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L smorj~i am* oi Igo X-Astarawda candwWwo t* IL Skftw'ezf .1 GUILiA.-mi, ro-I umestm -n3 IAAW 65 and E~:v-.'E 7)- TTI . Israel ch -T= PAN.. 1---r, _jbagjLW,. Vol Lill,, 110 13, ~.Smo 62 A MW Nftovrft N COM fW )daft at& Bunwyftp 1w ZLmus Wwafts 8 Vp. VMS fts 19-40 vp W- ~Plp - so 68, 361 ow AM 3472. J.'Q.L - 47nj Mi 99 SF/, 4,0.0' ExtploraAion of "Inland Ice" Greenland and Antrx--,tica, by Fr:~%7, L-=T~), 4, -pv. GERVIAN;1 .11X-211~3 UMFj54guNo 4, 19596, PP 110-113. -~t US Axmy Snov Ice and Pex=ifrozt, Rua C'. ment Corpij of -%&-s Wilmette, T, I. Tr 58 Sai Gi,~cThyz Dec 50 Plant Damage by Oil Contamination in Soil and Water, by Z. K-nickman. GERMAN, per, Umschau, No 4, 11~60, Pp 118- XTO 72-;1079-02D 14 o y "1 2 I!ho ftek-a-Dw Systems A SImplIfied Zmluatlcm of Uteretwe wA Zxperiwtital Results,, by Ir. zutermMo a. vusin. V= (UMMv ver* Vapoha% No 291P 19"o vp 370, 371. 2U 2 4963 SOIL - ftp )by 60 g 7,-,- AtmOsPheric OzOue,. by Dr HMS-Marl Faztaold, 12 pp. , pe!rj_Die_Utsjml=,-Vol XVII, 1957, PP 532-534. Am P-Ts-9482/in Sci - Ge-oldWsics j= 58 /S- 40 1 1~1 V15 < l4c~Ltlacr Proceacea a--.d Their 17--flutenc.-, on M-a--Inc~ F~qh Stcaks~, by Got~Mlf Hempel. C2MIAH, per, Utsel2au No 15, pr, 466-11,69. Library Fisheries Res Bd of Canada Biol Sts St. txdrelra NB scl oct~ 61 Electric Are Plajama Torch, by H. Meyer. GERIAM, per, Die Umacbmt, Dee 1961, pp 713-743. NZ:DIA Sci - Engx Feb 64 250,123 Insect Pathology and Microbiological Control of Noxious "ects, by 1. M. Franz. GERMAN, -per, Umischau, Vol 1 1963, pp 911-93. f4NZDIA Sci-Biol & Med Sci Feb 64 250,065 My3robacteria, Attractive Research Objects for the Developmental Physiologist, by H. Relchenbach. GERMAN, per, Umschau, Vol 63, 1963, PP 609-610. NTC-71-11832-06M Nov 71 Hooftw,. IL 63-16075 C02 FERTUJZATICN. [19631 1* taM mam.0 z rodig. I - Hoefter. tL Ordw ftow SLA $1. 63-i6o7s Tram& atthe [in WML"&omgwcb&ft md T~ (Gormazo DBXM"DR& *C&rbQQdlcKld*, *FwMzm. "MidaI6 nntB mough, so" 7T. T. 10. = 7) UMC~ W'TbWcW S,,k. Luder's Lines on Metal Surfaces: Theix Formation and Prevention., by R. Erganil,,, 7pp GEMAAN., per., the Unwchauin Ifissenschaft und Technik, Vol 54$ 1954, No 8. pp 273--2-W- su TT-64-25 20309 Sci - Meta itme 67 327.-541 Microbes Against Insects - New W.,thod of Biological Warftm Agminst Insect Pests, by J. Franz., 4 pp. GERMAN, per, umchm Wiss u Techp No 7, :L Apr 1955, pp 209-21-1. u tuA 2869 SCL - :Biology z'p al 6 -47 Mar 58 (FDD :25259) Transistoraj by 11. Balou., G. Koahlp 0. Schaffer,$I 7 PP. GOMN., semimo pcr,. Die Umschau in Wissenschaft und TachniL. NO 9., FM jF-21 CIA/FM/U-k- 7417 Mur - Germany Sci .- Electronics CTS 73 Oct 55 [Copyright] Loewe, Fritz. EXFLORATION OF "INLAND ICE" GREENLAND .A,ND ANTARCTICA (Die Erforschung der "Iqljndt:is, Grdnland; Antarktis) tr. by Katnerine Marrinoff. \13 V 59 17 1p. 13 refs. SIPRE Trans. 58. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 60- 130-,4 Trans. of Urnechati in Wissenschaft und Technik (West Germany) 1956. fv. 56] no. 4. p. 110-113. DESCRU111ORS: *Ice, *Greenland, *Antarctic regions, Exploration. 60-13044 1. Loewe, F. 11. SIPRE Trans-58 111. Snow. Ice, and Permafros, Research Establishment. Wilmeue. Ill. (Earth Sciences --Frost, TT. v. 8, no. 2) S-15-62 Office of Tocl-kl S-I... How Does a am:a Lightning oriZim-te-... by If-a!"OCI.Pt Mmucr, 12 "p. GEMAJI. perj, Umachau 'Wiss und Tacb., Vol LVI, 1956, PP 75~~"*- ABC/BCI,-T-246 Sci - Geopbys Jun 59 ell- yy 4 ~;ause of the Results o.-f Paper mt) -Ogrm kiie Investigations, by W. R. Dietrichs. per, Die Umachau in WissenBchaf t L2yid- Tech Vol LVII, Tb 7, 1957, COO. CSIRO 3985 Sci - Biol 'e1;71 t.%y 62 62-10m Scholz, oil-- JUGH FREQUENCY PLASMA BURNER [Der "t1e: Plasma burrer Hochtraguenz-Flastna-brenner]. [1962) 4p. [1 fig. 1. Scholz, 0. 5 refs ondited). Order'from SIA $1. 10 62-IOD90 Mrans. of die! Unischau in WisacascImft und Technik OVest Cernunij 1959 Lv. SO] n-o-.Z-.-p.-T1Y-7T7.- DF.SCRWMIIS: Highfrequency, OPIaBma physics, Torches, Fliums. ElectricilLscharges. ftysLcs--Eltx=ordcs. 7r. v. 10, no, 6) Fluor-escent Screen Photography, by R. Jan:-=. U-11CLAS5=4 !ED =11AN., per, Umschau_!A--Uissenselia-,-'-T.-und Tedmih.p No 8, 196o. ._ -- j -vi-iavy,'I,RIICS Sci - Physics I'lay 61 SCHRODER, H. Modern sun- and light-protecting glasse for buildings. Umschau Wissensch. Tech. (14):441-2 (196Z) (NLL-GB 245/LTI-746-31) The Constructlon. and Use of Neutron Generators, by Vt-.,Eyrich, 9 pp. GERMAN, per, Umschau WissenwAiaft und Technik, Vol UM, 19638 pp 695-697. 9224884 AEC-ORNI.-Tr-193 Sci-Ak Eng Nov,64 268,738 Plant Life in the Antarctic. Botanical Results of the l7th Chilean Antarctic Expedition. by G. Gollmann. GMWAN, per, Die Umschau in Wissenschaft, -and Technik Vol *64, No. 41, PP 100-103 NZDSWRef. No. 1118 Sci - Aug 67 336-1o4 CF-136 ScitatIfie Life in the People's Depublic of Chim., by Ems -J,.ior&ea Eitner. ~ 74V-, GEN&U-Is perj, J In Wissanac t und rLtg4nkkl NO "?4, 15 Dee 1 '(41-44; Z-1, ~TM/WBCIAL/SF-3537 Sci-Id-f3c r-eb 65 Cimilar Conceraing Conptruction and Arrangawat of SwirzatimS Pools, by J. Jorge=-;on, H. FJaas., 14 pp. DADUM1,1 per., UncLervispippinistc-riets Circulaere., 4 Aug 1999., - - - - ME .1-2-35 Sci - Jan &D -2'? / x A. Personnel Policy; B. Again Some New RUes Per-Udning to the Expenses of Canteens and 22L Places for ftending Spare Timej C. Training of Welfare Noncoms In, the Co=mal Wd Soclal School of Norway,, (ID 19-:99171). NORWEGIAN: mo m4s6ziifte y Undervioning_n_ o& Velferd, 09loj, NorwaIY, P 83;' 88; 89&-w G-2, GBUFA G-5553 As BO 0 VRur - Norway militea - 0 a 0/1/- am 75)~m 55 D - Guiding Prinapples for Welfftre Work in the West Germm Armed Forcesj, (ID 1299171). L/O-.)f - arri Nw.SGI"" MO j. MAervi Ing Og VaUerdy Oslop M laiiii-P -9-0 0-20 GMSA G-5553 D I .van, - Germow ON 'f5TDen 55 I -- , , , -11 VW:I*TlV!------ ME ~m The .NatioxW StudentBl' Union -- An Instrument of Subversion, by S&da Soganfreddo, 66 pp. GOVEMAEM USE ONLY 11. 1 11 PORTUGUVSE. bk. UNE Instrumento de Subversan- Rin J Ile- -f GUO 214 LA-Brazll POI Feb 64 249,481 -".Cjr use in A--t:v CS-'T. T-r 135 TAIL 55 Nov &D 5/( A Theory for the Occupation of Space, by E. Schulze- Fielitz, 20 pp. SPANISH, rpt, Une Theorie Pour l'Oecupation de VEspace. Dept of Modern Languages North Carolina State College Sci Feb 64 2458~D Ycuth Oramnifatiam in XmviLyp 1.0 -pp. SM6WVZ,, per,, Vngdomarbeldet I ftrgo,, 0810s 1957r PP US JM L-1410-D Our - Norway Sce Jan 59 '7 Y, Z'1-3 --- TO, 15 sm,wxsyf, pe-r,, umidaa, oct 1962. M2 16245 U - Bolivia soon - Pol I ~ 0, May 62 , I-j PSM Atuicks Dinsident Elements, 11 yp. SPANISE6 np~ Unift M 215, IS Aug 1964, pp -1, 5. JPRS 26771 LA-BoUvta POI Dee 64 269.828 P". 5 pp. GOVEPJQAENT USE ONLY SPANIM, mpm, Z-AA-A Vol VU4 No 79,17 -qLv 1964, p 2. JPR;S GUO: LA-Peru Pd Jan 65 271,,3Zi (uT-6436) The State aDd ill-itelmey., 5 'Pip. FORTOGUESEs t, unidme mo 4.. Fortupis, ~-al - ~41 Jhu 19531. PP 1 3. CUA- 9 Wgur - Fortuipl Pol PS-2018 01-255) Pcii~ Commumifft-Party Notes in Us Rarkj6 24 M SPANIS14 qh Unkbit, 17 Sep 1964 pp 3-16. MLS Z7010 LA-Peru Fol Now 64 269,822 Upnia-"om ilawaal, by P-ijor WLlter voll hia~)hoa, 69 pp, UNCL. COF-MAN, NK., '17~2ifoxlm-,Fibel, 1960, M 2147191 l'us 60 Dress UnIform (Blue) Compositlai aud Chwacteriatics,, 7 rp. INCL bk# SPANISH,, p=., tblfono do Gala (M4), CoWa ChrmaWidnUem B, lw-~ D' -Ri~R.Gjv NO 1362. W ACS1 ll-~7.ID ID 2UY3496 A13 mw 61 .0 cil-15 3/-b-2 Caption int"ormation. FOR OFFICULL USE Olu'y SPANISH, per, Union, No 2B, 196--., pp i6-20. *JPRS/DC-SOIS7 IT - Spain .E Econ, Soc, Pol, Mil sep 62 Electrical Services in Ghert, by M. V~,,u L3o, 3 PY), FRENPITf, rpt, Union dear.4rtations Blectri.- nue~ i, Jan 1951, pp 11-12. Call No h 1F 354-494, Eng Tr) rr-,,T,w - France Econ 3iov 61 izLtiOn Of the Service, b.,,, M. 1!an T-c,, pp. rpt, Union d r. Exj,)j()it4atjc~n's ques 'In DOI-P L UARWi J811 1951) pp 12-16. 3597-37, Eng Txr) Fi-ance 7 7 D, con Ilbv 61 Supervision of Ste- Turbine Starting-Casing DIstortion and Movement of the Shaft in ite Bearings, by Ja Godfroid and A. Jeumotte. MUCH, per,, Union Exploit Elet Belgique, Vol XXV - ' 'i~ - .- HaY 1954.% -.3 0 ASLIB-03-25 Sci Aug 58 (,,rt of ttic Austrim Coi=&s!Aou for Lac iatot- , ,iup national Earth 'Vicasurement und the FcLb-,ral Depart- i3cul: for Standards and Survaylyi,,. ITALLVI', per 11 Unim GeodesiSuc, Ot Gep"'Alypiqua Internationale Dixiew Assembleo Generale Sop 1954, pp 13-20. ACIC TC-1157 scilil-'arth sci Jaa 67 316,240 Technical. Specification forthe Supply of F!at Spri rig Steel Bars for Laminatec'. and Helical S - S~)ririgs. FRMUM, rpt', Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer, (U.I.C.), 0 3rd Edition Rz-vised 1.5 .1 - 59 - ARDEN Sci Jun 63 Preliminary Clinical Study of a New Sulfonanide in Treatment of Urinary Infection, by J. -P. gourque, J, Joyal. FRENCH, per, Union Medicale du Canada, Vol 82, No 1, 1993, pp. 19-25. NTC 69-11570-060 sci.-S&M July 69 397,564 Preliminary Clinical Study of a New Sulionamide in Treatment of Urinary Infection, by J. -P. Bourque, J, Joyal. 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JPBB im.5 -'em u I '21W z 6~-, -2- 71 (DC-3-Wl) Beviol=lot Cmannist Oommout ion Mscw3lon in Belvifin Cm=mlst Party, . 6 pD. as per) UnIr F