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December 31, 1972
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Aseptic 14yendectomy with Varmiform Vrocess, by K. GEIV-.IAN, per. Chir Praxis, NMS/1320 sci/aFIM May 69 Invurination of tho Wahl, S pp. Vol 11, 1967, pp 243-245. 377,437 Chim an a Dwonmm Pathp by Z. EWmft 12 IV,, PCIS rm Ch 0 0 3922iffi-DKOMP Swo 3T & A, T & 10 19lip VP 0- v & 5 0 JPM 41529 PM-Chim POI glay 67 329,v999 WCWA DIsawmes Brf*cU or Iftv Fam Pollcyp by fteolaUw Oucwas 7 py. PMM* UP# Chlolwft RM, 14-3.7 APr 196B.- pp 5-6. JPFz 456815 ftl-Agrlculture ant 68 365v996 6 P r&H 0 IS .9 np!p Chlppnka Dro i, 16 iqov 71, P 3,r JPRS .54-123 dzloj Outl3non Tanks of Agrioultural stuffs Industry, by Fail Kolodzioj, U."arsaw, Italian Coununist Party -- Biggest Business in Italy, by flodda lVestenberger, 7 pp. GEIMAN, per, Christ und Welt, Vol XVIII, No 9, 26 Feb FDD J-2094 Ital Pol The Socioa DemocraUc GKTMV MA solb WOO FOUtW - Beni* - a an the GUMM QUOUM# br Hgon Babro 6 =mm,p pwo M" md 12 p Val XV13:Xv No 108, 5 Naroh i9a. p W, Lt ipm 29m ZMa%-GwuwW Pbl Kw 65 2769509 The 'Rebellion of the Falee Pi-ophetsp bV Horst Barlde 1, 6 pp* GERWIt por, Chri" Um3 Wel't v Vol VXVIU, No 39j, 24 SV 19651, p 14. &-- JPRS 326W African Pol Nov 65 2911," Mmoshes Ouster Seen Altering Balance Of Power in Africa,, 7 ppi qN.WASAW -- -- . -rj. Chr:LlLt XqL Vftlt.* Vol 19p No 9,, -1 - 4 N&r 1966, P - 32 0 JPIRS 34856 Africa-Aham Pol Apr 66 29B..336 P"oldent Luelfte Is Trip to BIwA Africap b3r Elons Gon"'.. 5 pp - oxwo.0 ixwp CbrIelt Weltp Vol 19., So .12p 25 lbr 1966,, p. -~A. JPJG 35IR Africa POI Mw 66 2990902 P&Ustlnlms Rmd It Better vader Russelp., b2r ftross Mu-Uls. 7 ppq- mmm# No# east MA Wtatio 22 Sept 2967P SO 38 v 209 p Ap am 43i3 be/1"Val pal D" 6T 346,263 West Gerawn Author Desoribes Charch Life in ODE, by FVlts He2mm, 10 ppo GMW. nP, 2Ndg& Umd Welt, stuttPrt, 3 Jan 1969, p 24. JPRS 4?491 EZ-E Ger Pol Mar 69 374.M C! 19236 3 Ayr 69 Rissions Who am no Russimm by Carl Gustav stroehm,, stuttgartP Genm.v Vkly "PrdMoilst und Welt., 7 Mar 69,P 8 Special Typeo'B"Mramala6or's draft plus one T*D. 9 Apr 69.. DC Iw pp- do zkot mutilates GDR Etmlatex Western Teckmical Aablevamentat by Re KoeUer, 7 pp. GEWANq up, QLalat und Welt', Shuttgut. 17 Cet 19699 p 10. JPFIS 49305 Sd6X*ch Doe 69 394,030 940, B%Ku PdSAWq Le v pp IMP! ~p Oot %952 Nev Thin-Layer Chromatographic Adsorbents For the Separation of Water-Soluble Siibstances by G. Ilesse. GERMAN, per, Chrouiatographia, vol. 1, 1968, pi). 302-309. NTC T1-12948-07C -7 17 Tho Ilandline of Automatic Data in Gas Chromato- graphy, by J. Baudisch, 6 pp. GERMAN, per, Clroviatographia No 1. 1968, pp 443-445. GB/I)El-/NSTIC 2189-69 Sci/Elec Feb 70 200,220 400,220 Gas-Chromatographic Analysis of Plant Aromas. Part I. The Enrichment, Separation and Identification of Volatile Aromatic Materials in Grape Musts and Wines, by F. Drawert. EUROPEAN, per, Chromat2Araphia Vol 1, 1968, pp 446-457 NTC-71-148;9-07C Feb 72 Tbis Cbramtopepby of Famtolm and Nuaelo AcWo an Pspw and Tbln laya"o by MAmoftetar Bw s, is 0 --p P~rr Vol 320 1%8# pp ASO-ZA-Mr-68-17 &d/B&H jai 68 3610744 Discussion of the Electrical Properties of Flame Ionization Detector Systems for Gas Chromatographys by Oq Knapp. GERMAN, per, ChromatogURhla, Vol 2. 19692 pp 67-73. NTC 72-10443-07D Apr 72 The Parameter Humidity for Different Combinations Solvent - Borbent in TLC~ by 11. Sandroni. FMCH, per$ ChromatograLhia, Vol 2, 1969, pp 165- 171, NTC-71-12372-07D Nov 71 am GINVOM" (JTLO v nuarim ammax Vol 2,9 No Tj, 1969s ~~W ~~ J" ftf-s 9M-9F (CA tnmu, 225) Sol/own mar 70 ***JLOX Contribution to the Identification of Higher Patty Acids by Means of Gas ChromatograjAy and Graphic Evaluation Methods, by J. Krupcik, 0. Liska, 13 pp. GERKO, per., Chromatolmhia, No 2, 1969, pp 393-396. - Dept of Interior BCF/OFF Aw3O.oF*b 1970-No 141 On Loan Sci/84H may 70 Water Determination Down to 10-9 Weight Per Cent, by R. Kaiser. EUROPEANI part Chromatographia, Vol 2, 1969, Pp 453-461. C.E. Trans .5463 Jan 72 Report on Some Subjects Discussed At the Meeting of the Mass Spectrometry Gas Chromatography (MS/GC) Discussion Group Deidesheim, 13,12.1968, by T. Clerc. EUROPEAN, per, Chromatograghia, Vol 2, 1969, pp 520-522. NTC-71-11547-07D Feb 72 . -- ---I - - - - -- - -- . I; I rom, r i ~ pw" -- - -v&togMpbI&,v Vol 3,, No 10p 1970., pp 469-477 C.R. Weas 5578 mavmtogral;bia am TI: J Merle (I'Aubigne Motbods of Preparation of Capillary Columns used, in Gas ChromduDgraphy. Part I - True Capillary Colu=is. FWWCH, per, Chromatographia, -vol 4, .197.1, pp,309-326. NTC 72-1-4092-07A NOV 72 Techniques of Capillavj Gas Chronatography. Possibilities of Full Utilization of High-Performance Columns. Part I. Direct Sample Injection, by K. Grob. EUROPEAN, per, Chromatographia, Vol 5, 1972, PP 3-12. NTC 72-14466-07D Jan 73 Tito Kinetic Organization of tho IIapidq)tera Caroinosorm.,, by 114MIS tluLwr, 19 pp. GERIMM, ~cr, Uirorwsmia, Val 11, 19,65, l-L). AEC-ALRE-TRANS IWN- EE sci/B&M 2ar 6 8 Ir Dopue"Soms of ftbwdto of ChM- WMMjj IMA Eftelaw. tim DWIUUQD of 9AVMML. to bW Ho -Gq KWI, voi 17, 19659 pp 1396- GEDWO pwo amome mog FWUJ)607 " ORNT-Ts-l?w -- -- -~ a4 ~) I iwv 67 3439644 iietorozygous I'micticsial 6turetwes in the Giant Cirmosomus of Acircutopims Lucidws Puffs as Lcoi of Unilocal Structure ',Iutaticns, by Ikoinhard Panitz, GEW.W, per, Mromosoma, Vol XVII, 1965, pp 199-218. 11911105767 MC-OPM-TH-1561 Sci-84"'i Apr 67 3-24,179 : Deft$, Do jmjMWP--w.- a - -- : a. aawAtm 14 IW F. IL MisdAto AG W- Campa"s, Am= Vta I&P Xq(Ao iii-asm on"* 3/6 Ye. 10 A= .884 44 ~r Bua it Ned MMMMMM, J i~ ,- "A CHKO140boU tip. vzl P316b-346 19b, 10-1upob-obc -12 V22 Plol b V~ J, . The Kliwtla Organizatlon or L*pUWpUrn Cbmwooms, by Kwo Sftuer, 32 PP- MRM, per, Chromosomm, Vol 22p 1967.* pp 101-20. P911043968 AM OM.-TR-1817 Sol-mm mar 68 35o,66o F. Blondel The Types Of Iron Ore Deposits Chron. Mines Colon, Vol. 23, No. 231, 1955, ppn6-246 BISI 10363 Jan 1973 Influence of Outadde, IndustrIal Capital Analyzed. bV Georges ftangoa 9 pp6 FRMCH per gMMgd ~~ do aria, Oft 18. ;~ 53-60. qu __ -EMog, P -5 JPBS 594 INTEM-AMCAN AFFAIRS Been Aug 69 390,382 J-193/67 CIA Wil Pay For Its Crimes, by Roberto Rex. SPANISH, bk, La CIA Pagara Bus Crimenes, Mexico, 1966p pp 1-37. *JPRSjDC-125WSPecial N. Amer - US L Amer - Mexico Pol Aug 66 The CIA will Pay for its Crimes, by Roberto Rex. SPANISHO rpt, La CIA Pagara Sus Crimenes, 1966. - ' - - - - SP-1171 j - \~3 ~ vi Jun 66 The Present and Future of Patagonia, by Vicente Pellegrini, 37 pp. GOVERMCM USE OMY .,, Vol XV, 'No 151p Apr I SPANIM.. per, CIAS 1966, pp. 7-33- JPRS GUO 2o56 IA-'Ar- il r3con jul 66 305,035 Are the Sms or Me" Ummr Oftes, by m. A. Davoll3lw. Imsom Per at Vol 83v No 11-22, ; U. 0 1 " 0 2,967, pp 31r-~ M& mcf;3.541.9 (T a F) SOL-Astran Fab 70 hw.,hw Tho Contribution of Goodynamics-to Astronomy# by~~,. Melchior, 26 pp, FRENCH, per,, Ciel et Torre, Vol 87j, Jan-Feb 1971, pp 108-129. ACIC-TC-1808 GW Datormination of the Gravity Field. by B. Ducarme CIEL LIT THRRE, Vol 88, No 1, 1972, pp 1-24. -DKAXC Mar 73 mutilganic Hfftcts of Some Inorganic Esters on Asporgillus Nidulans (Eidam) Wintar, by F. A. A. Jurate. Portuguese. Per, Ciencia e Cultura. Vol 24(l), 1971, pp 42-52. *At-C/LB/G/211/35 jan 73 ~I mine! IIIIMIMMMMI 11111~ Biology and Parasitology of theGalician Mussel, by no And"u, SPAHIS11, per. Las Cienci Vol, XXX, No 2, 196Sr pp 107-118. L-laso Dept of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service BCP,, Bureau of Foreign Fisheries Sci-B4m Jul 67 332,918 The Shellfish Indtiatry, by B. Andrau. SPAMM, per, CLencLas Vol 329 so 4, 1967, pp 235-265. Dept of Interior BOWAFF A-47-Harch 1970-Mo 103 on Low SeL,-! Jkma 70 C"P-CANFLNE MASLY"Y POMPLYNOVE 19WH6314 P133-140 70-10301-200 ~: e,.::,;, I A Difficult Road, by Andrzej Gierczak, POLISH, per, Ciezka Droga Z !!yboiami, *FSTC-HT-23-1597-71 *ACSI-N-0472 Aug 71 Elastic Cements - Epoxy Products, FRENCII, rpt, Ciments Elastiques - Produits Epo . 1966. ACSI J-0576 ID 2832004266 -3 0 v, v& / Sci-bf/M Aug 66 tEnglish Title Unknown, LATVIAN, np, Cina, 21 Aug 66. JPRS CSO: 17575- Special May 68 ..Injodtion of Carbon in a Thows Converteri, by C. Nsestore. F=M, per,, Ciretagire dInformations Teabniques, Vol P.7. No 7-8., 1970, pp 1741-17b3. *USDI/BM/BTIS TT 72-55019 Pelletizing in the United Stat*s, by 1, Boucrauti Frl-'.11401~ per, Circulaire DOInformations Tecludques lCoZIsslms des flauts FourtlemmP No 48. 1965, pp 933-974., OBISI 4598 WE- France sci/mUl Jon 66 Lutd-I ommmi Iq*um Prcq-)Octs for tile Irm and Steel Tiidwtz:y# by " UO Saint MWtin I-IMIU16, p3r, Circul. Infs Tiadio, Ormto Docw-6 Udanm Nb. 2, 1966,, IV 501-507o sc:L/ prW and f-ml aug 69 389,693 Warping of Nkygen Converter Shelves, by G. Hallet. FRENCII, porICirculaire d'Information Techniques. Vol 11. 1968. pp 2909-2516. OBISI 7174 fsci4lat May 69 rquOtums With I)artial 1*rivatjVv3 of the 1J111ptic-*Tyye,j by L, Brusa and Mo Glormlli Italian, per, CISE - 2wate-ft'llpi 1970,, 14 pp. CIL-* Tra". Sgw- viopw qn- TrimsportAttion & Cammioatlonsj ft pp. CZECII, rpt, 91plo Pro 0. .k967-10�0 1967, pp m-149. WA LN .598-68 scilHav, Apr 68 331, Acad1le Occhetto: The Proletariat Between SOOIGI racy and Commmimuo by AchJLl3A 00chatto., 11 yp ITALIM,, per., La Citta -- NO 6., Jan 65, PP 3-6. JPHS 29309 MI.-Itely POI Apr 65 27Ts.370 Pio Maz=M: Acute or ChronLc Stalinimzm~ by P:Lo iftmomiv 6 pp rALrm, per,,, La Citts mga!m, No 6., Jan 65jp PP 25-05.- 33- JPW 29309 us-ItAay POI Apr 65 277p371 The StAtet Instrument or Pover# The Partys Imtrw=t of Vibillmation, by Kohnimed Hwrbi., 7 vp I'AUW* Pwro La C:Ltta FaturS. Jan 65j, PP 33-36 - JPM 9933B I ArricaeA3Zeria Pal Apr 65 277,3(39 J.-I Italim commist Youth Groan Contimme Bxm=Lmtlan of the Yalts Documnts by AchiUe occhattop 8 pp 12LLM,o perp La Cltta -- - no 7m, P*b 65s VP,1-39 JM 29309 WR-Itely POI Kw 65 277o367 occhatte ap~Ww an AmendoUti, MDW =4 alsousue CMUMMAIMp bW lkdlln* oodwtto* 6 pp,, loams'. Nors I& cittis Futtald6 No 152, D" lg(*.. Vt. 9.4. JPM 339V WL-Itau fti job 66 -an 295#mm Garrantsta: Study of TAn1n and. Lenlnfsm~ by Valentim Gorrantsm.. 5 pp. ro-MAZO Imrp Ls Citte. rUftr&* No 15., Doe 1965, VPq 17-19- JFRS 3V42 vz-lt*4 POI Apr 66 298#020 Italian Communint Youth Federation Sees Sur- vival of labor Union Unity Despite Party Dif- ferences., by Gian Carlo Bimlli,, 7 pp. ITALTAN per., La Citta Faturap No 17., June 3.966, ppo 14-16o JPRS 37070 WE_Itm3,V Soc Sept 66 3lOsO89 Italian Socialist Labor Union Leader Discusses Parties and Labor Unions in Italy Today.. by Fabrizio, Ciechitto, 17 pp. ITALIAN., per., la Citta FutuaA No 17, June 1966, pp. 17-21p 51- JFRS 37070 WE-Italy Soc sept 66 310:090 AApmay: ACSI a-ir. ig--34405w) P.%.O: j-69i6 23 4fte 69 Titlet Civil Defense - to prateert and save lives Author: Kurt Rk Source: CivIlf5rovaret - att sladda ach rUft Uv LaD4%UwVt Ovediah 75m Ustructims: Please translate and tR)e 1 eMp single- spaced. Docummt my not. be out. Date required: 3D J%Lly 190 or soonere Attached tramlatIm of t&Ue of cmtentes J-0176, tmW be us" an WAdawe.p, It Usmaletar so desires. critique of -- 3 1 T - Ism_t_ CaImp, 8 ftlitical Inatitutlow In the Ltg~it of Its Constitu- tional T*K"j, by A. rAbmabl,, 32 pp. FPUM.. verm MU.1"t-tom Vol 15j, NO 4.. 1965p PP- 519-533- MRS 351,9T Africa-CmV pol aq 66 299S906 Need to Change Colombia's Rurs.I.Setup Stressed* by Jose klavatq 24 ppe FR04CHO per* WIMM9 Llrusxelso Val 19. M9"9 No 3. 1969. PP 305-324- ipris/L 3M SOL-Agri Feb ?0 400.765 , Mosiolpal orgmdmatian in I&tIn America, by kduardo Santa# 10 ppe Guftlauaw USE ON= I . FRENCHo D". QLv.& ~xatlq", arws~)A. no 3. 3.969, pp 3?3-3w. Jl?HS/L 3248 IA-Inter-Amer Affal" Pal Fab 70 400j.?& Editorial Views 'Imed"ate Future of latin America$@' 12 pp, GOVIOL40T USE LAU ENGUS11, per* CivilisatAons, Brussels, No 3, 1969, J PHS/L 3248 INTER-AM AFFAIRS Pal Feb 70 400.763 Congolese Agriculture Needs & N(w Start. 7 pp. MUCH, per, satims, Vol 18, No 1, 1968, pp 52-38. JPRB "a Sci-Agri SOP &9 365.653 POPUution Cmeus. Urbantmtiam of Mdag*scar, by Je Poltier, 28 pp. FJU.NCHq, per, Givill"_tignts, Vol 18, No 1, 1968, pp 80-109. JPRS 462" AP-4kilagavy Rep Soc Sep 68 365.6.59 DC 20840 25 ftv 68 collectIon oC cusvgvv vith varims tItles by R*Richt&., at 41A, book MAmak,/ClviUmacla na RoscestL at - sat the CroaavvivAs)p lizatlauva.1966 JM/~P*I-ad bae- OW report- tm *ztm coples to JPFC lawl. tables & chkrtap door Ib BW jktuatem hL&mm Richu at al" 1W., Jamf Gajdm* 3,W Defense Preparatiow of State Organs and Soctal Servicess by Aleksamdr Jovanovic., 19 pp. SEMX)o-~~, No ii, Jan 1966, MRS 364W BE-rYugoolavia Mil Aug 66 per, C& ram,, Vol II, ," 01b pp. 3-16. 307.200 Defense against Floods in Vojvodina in 1965p by ZIvan Milovenovic, 46 pp. SSM-CR(ZTW, per, gL%13m* odbzwxs, Vol T-I,, NO l.' Jan 1966.. PP- 17-63. JPM 36408 Er,yugoolavia mil Aug 66 30T,t201 - I ~J~ Subversive Activities and Countermeasures in Modern Warfare., by Pakovnik Radovan Jovanovic. SEI;MO-CROATIAN, per.. Civilna Odbrana, (Civil Defense), No 3, Belgrade, May-June 1966, pp 12-25. /DC-12641/speciai BE Yugoslavia Ta m sap t 66 Conditions for the Creation of ArtificieLl Tnfectiona,, by OEM-CROATIAN, J(sy-June 1966, JPRS 37360 Dr. Angelina Ovearic,, 5 PP* perp Civilaa odbranap No 3, pp. 54-56. 89-Yugoolavia Sci-ES/A Sept 66 310,923 The J)I.Oteot:ton ot S, SLippift in &&Dug. P" . &c5 pp. PP 87-P8�# ArA " .55-Q R431g~ 8 Bur Mil Akr 68 *,t,.. I., Ajv~ 1967# 3.51.082 Italian C;ktholic Jwuyal Discusses Con.- t"'.tlonu for llalogua of t~~Iztv and . .;at - -holies, LW Ulisse Alewio FlorieJ., s.j.., 29 pp. MUJUIP per, La avilta cattalica. Vol la No 8, 17 Apr IM. JPFS 32673 V& - I Laly POI Nov 65 29108U rtaLUan Commall an Tofty Analyzed In Civilta Cattollcap by Giuseppe De Rosa., 19 pp. ITALrM# per, La CIvIlto Cattolica Vol IITP so eT77# 5 irm; Zw. ;~--~O- - JPW 34831 WF,Ztaly Pol Apr 66 298j,359 Catliolics and ComwAsts in Italy Today., by Fr. Giuseppe de Rose, 9 Pp. ITALIAN, per, La Civilta. Cattolica? No 2782 (Vol 117), 21 May 1966j. pp- 305-314. JPRS 370T0 WE-Italy Pol sept 66 -VD2093 Italian Jesuit Review: Christian Humanity and Maxxist Humanism,, by Virgillo Fagone,, 15 pp - ITALVJj, perip Civilta Catto-lica Vol 117, N o 2 1966, PP ff-31- 783., 4 June JPRS 37326 WE-Iteay Soc sept 66 310.-227 Ccopleted 1,424/70 DC 22 Jan 70 SP Nazi Spies Around the Vaticart During World War II, by Robert A. Graham. Per, La Civilta Cattolica, Vca 121, No 2869, 3 Jan 70. Commmial FAmployees Contradict vIntriguing w4 D1vls1v*9 COT Leaders,, by Leadership Coun- cil of the Gemmel Conroderation of Comaercial thplayses of the Republic of ArgeMina, 7 pp. SPANISH, np, CJW 22 Jan 1965, p, 14. JPRS GUO 623 LA-Argw*lna Econ Mar 65 275,578 Actel Demands Economlc Mangos, 7 pp. SPANISH, np, Clqrl 5 Fab 1965, pp 13 & 279 JPRS GUO 623 LA-Arsentina Econ Mar 65 275t577 DeclAmtlan or the CCCMXULtat Partr or a PP* MdLlej GOYNEWMT un OW WAN # OP* Clarla 19 &W 1-965" P. lo. JP= WO 992 IA-ChUg pta Jazi 66 2944,988 4- in Cimmistion atts Nm vjw"~ a VAMW ftmrd* 6 pp, MANS04 mps 2],arU 15 )kw X966* Mdrd ftationt po 79 1 On VM3 IA"Argmtim RM j= 66 30R.P925 Latin American and French Coments an issue, Of Latin Amorlow Saversignty, 16 pp. SPANISH, per# Clarin. 30 Oot 1966, GOD 2235 .. LAwArgentins, pal D" 66 315.004 CUrip., i'luenct:0 Aires, V~ Pion:% 40fos, A: ca,%&Y4 re-4dy to-y -lut. furm capy. T '"Ifiste rog"D scarce, 288/70 13 Aug 69 Spanish, np, Clarin, 28 Mar 68. Commcrcial Offensive of the USSR to Expand its Trade with Colo"Ibi.-I. Rovolutionary Groups in Chile Described, b 6 pp. SP.AnSH, per, Clarin, Santiago. 28 April 68, pp$ 18-19. JrRS 45,497 LA(Chile) Political May 68 358,591 . 1- ~ -- ~~:- -