB'ur - Po.Und Econ 7 7 may 61 (BY-5420) ~ The Wmk Prwm of the Comitteto for Camtruction, Clty PlawAngi, and Arabitecture,, by SWan. Pletrunievtox,, 22 pp. POUSA, vivo l~!ts-VCAW A IsAmau"lo'? Vol Xt so 10, low, pp 1-0. PM 780 99 Boom '7 par 6x (M-5420) The Trana Tward Adjmtwn~, of Pricez c-= Acco=tiag In Cangtructlang by MakeyaLlian Fazaalcid.1 14 pp. POWIff, part No LG$ 19600 PP 0-13. JPM 7894 gy soon mar 61 Uu-58W, Course of the Investment Revision Program, by Jarzy B06'" Z' 10 pp. VOLISH, per, IuveotycJe i Budownictwo, Vol X. No 11, 2.960; pp 1-4. JERS 91h,7 Ezur - polaud Boon ifty 61 Plan for New Depreointion Ratems by Stanislaw Kr2esaj, 22 pp. POLISH.. per, Immstycje I BudamicWo, Vol X, No ll" I pp JM 9147 E3= - FolAnd tuy 61 (WY-566o) The Development of Mechanization in Construction in 1950-1959,, bY Zb19UIev 30guslawski, 18 pp. FOLISRj, Budownictwo, Vol X, No u, ig6o,, pp 17-a. JPRS 9147 Esur - Poland Boon may U U:-i -5d6o) Trial Establishment of "Construction Parity" of Zloty to American Dollar$ by Hearyk Rmjduk, 15 pp. POMR, per, Immetyaje i Vol X., so 11~ 1960s-w-2r--z7-- JIRS 9147 EEuw - Paund soon n- J%y 61 (IDC-5T86) Tasks of the Construction Lulustry,, by Hichal Zubelwleas U pp. POLIM.- per, bwatt-x0e I DWIDWuletwo, Vol X.. No 12p 'W# " JMB 8716 ESur - Pol and / ~ ~5- 2 915Y Boon Aug 61 3frects- of the New AmorUsaiAm Rates fcw Constructim Equlpmm*s by Iftrian Meviecklp 18 pp. Por,xeg,, or, I Boumlowas Vol xZ3, NO 1, Zan 6r# A IdJ jpfS 5-q Jun 61 Bank Ccmft~ol of Wage Fund In a Cm;tructica Etterge-se, by lealem N.Artan., 3.5 yp. nIZ&VI, pw mpostyajo.1 NKIOMA~of Val X:Es IOD is Jan wvj, -, il6rWirf py - ji:vgso- - - I JPFJ3 9347 6X&4% - A h " d I . F, C- 0'& Jun , / Aj- -~-v (~ Ln7 tz by Eenryk PoLus-H, perp mestyc q , adaimiclaig, Vol- ..Io 2, J-01; Pp P JIM 6657 (!o-vist-niction Work in the Proa(mdIues a-ad znVion of th4~ Fo13,,,Ah of SaicacaF,.. 6 p-D. Vol XI, 1961, pp 25-28. JMS 8657 C7' .3" 64 6). NIA, Invostmant Probasm of the Five-Year Flom., by KozUdem aftowk1j. 8 pp. POLIMP ver, Uwgostyclo I b9ondab"s Vol XI.. 170 3, Dbr 61.. jod4w,wl JM 9305 ERur - Ram /sk, -6-9 7 J~m 61 C,Se - 6~204-AI14 Achiewmats and Goals In r9V&StWnt ReviBiOnSp by Marian Surbuicki, 11 pp. P=SH,p _verj.,-Iav*e%ye6* I-Waindetwo,, Vol XI.. N - Iftr 61 o 3. . vp 9-12. fAlolf4 J7M SG05 EL%lr - ?AM // Y6,- 5-~~,q am 61 v (b-r-6"0) Chwacteristics of Fiwd Assata on the B"i of Remilts of Ganeral Invautory,, by Staidalm Rog, .14 PP. POLYMP POMP imastacie I ftuvaietwo, Waraw.. 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