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December 31, 1972
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bU10fiNlij, POT,, Ato-awirts Atpirtuell,, Vol 15, flu :!, 1970, pp 77-79. -fPABC/OrWL-'f'1-2417 w Sci/J.A,SC Jan 71 0) If".. 4(ORNL-tr-2371) IWAK: SPECIFICATIONS AND FINISHING CONTROL FOR EQUIPMENT; lClauss, W.; Issel, W.; Warchold, L.; Mainingbaus, H. 10Translated for Oak Ridge National Lab., Tenn., from 15Atomwirt. Atoxnti~2N, 15: 84-9 (1970). 20,15p. uDep. NTtS. aschomical engineering; chemistry (separation); methods and equipment; reactor fuel; translations V07A. 14, 18J 2VMN-38 SP NSA 111-, (~~ 4(ORNL-tr-2372) BSPECL4L MACHINES AND EQUIP- MENT OF WAK. aGeler, H.; Hoffmann, W.; Huppert. K. L.-, Zimmermann, G.; Roth. B. F. oTranslated for Oak Ridge Na- tional Lab., Tenn., from jjj~~rt., Atorateciv. 15-. No. 2, 89- 94(1970). 015p. 24DOp. NTIS. 2golien-doal engineering; chemistry (separation); methods and equip- merit. reactor fUel; translations 2v07A, 14, 18J 21MN-38 29P NSA 0 4(ABC-tr-7340) gDETURMINISM AND STATISTICS IN REACTOR SAFETY. $Knecht, 0. joTranslated from 15Atoin wirt., Atomtech.; 15: No. 11, 528-30(1970). 207p. uDep. NTIS. 2greactor safety; translations 2y181 ,OMN-BO SP NSA 0 a Heat Exce'nangeir in M- At, -1 F 2 -A I Jan 7 3 AajA oiddiatims B-dmicur im M, -11maled IllimU63133 t1j, 11.. 13 . (310mills"13-1 . : GTIM Jim CIM-5610 Juno 71 PF-C,4(LIB/Trans-416) gSAFETYCONCEPTS FOR THE NEW RBG Uq PRODUCTION PLANT. sPilgenroether, A.; Thomas, W. 10Translatod by P. J. F. Newton (Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment), from 1160-mw-irt.. Atomtech.; 16: 74-7(Feb 1971). 2gl4p. 24DeN NTIS (U. S. Sales 6id-Y1. 29critioality studies; health and safety; translations 2T18H, 06R 2,;MN-46 29NP NSA 0 - - - -- -- - -- --loi -ih--- The ICVI,.d NeutrDn Sourre - r p -KgY Flux -Raiactor - at Grenoble, by P. Ageron. GERIMAIN, per:, Atomwiri, Atoirilvch, Vol lt~~ 1971. - -- ---------- Rp 12S-129.. *AEC -LB/ u-3D~b June 71 A; i The "Hark of' the Karlaruha Fast B::-ec,,de-,. Reujec'-. I'v jEci 73-1 GrtleMm-- the r,-Iplj.-~!nnent. An LC Nov 61~-,C (NP-tr-1934) gRADIATION RAZARDS AND RADIATION PROTECTION. gHug, 0. laTrAnglated by D. H. Garrett (State Electricity Commission of Victoria), from j5Ajqpjmdjj.,A:toxntech- 16: No. 6, 294-300(Jun 1971). 1017p. "Dep. NTIS (U. S. Sales Only), 2#health and safety; translations 2106R 18MN-41 jqNP NSA is industi-v -In t I- Ped e ra-1- State of the Fuel Cvcle R e p LJ.Q 1-;f Germaay G,-Et:UfA~.` .4. t c,,nr-* rt s c Risley --.rans. e:v:) Nov 72 utilimitiOn Of NUCleCT PCYWOr PlftntS. ATOMWIRTSCMAn, ATOMECIINIK, Val 1.6, pp 573, 1971. NTC-72-15036-18L Fab 73 Suitability of Europlum an an Absorber Material in Fast Reaotors, by H. Spenke. G&WN, per.. Atgmwirtschatt, Vol 17, Mar 1cY72, pp 161-164 RISLEY Tr-2400 sept 72 1 441~6 ~N 0 Cliaracteristics of 14outruns and Noutrun Sourws with lw4,ax-d to ulalok;ical %-)Idications, by Y, mi der F or, 11 pp. GLIV-1-Vi, per, Atoomaliergie, Amic 1966, pp 122-129. P944372967 NSTIC 1841) WE Sci/Nucl sci 342,424 Nov 67 29 lbv 6iB N The vs"aqpw-t or ftwoulu" rev 00 ftoftmw or Ibmy tim ftdlo" a k)S m by ILD.Vm 206MOMA VwW%,# w per& kkama ftercAsp. Mo-9 rotar4mi4 Wv 680 w ;974a$ Ss" 1390-esTrome1~64 ftect AM am VVV- 40 Mt MOUlAtO Now fisaiZe matoriaZa for faet -maotora, by s. ii. P. cordfunks. GMUMN., per, Atoomrsergie Vol 11, Nov 2969, pp 263-272 C.E. 5773 4pr 72 --7-7 - - - - --- it - 12 ~.- - Wo.-Am ---- I& 101.70P ,,rl*mls . 1957 Fib 1: 1971 Nib a971 Or WLcuu, j mutancdon far SWaotca. 4- YOzedbuir-P Xg awlew., lw vam # 0652 pp 2=1 2mem Yca 516T A" Can su scion" 320AW jbw b, awlabo"t 30 4r,-ft-ftn"! 07 40"01 too-to %--- AW ft &ft mwu2au & 'ID sue 0 Ila MILD MI V"4da i 1 19 - ftj!jVt 3LI'Ulll Cn(O 41%]. ft (not V=Iho Nuclear Propulalcm For C=te-taer ships DUTCH, per, Atoom EneMAe Ein imir Vol N!c sept 72 -Q:-, , ,:!Mra . LL- 4---- 1 - -I.- .-- - - lil-ttirs One "-~i ---. ---l- I - .- ---- ---- - --- -- --- . , -- -I -~~ - 1. L, - -- l4pl"PIP, ; I- ---- -- -- -- - I ~ .. - - '--:--T! '. if I . -'t . - - - - - - - -- , - - VI'ma we L, . --.- .-- - - - . , -- . - -- - . 7 - - - - - . ---- - - - - I . I I - -, ~ - ---: ~- - b-petl-lial ty-0-3 I-, TX) ll~)! *--lj~tj:~ . -1 !F, "I . ", i " . :, I ~ ;. 1. curlew -win or atf No. IV m Ad me am@ or asow 00mawft VLUsn a IS 1-s-O or zkm an ana own, Doing I - I fl lp, n b7 C6 IleamDly. .8 V654~4-~ walw3mg p Val 5# 3b Tt RM =3 f IV 3W3W- - ad ~ jk*Wtalm U9*W XW 6T a or Too"t FL%iUqp in somw Ape Diessamp Am* Mau ft&VMIUP 14 ppe zvjj" * pwo At" 122d- OMUE m Vol U 53V-55lo- 561-574- Asamida) moo arjwiy NIC TAN-333T Sol-abom An 73. AM ULLLA K. AL~,AULMIA U111ALIA. ANUI(LON71o CLAUSL Ul SLILN.CL I*ISICt4Lp i4AILMATICIOL L NATURALI bLL AM ULLL$ottcAL*.04lh 14AIlONALE (WI LINCLI& HtNUSCO"ll. CLASUL Ul lvCILrQL FISICHLP z-, MAILHATILM L NATUNALI *Jw a" ftatlmp bv Nowdoo Diem. ITUMX,p pwi, Attl Apped Boal Line I Rand CIRAWO ftl 7 2=v-To"Ts-T965s pp 4U2-M7, M%M 2T F-10*322 V. a, OOVERIUM tm oux Dee 66 316.,425 Studies on the Ni-Nb-0 System and on the Equilibrium of Reduction of Niclek Niobate, by Abbattista Fedele. ITALIAN, per, Atti Accad Sci Torino 1. C1 Sci Fis Mat Natur, Vol 103, 1969, (Jul-Aug), pp 605-62S. J~-FAGE70-RNL-Tr-~SS4 - -1d, Feb 72 NOWMA fcW ~4vu; tam Wfe" Of A 080~2011 got bw NMb~u 65XIDUM. .4" jkja~mw an Swaim, 11 cwotro utsbw-=~- 310,Mno X14 AtU OA no IM W P4292" 04-PNO 391,574 sept 69 on the Conduetion of flestv by Carlo, 28 pp. ITALIAN. per. Atti Seminario blate Fisieop Vol 3, 19480 pp 83-161. ABC/SC-T-70-4029 sci/Phy Sept 70 Changes of Coronary Flow in Man Induced By Noradronaline, Metaprotorenol suid Pronothaaol, by L. Donato. ITALIAN, per, Societa Ita.Uana di Cardioloicia, Attl, No 2$ 1967, PP 178-180, NTO-71-11893-06P Noy 71 Vivift", R. st al 1967~ Changes In the muscular lipIds of the rackerel (3-gomber soomber T- ) 4uring frozen storage (Modii'loationi 4-al-IT-pidi del mdedoli di agombro ( M omber sootabrus L. I duranto Is conservasiont mediante aor4re1nment, Attl della Societal 'telisna dell* Saienze Veterinarie. 21: 7o6-710. In Italian. Tranal. by Tranal. Pur., Fgn. Lang. Div.. Dept. of State of CarwRds, for Dept. of Environ. , YRBC Halifax Lob.. Halifax, N.S. 1972. as Tmnal. Series No. 2162, 6p.. typesaript. Avail. on Loan - HEFS, Wash., D.C. Inol Article Checked.)K A Case of Natural Infection bF Listeria Monocytogenes in a Partridge# by G. Galli.. ITALIAN, perp Societa Italiana. della Scienze Veterinarie, Ata, Vol 22, 1968, pp 817-819o NTC-70-12976-06M Feb 72 Immunofluoreacence on Leukocyte Cultures as a Diagnostic Tool in African Swine Fever, by F. Titoli. ITALIAN,, per, Societe Italiana delle Science VeterInarie. Atti., Vol 22, 1968, pp 858-864. RTC-71-10113-OaE Nov 71 Res'Afurizi"ki jjigh-SP6`13il 972 pp 5-7 Nutiber H-B BI 14 yell) 7 3 Assncyg F*O* Mwbart TITLE a AWMRI SOU=El Lowmebs IMIUMTIOUSs FAA R-15431-0 3AG-4.,A~U Is Aujtus~ 1972 Attity"r till arbetfs ach arbets Orbil Lander bUod traftideduLuM"waoml vid tuft. fimtsverk" " 11 1 1- thru 17. XmWar AMi&d mwwweca Parsonaladadulstxagiva alstrIMO&J, Trawlsts Into B%J.I.*bv p"te up cbArtsps a"*$ end provide (AM with a si%le Ord typed wpy. ITALIAN Cso: OIT73./72 W 33 rob. 1972 aF AtUvittes 3f NuUmma Sacles MWZIW Omdttee (CM) VAdW VIVO-TOM Pftdod 1965-196.9 - Fluo aww an W VIVO-Tow p1m. La Almdu at -cm ma gfidma"p :im, _=*a =1 n Plaw c- a nt Ipp tm-030 Ad Nee *Oldo] two 3 2b mot rd"a orsaima pum am Acroos the Boamo of DWC81189 by ftwo Zanetting 21 PP- ft Dol-in ,TAL MR-22 NO Tvj, per* Attrm-M"O 1 po, 437t-TM&--UW# PP RRM�Mk I 4A DU Til 11---00 Sol/Ago 366sA oat 68 Dahammn IaRftre Vamb2o to Solve Econotdc PmbIWM,q 5 Vp. PRO=P mvp h1b" 1* 20 Nor 1966,, Pe 2* JM 3534T AftlasorAWmV zam I&q 66 30N Speech by Noise l4ensah, Minlarter or Faual D&vajopment and Cooperation$, by bloise 5 Ppl, np., L'Aube NouveUej vol 60 No 26, 30 JUM8 :CW., -PP- 3., 7.. 10, ,jpFe 3676* Africa,-Dahomey Bcon Sept 66 308,,266 chuo" tinuanallut Agvtotdtmnl Assistance to DOmmoys kW Lends Zi4a. $ pp* rRmu part Wimb.0 I)RAVUS, fo 2e-191 Vol 71 1.6 AW I"o Pp. 3-100 JPILS 41W A16DOhomw Sam jmg 0? mso was lugoa 10 IN" an Ddu" Dabom~W" ftbal"" v ty agas Mova'04 at matim", Ira& VUS, so 27P 190. ;8,, 16 juV 3,967& via=* IW- 0 49A.WCAMIma r, 9 SOU 2wv VP go 5 ijA 'p. ke ow Adwo "I 3%2*M ftt 67 -u-ial IJZ41 R"Wflr-"p er -Par r en ii iiT Isotvpe~.Coutrollfi;i Supervision Of t I~blstuze Untent in Sinter Mixes, by P. lohn. (XILNAN, per, Aufbereittknits--.fo-c-im-ik. Vol 60 Jan I9ZS-,-j-vp=8-22. UISI 4316 sci/M41.1 NOV 6s 2900SSO Ora Handling in hinter at the LKAH Mines in Sweden, by B. Pagarberg. GEDLAN, per, Aufbereitungs-TeclmLk. Vol 6, No 1, 1965. pp 2349C. HISI 7198 Sci-Mat M June 69 382,867 Bins and Silos With Sheild, by R, Kvapils, T, Tmaka. GuRMM, per, Aufberaitung-Techulk. Fob 1965, pp :9-40. BISI 4448 sci/-mm Nov 65 290OSS8 Fluidizing Systems in Starnp silast by 14 Possilag GHIMMO per, AuJbereitms Todnilk, Feb 1965'r pp 73-78, *8131 4449 sci/wl sop 6S Monsuresent of the Contents of K, Sttwpf,, GE-IU.IAN,, per, Aufbeveitwigs,.-TbchnILk Vol 6, Feb 19650 pp 90-93. DISI 440S EE-Germany SCJL/.M&N Fab 66 294,643 bAme Disposal In Maillum Site Incineration Yurnaceso lan- W, Wuhrown. GEPAM, per, Aufbervitunp-Technik., May 1965, pp 262-270. DISI 4762 SCi-MGM may 66 299,799 Considerations an Refuse Incineration. by R, Soppe GERMM* per. Aufber*ltungs )dmik May 196Sg 278. - 6 PBPIS21741;'6,1 Sci-M&M May 66 3000943 The Sorting, Cl"sifying and Recovery of Fine Sand, by H. J. Fail, GRUM., per,, Aufbeveitungs.Twd~mlk. m*r, 1966 p pp x3�.TC.- BISI 4882 sci".m4m Jul 66 30604176 ilwidblUtles of Innuwxdmg PeXL*tlslng Pon upwat4on and tbedr Effeatis an tlw Properti" of tho PeUstised FAtw4alt bW W. Pletsebi. GERWO Pere Asm?2xAtdviv--T*cbm&q Apr 1966. pp 177-1910 BISI -U" $01-4ftt mr 68 349.08 puminsi! 6VjA*tlco =d s=e or CLOWI Typ rilt4wep b7 X. NM=q (11�R=jp per# Autbareltunas-Teebaft No 5,p EM 5020 gWi.-Nech MD&% Civ thr Ixor oat 66 A CMtribUticR to the cozy of-uve--mm-,, Salt Flotation& by 11, Schuborto GERmAN. per. Aufte"itung-TecWka Vol VII, No 61, 1966, pp 305-31-s. Chan Tran3 Sv No 27S2 Sci-Chem Mar 67 320,895 PIETSCH, W. Strength of pellets with salt bridge formatic and its change due to thier drying behaviour. . ,Aufbereitungs -Tech. 8(6):297-307 (1967) (CRL/D. 878) Problems in Fine Screeningf, by P. Schmidt, GRRWW, per. Aufbereitungst:Aachnikg, No 6, 1967, pp 322-342. BISI 8713 Sci/Math act 70 Hopper DisobargLng Davie" - Str4woes, Requirmots, lAmmmicning, Tn"e by We Hoomumt and Me Ha or, QWANv per* No 10, ,;r,,, PP =-3n. Bul fa on. N~~ i~7, cozz.,w. (("151) SCIC-1fat Jar- 68 ZOO axberal jAmdaniontals of the M.-tition Curves. 2, Criticism of the Characbaxi-ntic Values of the ParLitim Curves# by r. ~,4 1,SMIer. GurfV,, perp IAqO.)exqitmO::~.Lbdi., Vol 12, 1967, jk-, 073-678 - Odv(D.647 sci/ noctim engr axxj 69 389,690 Corralatiais Betwom Cwiiudral:icn and Waar in the Ca3e of Lipact Strassp by G. Gaital, CMWI, 1)erp Aulberaituno-Ilediis Vol 12,, 1967, I-V 6 79-6 87. CT"649 sci/ vechauangr -ux c j 69 389v675 W. GUDENAU Production of Iron Ore Pellets of High Strength. AUFBEREITUNGS-TECH. No 4, 1968, pp 145-151. BISI 8967 Mar 73 Pneumatic Cvnveyor Plants In Process Tech- nology, by It. J. Dollit GORMAN, p AuEboreltungs-Tach. No. 8: 375-80, 1;6v; CRL/D. 726 Sci-mech 385.702 July 69 AUF tIE"t I I UNfib- MGHNI K 1968 Vy US P201-214 QISD~ PIETSCH, W. Pelletizing of iron or6p worldwide. Aufbereitungs-Tech. 9(5):201-14 (1968) (CRL/T. 3912) SlAgUo.put:LOU Commimation by JkW-v*lSb"v by P. RLIdlOVr- aumn, pwo bwe Vol 99 lb 9j, 108, pp 431-1M. osm no 96o5 W-Cbem am 69 398,189 ... - 1. '' ".' 1, 4 b I HIRSCH, M. Formation of Iron chloride by reaction betw hydrogen chlorlde in flue gases and Iron oxide in fly ashe and on heat exchanger surfaces. Aufbereitungs Tech. (12):614-23 (1968) (CSIRO/No. 1 J- -7 RIE-S, H. Mixing methods and mixing devices proposed classification. Aufbereitsungs -Tech. (1):1-30 (1969) (CSIRO/No. 9812 Stress Me-chamism of Impact Crushing in the Case of Oblique Impact and the Effect of the Angle of Impact on -the Single Particle Impact Crushing of Rhenish Brown Coal, by I. Tschorbadjiski, GERMAN, per. Aufbereitungs - Technik, No 6, 1969, pp 277-TU79-. BISI 9343 Apr 72 Differences in Processes of Sizing on a Conven ional Vibratory Screen and a Mogensen Sizer, by J. Wessel, GERMAN, per. Aufbereitungs-Tech,, Sept., 1969, pp 492-497. BISI 8356 June 71 Dicabarge-Promoting Hoppers for Silo Cellos by 0, F, Theimer, GERMAN, per, lufbereitungs-Technik, Vol 10, October 1969, Pp 547-556. GEGB Trano 5/202 tta~'. 16~5-t Mar 72 Exparimants on tho Ilso of Ilontonites ('.or Ilelletizing Iron Oros, by 11. Kortmann and A. Mai, GERMAN, per. Aufbereitungs-Tech.., No 5, 1970, pp 251-256. BISI 8965 Dotermination of the Mineral Content of Fine-Grained Iron Ores and Mineralogical Changes in Magnetite and Hematite Ore Samples When Heated Up to Sintering Temperature, by R. Matheus, GEMAN, per. Aufbcreitungs Tech., No 10, 1970, pp 587-598. BISI 944S i StAlphid-O COITDOton on Heat-lbm~,W.Wer suyTaces in Pire 13mos. GMRAN, per, Aufl2eMLjLiMgA-:Tec]--in:tk, No 5, 1911, Pp ;247~254 NM 72-1269i-)3A 9~p~l 72 Pr~xwlpltco amd Clunairlaution of Counting Methods in Particle Size ~'mal:,s-Ls 1, BISI --J'T,,' 'Nov 72 ey~ - --- 9-7-.--- - ---- YBIST 10926 1-43/66 DC-3-1636 2 sept 65 2he ftsks of Im, go, space (Lecture by J. Ibm-lal at the Fifth Mumpean SpaAm Congressv 22 jhl 65,p 22 pp. Die Aufsabon Von lp 3$ 2..(umlmmm)j,- Clarmn , /J , ! - //, 6 2, 5;-, FW/Scd Special 2~pe "B"Mansaatorls draft plus one., T. D. 14 Sept 65 Doc (pp)-ft mot mrtUate. Chilean Leftist Discussion ct Need for Com!- blaina SoololagW with PoIlticap by Alfonso Gonvales Dagnimp 3.5 ppj Avow.nw per, hum Omn4bw 3.965, pp t 39 AM 353 IA-Chlle Pal Ow 66 .10k 300v - Teitelboim's Contribution to Chile Confer- ences, by Volodia Teitelbolm, 19 pp. SPANISH, per.. Aurora No 6.. O"It 1965, PP, 5-29, JPRS 36847 LA-Chile pal sept 66 309s886 A Chilean Marxist Looks at Guerrilla War. by Jose Rodriguez Ellzondo,, 14 pp. SPANISH, per, Aurora, Santiago de Chile. No. 14. 1968, pp. 5-13. -- JPRS 45,219 LA(Chile) Political My 68 355,996 1. The Miwarth Ifletmommue- irvirm lmd in ptpuilln-T. by Active Dahl-mill-11'. 3- flanol. immimA fwU to :ilmaiirt, by Plomm Daal,,;npart. i-xx % n T. D.