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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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Identification of Organic Cocpaunds by Micro- tbor=LL Analysis AccordJng to L. Kofler, by A. Hurtinek. GWMN,, per., Fasb~ suer das InbcAmtorium, A3, 5, 196T, pp 35b-3bl- MM-69-15933-TM Scl-ChGm Feb 70 403#00 Biologioal Raotors in I:tbyl Poiscadr4,r ProdisposIng to Mental Disturb&nces, by A. SoLLUirac, 12 pp. FRENCH, per. FacteMs biol2giguer, EE20apggant aux tr par intoxiz i e tl oubles montaux Zliaue, L96.5. Dept of liavy/libis 1232 sci/B & m Mar 68 349.850 Purrera,;Ilda Cavlachioli and 1968 Eu,.ena Miller Agulera Molithly variQtioTis it, the water, protaiii arid 11pid content in ChileQn anchovies (Erwraulls ringens) (Varioaion mens~ial del conterildo de a,;,.Aa, protennas, 11pdoa extract2bles, au reactividad y contenido de tocoferol oz. ancii0veta C!..Ilea!l (Hw-raul.4s rinKens) FEkr-are-,'t;Qo de-l.a "%,.'~versidmid de Chil -e, 2~: 24-29. :1. Spanl4h. Trai,sl. 1~ Tranal. --ur., lz~ig. D'%%, Dept. of See. of State of Canada for FR'C ':allfax Lalorator,;. alifax, N.S., 1971, as j'rarinl. Semes !:o. 1t,75, 12P. , t,-PeScrjPt- Avail. on Loan ITITS, Wash., D.C. A" rq t~ c. 4(UCHL-Tran,4-I06I5(ln.2)) IRESEARCII ()N EFFECTS OF UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR EXPLOSIUNS IN A SAHARA GRANITE MASSIF. 6Faure, F. y(Nalicy Univ. (France). i.,actato des Scionecs). tol'r,,uislqtcd for Univ. of California Lawrence Livermore Lab., from a Frotich dissurt"t'011- 2()'C'91)- 24Dop. NTIS. 2,geology; nuclear explosionS 2r8G, 18C 28STD-35 29P NSA 0 J. Vi try Photochromy and Thermochromy. 51 pp. FRENCH, Faculte des sciences Demarseille. Rapport Scientifigue et Technique 1970, pp 1-28, 1333-1347 AiR7FTD-HC-23-1108-72 DISTRIBUYION LDlITED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION jan 73 Study of MateriaZa and Structures for use With Tubes for ft"tohydo4ruixtic Conversion of Thojvnl Energy of Combustion Gas into Electric Energy, by David Yorouchauti. 108 pp. FRENCH, rpt, A La FaouZte doe Sciences de L'Universite de Paris 2970, pp 1-245. 't* AIR D:iC-23-292-72 COPYRrGHT MATEREAL US GOVERNAM USE ONLY dec 72 FinishiiV lignationis in OrGanic Solvents, by H.-D. Goe"dan. GERMN.. per, Faerber-Zeltung, No 3.1., 1966.p PP 512-516. MM-60-15940-11K sci4bteriaU Feb TO 403,08T Nw Solvent pull-width Continuous 14schim for Textile Cleaning, Vyingp Finishing. UMMAN, per, FamObW- Irngs M 8p 196Tp VP 334-348. HIC-69-15762-11K sa-MmteriaU Feb TO 401.085 An International Surveq of Dwy Cleanirlep by N. J. Davies. CMFMN, Perp Fmarber-EELNURal No 8, 1968, PP 441-446. MM-69-15763-11K Sal-twaterials Feb 70 4o3.,o86 The Chemical Behavior of Perchloroethylene, by K, K. Beutel. EUROPEAN, per, Faerber-Zeitung, flo 4, 1971, pp 186-192. NTC-71-16009-07C Feb 72 A ComParizon of ChemicalCleaning with Per and Valclene EU-'lOPW"- Per, FaerblOr-UltwYll, No 7, 1971 pps 414--)-45 NTC 71-16851-11K Feb ,?2 R 113 and Modern Solvents, GERIUN, per, Faerber-Zeitung, No 8, 1971, PP 441-449. V NTC ?2-11020-11K May 72 Zucco, G. Compound Solvents in Quick-Service and Self-Service Shops. FAERBER-ZEITUNG, No 6, pp 255-260, 1972 NTC-72-14839-11K Feb 73 Finishing and Dyeing of rextiles Treated With Organic Solvents, by A. Roth. GRRMAN, per, Faerber-Zeitungu. 2"MiseLreiniger und FaLer No 8, '11971, .her, pp 450-451, 454. ITTC 72-1070/6-11E May 72 FACHIJER-ZESTONO. CHEMISOWEINIGER UND FAERRER 1964 V22 HIO Phoa-bI5 70-11984-11E