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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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ExperimentaZ Study of the Ablation of OrthostraeiZ 7 Composite MateriaZ in a hve-Plight Wind Ttinne% by J. Luneau, J. P. Hanoy. 20 pp. DISTRIBUTION LIMITKD TO U.5, GOVT AGENCIES ONLY PROPRIETARY INFORWATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOMAIENT MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. THE COMUTS OF MS DOMONT ARE SUSEWC79D To BE SUBJECT To COPYRIGHT PAWWOTION. FRENCH, rpt, Xnatitut Frango-AlZarand do-Rooore Racherches ~e Saint-Louis. NoteT*~Rw'--w T 54169., Z969, pp 1-28. AXR/F2lD-BT-23-lZ2-71 aw n Me Vat-ious -FUw Patterns -In--the- Make of a-HUnt Mo*od,ModvI in Hypersonio Flight, by IT. CCaVI4=fr, NO ATIS DT.SrRrBVTXCW LrMjM-'"7--V.S. - GOV'T AGENCESS ONLY; PJ?OPJLWMY.MFORWICWII; OTRERREQUEST FOR THIS DOM".? MVSr BE INFERMD 210 FTD. 2W CONTMS OF MS DSCMNT ME SIJSPE=D TO BE SV=CT TO COPYRrGHT PRMI=IOff. MW 72 A M i I I IPY I,, j!, A'4D R i CUP I 1~41 I, JN IN OU I NF A P I GS A Ir It 1, LXP~-SURL I J SIRICK 64V~S I IN FkANK,R LANGUAGE-FR CCUNTRY-FR INSTITU'l FRANCO-ALLEMAND OE ReCHERCHES DE SAI NT-LUU1SvMAR72PP1-13*1-X1 FSTC-HT-23-0701-73 G F N 1 1, 411 1 F F 1, ~, I I ~ f- St I ( ~ C K 1, A'y ~- ')* _i f, A L I V I N 6, B f I NG RIGAND,P LANGUAGE-FQ rCUNTRY-FR INSTITUT FRANCO-ALLEMAND DE RECHERCHES DE SAI NT LULJIS,.,IAR'72PP1-21*1-XXX FSTC-HT-23-J7CO-73 A". %nig"W"M Of ftt=a OM Awns by Ovir.1m. 0 L ya=W. by Immm xvbv mot Sao u0bab JML ftrz - AVAM 2=3# 1965# VP 293-235. 009 ( sel/it" & FM2. %W 69 - NOP252 Wetmiork of Gravimeter Observations in the Province of Gerona, GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPANISH, per. Instituto Geografico y Catastral, Madrld, 1969, pp 5-13. ACIC TC-1647 WE-Spaln Geo Nov 70 Gravity Maps of the Provincos of Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya, GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPANISH, per. Instituto Gercl afico y Catastral, Madrid, 1969, pp 5-23. A EMC-1646 WE-Spain Geo Nov 70 Gravity Mup of tho Province of Ciudad Real, by J. Ruiz, 19 pp. SPANISH, per, Instituto Geograf.~co y Catastral, Section I-Geophysics, 1 70, pp ACIC-TC-1822 GUO Mar 72 licit'ACIrks, on tho F".1311th Potential 3. j. Levallois. FRENCH, peir, Inst itut pp 1-18. IlDhU.C., Jan 73 Convergence olf the An sphorir-'I" 1~';lrnunics. ~eogravhique ?~at icna I Practical Formulation of the Eaz-th's Gravity Field by Ragionalized Functions, by J. Kovalovsky, 11. H. Dufour, 84 pp. FREMI, rpt, Institut Geogrpghigue National, Contract DRME/ADOP No -622/67 (12 March 1968) Dee 1970. ACIC-TC-1767 GW June 72 A Working AWthod for Plasm Mec;urnical Statistics, by Rolf Dobbertin 46 pp. FRENC71, par, Institut Henri Poimxre-. Paz-is Pkz1aigue Theoriguo. Section A Vol 9, No 1, 2968, pp 45-87 COPYRTGHT INPOIK4TION MG GUO map 72 urtrawnental Protect;:*u i,,,isucy ~ L,) 98 4 Ape. 73 I tl v ~aehnique for the ftrolopicaL k-xaritatlon of Waterm awl Liqui4s dt, q t Ith 0 r5ilvio "0r0 ource imatitute J21 1zlena pp 467-4" Itallar. e,~, Instructions rlerou translate type one copy only. '11y1je min~je uo v,& a t a p . LMv4k IPWG* AvbMWWLc WAMAng, of 1,0% iftcholl aboma. M.1vto Loft* OtorAge Twitcs f(,,xr by IG& Absa airAl 0. Bawa. 32TALIMM, 212-2.3 99 fob, 71 The Conoentr*tlon of the VenexasIALn PopuUtions, by Ramon A, Tovar, 23 pp, SPANZWO bko &MIU-MIg 512 AnNUIDSCIone-se ftlywoldod Caytral do Venesuslag, Camc"v 19we pp 49-4310 JFRS 3D416 IA-Venesuela Pol NOY 70 407038 Four-Dimensional Geodesy and Its Significance for Natural Science, by M. Bonatz, 5 pp, GEEUGOil, Inst-4-tut fur Kartc)cT:ra!%t!j.e i--md T~7 -177111 -01 !-~l t 19-T U GOVERNMENT USE ONLY ACIC-TC-1660 The, Local Behavior of the Verl:ical Grilvity Gradiwit, bt y II.J. Gottschalk, 8 pp, GEMMIM, Inatitut fur Kartographie wnd Top.ogra- phie eler LTEN6-r-sitat, Bonn, W. G-e-l-ma-my, 1970, pp GOVEMIMENT USE ONLY ACIC-TC-1661 'A Determnation of the Earthts G--ravity Field J, v I.o k I ,x-()In qcluiLlAte Obtcrvatiomi cmd (Inro :k ureinentl-;, by K. R. Koch, 10 ip~ GOVERINMENT USE ONLY GERVIAN, Institut fur Kartographie und Topogra- phic der UnIversitat,1970,-p-pT25-93. ACIC-TC-Ib62 -- - - --- ---- Calculation of the Gxavity Gradient in the Exte~rior Space, by B. Vitto, 9 pp; GOVERNT-113N'r USE ONLY GEM-1AN, Insti-tut fur Kartog 'arhie und opoqr'.1- hie deir UITI-varsitat, Bonn, z],er-marrv-, 1970, 3-142. ACIC-TC-1663 A Shortened Iterative Determination of Rotatio l4atric.es in the Transformation of Point Aggre- gates, by B. Wrobel, 3.3 pp. GOV8RNMENT USE ONLY GERMAN, Institut fur Kartographie und Topogra phie der Universitat Bonn, 19*70, pp 143-157. ACIC-TC-1664 Jun 71 i6TV71,oc lr~ ~ --- CSO 26161-ro BADICAL PARTY OF CHILE Dl-;SuRD3ED BY Heino Froehling: Santiago de Chile, Tnntjt.,ut& Tntingamt-riann ~.e TnvpRtIanciono_p jor.JVIQF; (TLI)TS , Priedrich-Miert Fowi- , dation, 1969, PP1-50- Marketing of Edible Marine Fishes in 11cru, by W. F. Doucet. INSTITUTO DEL MAR DEL PERU INFORME.0 No S, 1965, pp 1-69. *NAVY/NOO Mar 73 The Accuracy and Reliability of Itotighness Mousuramonts, by 11. von Weingraber, 43 pp. GENNIAN, rpt, Inst Messtechnik Austituschbau Technische Iloahschule, 1969, 7M=M-Tr-10398-09 Sci/Method & Equip Jan 70 411,180 Evaluation of Crude Petroleum of Hexioun Production by Basic Gas Chromatography, by A. Manjarrez. MEXICAN, per, Instituto Mexicano do Petroleo. Revistal Vol It No 4, 1969, PP 59-66. WC-71-12655-07C Nov 71 Automatic Cbaracter Recognition. 79 PP. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY FOR INTERNALUSE Wr= THE M:PART OF DEFEiSE ONLY. THIS DOCUNENT IS NOT BELFASABIE TO DEFkMSE DOCUMENTATICU CENTER. GERMAN., rpt, Institut fur Nachrichtenverarbeitung und Nachrichtenubertraguniz. Universitat (TH Karls pp 1-64. AIR/VM-HC-23-161-70 nov 70 General PxInciplos on the Use of Antimicrobial Agento, by Ps A. Reyes EURDERMI, per, Instituto (Nacional) do Cardiologlat, Mexico City. Archivos, Vol 40, 1~70, Iu 74-90 NT 774~6 0 Feb 72 'Alva i mgmvm Olabar Crassoatm. a Umiza.,bordo (AAIxUn,j, 1828, by 11. IdkoUc, et al. 31 lip. rpto lwtituto Nacianal de la Pesca, Oibalp ikita Sd)ze Investi;;Zales. l4o. 7. MTtro Ch InvestigaMmes Pesqueras, Saptenl7r- MS. 1913Mt 'IT 69-52052 aci/b md in sept 69 ijulletku of the Boris Kidric Institute al .Iuclcar Sciencluso 250 p. WtUKfj,IV4, rpt, Institut za 'iUcloanzo ~iuuku.l Ilulletin 1966, WCTSTI ALIC-tr-6646 U--Yugoslavia Sci/Nuclear Sri P lar 66 Instrumentation for Measurement and Analysis of Radio- active Samplos, by S. Mumdeka, P. Frantlovic. 7 pp. YUGOSLAVIAN, per, Institut za Nuklcn.rne Nauke Boris Kidric, Belgrade, 1999, pp 1-6. AIR/FrD-HC-23-541-70 may 71 J ~ . H 11,; M11 "i1i 1i ~Llffj 1-1- M. Raynaud cataZog oj' out principZz vilver photographic em4laions uoed in noientifio ulork. 38 pp. FRENCU., institut d0o2t~~ theoriauc- at 2971, pp 1-24 AIRIFTA-I[C-23-1147-72 U.S. XV?27 USE ONLY. COPYRTGFJT INFORM'4TION 710V 72 Development of an Assay Technique: on Drosophila of a Vesicular Virus Adapted to this Insect, by P. Printz. FRENCH., per, Institut Pasteur. Paris. Annales, vol. 114, 1968, pp. 677-7 - 79. NTC 71-i2749-oo'm ResiBtance to Antibiotics of 270 Shigella Strains, Subgroups A and C, by Do Piechaud. ffRENCH, per, Institut. de Pasteur Paris. Annales, Vol 116, 1969, pp 205-209. NTC-70- 3282-06M Feb 72 Study on Techniques for Purification of Algal Cultures* Elaboration of Methods Applicable to Diatoms, Desmidiaceae and Filimentous Cyanophyceae, by 14. Tassigny. FRENCH, per, Instit*t Pasteur Paris, Annales, Vol 117- 1969, pp 64-75. NTC-70-12979-06M Feb 72 Avancy I Aw/rm. a-10998-3) P.O.90. =W10-19 3 gov. 69 Tltlet Sobvetel-lootWo aus XWU Ual Ersen van an Autbors Xwb V Gehlm Saw"s U"tftut rw Petrolooep Geochemde at&- ttentm" &w uAveralt" Prankfurt a. M. W.Go LNWMWDI com"m 3 pp ftoaal zMatmaumal neame tvalglate & t"e cue avy mly" pasmoap - AGOCWW 9 UNWAIS e- 1)v re 00 Iwo lwML-MW3-AM-j1 .15 fte, 70 UVWI Now a it ~ MIML6106M PSUANIA aft -wareaftsm. *Awwl C.Sjwlesbnu. As lfi~ou 940imms bmwt fkw fhii~* ma - 0 4w I" INNO-ra LANOM401 oft~ - 8"em -m01 PUN* tMosels" a am o"k-a-alw-0- IPK RESEARCh REPORT 68-1 Detection of Weak Signals in Noise, by W. Mainka. 36 pp. FOR O~7ICIAL USE ONLY FOR INTERNAL USE WIT11IN ITE DEPART OF DEFENSE ONLY. THIS DOCUEMNT IS ONT REIFASABIE TO DEMSE DOCUMENTATION CENTER. GERMW, RPT, Tnstitut fuer Phonetik und Kommuai- kationsforschung Universitaet Bonn. IPK Forsebung- abericht 68-1 (Instutute for Phonetics and Communi- cations Research, University of Bonn) 1967, PP 1-50. AIR/liTD-EC-23-157-70 nov 70 lionadaptive and Adal)tiv(! VoIcc Signnl Identification (NASI and ASI) A Preliminary investigation of DAWID II, by K. Kotten. 25 PP- FOR OFT7CIAL USE ONLY FOR IMMMAL USE WIMIN THE DEPART OF DEFENSE ONLY. MIS DOCUNENT ISHOT RFMASA131E TO DEFENSE DOCUNENTATION CENTER. CIERMAN, rpt, Institut Rier Phonetik imd Kommmi- sbericht 68-1 INstitute for cations Research, University pp 1-28 ipK FmmARcH FopoRT 68-1 AIR-FTD-HC-23-157-70 V A.%J"L&o A~AV -&- Phonetics and Coramuni- of Bonn) 1967, nov 70 A(pncy: Raw-Fublic Health service kt-M3-D P.O.No. 16 December 1968 Title: Tunisian Research an Bovine juberculosis Author: Source: Institut de Phtisiologie, JMIE Ariana Tunisia LanguAge: French - ; Spaeclal bistractions: Please transiatte and type 1 copy Alr Force 67-49 B-9026-D 21 moo 67 WAI asebmam sit *U loododttel mit astaimmobw virtang (Varleaftew Derlaht) ]W: rxvm loaUtat far plWuUmUsobe chaide &w unlvw*Ltat Fm - rl a 3h5 90 VP Qu=n - mt rcw V49: Plow* *x*aA&to and *MM I i 3mw*y eqW. Docuawt am be mt. md I owtm wff. 4(UCBL-Trftnb4064l) jPREDICTION OF 711E IWDOX PROPERTIES OF THE SUPERHEAVY 8s, 7p, AND 6d ELEMENTS* gDa-vid, F. T([Psxls Unly- Orisay (Franoe)]. Instwd de Ph Nuclealre). leTranBlated for Univ. of California, Lawrenoe =LIver-- more LA6, Llrermore, from report URC-71~0(;,, 2029p. "Dep. NTISo Uohemistry (physioal); traasladons 2yO7D UMN-4 2611 NSA 0 Agency. Itaval ShIp Nan - & Dev - Lob - A-224W-D P-0,110. tIU1533-71w*-2207 0 Due - -IU TItlesElektronenstruktur und awrs.141tung Autbor: J.Malerp R-Fluklgarj, P.ReUlger et al Source: InstItut do Pbysique do In matlere Candensee, tralversite de Geneve, CH-1211 Geneve I anip-ge: Gorwn Speclal Irartructions: Plasm translote & type me copy 0n4. A R Ill I L, If I I'll,- .. .. ..... :,, 1 , . . '. , .. . ~ . ~ , "'Y" ---- v ~ - - - -, - I - Of N20m*mm Immom wature In an P2amma* br Wo Btodw=31mr, W-39. am"No VA* UP -3/31. 290. PAU0396T AM JU62P-3)05 32kV322 Ocd - Naebmw ssl~ Agr 67 MCOU44T* IN$IATUT Ft" VLAS$4APf4V%lK. wEST (4-14"NY 1907 AW-lo#63 HLV ?0-1000b-IBA C*> t966 IPP-011 70-10116-200