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December 31, 1972
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A%W.AVUUlL#M8 Imrs 1963 pp 552-561. Jig 23865 EE-Rumania Econ Mar 64 253,072 Highway,, Sea., and Air Transport During the First 'ears of the Six-Year P314n, 17 Mihai Ba3s, scu, T .Upp. RUWTIAN, per, R-vista- ;porturilor, No 1, 1964., pp 1-6. .YpRs 23824 BE-Rumanis. 'Econ mar 64 253,, o48 Contributions of the Transport and Teler-ommunica- tions Research Institute to Highway Research, by Radu Manolescu, 10 pp. RUMANMN,, per, Revista Transporturrilor, No 2, 1964, pp 49-57. JPRS 24677 HE--RumAnia Room May 64 259,567 A Type of Quay Made of Prefabricated Concroto Rocks Used in the Construction of Maritime Wharfs in Basins With Depths . of 10 Motors, by Horia Varlam, 6 pp~. A~Am,,",-44IMMIAN. per, Revista Traiasgorturilor, No 2, 1%4,, pp, I M-. 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SIA Tr 2062 Sci - chrnm 3, jul 57 on Intorambinatiou Dy"tra of Cmilax Ions of the TmomWon MetWas, by H. Hutmomp R. Lo 9chlafer,, 8 pp. _XR=s.t qw, fte Mew ads, vbl %Mrs. 39p6,p pp 640-6". QrA/M XX-185 wr VAINUM TO - NNIM11 lw2ow" Ctowl, pas umm VON" un a= A Bathyscapit Dive, by .1cui Furncstin. FRL:.IJQI, per, Rev "' Trav Inst Peches '.Iarit, Vol )L4 XIX, No 4. 1955. FOL Sci Jan 64 Audaul-n, J. 1962 P"am (C"Ilt-SPOR M MAM!& (Linne)) of the Then pond doe 1~0t: (La dawra 110tang do Thau (C a (Linne)) Revue dQts Trevaux de It Institut des N=8M411.w1-Ftt1%;x , Var. , ?&(1)3 105-126. In French. TrarLsI. by Tunisian Public Relations Agency for BCF, may 197L1. 44~p. , typescript. Avall. on Loan - BCF, Wash., D.C. e,r-S 7 1 - -1-7-,. -70 -S-,?j;Z Original Article Checked.99 "tX=tIaG UJV ',- EM-tZiLlm- ,r -t~ ULA_ 1e Chem-!j(!Cr,.q 13,YPMM',,L,P. , 56 p-p. SPANISH,t per.* Vol lip AU5 1956j. pp-i~~-IT7-. - - UFO tm Tr 4-23 Sci, - Biology 41-7i May 1957 CTS/aaz TrIal or Treatm=t of ralma=7 Wercalcus 1=1=a by 4yll=ftm of IL%sk4 BaA3JJ-U to CaiAn&aw Gearificattom9l. by R. Coul=ds 0. Lemiyar) 3 pp, FFM67.7 perp "-29b2=mlQQ% Vol V., go 10s 1939s 1940.- pp 1~54-124,0. MA TV 253.1 Sol - bbdicim r&- '3-F-1 ffov 57 The Fbhe* all litmMitim netwom V30 samtorium and Ue Batmin to Work. 7ha Plolo of Post-FAwma- torial Asslotancep by P. ocu=cmti, 5 pp. ]Pfa=.j per, j_lw__Tixbercj, Vol. IX; 110 7-9,p 1944-1945, ;q 15U-~- ~ SUTr 2790 set - ft3d-laiw 3-j- 1107 57 _" g'~7S wi4 Vaicel~itcli of' Affoleveents mad Xa"n~; top by A. Nu DaMt., U pp. Ynr,=, pmr, BGv Tdbaras Vol X., Wo WIRP pp 7-55-760- WOMMOMMOMOW MrA Tr 2M r 3- - ~-,V lcl - Mdic:ws 0.) ROV 57 Gtreptmycin Resistance of the Tubercle Bacillue aa a rmuctim or the Dose of StMtomyc:Ln Administered. StudV of 153 Stxwtw Isolated V%x= Pulmnary Tuberculosis Patientas by A. Seem,, 0. Cwwtti., 24 pp. rPMCH, per, Rev Tubere $Vol X111, No 9/10, 1949, pp 746-761. -=~~ mA ir 26m Sci - MbUcine Jan 58 A u1stak-e- In Administering FCCZ, bY j. Saie, J. Cheve, 6 pp. FMICS, per, Rev Tubere, Vol XIV, No 3/4, 1950, pp 315-317. SIA Tr 2597 Scl - Medicine .~-7, 140 / in= 58 j UcCinvbioU of Young Nine Workers With Dry BCGG, by, P. FaIllain, 10 pp. BTMWH, par# IRRX TQS&2, 5th Series, Vol XIV, NO 5/6, 1950, P.P 495-5W- SLA Tr 2584 Sai - Madielm ~-7 S S/ Jan 58 10 The jkMagglutination mulest for the Diaposis of Tabercul0~19 azA Verification of Mminization With BM, by C. Gelmax-Rieux.. A. Tsequet, 14 pp. TRWH,. per, Rev Tubere., Vol XIVjp No 7/8., 1950., pp 676-684. SIA Tr 25.39 Sci - Abdicine -;--7 , ,Q r7 Jan 58 J n~-jouL I-)_-tuecin lihaborcu-IOua IW!ection aad 1 eRidlow Disease, by J. IL-ira-beek, 11 pp. N - 1 MACH, per,, F(ev Ifuberc., Vol )CV,, No 3, 1951., pp -197-203- GIA Mr 2580 Sci - Pbalcine, 'f-7 a- ?-~4 Jan 58 Tulocreulin S.,msituivity and Tuborculosia 1-bi-b-id-i-,-V AL-nong StUdents of the University of Stra-rbcurG, During tl~e Last Three School Years, by E. Vaucher, F. Oudet., 19 pp. FIRMCH, per, Rev Tube=j, Vol XIF, No 3, 1951, pp 215-228. SIA Tr 2558 Sci - bbacine Nov 57 First Ccurmratlve Remats of Ebutine Fortuitous Detection of TuberciLlosis Awng the 65,000 ZuTloyeer, of the Sbrthexm Railroad System, 1947 to 3.950p by 19 P. lops A. Ybelouf.- 5 pp. FMICH., pars, Rev Tuberep Vol V.. No 4/5p Mar 1951.. pp 432-434. ' SIA Tr 2565 Sci - Medicine J-7 Jan 58 1 3,9,1 Ebut=o Wtoatim ar Zftrmlwiv by Photo- Iry Be om=.Vato J. couxama.".1, im- mn., Voi. -,V,, ro &A Tr 9.793 57 Rico , Q, rip -K V, pmr. Rev Tuberc Vol tio 12. 195, P? 115.7-il 1.9-1- Ti S TLA 2qI-3 la"tituilption of 8.,768 Bco vaccinations Performed in ths Vicinity of Parlop by A. Iattep 39 pp. YMCH, per., Rev Tabare, Vol IVp No 12,p 1951.. pp 112D-2150.' SIA I~r 2583 Sci - Medicine 5-7, 1/"/ Jon 58 Five Years of BCQ Vachination at t;W Laenwt lbop:L:'.Ql C=t=-., by S. J. L. J. IAOOMO,~ 5 pp 0 FAMR) pm, ]~~~J, Vol XV.- 110 12.. 1951, pp IL50-1151I... MA Tr 2635 Sel - IL--