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NwWUe VOW DWIM Gamd IUMtln& by K. "qmW6Awuw4p";* WN.-MOM33 amomp vwp 0 Val 400 Mb 20j, 2049P IN 3bl-3t** (00 XVIO == 3367 32hphOl set a OW401 T 4 - -if , CU13.0 sed7marine us WL"9 urw ~" - X-Ruy StkWy of Behavior of IS tecla Under Repeated CycUc Stress# by A. Schaal. GMLANj per.. Zelt Metallic des Vol XL, No 11, 1949P pp - Brutalmr Tr flo 3V)2 Sclantific - mintuetals ism 56 cTs/m $i3.6o .3 0/ z A/ 4 Rem-ystnllization in Solid Mmteria3j3, by W. G. Burgers. Mtj4M. per, Z. Met&Ukinft. vol ~a, 1950s pp 2-8. *BTL3/MS TT 71-55131 Available MS Only Jvw 71 rp 71- r- Werner Kcestprp The Kinetics oC Age Hanicrang. Ldk~rg. Karl. CORROSION OF IN"YERNILTALLIC COMPOUNDS 1, LbTiberg. K. [Korrosion Intermetallischer Verbindangen]. 1196.18p. (5 tables.8 refs. ; 011111[Cd). Order frotrn SLA $1. LO 61-20752 Trans. of Zeitschrift f(ir MetaUkurkde (West Germany) 1950. v. 41-*rn-o. '2Tr.---w&-tS9r- DESCit[PrORS: *Intermetallic compowds, AlurninLffn compounds. Magnesium compounds, "Corrosion. Corrosion Inhibition. (Metallurgy-Corrosion, TT, v. 7, no. 3) 0M.. .1 T.A.ic.l S-i 164MOOIXU Rolled Alloya With Zircoolu,, by Fo Samorwa]4, WMA11 per, zft* *At&IIkm Vol. ZLIv No 3o 1950, Vp TPA3/TIB Tr INOA4356 Scientific - Min/metals may 55 CTS ,I!ir4 of OrtmV Testa, 61 i5. LlnlwJje. iliiCx- ULWi4_4 WatalikuUde, iker 1950., VP 6'1-91. Britiih Iron and 6to-I IM (no number aivan) Ual - M-0/14at, sup 59 r> .- - - - ,- -.- . ........... ...... -.11 ~ .11.1.11,11.11. 11-1111- 1.1-1-1-11, 1. . - 11 . ~ IFW Systexulticm of Molten BLAula end A3-loys Part n,4,, by F. SaumrwmJA,. r-u.U tranalation. GERW.p per, ZeltacbrIft far tistaLUrund Vol =, 310 41 1950t pp yr-"=-. BLIP - ABC Tr 1290 Scientific - ftwrwU/PIat&U Jkm 52 CM WM Nev Work on Rearpstallization in MeJil*a Group in Pittsburgh, by K. Lucke. GERMjj perp Zo Motallkindeop Vol 41,, 1950s pp 114-124. *WTISAW TT 71-551V Available I= Only June 71 Theory of Gmaificatloa and D-ve-gasilUlcatilon of Molten lietal. BatbLs,, by W. Gellor,. 13 pp. GMJI, per,, Z VAta3llmnfts Vol M41, No 4, 1950, pp 124-1n - , SLA Tr 57-841 Sol - Xlnerale/Ustals I/ rob 5 8 O.-ddiition of Molten Cacbdum and Cadmium Mays by W. von Gruhl, 0. Wesserumn, 5 pp. GEMMj per, Z. Me . -Vo:L XLlt 1950, pp 1786-184. ' S.L.A. Tr 12:10 44OZ eo rd Sol - Xlnj%bta3,s y Jan 57 M x , ;3yswlul'Gic~,; u-): lito, 'vu "Uc. Pmrt Is 111t b.,.! F. Snuisnaii1d. t f.-.0 L OPSAYAN, Perl, katalIkundej vo:L XZXVR ps? 65-1.11j 4, PP 97-jL(A; 1.952, Tol 214-21L. Drit'.0sh Iron and E-teel Ind (uo umbar given) .Sal - Gap 59 -dEAtSC"KLI'f FUCH MEVALLKUkLm 70-11232-13,F -.6 -16W Order frorl YX The Oxidation of Cadmitan and Cadmim-t-Alloy EbItsp by Wolfgang,Gguhl, Gunter 11assernann" GEWMN,, Imr, Z Metall Vol Ws, 1950, 179,, iW-184. p IACIIIIIS- Trms-24 -q,2.3 JL S- -7 6- EDOCIbr 8, 1966 sci-MOMPIA-1 Nar 96 On this Mysto-ocatics of hblten WaUt and AUoys Part 111, by F, Sauerwmld. rull trMa2ation. OMM., Wj. Zeitacbrift fur WtaaWnde,, Vol =,, Ro 7.. ig5o.. 6 mr-M PM Tr 32% Scleatifle - IdLneraU/Ibuls Jun 52 OVS I= The Sintering of Aiuminim Alloyap by A. von Zeerleder (;ERNO, par, Z. xetallk# Vol 41, Igo 8,, pp 2213-231. TAk3A-1B T 4048 Scientific - Cbestatryt mtollurg3t Tr Avail Of The Secretary # Ministry of' SWply TM,JA TU/P at TDO Leyadmm Radj Moltlu&sup. Landouj, 392.9 butex Aeronautics j - 7-P (*At"m=ft OMMIM 1u Ctk-Ol -Uloys, by 0. N*m]Aw. met ,X# on. mftubm ND hl, 19900 "M Vt 76 .M5 AvaMbU M 0017 SCIAba 8"pt 70 WON? Data on the at,-- - or cinratau Durics veqgtbwdAg Pkwtie DaforIMU013 qclf "t9sp by Prits RoM. Albert XQchon4crZ*r,.8.pV. 41MCLAWIMD Filu.towtsisuea, !On"#. MP Inaltsebrift fuer NotaUkLmdo Vol C-T ~A> e A 4 5 1wrly of the Teninile BtrengUb Iftterialm at ow Tfmp&mtumr2 Inj Mtrl WvILWer.,'WM "uferij, 13 p. GUM, IW,, %sit 3-950, Vol Vol XL%3 Ito 10#--jW-Jh7-321. OLA 60-.1M72 Sol Alpr 60 V(hl Mo 110 3 TT-63-2DM Roll, Albert. WFLUENCE OP ULIRASOMCS CM ELECTROLYTIC 1. Roll. A. PROCIMSES. L ELEC'MOLYTIC DEPOS17ION OF U. Tltle- Elearolytic NICKEL IN THE ULTRASONIC FIRM [1963117p 4p0s Order from '4A $1.60 7T-63-2049) Tnms. of Zfeltachrift MrJ Metallkunda (WestGemumy) 195M V. 4r'W-SW94S. AftilaMe) DESCRII'MRS: OtIlrrasonics. 6111octrodeposition. Mectrolytes, ONIckel. Oscillators. Cavitation. Tests, Electro"Is. TbpWs IndtoW. resewdo still in r.-SA~s go the Wumctng of electrodiemical pe m by ultra- sonics. production of. the ultrasonics of 34 kft and messuremea of the acoustic field; measuremm of the current yield and delmition potential at various sound fniensides. and. st1rr' affect of the ukrasmics 0"6- .1 T..k."j S-1~ (himiallurgy. Tr. v. 11. 41 I On the Crystallographic Indicet, of Grain Section Sur- ",Icc s I & - n I-k-lallographic Sectlorm, by H. KostrLin. .Sex= n, z.*- mg 3.1 V4 X= (10), 0--t 3.950, pp The Alumalulm Ldb-ptaries WD Tr NO OTAQ S Sc-lentLfiq - WtaUographicv cryotallographic., gprulu section aurfaices ludes Acronauticur. 61-12095 Lankes. J. C. and %movermann. G. VOLUME. CHANC115 OF AN ALUMINUM-COPMR I - AlLuninurn-copper alto-yo- ALLOY WRING THE VARIOUS STAGES PRE- Phase studies L.MUNARY TO PRECIPITATioN. (mol isp. 1. I-AnItes, J. C. Ordei frwn AIS $22.40 AIS-IISM45(l U. Wassermonn. G. Ill. ATS-85M,15G T no. 017 ra MmIjkWide (West V. Associated Technical Germomy) 1950, v. 41, no.-TE Services. Inc.. East Orange. N. /031/00 (Metallurgy. TT, v. S. no. 1) Ott the L*.dl!mmm of SWersomic YiLmtiou on Za*%.qxaLlrtdLc Promama: 1.40Aictraytic Depoeltiom Illaltal In a SUW*wfc PlelAlr try A. RoU mm"p ]Pow# Z -0 yetauk.1, h3, (21)s 433-ta?. Bov 1950. VA3j"M Tr No T 3974 scioutsfic - lbtallwa St~pjmnlc Troratioz can, 1:14-trclytija IMC41MI31138s. 2, -rag Agitating Efft -Ft of C.,uper-conic Mration,, bjr A. R&U GERWMI, par# Z- 143tellik-P 41 OIL 413-417s, um 19~0. MPA.VtB Tr 20 T 3975 St. larjUlf lc - MatuUmm A. Kussman Study of conversions in the platinum-iron system. 21 pp. GERMAN, Zeit. Aletallk, Vol 41, 1950, pp 470- 477 NASA TT F 141320 oct 72 %;"I t1wv! strucilire of Iron Layj!rs Deposited by '~:VBPDT'atiom' ~y Carl Beck ';'ull translation. uERMAM, per, Zeitschrift fUr Mets,llkunde,, Vol XLIIj, No 1, 1951.9 Brutcber No 2771 Price. $ft!!~,$4.60 ,Y.C'q ~r? - V Also availoble @ Bell Telephone 7'r B91 (NW) Scientific - mimer%aln/Metals VZS/DU The rirA;na7 OYLAUM 311vor-Irdluts, by Eruin IblImr, 6 pp. OUM, per, Z ibtALU, Vq!- ;:Utj, 15511, yp.17.19, ABC 3446 . Sal - ;jr.AWOftmAbt I Bee 56 7f Z-1-S The Application on Wagner I a Theory of Tarnishing Reactions to the Developnent of Alloys Resistant to Dry Corrosionj by Marl Hauffe, 18pp CEM%N,p per, Zeitschrift fxw Metallkunde Vol 42., 1951,, No 2., yp 37713 su T3!-64-18861 Sci - Met& May 67 346..696 High and lov T..tt~ature Sinberirg Techniques,, A tv M. Kiefftr. GIMMS part Zo INtoaaNt no 429 1.95-1., pp 97-io6. *WDO/b-S TF 70-M30 AvaLlable NOS Only Sci/mat Feb III tl)e Of t:-J-, Plantle of Z=!D, bZr K. URVArl" zal't, fuc-.- LAt.p 2- `11,00-lzunau, V01 Iron culd ateel Iv,-' (r.o nrimber 17,16Wn) P 59 'rhe 1:rXImace of Superemit Vibration on Electrolytic pmttsisses,, 7he Influence of the Prequency on the Agitmting Effeet of the Suptrsomic Vibration& by A.. Roll., 0. Schrag~ llt-~ - GEMOM, por, Z. Metallk-j h2 (7)9 19T-MIS July 1951. SI-A ITPA3,ftn Tr No T 3976 Scieutific - meftumw Mm lalualics of Suporsouic 'iribritim cu Electrolytic pz=vt3se9-.A.-M%* rznuenco cc sq;ersonic Vibration an the Driebtwas Pt Nickal D*posItAi. by jVEpQfMX A* Rd GWdAl1o Ws Z. Jbto'lllroj, 42 (8),, 238-243, Mat 1951L- 2PA3AMB 'Tr No T 3977 scumuric - Wounura Assir,jv, P. and Pfeifer. F. RE:SL%TAS1CL ANOMALIES OF HIGHLY . PERNif-ABLA: Nl-FE-MO ALLOY. 11962) 1 lp. (refs. Grd~r frxim SLA S 1.60 Trans. 0~ ZettaChlift (LIT MetallkUnde (WleeL Q-t-many) 1951, v. 42, Oct. p. 294-299. DESCRIP'llORS: "Nickel alloys, *lron alloys, *Nfolyb- &~num n1loys, Permeability, Resistance. Heat treatnim. Changeti fit perineability and electrical resistance due to additional heal -treating were Investigated in a cer- l.k!,, I0. n%n li~ i*m.311,,% illo,. A,, , p i-11- pit nomencei cf the well biown increaue in permealAlity tly2re %4as found an increase in cold-resistance aid & penAenct: of the hol-resistance on the rate of coo.Ang or the holding time at constant temperature. The time- temperature Law of the change In resistance (Metallurgy, TT. v, 8, no. 9) (over) 62-16Q 18 1. Asenius. F. 11. Pfeifer, F. A Nov Vljovpolut an Stmin Hardsiolne of Wetala* by J. Dinsal GMOM,, perg, Z. NotaM.,, 40 (101%, 309-3155, Oct 1951. TPA3/TlB Tr ft T Scientirle - 14tou On the Reaction Between Metals and Non-Metallics to Form a High Melting Point Ceramic Material, by E. Meyer-Hartwig. GEWIAN, per, Z. Metallkde., Val 42, 1951, pp 302-308. *NTIS/USDC/NBS TT 71-55065 Available NBS Only May 71 ~01. oj~~ I~j4 ojja~ j'., Mot-ail and Ceramics, by Eberhard Meyer 12 pp. G&U-Iklf, pox, Z fuer Metallkwkdo, Vol XLII, No 1.0, 3952-, AMI 1-2440 a ID 2!M678 Sci Dec 63 (W (.:Rysl*,%T-s I IA- 1. Ci -1 Gr, kth P ~M'-'' rAl. PA F,-I*- I! Q~ 11 1 2p. I. G f. L. OrJcl AI*S $It. -,70 ATS - 0 2:,: ', 913 It. %I'S-02N49G III. Tc,:hnical Tuarm. kit ;~Jvizncluifi for] x1ciallk[unk) (Wt.13t Irc. , East Cemianj) 1951: V'. 42,' p. 336-340. Orange. N. (PhyAsra- -Solid state. rr. V. S. no. 11) Sintering Study of Al, by E. Boenisch. GERKAN., per, Z. 14etallkde, Vol 42, 1951, PP 344-348. *IITIS/USDC/IfBS TT 71-55043 Avallable IMS Only May 71 Effect of Magnetism on Diffusion in Some Ni-Cu Alloys, by 1q. Koster. GERMAN, per, Z. Metallkde, Vol 42, 1951, pp 387-391. *NTIS/USDC/NBS TT 71-55059 Available NBS Only May 71 Me 1~[,Eluence of Tie" Upon tbe- Igoibill, of Enasticitiy and Upm DuVing of Ciyn)erj, 'Bilverj, Bmsp by Kbaterp Warner and Bangnot., lootlmr, 9 pp. GUMM,v perlp Zelt thr urtsulawas Val 3a no 20.P ON 60-3um sa 5~,Zt,/ Mar 62 Immatigatiow on Sintered Aluminium., by Eaith Boeiilz;ch,p W. W16aarbolto GERHM* ball's aft& litri I - .12. Vol wov 195is \yp 344-346- Allmialum Lalmmatcwless Lta Tr NO B-4WW.-Ar 02/319 Index Aeromuticus On the RaUing- and RecrystaUizatioa ftxtures of Pure Alwainix,=, by 11. J. ftlbam, n pp. M",p per j Z, tuar SA-- kundep Vol XLllj go 12p '951, pq 311 " a siA 63-10003 s 1 .:?.3 R I 8-Ir Jul 63 1 QF c;tyl'rAI.S 11. 1. ME.CNAMSM GF THE G11,01NI'll ()I.' Ci~YSTALS 1. cr-J, L. UNDER 0.)NL7'1*I(.')N~ VAII FECM HIASL 11. Ti(le: ?J.--c' inkm MUNt (19ftl I:". III, Al's-Cill!"i~'G. OrderfremMS123-95 IV, A.-xl -11',-chnicil kc.. E-!tt Tr.3ns. furl Metalli:(vadel (Weat olll;lge. N. Curl-nany) 1951. v. 42. p. 401-40. See aLo (I - 22153 - -Solld State. rr. Y. S. no. 11) Ofr- .1 T.,~.O-l 3-4. The Effect of Extremely High Cooling Rate on the Solidification and Strwture of Binary AIIWs, by G. Falkenhag*n,,. Wilhols Hofsen, 41 p. GEWANO par,, Z, Hatellk,, No 41a 19S2, pp 69-81. Z43 ABC SC-T-64-2011 sci/m4m may 66 3009489 J.. illcat-Im of B!xncl P-NIcl CIT thn Th(2017 'to Uic Cvjutal Clieml.str-j GF A r.~,yn , TV .I)iGt.-!Qt-,ion of Simple by 1:.~clvahcirl; pvr~p 7, MetoDYimdej, Vol XMIIj, 1952j, Nat'l Res Cotmail Canada TT 338 ~_-Icntlifio - ChemictX7 s3mtorsus or TuWtes Carbide - Cobalt Compositions as 0 53$ SurfMw lbactUms, by 11'. '.Davnl QZMWI Mitw~6rift MotalUmdl p IF61 4)4, 1952 r No Ip IV 70.4k. .." . . , - - 7. -1--l-1-..-.. avviebir Ordw -No 3067 "lamina - WWWUWV Pao* 44-90 / yed Effect of Magnetism on Diffusion In Sintered Ni-Zn Alloys, by W. Koster. GERMAN, per, Z. Metallkde, Vol 43, 1952, pp 37-39. *NTIS/USDC/NBS TT 71-55060 Available NBS Only May 71 Con'tribuJon to the SYSUM 14olybaftum-SilicOus by R. KiaMor, N. Cerw*Wm OMAN,, ZoltuchrIft ftr INtalIkundo, Vol 43j, 1932# 4j, 11 so Kim NMcbor Order 10 2960 Price )PC 1 11 4.5-80 Scloatifte - Metallurgy / 3 '? ~? .'ntemwl Friction of Liquid Au.-Ag Alloys by E. "bbardt 1, M. D"ker. E Metallk, Vol Ll=,, No 4v AWII IW,, T193AD T 3961 sclentme .. kin/Metals Alloya of Titanium With Copper, Silver, and Gold, bi~t E. Rsubo P. Walter., M. EnVi. Full tzanslation, OMMS perj, 32aschrIft fur Me'taLlUmde, Vol 136 No 4j i . pp-r=wrjmF--- jg'am ------- BmUber Tir 3017 Sclemti.rlc - Alloyag TI-Cus TI-A& TI-Au Go SUip WwrlWw4p la Hatal-astal oxi" iaxtwres wd in ASIMM cam"s by wo Dawme 1, pp. asumv pwl va). XLM.. 1(95~pz 17 noalkm- . - AM Mr YF97 a" - Ch" mw " tw/" 1,3 :~ lrx.".UGAWO 4;x Btxeos a= Tlemperal;u''a = C.IrtI.38 Cox-rosscm lme)tsjl by Otto LJs3nq],., 5 pp. . GXFMNI, parj, Z. vo , 17P 3.4-7--150. 9U25 "" I- % MM), MY 191AII:v pm.Tr-6in sel - Iva ~ ~ ~jj / '7j Doe 63 Z,iwweticail aid E.iq,eri;AaM;A ivadx-cntals of Ismadostructive 14terial Testing by tic Lddy Curumt ',btliod, I. 'rae -Spearcli Coil by Fritz Fourster, a."WW"j, per, Zaitschrift fin'. 14atallk. Vol XLIII, wu, pp 163-1710 IxJ 11078666 AEX' OINIL-tr-1297 Sci-OLaterials Nov Ob 31.5,860 Schaeber, Om NEW DHVSLMtWrS IN IME FIELD OF CoNnR- UOUS CASTM. 119631 127J;L (f1p. OMIMOM 42 refs. Order from SLA $2. (0 63-16832 Trans. of L7Adt:schrift Mr) Metallimitic (Went Gernunty) 1952. v. DESCRUTOR& OCaadn& OSted. *Cooper, *Altunttum. After Sweral review of the process of solidification in the usual ingot caaftZ and in confinuow,, rodcasting, the factors deiiennining die degree of difficulty in casting are d1scuseedL 71be casting properties of sted. coq)er and alumimm am compared. (AudW4 63-16832 1. Schaaber. 0. 040tallurgy. 17, v. 10, no. 8) offbM d T*CbWCji &"vim Ga thip. Kinetics of the Asefts orf numinium-saver Alloymp Mrt IVp by G. Ziegler ORRM'., perO Z Metallinvade, Val. XLMp Jun IMj, pp 23.3-216. Vabwr Ifteseareb ImUtulte 46 Or/701 ScIeuttac - MineraIS/gatals 1% CTS/M 4p ~Fl z r u ~, i; . i r u I*d c n i t2!,r AI ri 13uC u i, I i Or vix"I'lli: pev.- 7, FQtellk" Vok XUIII, pp Fulmor :?.c&Laiv% :~arpzitute 41 CT/01 AW Reat Tranwaiasion iu Ittal lialtit in thre Imaediate lReighbourlwood or the Liquid/Sol.'.b Phaee Llo~umdcxv, by 0. Scbsuber. FuU translation. GERM, Z. Motallkv Val h3o No 71, pp 251-256j, July Aluminium l4awatov-1jes., LTD. Tr No D-JM-10h-52 OT hyi Sc iontif ic - Matealurgy Index Awromutics - Jkrch 1953 Eaal& Q13A L' Part I., b,,)- ZeltsohrjQ ma per* NrOl I d., 19521, pp 269-2?7. 3huWher Tr 3n6 t9 Zq 7-t, ~ v '70f 7 ,61 ITUX CIMS/= PrIce $13-20 A~uminuju and Gas. FM-t 3:1, by H. Kostron, WLASSIYIW. GERMU, per p Z I "aZAkundej. Vol XLIII, No 8 . -0 1952" pp 277-2 . . - A bmtcber Tr No 3277 Scientific - minhietels * / 7/ 3 7 C;?" Daveloymmt and preamt BUtas of Continuous outing or Swum" met"s In the U. So , by to Bramro, 17 ype OUKOO pwp Z lieftrummde, va iaa=,, me, vp 395-332. - -- MA 2313 act - mirArale/mats" ~7-~Pzj Oct 57 Vol llxutc'.~ar ':t '-To 32'(,' r-I Alwamut and 0". Part XV.,(Conrluding),, by Kostrou. j. perp Z*jjgLbrtft- alLkwA* Vol X=,, IMI-38ra"Sayl- ~~Ww~ Drutalur Tr No 3279 Scientific - viwmuA&ufo M/M / 9,f :3 Con4ritult-4wiz to the Xr~alograpby of Idgbt Metalo. IV. on the Crystallization of the Residual Melt in camercial Almdato AlbVop by Hans Koetrm,, Margarete Schlomp 13 YP- GMUM.p per.. . Wei. Vol I g No 9j, Sep 1952.0 pp W*J~O" S,.L.A. 1021 Scientific - Metals/mInerals 39 10, jm~o,~ , "',:`,I I t I [:I I IV I I 1 1114 11 M I 111111,1111111Y I i:U It' I.- 11411.~Ilrftt Go of Pa-la Alloys Frvfu Aaoi3j~avgs (slightly obridged)., by F. Uhl; A. rj*wl. 0111IM-90 )my, Zolteckrift fur ;~AtallLunlot,, vol 4.3" 30 0,0 A5.1 4111 i.1-11;ornday ScipsIm ;.4y 6S 278,921 Titminz axA Soldering of Alwamumi by Ultrasonics,, bY F - Weakp 11. Boljahn Cu GM*Mp perp Zeltschrift fvr HatACDAunde,, Vol =II, .190- -9*-'MZ7PP 329-324., Bruteber Tr 3231 ,// .;cientific - 14inemla/metcas CTS/bn Price $2.90 Z;Pilral-4.1 by 1;. (MILl"All, pav, Z. He-tallks Vo.L d"LlIX, ",o 10, (,,zt TPA!;tfrB T 4oj~A'93 Scie ntific - Minemlsivetale ca a* c""Itation Dtap" at the optan cowpor. 411"W-Inum. no 0 -m v# to wsvu awww" or ps; w lava, adow".0 ff Nottt& brdm.p 13 oxam S tbxnmm"a Tel U=- 2VPv AW llr YrK owl Ayr oxillo Va--l-,o~,a-:l cn the sn-,,~ TALmilw-~i, by il. Eatiffe, 03PRA" 2, Rctmlll-, Vol -i;ttXl, 1,;;) 10. OL!:L 1952, 7 bletall j N 7 54 - Min/matals 62 I t.nvest.IgaQcn an Zim Allayn 19-ide 1rou 171ve-Nine" Zinc (99-999%)o bY W. HOfMmp F. XI~dm,,nm-Jecnit---cr,, FL. Hanomm MiCIASSIMO GMWW) M .... o Z. kletztllk... Vol XLIII., No 12, 1952, pp 47-401 TPA3trM T 4~ Scientific - Kin/ketair, April 54 M/D= latta%wa fttoh Effect and am-fam sewitivity MW*r Cra2la BandUW Streissesi. Part IV of ftecessm OcamTlng ln Urbalt Under Tamile and putigue atre"MI, tv 0. BAN"= MMNJI so pwi, Val ILMI is So 121v 1952s pp 429-433- 13:.-uUbcw Tr 3157 $6.lo 2.f sop 56 Gas. H. 1131isters aid I oicr, .*~i, I'l-as-tic !"eterials, I-),- Hens Kostron. per, 'f. Metlallkamde, Vol 71o 11, 1, pp 3473--3~07- *AEC Sci - Kin/MetcJ-s Nov 61 X-Ray Hathcdo for the Direct ntasure==t of Stmas CompownU WIthout t1m Use of Reftrence Lima, by R. Osavalas 13 pp. Gaftwo Pori. - " ~*udmp Vol XKLV., Pt 1., Jan 1953# pp :UA 58-&8 Sol A" 59 - I IP15- ,1e; 73 The lufluence of Lead Vpon the Modulus of Elasticity and Upm DwminLp cof Copper,, Gilver., Bmm, by Koster, Werner arA BanMrt, Lothar, 9 PI) .. =-MU,, per,, Zeit fur Metall Vol XLII, Ho 10., 1951.. pp 391-394- ow, 6o-16481 Sci 30 mm- 62 Co-atrIlutions to the HetallogTaphy of Light V.-ato-Ita., 6. .. oil ne Etching at Suler-furity Al=inium., by B. Kosts-ons E. 11offler,, W, Sautter. CMWUp per.# Z. lfttal_-Ikp Vol ILIV, No 1,p Jan 2953P pq 17-21. ............... .... Alminium labomtorles IM BJ,M-131-53# ScloutUlc - Klmrals/MbUas 16 .Aug 54 CTS '1 4 00 LID,'7'4t Wx~-xat'cn G~i C'Glltac~-c FVOW ~a-'Odu Q- I 1~ t - . VI strmctwre try 7, Albert PM: and Meyor Kell., Crrl,::-- Luduuj il VP* CMIU., pore Wit Wt5lllnuide, Vol XLT-V,, Do 1, 2--& ihm 3-9,;3j, pp 2' - s.L.A. Tr ioo7/i956 Sci - MrAar&Uft,,,,tA,. 9 Zo oz a 7 T113 i~j.uvtics cf 'iuc!L'Utc, 71.11 thc. 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If. lacour, K. Scil.ci7, 6 pp. GERMAN, per, Z Met&llkwAglt Vol XLIV, Mar 1953., PP 113-114. SIA 57-994 may 58 6 ;~ f 0, ~2, All' Unnuu it; Injected Into the Melt, by Helmut Urt,:i'lunn, at al-P 7 Pi)- mmkI., Pu~l zii~tallblndeo Vol XLZVa No 41, 19531, L23-126. S.L.A. Tr 456/1956 W= lplr~, ~-9,~- Scietrbifto - Hinarolo/motals , Tt*,.,,.t Resu* of' Diffusion Proceimes Jz Artificial Mxod Ciiygto~Uj by Theo Heumma, ~mi A3S(mz Kottm=, 27 pp. atIATIRO, m Q Per.. Z, WtalIkunde, Vol 30JV, 1953, PP 139 154. s.L.A. xr 74/15% of Analgans of the Wir4arkeriej, Zroso Cobalt,, Nickel, and Col-1pr, by F. Idble 01MMANO per, Zeitschrift far UstalUmde, Vol pp Dayt of tat US Bur or Ulnes Sastern MWer StA College I%xkp We set NwHat may 59 , 73~3 Pewic.,"ide! Liquation in the Continuous Custina of Ccaw-rcial-Purity Al=imi=,v lby G. Elebel., D. A. Altent.obl, H. H. Coben. GERM., parp Z. Mets'llep Vol IMU, Ho 5. 1953P PP 173-183. Milmin.um Lalx=atorics, Ltd W/975 g ,2 ~l 0 scl.entific - miametau Ci E. 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AE:C-J&-1735 Li 90 7 v Scientific - kiln/met CTSIM Aia-Umg *Z iiwta~ W!"ai, Qa=ible AutCation, by 0. V]MklSr ==No 30 pwp Z YAt4llk=dsp'701 XLIVI, 1953j, py 333-3410 T.I.L. T 4701 Sep 56 cm I -20751 Uhl. F ranz and junitschek. Peter. DECONIPOSFIION OP HEXAGONAL ALUMI NUTM 1. Uhl.6F 13ORIDE A1112. 1196118p. (it figs. omitted) 8 rel II. jenitschek. 1'. Order from SLA $1. 10 61-20751 Trans. of Z01schritt fUr MetalIkunde (West Co-,rrrany) 1953, v. 44Tilo. H/01*~_414-417. DESCRIPTORS: *Aluminum compounds, 'Wrides. De- composition, Aluminum, *Boron, *Alloys, Production, Microstructure, Ridlography. (Chemistry --Physical, TT. v. 7. no. 3) Theory of Grain Boundary Structure in Solids, by K. Lucke. GERMAN, per, Z. Metallkde., Vol 44, 1953, pp 418-426. *NTIS/USDC/NBS TT 71-55064 Available NBS Only may 71 Pbaso FbacUon in the Fo-a Witesi, b(y & Fitsor. GMW't per# z 09killjo No 10~9 3.9339 pp 462- 472. *XHS Tf 7C657428 sei-I'lat Avg ?0 1w,luclicc 01, RVAOUP-l StrenLie&. 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