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Dehn. Georg and Sauer. Martin. TELEPHONE CARBON MCROPHONE 9'. 12p 5refF Order fror. SLA $1.60 TT-64-16587 Trans. of Siemens Zeita;_hrift (West Germany) 1963, v. 37 [no. 7TP- _~32-59. Tr-64-16587 1. DLhn, G. 11. Sauer, M. (Engineering- -Electrical, Tr, Y. 12, no. 3) 1 ...- . ',_ Emd-Type Pabx in the Bureau of Telecommuni- cations of the German Federal Post Office, by Franz Wirsing '~ .1 "Pp. GE2HUT, per, Siemens Zeitschr5ft, Vol 37, No 9, 1963, pp 667-669. cFsTi Tx-64-186o4. 322.v618 Sci - Electronics & Electrical Engineering max 67 BS 10812 0 - A I idtter Ztftods fbr SIngle Side BaDtl I idtters Voed In Cmm=la Tam-my"JoatJon Oyxt~p by J. j'ftl" - asamp pwp slamom W - No 9p 2963j, pp 6%-W. NZ at: ".5 (17%) Sol/sav mar 69 3768919 FInding the Mmt Econoode Notbod of PrIving Speed-Oantroned BolUr FOOd PUMIBP bY P. &ack. CZRWs -per. Was= UdtscbrM~p VOIL 38P No To 19640pp 5(zoom. ML ftf: TM. 5 (1752) scilftwg oDnv Mar 69 375.672 --musmstmommomml J-1297/62 The Berlin Wall,- by Inigo Lavicl~a. '... SPANISH, per, Siempre, 29 Aug 1-962, pp 10, 70- ~JPRS/=Z DC-8173 i EEur - E. Gennany Fol Oct 62 J-1 P97/62 The Damage Done by the Lackeys, V. SPARISH, per, Siempre, 29 Aug 1962, pp 16, 17. *JPRS/DC-817'j 1~ Milur - E. Germany Pol oct 62 J-657/63 The Confessions of Yevtushenk0j, by Antonio Rodriguez, ;Stie 63, S~ SPAN I S ~,. 1p:) ee ~r, mpre Mexico City, 17 Al)r J1 t"" JpFz/Dc-8640 USSR Pol 23 may 1963 J-76e/63 Message to Soviet Artists, by David Alfaro Siqueiro .0 rl, q'~(7 . SPAIMSH, per, Siempre, 29 may 1963P pp 32-34. lelrmftc-6674 USSR Lat Amer - Mexico Pol 13 jun 63 Interview With Fidel Castro on the Results of His Visit -%',0 the Soviet Union, by Victor Rico Galan., 4 pp. LD4= CFFICIAL USE SPADISE., per., SiSare, ITO 7o 1963) Eacl No 1 to Desp A-15j, AmEknbazsy., ~Axico City. Dept of State IA - Cuba, tLexico USSR Pol 237sO55 jul 63 MEX I CAN 14R I TER SEES USSR NORE CORRECT THAN CHINAy BY ANTONIO RODRIGUEZp 5 F'P. SPANISH, PER, SIEWRE, NO 526, JUL 1963, PP 28-29. JPRS 20701:j LA -,MEXICO POL, AUG 63 341,930 THE THREAT OF STALINISM IN LATINI AMERICA) VICTOR ALBA, 6 pp. SPANIIJI-1, PER, SIEMPRE, 31 JULY Ic" , P 35 .~ D3 JPRS 20W LA POL sEp 63 341-5)2 i A Defense of Tito, by Antonio Rodriguez, 5 pp.. SPANLSH, per, Siempre. No 539, 23 Oct 1963,:pp 26, 27, 70. TPRS 22067 FE-ChIna Pol Jan 64 245,520 J-1090164 The Chou En-lai Talks to Simepre, by Mario Monteforte Teledo, 5 pp. SPANISH, per., &jm.~Iemp?~P, No S72, Jun 1964, pp 26, 70. FDD/NY-9331 FE - Chin a Pol Sep 64 J-1090/64 To China on Mission for Siempre, by Mario Monteforte Teledo, 8 pp. SPRUSH, per, ~~Irq. No 573, Jun 1964, pp 28-29, 70. FDD/NY-9331 FE - China Pol Sep 64 Idno IspeatAs to Migme Scm~Wlm an a World '7-# Reamcod to Adws.. bV Jose JkdIvIdeid Sosa]Aial M=Hp pwp Ampej, 98 Out 2,964,o Vp 34, 15. 1 4-" TA ml mw 65 Ja lb aLty, Oct 36. ZA ft Jkr 6$ Sierra Mecanica Portatil de Caderia Disston, Modelo G-10, con Hoja de 36" (0,90.m) y Motor de Casolina Kiekhaefer Mercury Modelo KB6A. EMLISH to SPANISH, Training Maural, Saw, Chain, Portable, Gasoline, 36" Blade, Disston, Model G-10, with Kiekhaefer Engine model KB6,A-, Tm 5-4bo2, 3 Mar 1c,45. Sales Agency US Govt Printing Office Hq, USARCARIB Fort Armidor, Canal Zone $.ao WHY I STAND BY ALLENDE, ANSWERS GEN. TEODORO RUIZ: CHILE 14UST !NTEGRATE IN THE PROCESS OF SOCIAL PRO- GRES,Si 5 PP. GOVERMHENT USE ONLY SPANISH, PER.. EL SIGLO, 13 AUG 1963, P 5. IGUO 173 LA-CHILE soc SEP 63 343,862 MANIFEST OF THE POLITICAL CaTAISSIONI OF THE CH I KEAN COWUNIST PARTY, 17 PP. GOVERNME-NT USE ONLY SPANISH., NP., EL SIGLO., 11 AuG 63., PP 12-13. fGUO 173 LA-CHILE SOC SEP 63 343,863 I.. ~... I.- ................. 1 .711, l...". ,.......... - , -...... voiiTicai: Aiienae vs Frei, Demand for Nazis Party-Investigation, 11 pp.. GOVERJOIENT USE ONILY SPANISH, -np, El Siglop 9 Apr 1964, pp 1, 3, 9. JPRS GUO. 316~ LA Pol May 65 jel Cantoro's Rqwt to Plerary SaWon, 26 1V. GOVERN UENT USE OMY A Sida. 24 bfty SPAIAU24 r44 F 1964, Ipp 6, 7, 8, MW GUO; 354 PoISV 64 267,IS9 cimutaunw pmy says Chu* Fame Onty Two PrGM&Wd C&n&dK"p 8 VP- GOVSRNURNT USE ONLY spjkb=H* qh El - Vol Xwro No 4144, 25 May 1964, 10 Ik- JPIW GUO-- = LA-CMG poi Sop 64 257,131 blummott* Jun 26-28, 5 M GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPANMM, Mi6 El Sbdo, 12 Jun 1944, p 9. JPRS GUO: ml - LA-4140 sm S4V 64 267,137 ve WON 16 Vp GOVERMMT UZE ONLY SPAMM, q4 El 9&,, 29 Jun IOM, IPP 8, 9- JPRS Guot 375- LA-Cbft soc Sep 64 267,110 N".r ReadAmment LAw SchoduUx] for I, Noveml---r, 7 pp. GOVE RMENT USE ONLY SPAMSH, Tqh Q Wc6 7 Jtd 1994, pp 1, 4. JPRS MO; 331 LA-Me Pal Sep 64 :167,181 Communist Party Candidate Cipriano Pontigo, 5 pp. SPANISH, np, El Siglo, 17 Dec 1964, p 10. JPRS GUO 581 IA-Chile Pol Feb 65 273,919 ~Cohmunistl Party Canlidate Victor Galleguillos, 5 pot SPANISH, np, El Siglo, 29 Dec 1964, p 10. JPRS GUO 581 IA-Chile Pol Feb 65 273,918 as OtosalwAosis. PApwt an the P&WmAogical Anatow and - "- - a Pathopwivis of Obovealroals, by Otto )kww.. 13 rp- SPAIUM9 pw, ZL rp 435-43T. '026 No 756 N*V tr i Sai - BUa & lbd Sol Iftr 63 I%a f; Po,s- Deaterlw4vime't by U. akieftrt A rp, mwmmj, pwo IM alfirift.-Nm6-VOIL uwrm, 2.926,0 ,DP m4w, 99A 56493 . Sol Avg 59 sp,r, as ;?. Terat,ology- Total Absence of tho Olfactory Nerves Witb Anosmia in a Person Vilth Congenital Atrophy of the. ~ Testes and Penis, by k. Maestre de San Juna. SPAMH, per, El Siglo, Medico, No 3,1856, p$ 211. NlIi 3-3-64 SCI-B & m Sri May 64 258X3 Bigml Bridges In NoUrn Designs by W. Robr. CWNWo Wp SISM). -U, P". Jan IL955,, PD ILO-14. =wm.vko; Sol V. 2W JIM " gr? .21~ The MAxoduction of the Now Holliug-Stock--- -~,--Qvauca G&vW 1-SK on the Stretches of tha Germn by 0. Irarack, W, Bbhm, UNCLASS31PIED GEMN, per,, SIWAI urA OctAenc,, Ito U, Nov 195T, Berlin, pp P-47--25U-.- ACOIg U-0429-4L -aermmy Econ Apr 58 60 (23"-RAL) osmD Dimemaims on FaiLyced SieWs and Ccmmmicatlcn* by j. Gobbmttv V. llwws 3.1 ppe MUdWs, parp Si und Sohlew#- No 2.0p BwUua 6 vp 22 , I im i3o6-n BMW - (M *W 59 (2-1-95 -:11) Acacpplisba=ts and Maw of the by HhrtvlS Mutftj 5 pp. OWN,, awl, UnA Bdk$AMqp 316 11,p BW11-"I: 2,qsa,, im 12155-3 The Section Signal Cable and Its Electrical CharacterAstics, by H. Steinkopff, 7 rp. UNCIASSIFIM GERMAN., per, Sigpql-3mo gshie-ms* No 7s, Jul 1959s pp 151-153. ACSIs H-4793 70 Sci - Electronics, Xlectrii~.-ity jun 6o SEMP. UP-1-3223). Long-Range Plan for the Ma-ch=1z;Ltion of Sap~:!---- structure kork on East Gen :i RailroadG, by Zricli Ilizelzenbcohar, I'T pp. 1-und-Schiene, Vol "II, M-, 9, GERHAN., per j _5ig Lia 1959, pp 199-204. JPRS-2085-11 15U-~fo EEmr I Cerimmy Econ Dee 59 Mi~~ Loc;~ Datt!::rj~ Telep.11,ono IuGt*711--t-Jo;; r-f the [Eastj Carm-an Railunays, by Eorbert 3u--!-:hax-z:t, 13 Pp ~ GOMN, per, Si&Wk vol III, No 10, 1959, pp 220-224. usAsiA sc-.i36/6o Sci - lKlectmaics Aug 60 Illasks of the Technology DeWrtment of the Main Administration for Railroad Znstallations of the Deutsche Reichsbahnp by Heinz Hoppe., 5 PP. GERMTj perj SIgnal und Schlene,, 'Vol V1, No 1,, 1961p Pp 90 10. im 834o E3ur - Geruouy 5a-71 Econ im 67L (DC-5646) Tasks of the Technology Departmect of 'the Main Allminlatration for the Security ana Telecommunicatlome System of the Deutsche Pteicbabahnj, by Ketuz Haupt, 12 pp. 0M=4 pert Signal und Schiene, Vol Vj No 1p 1961s. pp JPRS 8340, / do 7fel Who - Germny Boom inn 63. (DC-5647) asks of tba Office of Research and :Development at or the Safety and Telecom=Lcitiono Systems of the autsche Heichsbahn.. by Bans Clausanitzer, 9 pp. ~-kuw, per, simm-1 111M a2ti"Bue.1 Vol V, No 20 1961, im aa6i tur - Germargr A S-3 20a iy 61 (ujY-6450) TEH MOST IMPORTANT TASKS OF THE OSSHD FOR 1962, 5 PP- GERMANI., PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, VOL VI, NO 1, 1962, PP 12, IT - JPRS 135&3 EEUR - SOV BLOC MAY 62 ECO14 193,101 (NY-6450) WORKING SESSION OF THE SEVENTH C014-113SION OF THE 0331-ID, BY ERICH HENNIG, 7 PP- GERIA4N, PER, SIGNII UNI-SCU4-EUE, VO rv 1, No 1, io62, PP 27, 28. JPRS 1351- EEUR - SOV BLOC ECON mA62 193,102 Theory b I 14-L-1 Attampt at a Owe"a W" or the Formum or 002VOIC "mesaj by To name,, 10, lips ORWAX,p pw# 8 - - Vol in,, iTo 6., 1952, Vp 205 " . "'. .-!~Tl . - MA 57-2393 Sol Ang 58 (0 910 /if I ( rc~- . Tasks of' the Department of Technology of the Pain Administration for the Security and Telecommunications System of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, by Heinz Haupt, GERMAN, per, Signal und Schiene, Vol V, No 1, 1961, pp 11-15. *JPRS EEur - Germany Econ - TranEportation 27 Mar 61 Tasks of the Office of Research and Development for the Security and Telecommunications System of the Deutsch& Reichsbahn, by Hans Claussnitzer, T GERMAN per, Signal und Schiene, Vol V, Nco 2, 191'- 1, PF *JPRS EEur - Germany Econ - Transportation 27 14ar 61 17Y.-O! 5r%) Lly the Nanth Oorandcsicc-n U-10- Rsilrca,i Cciamurcial. Committee of tba 09.91ft), Gaertn-,,~r, ';Ql V, 1, pp 2 JPRS IOE22 Germany Dee 61 EB (iff-6450%, Railroad Communicatiozo and Safety, by " - Haupt, T pp - GEMMI, per, Si=okl und Schlene. No 2, 1.962, pp W 45-W. JPM 13452 Mr - GermwW - Ikon / f.2" 3 rr 6 Aur 62 i-9 (ny-645o) 19ft Session of the 9th Ccumission of the Camuittee for Fallroad Traffic of the CSZhD, by CtwUta Cleertmer., 8 pp. GKOW, jr-r, 81 su&W und Schiene No 2, 1962, pp 49-51. tzz=-,-F JPR8 13h92 =a - GermaW 3 soon Apr 62 (NY-06450) MISSIONS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CE14TRAL TESTING AND DEVELOPMENT FACILITY FOR TRASNPORTATION (ZPEV), BY HELMUT ZEILER, 7 PP. GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIE14E VOL VI, No 4., 1962, pp 137-13 - JPRS 13869 EEUR - GEWANY ECON JUN 62 EE 197,543 (NY..2700) AUTOMATIC TROUBLESHOOTERS ON SAFETY FUSE EQUIPMENT, BY W. KOSEL, 7 PP. GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, No 6, i~62, PP 230-232. JPRS 14697 EEUR - GERMANY ECON - AUG 062 EE 205,93'v- (SF-2900) APPLICATION OF GOST STANDARDS TO THE EAST GERMAN ECONOMY,, BY HORST POHLER., 6 pp.. GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, No 62 1962) PP 232-234. JPRS 1456?- EEUR - GERMANY ECON EE JUL 62 (NY-2700) SAFEG*UARDINIG THE TRANSPORT ROUTES AT EAST GERMANY'S WESTERN BORDER) BY A. G. SCHUCHARDT, 9 PP. GER14AN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, NO 06, 1962, PP 234-238. JPRS 146gk7 EEUR - GER14ANY ECON - AUG 62 EE 205,938 NEW ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION AT THE BERLIN INTER- d", RAILROAD., BY KARL-HEINZ RINCK, 7 PP. GERMAN', PER, SIGNAL UND -SCHIENE, NO 7, 1962, PP 277-280. JPRS 15584 EE - GERtIANY ECON OCT U 214,145 HEAVY REINFORCED CONCRETE RAILROAD BRIDGES AS PREFABRICATED C%IPONENTS, BY WERNER NITSCHKE, 5 PP GEMAN) PER, �IGNALUNDSCHIENE, 1-40 8, 1962, P 300-301. JPRS 15584 EE - GEMANY ECON 214,146 OCT 62 TASKS OF THE STATE CONSTRUCTION INSPECTORATE WITH REGARD TO THE EAST GERMAN RAILROADS, BY ARNO BOELKER, 14 pp. GERMAN., PER, �IG VOL VI, -- NAL No 9., i962j, PP 333-336. JPRS 15851 EEUR-GERMANY ECON. OCT 62 215,059 LONG DISTANCE TRANSMISSION OF INFORMATION- PREREQUISITE FOR EFFICIENT DAT PROCESSIN% BY HELFRIED PORTSMANN, 6 pp. GERMAN~,PER~ SIGNAL UND SCHIEN j NO 11, VOL VI, Nov i9 , Pp 4-67-4o9. JPRS 17102 SCI - ELECTRON JAN 63 219,437 NEV: TECHNOLOGY I Iq RA I LROAD MA I VITUANCE, BY HARTWIG MART I N, 6 pp. GEM IAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIEt-IlL, N'O 2, I;'.u3,, pp ho J P R S I CS (-'b- 2 EEUR - (;,EKR14AN,Y RECON APP 63 22 =0 .5 7777 REC614STRUCT I Oil OF THE NORDBERG SYSTEM IN! THE HALLE FREIGHT YARD, BY KLAUS BOCI-111ANI"i PP GERII-MN PEP, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE', 1,10 2, lcb3~ PP 113-f15. JPRS 2662 EEUR GERMANY ECO14 ApiR 6'~ 228,53' COLD-CATHODE RELAY TUBES FOR R TE CON'TROL IN'STALLATIONS OF CENTRALIZED TRAFFIC XKM COINITROL SYSTEMS, BY H E. KOCH, 10 PP. GERN,AN, PER.,SIGINIAL UND SCHIENEp NO 2, 15,03, PP !6o-63 - JPRS EEUR - G~ERI,IANY ECON' ApiR 6o 220'', 537 THE M4 I NVESTMENT DECREE I N TRANSPORTAT I ON.1 BY F. svibBODAa 18 PP. GERMAN PERPSIGNAL UND SCHIENEY NO 3, 1,563, pp 78-61- JPRS 191T? EEUR - GERMANY ECO14 . MAY 63 231,302 RAILROAD TIE REPLACEMENT MACHINE DR, TYPE FEV BLANDENBURG/HARZ, BY G. STIER, 8 pp. GERIAAN, PER, SIGNALE UND SCHIENE, VOL '111, No 4, 1963, PP 112-115. JPRS 19641 EEUR-GERMANY ECON. JUN 63 232,516 Review and Preview of RaJlroad Consmuction Work, by Horst Schandert, 5 pp. GERMAN, per, SigW und Schiene, Vol VIE~ No 1, 1964, pp 3, 4. SPRS 236118 K - ER-Germany Econ, Mar.64 251,999 Cle-n-rd-1w Pz0file I-am.m =MOP IWr, SUMI und Sabi 0 ]Nkw 1964p pp 139-162. DXA W 22&70 ad-Mac Fab 70 401o641 Implementation of the New Economic System in Railroad Construction* by Kurt Sobotta, 10 pp. GERMAN, per, .5-ign.21 iauLAchiene, Vol VIII, No 9, Sept 1964, pp 292-295. JPRS 27#886 EE-E. Germany Econ Feb 65 272,921 Mechani2ation of Roadbed Work on East German Rail- roads, by Erich Hulzenbecher, 14. pp. GERMAN, per, Signal und Schiene, No 10. 1964, pp 328-334. JPRS 27829 EE-G"many Econ Jan 65 270,941 j-986/64 Register of Iraqi Officials (1959). ARABICj, bk, SIJ1 Al-Mawaddafin, 1959, J-12 pp. *JPRS/SMT-AL/NY.-9289 HE - Iraq Pol ,Tul 6 4 7T-64-14032 pbnDW4 NL ICY XAMM OF SULFURMED COMPOUNDS OF SO- L PI=M4 Nt MIM IN IM COURSE OF 7M FMON OF GLASS (Evalutlim des Cci~ SulftuAs de Saditun au Cmrim de k Fumilm du Vem). 11%31 136p] Obreign tau IWIudem Srets Order trm SLA $& 60 TT-64-14032 711um cc SnL-&r- - Idian) 1949, v. 14, no. 6, p.1- aAaftwa-Cerandm Tr, v. 12. twx 2) Office of Technical Services IT-64-10542 Pecrlatm6 GabricL INTERNAL METHOD OF CALJBRA17M THE 1. Pecitaux. G. DILATOMETER (Wthoft Interne d'Etaloomage du U. Titbr NationaL.. Dflatorn6tre). [Paper ] Nattonal Science Congress (a" 3) Brussels, 2 Jun ft (19631 111p] (foreign text laclude4 Order ft-om SLA $1.60 Tr-U-10542 Tram of reprint from Silicstoa,~CARI(Beioum) 1930, V. 15. Um 10, 3p:--- DESCRIPTORS- ODUatocnetem, *Calibration, Motab, SorAirds. (Research Medwds. TecWqwm and Equipownt, IT, WM~ of T~hnlvml Seml~ T. 11, am 9) TT-64-16925 PAdMON, A. A. EVALVATION OF THE COEFFICIENT OF EXPANSION 1. P*dmca. A. A. OF A GLASS BY MEASUREMENT OF THE STRESSES OCCASIONED BY JOVMG IT TO A STANDARD GLASS. 21p. Order from SLA $2.60 TT-64-16925 Trans. of Sillcates Industriels (Belgwn) 1951. Y. 16, p. 138-143. (Materialm-CeramIcs, TT. v. 12, w. 4) Office of Tochnical 8-1ces A Method of CruantitatiTs S"."-Rmy CryEtallographic An&3,yslu of the Pht Polymorphic Trsnzformtion 6f Silims by W. L. de Kekoere nMffp perp SiUcates at Vol Ult IWB% 1951s pp 296-299. - -1". MiM*C-?1398 Sel Aug 58 7/1 / ~rg- Some Applications of Radioactive Tracers To Glass Problems., by 1. Peyches. FM=., per.. Silicates IndustriiLlso Vol 17., No 7s 1952, pp 243-2460 siA TT-66-lo685 Sci-mm 'Tul 6-6 - 306.,009 63-18435 Fam hum CERAMIC BODIES FORMED FROM A1204 AND 1. FOM NL V203 (Sur Q-lq- Pxqx*ti- d- C-*ndq- Forubm* W I'Alumim et lc Scogdoxyde de Va-dLum). 119631 6p. Mgs. -nl~ 12 ref- Ordsir from SLA $L. 10 63-18435 Tzvnr- of SLUcates Industriels QkRgUun) 1952. Y. 17, p. 326-S29r- DESCRRYMPS-- *Cerandc nwierialm. *Ahwninurn oom- *Vsnm&- ounq--I,4 Oxid- CXYXW stmx=m ElacUlodproperdim MmtcrWft=hW, *Diclcccdco;. *Sc=dI - (MaterlaU-Cerandm 77~ v. IC~ om 11) Ofte of TecbWcal Plwnat, E. CONTROL Or THE CONUWITION OF CLASS BY ELECTRIC CONDUCTIWTY (Contr6le de la Coonposi- tion du Verre par Conducdbilim' glectrique). 11%21 [9]p. (fore%m tM included~ Order him SLA $1. 10 62-20238 Trans. of S1IitA-t"-1nft8uidc(BcI9um) 1953, v. 18, [no. 11 P.-17---ig. DESCRUIMRS: *Gaass, Electrical conductance, Quality control 62-2023B 1. Plurnar, E. (Materials-Ceramics, 17, v. 9. no. 10)- Softm Comening Quick Determdmtlcm of the MagDosium OxIAe In a - Do3multep by P. RemyaGemostA. -PRMMj, Vwj Silicates - ludmtrialm, Vol XVITUT, ip 151p 1953. - ingacc.?17" Bel - ohm Aug 58 V, -1//18 I Plumat. E. 62-16236 STUDY OF CONTACTPHENONIENA BETWEEN GLASS 1. 11~1,2. AND OXWE AT HIGH TEMPERATURE BY NIF-ASURE- 1. Murna". i MENTS OF RLECTRIC POTENTLkL (J~tude des Phoinomenes de Contact entre Verre et Oxyde h Haure Tempt9rature, par les IviesurcH de Potential Electrique.). 1196211311p. (figs. tables oinitted) 6 refs. Order from SLA $3. 60 62-16236 Trans. of SWcates Industriels (Belgium) 1954, v. 19 [no. 31 p. 14 1 - 15 4. DFSCRLPTORS: *Oxides, Mixtures, Processing, *Glass, High temperature research. Measurement, *ElecEric potential, Electrochemistry. *Sliding contacts, Electrical equipmenL Experimental methoda were developed for determining the electromotive forces originating In various electrolytic chains and for observing the phenomena OflLe (MaterWn-Ceramica, TT, v. 9, no. 2) (over) StuOy of Contact Phanamaza Between GUss and Oxift at a NI& INMPI t no by MMatria Mential. by X. Plvmt. IXM.p pwp xaftalrjm3m~ Vol 191 SLUDIft no hip 195k pp IW 13 ;W"~Ia3Mi scipuNtarlau Flab 70 403,419 Plurnat, E. STUDY OF CONI'ACT PHENOMENA BETWEEN GLASS AND OXIDE AT HIGH TEMPERATURE BY THE MEASUREMENT'S OF THE ELECT71CAL POTENTIAL !Etude des Phenomenes de Contact entre Verre et Oxyde it Haute 'I'ernperature par lea Mesures de Potential Electrique). [19631 144p) 5refs Order from SLA $4.60 TT-64-10395 Trans. of Silicates Industriels (Belgium) 1954, V. 19. no. 4. p. 141-15,L (Abstract available) Another trans. is available from SLA $3.60 as .Tr-62-16236 11962][31pt DESCRIPTORS: *Oxides, Mixtures, Processing. 0GIa Wgh temperature research, Measurement, *Electric potential. Electro-chemistry. *Sliding contacts, Kiectrical equipment. TT-64-10395 1. Plurnat, E. (Materials- -CerRmics. TT. v. 11. no. 10) (over) Office of Technical Services Plumat, E. STUDY OF CONTACT PHENOMENA BETWEEN GLASS AND OXIDE AT HIGH TEMPERATURE BY THE MEASUREMENTS OF 'ME ELECMCAL POTFNTIAL fEtude des Phenomenes de Contact entre Verre et Oxyde a Haute Temperature par lea Mesures do Potential Eleerriquel. 11963] f44p] 5refs Order from SLA $4.60 TT-64-10395 Trans. of Silicates Lndustriels (Belgium) 1954, v. t9. no. 4. p. 141-154. (Abstract available) Another trans. is available from SLA $3.60 as TT-62-16236 [1962)131pl. DESCRIPTORS: 40xides. Mixtures, Processing, *GIs High temperature research, Measurement. *Electric potential, Electro-chemistry. *Sliding contacts, Electrical equipment. TT-64-10395 1. Plumat, E. (Materials- -Ceramic a. TT, v.11. no. 10) (over) Dftl~ t T~hnl-l S-1- 63-12756 Brichard, E. WLUENCE OF THE CHARGING METHOD ON THE 1. Brichard, E. NEL71NG RATE IN TANK FURNACES. fFeb 6316p. It. ATS-611`64F Order from AT13 $9. 00 ATS-61116417 in. Assodated Technical Services, Inc., Trans. c1r_�Wcates In& ~elsj (Belgiuni) 1954, East Orange, N. J. v. 19, no. S. p. 207 ~.: . DESCRIVrORS: *Silicates, Melting. *Furnaces (Materials--Ceramics, IT, v. 9, no. 7) Ofte Cd Ttcb*sl Senices -........ - 1. -1 PoUrlaution of Rafractmy Oxidedi 3kiorad 1n Nolten Glow, by P. Is Mwep 1. rewobes. 1 .4111- v pwo mieft !., Vol 190 150 Us, 19%* VP 374-379- NIC-CO-26475-UB Be Feb 70 403PIM Plastic-ity of Raw.Hateriala end Caramic Pastes, by A. Baudran. FMMU, per., Silitatem Industrielop Vol M, NO 5. X-gy 195GA PP 219-229- ABLIB-GB105 Sci Aug r,-8 ;~W.' 77/ Present Dmy CoucopU of Cment IlydntUm, by J. Brocardp 113 pp. FRWHp p"# 6410"" 104"trie]Aj, Vol M, 3.95b* pp 271-279. .i~ .57-2286 4,,oor) 7-, Sci "Pin 58 69, 7914. Influence of Clays on the Formation and Fusion Behavior of Coal Ash, by J. Endell. FRENCH, per, Silicatga-luduatxiels, Vol XKII, 1957, PP 156-159- Dept of Interior Tr No 1727X Sci . jan 63 .pce of the Development of Autamation on I" the 0)(asnization of the Compazu and Organize- tioml Methods, by R. Gaudy and U. 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Gione MM F=80 porp Silicates lOuatrielop 90 5j- 2.958,0 " 2hl-247. --- I - USX 1358 (iA.Um.0d.) 5*1 . luar //,a -7 9,~, )kx (o 61-14470 Alegre, R. EMUSSION OF ISILICON-ALUMINUM REFRACTORIES 1. Alurnina-mllics-- IN THE INFRARED SPECTRUM. 1196111231p. Spectropaphic analysis Order from SL.A mi$2 70. ph$4. 80 61-14470 1. Alepe, R. n qdu ra a. of 51 11"te 6 riclCbelkiurn) 1958 1 T no. 5. p. 253-260. 'e IL Diffuse reflection of silicon-aluminum r fractor 'a was studied in the Infrared spectrum between the visible and 12 microns. The study was made In the cold and in the neighborhood of 10000C. In general these refractories present beyond 3 microns a zone of weak reflection. 16'iwl They are therefore particularly absorbent of certain selective names. like those of town pg. The chernical nature of the refractory reveals Itactf especially by the reflection bands situated at 9 rrdcrons for silica and at It microas for alumina. (Author) (Materials- -Refractories, Tr, Y. 5o no. 12) slature-4 Al=inz Cutting lpso.itora,p by L. GlOma UM 313.10ctag Uo%wtrtvlo# me 6p 1958s pp 327-33,12. (L7.100.0d.) B*i . gap wr 6o Non-destructive Control of the Texture of Refsactory Products, by A. Baudran, C. Deplus. FRENCH, perI Silicates Induttriels., Vol 23, No 11, 1958, pp 561-572. NTC 69-10796-11B Sci-Hat May 69 382,S64 Genem-L Aeazs On 'TI-A:-nnal Shc~c"-., by P, Lapoujade, 4 pp. FRENCE, per, Silicates *-,xidus',.rIeLs, Vol XXI'l, No YI-1-19i58," 'PP-'5'7'3'-582,-' Broken Hill Fropletary Co Ltd (ur-./T.479) Sci - Engr F. 0v &I / -/ "'y/ 35 7 Euw. M. Vcai. QUANurrATIVIE ANALYSIS OF PORTLAND CE- hirr,'r CLINKER BY X-RAYS, tr. by David Kantro. 119(111114ip. 3 refs. Order Iron) SLA $1. 60 61-18801 Trans. of ~Qic a Belgium) 1958 Iv. 23, ites Indusjq!~~ no. 12, p. (,43-'W9T-__ DESCRIPTORS. *X-ray diffraction analysis, *Cc- ments. Magnesium compounds. Oxides. Processing. hictallurgicalanalysiB. Slags. Alurninatca, Mate- rials. Mcialn, Chemical Industry. Industrial produc- tion. Intensity. Silicates, Chemical analysis, Crya- tallization. Sfmpling The crystalline constituents of a clinker may be de- terminLd by an X-ray diffraction technique. The per- fected method consists of comparing the Intensities (Engineering- -Chemical. 7r, v. k%, no. 12) (over) 61-19801 1. Titlm Clinker 1. Euw, M. Von The Distinction Between ZAA11ita ar'd 'by Tnfrar-ed 5jectroseepa, by P. 2 5 pp. 1;ar, Siii Ln 4W# 11 . Vol xm:, 17. sm 6o-M844 BrA Vol IV, Ira 7 Apr 62 A New TheKwy of the Viscosity of Vitreous MiCateB., by S. N. IAW=. WIN,, per, Silicates Industriels, Vol XXIV., No 3s 1959., PO 124-130- Ewl - Pays 171 Oct 61 , -f 00 d Sturtr in the Altemtion of Kno.Unite by Various Chemiaml Ag=ta,, by H. C. Gestudbe. FEW=, per., S:Ulc 2 Vol 24p .1959., pp 23T-244. cSIw NO Sai"Mterials I*C 69 398.,186 Texture Analysis of Refractory Building Materials, by L. Zagar. 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