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December 31, 1972
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(DC-3000) $tat,= and Problaw of Schoolo With Fnwtical ri-vainfa-z. HLballe Ekstle.. 53 ip- CROATIM,,-Lier PE2q!ggAvnc~3tl No 7-6., 1961j, pp 507-51f0-. im lp)v~ Mm- - Yu~wlavia ;30c 31~14 mar 6a (Illy-64111-0) Himmirbe Labor Productivity in muVprien Mftftstry, by Mirs Pejnmda' () pp. M RUMAMAN, per, Arw4i'mat, Vol ms no 91 JPf* 1341 MbIr . nmmpwy /',?/, / Sam Apr 62 (DC-3000) ADULT EDUCAT I ON -- BAS I C PROBLEMS MZD POSSIBILMES FMTHEIR SOLUTION, BY DRAG0I,',IR FILIPOVIC., 33 PP- CRDATIANJ, PER, PRODUKTIVNOST, 140 10, 1'-'61, pp 669-674. JPRS 12622 EEUR - YUGOSLAVIA S 0 oc MAR 62 133,302 THE SCHOOL CENTERS IN THE SYSTEM OF TRAINING PIZOFESS1014AL PERSONNEL, BY RATKO JOVICIC, 2" PP. CROATINN PER) PRODUKTIVNOST, NP 10, 1961, PP 675-6w. JPRS 12622 EEUR - YUGOSLAVIA so, I,'.AR 62 1-63,303 Ircirk, Froduativity In the YU_aps3-av ljoal in 1960, by ViUbmdr 32 P9- G-RCATIAS, per, Produktlvnqot,.,-Vcl Ill.: Bla 11, 1.961, W -112-719. JPFS e1 U004 Apr 62 Vb(rn*lc-wql E&mmtim and U" Of the mov About Admwd Schcols,, bw Wao=Lr FLUpowlep 39 pp. MW2W# PWO P=dUkUVnWtS IID 22# 1961S VP 609~.m. JPM 13"B 71 MW 62 Ut HoU of t1w Prodwor in Mwbantrise Admlnlfjtratdoup by Vlt4s rdmulas, 4T pp. CROATWO pow# tv jb tip i962j, pp 30T-3740 am IAIW A14WJr " SUIPUMAMM16M NOT 62 & I q, -a 5 .3 X DEVELOPMENT OF GENERAL AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES FRO14 1957 TO ig6o WITH REGARD TO PROEXJCTIVITYp ECONOMY AND PROFITABILITY OF OPERATIONS, BY DUSANKA MRKIc, 47 PP- CROATIAN.. PER, PRODW91YHQW, VOL, IV, NO 10, OCT 1962, PP 5b3-590- JPRS i7o4-i EEUR - POLAND ECON JAN 63 219,141 AGRICULTURAL ELECTRIFICATION AND I-ABOR PRODUCTIVITY, BY VLADIMIR ZLOKOVIC, 12 PP. CROATIAN, PERO PRODUKTIVNOSTp VOL IV, NO llp 1962,, PP 679-684'. -' - --- ---- JPRS 18222 EEUR - YUGO ECON , MAR 63 225..484 S(XIE PRXELGIS IN PERSMNEL POLICY AND TRAINING IN ECO1,0141C ORGMIZATIONS, BY DRAGOMIR FILIPOVIC, 32 PP. CROATIAN.? PERr. PRODUKTIVNOST, VOL IV) 1.10 12, 1 1~162, PP 03-6 12. JPRS 1070" EJ7LjF,!_YUC;OSLAV I A Fr()Iq, APR ITS Al ID LADOR P.,'~)DUZ~T I V) TY, ~-Y i'l PP. ):XA(.-'m'WAT1AHj PER, PRODUKTIVIDST, W 1, 1~-)3, jpr,)s I'D)~jD A) 50"., ASPECTS OF SOCIALIST ~7ARI-,, E,,'lPA:.,Siu.! V11-11 Ulkib PUR,~'--IASESI E.Y lqc)vlcA illill-k-i 14EU&IIJA JEVE)J,3VICj, 26 PP. PER) PRC)DUKTIVID'ST VOL V kc) pp jPRS 21307, Statutes of Work Organizationji, by Rajko Gligorevic, 28 pp. SERBOCROATLAN per, Produktivnos4 Vol V, No 11, 1963, pp $29-840. ' JPRS 23907 EE-Yugoolavia Econ Max 64 252,624 IntebWation in the Yugoslav Coal Industry, by Oskar Hibner, 17 pp. SCROATLkN. per, Prq4~"ost, No 11, 1963, pp 856-862. - SPELS 23871 HE--YUg)DfiIaViR Hcon Moir 64 253,094 The Development of the Peasant Working Cooperatives SRZIS, by Novica bffltic, Melan[ja Jevdjovic, 16 pp. SEILBOCROATIAN, per, Produlctivnosti, Vol V. No 12, 1963, pp 927-933. JPRS 23783 EE-Yugoolavia Econ Mar 64 252,246 Intwisification of Agricultural Production on Land of Indivxidual Producers, by MeIAWja Jevdjovir, 16 pp. CROATUN, per,-RrodukLtypost, Vol Vis No .1 1964, pp 179-184. -- JWA 24736 EE-Yugoslavia Ecoll Jun 64 260,193 The State and Prospecta of the Yugoslav Motor Vehicle Industry, byMilorad Yuko,ric, 36 pp. SERBIAN W Produktivnost, No 5, 1964, pp 315-325. JPRS 256H ' - HE-Y~igoslavia Econ Aug 64. 2640359 27he Development Necessary in Transportation and the Automotive Industry in Yugoslavia Between 1964 amd 12970, by Predrag RadivoJevic, Ivan Vukovic, 47 pp. SERBIAN per Produktinvost, No 5, 1964, pp 336-W8. JPRS 25685 EE--Yugloskvia Econ Aug 64 264,360 A Study of the Business Success of Eight Socialist Farms in the 1956-1961 Period, by Jaroalav Sevarlic, Svetomir Otasevic, 40 pp. SERBIAN, per, Produktixvnost pp 479-494. No 7, 1964, JTPRS 26545 EE-Yugo Econ Nov 64 2681,844 Training Workers for Economic and Social Functions, by Dragomir Filipovic, 29 pp. SERIOAN, per, Prod No 7, 1964, pp 51.7-525. -, JPRS 26570 EE-Iillugoslavia Ecoft c Nov 4P 268,301 The Distribution of the Gross Income of Economic Organizations, by Omer Muhio, 33 pp. SERBO-CROATIAN, per, Produktivriost, No 10, Oct 1964, pp 669-672. JPRS 28411 EE-Yugoslavia Ecoi.*L Feb 65 273,884 PtwporL om Shurter Woel: Week, by Risto 10 pp. CJRMTMW,, per, Frodulftivnost, Val VI', i1o 11, Mw 6k., PP 733-T3M JPHS 213450 me-Yugoslavis. Eco Iftr 65 275,491 Production and Market Txvnds of Copper, by Jovm Vucinic., 1i pp SHWWW per, P%,qdWctivqcw3t. No 12, D(m 194, PR 33 "--' 35 - - ' JPFS "13 ls*Yur'Osl&A& scan Mar 65 276,434 Production of Polar-i,-ed Protons, by F. A. Luccio, C. Succi. ITALIAN, ppper, La Produzione cli Frotoni Polari--.zati, RIA No CIII-35- *AEC Sci - Phys, Chen Nov 61 Investigations in the Strait of Dover in Connection With the Conditions at the Netherlands Coast, by Joh vaxi veen. DUTCH, p bk.. P-roefondervandel-ijke Wijsbegeerte ti Rotterdam, Series 2: Meventh Book, 1936. Stuidy of' the Heat Removal Froz.a Fuel Element of a M11--lear Reactor of the Boiling Water Type, by Johaaaes Asijee, 63 PP- Vil DVVCH, bk, Prmven Dimr de eels Splijtstafelement uit Het,Kokand Water TyW. Sel - Nue Phya sep 6o r"% Warmte-Afvoxqr van een 'KerareacTor van ABC Tr-4011 7,0-f (DUD 26B~rq) lilm Profl-U of the Poltsl-~, After' Um Warp by C. rW&Ilat 252 pp. woul mographo D" W&LI der rimagma glen CIA/~MD U-e32-1 Ph-ou - CbWf--n't I-A- try out k 56 by cav"i.do Roll, 12 MLI&IT, W--., 1'"', 133 ID 2159;6 SeA - Jftd rei) 61 Arab RefoMear A From lersel, 6 pps UlcMarr ITAMM, rptq I Profusu Arabi,. 15 May 2,959, Incl to SOT lo -5 1, U3 WA , 'Rome - N,Lvy/OIU 5074519 IMIA - xBreal POI sot sop 59 ~? J~, ? 37 ,v Pror,,Irnn oT I,-AA.v.,mx-y i'vaining for Scccnilaz~y 3E, )SA.'em"'L Trito Of xdu-cai*ob-u-.- Tt-&t4~' i-T-c7SO'" ~', Publintaing Retabliabmato,, Waramij, 1955, PP 1-56. ACSI H-0454 Soo Pr,opw for Training of Obsermir Plane Officer Pil*ts, 7 Vp. (ID 12SM5) NOMMUMp bkjp Prqp*u for UtdWmralmm xv f2y AC13 I G-VA6 saftir - morwsw Unitary Fab 56 CU/M IZ9, 31J.0 Ir Goal of Highway Transport. PORTUGUESE, bk, Programs de Me'L-.,:)s, Rio de Janeiro, 1958, pp 165-19o. - *ACSI H-5794 4 8 - 7,;~-'-- - Wxv-- - -P~~ I Econ Apr 6o (r'DD 253r- ) '8 Prog= oC the Brazilian CommumLot Party, 28 pp. FuU translation. d j bkt Profam- do Partido Comunistado Broall, Bresili. N6W7954. -------- IA - Brazil CL%/FM/U-728k JAI 09F Political CM 72/Sep 55 OTR 266 Progiam of the Cumnunist Party of Chile. SPAIIISH, bk, PrOj7xama del Partido de Chile, Santiago, -- 31/10/57 ~Lrmo 26(x-'16) 30cInUct Frogram Adopted by the Soe,-=d Hatiowl, Conlaves of the SocUllst PeopUls Party (Cuba) 18 Im - SPJUITBB,v jouitostats, ProRrsm Sol:14lataft A42Rtado 129: nA-vgqb3 V-Prior to XV .1945., ,W Rmal Cuba,, pp P.93-310. cL4/m)/u-7h58 UWLT - CUba P03. - Pufty Ponclas 0 " & j PrctL~rw.i to Contact Voters in ILTeir Koies on 1.) -') Scl.;Gember in the Eveniii6 arid to Get- Iihom to lote ol*- Election Day. SPItI11,13h, document, Frogr=gi pax-c- E-stablecer Corltacto5 coil los vot.31AC!'-..., p C. *iPRS/sPE c ij,,L/ i,-y Pol J" ~ov '- C' --' Lit) I C C, 1. U Of ViSit of the DC~'. PelcFation to the Progravam ~lc,,; Aufeiithaj-t~dcr~ Delemtion de-s D(7B in de-r UdSSR, rT, I-Z. DC- 128 20 J-1044/(,7 314,7S1 ccoint mmdmius ar r4laers anci Imito or vbtc-rLze Mne lbglm*rAos 2=k biglmmts., 8900"Imisamnom MAU od 220WA 14 pp. mmol, vto pxopwn Itw "a QMN94~~ ~- bi24UU6 dkW SbAdWi-m-A-MORiFail-kin der WE v A= 1-406 ID 91"IT ULM ommmw Ila API? 4 P4w 62 jo Yt4,r-- ,"I) oviclitam ill I lydrugen, 4y C. Fax two t. DROAAN" 1-0, i1 f) I lei Re I ~ALXUO C!c ;a0allow"i di FammDowiam In lqrmeft.), Jim ItKI-1. mall, and Fast B--eedu.-,, 'Reactor Power 1-1tations Economy-supply Pfc) "-!Lill -P -'at. onilzl ~~v J). An,,,irio-~ j. Gaussens, 'e FliENC'11, --pt Pro&numaede C ta Reacteui*s _ ~ _R ~,,_ The-nO.,wes et i Breeders a j us- e ~_u .. I_p 60 3~ ~Utol- :Ipt JLAg4~j~ , 5, 7 OL 4 XAS for A'7~-C 25 Oct 1 0 General Program of the Training Plan -- First Course. SPANISH, doc, Prdgxama General del Plan de Formacion -- Primer Curso, 5 pp. JPRS CSO: DC-15204 J-2109/67 LA - Dominican Rep Soc Jun 67 326)150 Rewarch Rmgmj of the. Fuel CalLo G--tAip,, 5 Pp - FMK:tt.. rpto do Reebar:bas du Ovoupe pil" a CR "ffm -mm;--7:,Zdv- 196lip 'EI -,bp. A= 1-1162-D ID 21(,Kgft S(d - Phya 14 iamjr- 6e vc.-tra.l., ouscTintichi and Practical i-~ "hilies Corm(licatwto et al. 1:1111;i0ij, TI,A, Proprumm ',,,'ioi)o: Dascripticni e t utilisatioll Pratigueo ;"Ul(: MIr tr 1378 Scibliuclear 64ci Uct 66 UAL -i'l-Li C,' i-L~~.~G,A, I-lit, AnAlodc' dal Choix des Vfuctutim-~' ot tie's *,'u;.L; ul,14L-tr-1471 Litilcoat j Cal 'rci 66 Pi '! ....... . par, Progras _4,ykco!Q fit qrs, I-P m,-JV79, pp -435-4-13. ..... .... .. 70-214;?9 IlabZ 491D P497-bC2 ?0-204;13 14b3.,V91 P413-422 70-205'17 OEM lim Im R-5328-L) New Results of the Investigations Regarding the F)mctim of the Blood Proteins During Illness and Health, by H. Bennhold. SPANISH, per, Progress de Patologica de la Clinica, Vol X, 1963, pp 351-366. *,JPRS/USDA Ici May 6 5 Fibrinog4niamia. and the Lytic Activity of Plasma for the Fibrinogen and for the Fibrin in Hodgkin's Disease, by 0. Zardi. FR9NCHO per, ProEr Had Vol Xp 19S4, pp 294-297, HEII NIH No 3- Sci. - B/U May 66 301,335 Looper, M. TWO T'OXINS IN IMIR RELA'1710N TO LIFE INSURANCE. [1962112p. Ord" from K -H $1 00 K-14 10085-a TYans. of lo JfroiVes M641cal (France) 1959. v. 21, 11 Oct, p. 380-384. DESCRIPTORS: Voisons, *Mealth Insurance. 62-17489 1. Loeper. 10- 11. K-H-10085-, M. Kresge-Hooker Science Library Associates, Detroit, Mich. (Social Sciences. Tr. Y. & no. 8) Tr - 64 - 106M Loeper, M. T~~Q TONINS IN TtihiU id~l-,ITION To 1AFF M- INSURANCE. 11 9d4 i 13p, Order from SLA 11 .60 t14 - I TrHna. of lc F~rcg7rH I!,rance) lv5O no. 21, r: 3SO-38ii. .,nother trrmc. Ja 3v&I!:!bJ,: Mom K-11 VSAY~ rc K-H-10(W-, [1901, (Social Sciences. TT, Y. 11. tbo. 12) 14'W, i DOC717KINAL AND PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF 'I'M 1. Cas,.Ili, P. MODERN CONCETT OF IN171-ANINIATION. 119021 10P. Ordcr from Sl-', .51. 10 62 - 14() 81 Trans. of il Progresso Nivdico (Italy 19W, v. 1b, n,). 9, p. -105-274. DI-SCRIITORS: "Inflammation. Reaction, (Psycholop), (Biology), Leuk~vtcs. Piia&~ytosis, *Injuries, *InfL'(-tiOjjS, PaL~obgy. I Sci ~.-ncvs - -Pathology, T-17. v. ~,, n,. 5~ N,1 1)(JI It'll I L~ MYS101,06iCAL AM) PAMOI-OGICAL 1-i-FEC!" A. H4f,") Op Ordc.~ fi,xu K-11 S7.--3 K-11 11279-a rrans. of i1 Protre,so Madico (Italy) 1960, .,. 16. no. 21, p. 7,A-73r.,. DL1A-':Rj1y1"oR.q: 4-1~4ncAes, Mysiology, Patholej,,y. 1. N.y~,i A. H . K-11-11-4-:: 111. Librai, AsIOIAG[el. Dezroii. Nh,~!i. (biolo,~,tM S~izicus-Pathoh,.y. TT, v. 8, no. 4) Off- f 1.0'.k.1 Comola, G. SIGNIFICANCE OF THL LEUCINE-AMINO-PEPTIDA - SE (LAP) IN DIFFEREN-171ALDLAGNOSIS OFJ.4kLTNDI- CE. 14p. EXIF-%'D I(" R. Order from 017S or HTC $1.60 7T-63-26247 Trans. of 1):Wes%LMed1co (Italy) 1961, v. 17. no, 3. p. 86-Q2. DESCRIPTORS: *Pathology. Enzymes. *Serum albu- min, Pancrens. *Neoplasms. Diagnosis. (Biological SLiences- -Pathology, TT, v. 12, no. 5) TT- 63-26247 1. Comola. G. It. X'D 1061 R Ill. Excerpta M,~dica Foundmi,m. \m.,'ter,hw (NetherhindO 6~ C~ -.,T ------T --------------T--- ------------------------------------------ - - - - - - - ----- - --- -- r11 1 I - ------- - ---- Soi-.ie Considerations on the ~Sif;nificajice of Intraosseous Pressure, b.y S. Condorelli, et al. ITALIAN, per, Progr Med ~N poli) Vol 19, 1963, pp 243-245. NIH 6-45-65(On Loan) Sci/B&,'.l Jul 65 283,677 Propose in Planning ard Organizing 149t2iods In Wwstiie Air Transporto by Nguyen-Dinh-Lans FMICHO 9tems do la PIAUAQq!&i*n St des Nothades d'Ormanization 'nMBIgglet IntgEMMO 1962. ArMr Tqpogft#de Comud UN Conference Document# 1962 Far FAst Edon Feb 69 37'3&710 Biological Control, FREIICH.. per, T..-- Progres Scientificue, undated, PP 103-128. PZSI J-4345 F=- W--23-103-W Sci-B&M Noy 03 366,191 A ~ TA'-,j7, ~; r-, I ~ - --, --nt- li-A ;Lh ,innova-tion-a In 3'LtctrvtccbiAcop 12 pp" (ID 1296124). FRM5j. pamphlotp 1* Progroo Technique et Scientiflqual, Sep 19"o ACSI,p H-1559 lkm Aug 58t -7 6 Relatiorr-hips Betvean L:impho&iarzima and Uyaphatic Leuktrds~, by Gicv=,mi dis Gu6lialmo, 11 P. IMMATI, par# 11 Progresso Hadico, 1953, Vol Ix, Vo 16, pp 489-49h. SLA 59-17042 801 E*c 59 17/,0 Vol 2p No 6 Dill Concernin,,-, the Peacef,,,-2- `17ses of 7 At-o--,,,ic Eneri,., and t"ne Protection Ajainst" Radiations, 1TjAL 7jo.7, mt, ProLetto d-i LeeSe Federalle Ellevtica I - - - Relativo All' Utlli`;~azione Facif'Lea Dell 'EnerL-.-ia J'Itomi ed 'Llip, Protezione Dalle Radionioni, Mar !Q160. 23 pp. AEC CIT Tr-4 jan 62 FrC~, C',, -1 ~ 11. t j e I)e S 4 0-10 Ataldc Since to i ITAL-L'OT, rpt, Progretto di LegCe Francese Relati-,.,o a! Piazio per lo Svilizppo Dell'Energia Atmica pcr Gli Aluii Dal 1~;57 to 1961. Mar 1,960. AEC CN Tr-11, jan 62 SwedJAh BW- on the CIvU RespousIbility in the Field of Nwlear Nmrgy, Bgp Prootto di TAgge &rodese S~Ua FAepmab , liai r,,*, 19599 sai Aug Q List 55 Oct -7~ 7 Ik- 1, 1 7L A. jttob-ro i!- AEC. t' 23~ - ~'59:, 00, t)2, 5 5, (i,a-6430) Lubor ftoductivIty In Toba=o Proftetion, Inr DWItur Ikskow, 7 pp. BOWAVAN, perp Pl%Axvp4Lt*UioatL&-ft Tmft ft 12, 1S61, JM 13W,; Liar - Balounis 7'71 fton Apr 62 Lc'- ill Platc:7,, Froizvutst,.,cnn)-..,c i% 0 1*1 7~Y ':',a st,-, en I.- I Na 22- FSTC-I IT-23-27-67 Project "Agard" on the DetaUtd Measurement of IMA at NJ#x AltJLtuftv PIW*dnsry - Ucos oil the VatlkMe or gLaboration Amod - up b sommio- Xvis -PXL,.Aont 204: Sur la lbs Vknt on Altlt3m, N a IAMA - - I vab"Abomtlm iii - -P_qmn.^~a - iv" E nwmft"raAlq*Wwkq*vft- IR~wnrwm-t., Emm w o sdrboUitm Pmject of Rk:dYo*Zsci!wlc Cbeematims on at vomottric Ternmtrial OA~it,, by D. Varloot, J. Arnou&L 98 pp. FOR OFZraAL WE CNLY MR INNIVAL W, R WITHM 2UE WA)MMY OF LUMSE WLY. =S DOCMENT XS XCr IWLWASAUZE ZO LUIWNSE JXMLWTATla7 Cg'N2VP* PM07, llt.0 Em&t dg latelUto Wobservatims R44getearkme eur Oitfte Tormatre Exwnffaue Z96Y,- pp 140. ATRIP.TD,&C-2S-450-89 3ept 70 -477 -'~' TJA --lo T lR f - ~Ixue---pt fr(zn CEA Monthly Report, nlEliCll rpt, Project Rapsodie. Oi-anisation Geni2rale, .1 1 43 PP. *JPRS for ,'iFC Sci - - 14 Feb 6-1 .:.:,-.vparatAoa of Uraniun Sesquicarbids and urauium r~~aaxhlds, by A. Ar-cary,, J. Trouve.. 26 pp. :--M=J, rpts Project.Report ul rm (?42., Dec i960. 11-093449 ABC Tr-5W '3 cl - Ca2m ~,,V 62 1,961 -7-1 ~ (rm .;gigg) Pro,jeated Statutes of the PartuVae Commist Party~ 19 Pp - Famoms, bmwblets jftj!qj& Jjg do I XkW Wrbs, BY V12. CIAInD u-9o36 Imr. - Portuol pal eat Project: Magnetohydrodynamic NMD Impact Flow Tubet. Report L Introduction of the Project; Problem Proposal for the Investigation, by R. Radebold, 15 pp. GERMANE xpr, Projeki: MHD-mStaustrahlrohro Bericht 1: Hinfuhrung in das Projela, Fruagestellung der Untersuchung; 13 May 1963o 9225092 AF,C-ANL-Tr-38 Sci-Phys Nov- 64 2158,736 A Project of Basic Permbilum Network In Poland,. by tTemy Bolem.. Jerzy Niewlemwokie POLY.8% bk,. P,-mjekt Podstawmj Slevi WahwUovej v polsee. I " I....", . . . - - . I I ACIC SCL - RMAT nov 6,3 -1 'e'll, 53 7 I"Plto cf.lz, Liar iblti Mar 46 Luxembourg Utidget for 1963, 24 pp. GEMAN, rpt, Pr.9jet d,e Loi, Doe 1962, Encl to R-2SS-62. USAMIA, Brussel:%. ID 2226456 Rur--Luxerbirurg Econ Mar 63 225,440 Keller, R. PROJEar I-OR A SOURCE OF POLARIZFD IONS, tr by Mrs. Aubrey Kempner. 19 ]an 60 [40ip. (174 equa lions 2:3 ligH. omitted). CERN 57-30. 0;-d,!r from OTS or SLA $3.60 62-25265 Trans. o' mono. Pro)er d'Unr Source d'lons Polarlsk Geneva, 1957. DESCRIPMRS: Ilona, *Polarization. *]on sources. Magnetic Heparation. Lenses, Particle trajectories. Amplitude modflation.. Oscillation, Cyclotrons, Atorna, Ionization, Linear 'Potich. accelerators. Contentu: The principle of magnetic separation 'Me adiubmic lens Calculatioti of the Lra)ectories (Nuclear Physics- -Instruments, 17. V, 8, no. 62- 25265 1. Keller. R. It. CERN-57-30 111. Furopean Organization for Nuclear Research IV. 60-15553, cancelled 6-20-62 Offi,. f T-h.i-I S-i- ta 1 July 1: f 1 1 ':m fl '1~ !;I S-i- C C) C --~Z) Industry in the Peop~e's Republic of Bulgaria -- Statistical Handbook, - - J%ble of eel"%ente BRA -Ifi4rod~A~ tierr-t- BULGARIM, bk, Promishlenost na Narodna Republika__ Bulgariya, pp S aw ZSur - Bulgaria Econ 24/11/5 8 (2072-N) Tnebmtry in the Ptop_U$a PAvA3.1.o of Bulgwria Cot-e;ii-atA=l Ilpadbook 38 pp i~~Jl 13MO NEW - Wauu soon mar 59 1, "oters (HY-2547) GOActed Statistical Tables on Sulgrpwinn agd pmer" 11 pp. BVI"UA-aj, )~mudbookjp h;Loaravt va ~6Lo ~n A n I -OIrre JPF8 IJ522-B smur - World Boon - rm2s and Power .ftn 59 1-mirmatISLtions on the Deep Dmviag of Almln= and Its A3a*yos by 1. A. Aalz,, i% pp. LID," P03~,P Pr-atummurboo 19~11* zmrubp (Rio): , ~ -1. - 11--- M3/TD cv~ o 0 47 13 1 km SaleatIfIc - Min/mOOLO Dec 1954 CTS React:Um of Rape-Soed OU with Sulphur# by Jo ZaAc & Oo Kopeckas C&Cliv part Pr Potmvin Vol 15o 19641 PP 395~-3960 *CFSTI TT 68-50075 soihiqpi may 68 ~: I I - Ill 'i 1 11 Potential Utilization of Rape Oil Fatty Acids for TecluAcal Uge, by V, Jwiclke CaXlig per# PrOuTel-Potravin Vol 13, 1964t pp 403-W4,, *cis-rl TT 6B-5oo?4 sci/Aipri HAY &9 F~OOVMSW:64 of Tat&:U~avlaa- SrA namocrataic gagim-ag" by Joso Dais oardL2-lo Courclarso, 13. pp. JAI :~r qmw~a PP im L-2676-D WorldWids Fol may 59 'rrDaUiont of 'Nautrou lPrqj-.q;7Atiian by the A"'O 1114DOXY (AajUja 1'1-0j~=UA, by JaalUUS WdSbOi!~, Ot Zll rpt, A Ollakiltioll des iloutrans Tvaitce Par In lhooric do VaAcs 11mgraraw ;ialzk~a. Sci/Nuclamr Sci Oct 66 propeller Theory - Problems in IjydrodYTk9AdCS, by W. 11. Isay, 331 pp. QRAkli, rpt0 Pmeller Theorie - J~Xdro4aauische Probleme, 1964. Ompt of NaVy Tr No 3"BWdNI .2304 9ti - Mach, Industrial. Civi.1 & Marine Engr Rar 67 320x512 Jound,-a-y (;ondition on Wing Profile, by W. H. Isay GERMI!, mono, EM121lertheorie, Itrdrodynamische Probleme, 1964, PP 187-196 NTC 71-15314-01A mar 72 T"ic, Work m' the ParmsitoloW Laboratories of the Dictrict Stations in Czeichoslauakiaj by Otto Rrovac,j 8 pp. GNIMUs- a-D perp n2pMlaxep Vol up No 8,, Berlin, Air, 1955v pp 49-=7.-- CIA/FDJ)/][ U-7524 EII~w - Cwchoslommkla Sci - medicine'O apIdemablow CTS Nov 55 Copyright 1",%; A%!) CA Rl)l()I'A-I'l Ili: 5: 0 CIGARE11-ri, ',N. V':,i~NING T om:;~S. fiqml 1p. Jer from K -11 St. 2,S K-11 jsSI-a rrans. of 1.1 n-0,hylaxle 954. v. 26, n6. 1: li: 2. Smok,'-Tomc :,ects 3. 1 unz- -NcLl lasnis 4. 11-M-P.11110100 1. K-H-,"'SS I - a H. Krc~g,--lixkcr Lun.ir,. 0--troit, Mich. 1 3 ~, s c, ,, Wfc. f T-1-1,0 S-i... vr. s. no. io)