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December 31, 1972
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SW, Arc I ?,o 8, Anr '-967, PP- : ~ 1 80 JPRS 41,389 L.~~Bast Ger-,any Emn JU 67 328,722' 144mb Gemm C=mto on the Boxxmlc PoUcy of t1w sovo*th Cocm=lat Pvxv COINP 4 IN in Zmt Oe,rl.vM,, by Kurt ft%b~ ~Wl pp- GMUMp pOrj, 9W aMNIZO RD. 9.) JW X%7p pp- 233-W- ORD 419n mianst wnmv so= Aug 6T 333AA RevIsion of Generul Mucation Plans, 5 pp. GXRNMj, per,, SIM Archly, Do 20j, Oct 1967j. pp 307-309- iFF93 43695 MR-Awt GervwW Bcon Jan 6B 347,,345 ftpmsion or Poutiesa Crimimil Coda, by Walther Rmsenthal, 6 pp. GIMMLO Per# SEZ Arrhlv,, So 20, oct 1967., pp 309-310. 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Josefsoon, 18 pp. DUMI or, The ffa~e, 1969, pp 1-40, Jlits 4903 li6suldzum soc Aug 69 390,419 col)s omg/yl 7 Avr 71 Wowls OCObs Cbm smA fam in me ymns vm do iml - 4m mm an R-PIP 2Ms, pp 2-35- BPRO34 %M a - OD wt publuh - trmml&Uw'o alit 93= No *Mr. Pis=& ftsion Cutting of Non-Alloyed Structural Steels with a Refined Plama Bom Torchs, by X, Vcm Ardeme, 00mos, pers 2"ostachaU V03L .19s No 10, 1969j, pp 453-45B. 0, A* Transe 1090 Sal./ 1, ~ ~-, L, , , .'et fev 11- -1~- For Saccossfully RilVillir,g thco Plan and State Wkrpt ror 1.)G5, bY Goo"gi NW'ev, 13 IYP- BULGAIUM, per, Schetovodstvo i kontrol 110 1, Jan 1965, PV- 3-13- JPRs 31021 ZZ-ALIgm-ia ECOM Aur, 65 283,34-9 AN Oil Prodlative Capital, lzty Ival, VI. llironav, 6 pp, BJUW%MNV per,, Wo 39 Apr 1963, JPI6 32304 -iz i - aagAria Et-cul Oct 65 ~ IV1 S~tovodmtvo i Im'.. pp 11-15. 290-338 InvogtAgauam Ccncwzuing PrcM1 Of State amial Masurince, tV Krtm Oem!glev and KrIcho Talwv,, 7 ipp. DJUARMA, Nor# ! mmdotvo.:iL ~kmtM~l No 4, jun 19650 PPO 5~5- JPM 3m" =-DLIgsrla scan now 65 291#252 ZW369 69 AOS U003E glaveTm-ma 551ZE sucw .otl-ijE dd 1996T unr 'it off ftwinox T. o4ispomqowos lied lluvnnmna dd 9 *A&aSd - 1) aw4ad Aq 'S=Vl aAn%Xodooo uo ftTTpUTAO Isu-rd"omoaq jooi rcu&Am zTvnv ti96T Information an the Use of Incentives in Vie CMW Cotumtries, by Tancho D. ltnchev, 'I pp. BMAARZAN, per. Schatoyodsto I-kmtzul, No 4, Jim 19650 PP, 59-57- JPRS 32762 MC-Bulgaria Bean Nov 05 291,259 For getting Up Ualforra Financial Control, by Mmkol Petrov, 5 PY- BUIARRM, per,, Schatovodstvo i kantv - Al No. 5, Jul 1965, pp- 11;:18. MIS 33424 M-Balgaria zcOn jan 66 295,174 Taxo,+Aon urAier the NOV Wstsm f Or Pl*nnUlg md 36=661ng thS N&tLODMI Eccmtv" 7 pp. BUMORFams Pori, gWWtAvodfitymo I. ft 5, aa 1965, ~;- ~~- ~ JPFS 33M* Em-bagarla gem Jon 66 295,175 The mew system or Planning and Management and Subse"iat Financial Control, ty Lyubou Stanev, 9 pp. W14MUM., per, Sebetovodstvo 1 kontrol No 9, Nov 1965, pp. 14-22. JPRS 35a24 ZE-Bulgaris Econ Apr 66 299,207 Som Indicatoors in an Analysis of Econmic Activity in Industrial Enterprises Operating under the Hav System of P'lanni g and Manage- ment in the National Eican=W, by Btefan R. BaMcmski, 12 pp. MMARIAX,, per, Schetovodstvo i kontrol, No 9, Nov 1965, pp. 23-9- JPM 350e4 BE-Bulgaria Econ Apr 66 299,208 Some Pmblems Relating to Tmx I%jmnto undar the Now "tam of Plaming and Management in the ILLtional EconocV, by Yarko Yanev, 6 pp. BUMARIMp per. Schetovodstvo 1, kontrol No 1, jan-Feb 1966, 67-32--17-- JP&q 36P47 EE-Aagaria Econ Jul 66 304..937 Some Problems In Crediting Related to the New System of Planning and ftnageraimt of the Natdonaa EconaVp by Dalcho Sal)undzhJL&v, 16 pp. BUTAARM,, per. Schetovodstvo 1. koirtrol. No 2, Mar 1966p PP, 15-25- jpRs 3586o M-Bulgaris Econ jun 66 303#093 Vie Systma of Financial Control in 11takiary, by Lyaben Stanev, 9 pp. FULGARIM, per, Schetavodstvo i-kontrol, No 4, may 1966, pp. 49-54- JPRS 37109 EE-Bulgaria Econ sept 66 310.,268 The "WI-a4trved for l4iges" Fand, by Semo M. KWI'AlVaOtAtVjF V- pp- BULGARIM, per, Schetavodstvo I KDntrol No. 6, juiy 1,966, pp. 14-23. 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Stato BWL-6t 4Upulations PulfiUrrotint Viewed, St by Uve-tur POPOV, 7 PP- y B BLWARIO, por, Schetavodutvo :1 Kontrol, Sofla, N o It 19729 i)p 3-9. JPM 5,6590 Auh 72 T~w pro, hiotio". 0.1, vpcot'al ".,*IcuT.-. j"ol, .)tt !;C:zy,~ Pte~., .1 1 1-1110. ilj 71, 1,--7L) -71 LZ-,! YFd TO U.S. 90 'T A C-'f-,!C-TzS 0.', C OP Y,'?TL~rliT z -1 1 J~j jwle 76' Stop T~W Hotor FkAucar for Operalklon in the Ultra-high Vamnm of Space. TR, j;mr, Salome" ot T-4blattl s ftatial"J~ Vol 4, 5*10, IM, PP 3X:34. XIT/Lin lob (18)-0-505-nM AvalUble WX Jan To 4W,304 An XLectrolytic CaU for Use in Iftdghtless Spaoeo by R. latsp P. S. A. HVwt. 8 pp. GOWARNNNM wx owx MOMN., per, Sol et Ind Spatiales NO 1/2, 1969, PP 43-4T.- NASA TT P-12,642 sai-sm Jan 70 400,h23 F"JOVUION. FRENCHO pgro m"t, Vol 40, ACSI JWfg ID 22WMW7 wll~-Fmwe kil Doc 67 tW R. Sutt 9 72 1 0 ! 0 9 somw o"s 4 m)p 3'As -H- - MAMW-De LlArjw- ue o 3, 1966 -epi) 367-6 0. 343s614 ExaWples of UtiliZation of Geophysical and Gco- cliamical Ilathods for the Purpose of Locating Buried Stratiform Deposits (Sub-Cavonnes-Ardeche Bordor) , by J. C. Samawa, 26 pp. FRENCH, per, Sciences de la Torre. Memoire No 9, April 1967, t. T, Gravimetry, pp 23-39. ACIC-TC-1607 GOVERNIFINT USE ONLY Sci/Earth Jul 70 DuvvlOPnO:tt and Utilis&W on Of 1~00~ves for the Chmngo-O"w In Thpti(xim by &a" WMMOrp 9 ppe VQJ 99 no is GMWR pdwo jarju&v7 1965j, pp 4-79 JP&S 29229 Esar-Germww BOM Har 65 2760517 ,uKbuminaLion of the Railmad Praii-41L Car P&rk,, by WbUcang Rohnart, 6 ppe GMWI, per, Vol 9# 'No 2., Fetwwtry 1965* pp 40-4e MIS 292M Emu-c-smwv Eam mw 65 276o516 Asawtic Rail ,val,trood;p by (MMOID ,vr,, T.;I - 190-L95. JP-99 31135 M~zv ftm Aa 65 Ux"ho for vehICIAM *I, tm raq-taerm-a Home griblat 11 LV,, jL(tasamcgumm no (it vol .~v Jun 11~3A3 Maintenance Term for Freight 02ra, by P. Drossel, IC. Top fa r, ! 2 pp. CHIMAN, par, No 10, October 1965. pp 327--330, 331-333, 351-35-Z, inside back cover DIA LN' 318-67-E Weur-Germany 341876 Ecoll Nov 67 completion of the Program of tho Gcrawn Hational railroads for the ReconstructiOll Of Steam Locomo- tivoc, by H. Kirchoff, 15 pp. GEMIAN, per, Schienenf hrz No 1. January 1966, pp 14-15, 27-28 DTA LN 318-67-L Wour-Germany 341857 Reanona for the Use of the H-251, by It. Iloppnor, 18 pp. GERMAN, par, SchienenfalirzepRe, No 2, February 1966, pp 39, 42-45. 63-64 DL% LN 318-67-K Weur-Germ-'any 341801 Scan Nov 67 Witbitn From GDR Tractiou -Vehicle Engineering nt t1m) Laij);Aj; '~;,,')ring Fair 1966. by W. Duck tind C. !khmvin, 12 pp. G~, per, Schienenfahrzeuge, No 3, Harch 1966, pp 76 - 77, 93 _M - __ '_ - DU LN 318--67-J Beur-.Gemony 341862 Econ Nov 67 International Reputation Is Confirmed, by R. Liebal, 16 pp. GEMMI, par, Sct tononfalirz No 5, Mny 1966, ~ !LOJ- -- - 23260-1 11P 147- 148, 153-154, 171-172 DTA LN 318-67-1 Wur-Germny 341853 Ecoll Nov 67 Ilmi the Transition lu Accoq)li.shed, by P. Wichm-ma, 14 pp. GREUIM, per, Schiene fahrzeuRe. No 6, June 1966, 'FLr-f- - - -- pp 187-190, 207-208, inside rear cover DIA LN 318-67-H tkur--Garmany 341830 Econ Nov 67 Tho Now Preoght Numbering System, 13 pp. GKIWANI, per, Schicnenfalirzougeo No 7, 1966, pl) 1-12. DIA LN 253-67 EEur Ecan Jul 67 331,761 WAlway -Car Conatruction in France, by M. Hoppner, 12. pp. GETO.Wj, per, Sct_~enqnfahr ZpMae, No 8, Augunt 1966, 273-277, 281-281"., ins.r 41) ' i a ro;7r cover P DIA LN 318-67--G Wour--France 341843 TZO-ewl Ust and Application of Currevt Transaission Lubri- cunzn, by H. Schutz, 17 pp. CFMtM, per, Schienenfah ~zeq&g, No 9, September 1966, pp -"'93---"96, 302-303, 317-318 DIA LN 318-67-F Wour-Cormany 341856 Econ Mov G7 Ev.-w-ntiril Differvncou Between Mnsuengor CA)Lachou Type Y and Type B, by W. Jnenichen, r. Nied, R. Krauso and R. Wilke, 31 pp. CURKAN, par, Schienenfahm-ouge. No 12, December 19G6, pp 414-416, 4*~1-4'3, 4,-23-429, 430-432, inside and outside back cover DIA TAN 318-67-C Wour-Germany 341874 Ecou Hm 67 Dovelopia.-, the Efficiency and Capacity of Rnilro--d Pw[mir Worka of the Garmin Mitiowl MAlrozids in the Proapective PInnnLng Peri(>] up to 1970, by D. Wonteafeld, H. Kubina, R. Drecheslar and G. Mchter, 26 pp. -, GMIOM, par, Schienen FnImougg., No :',, February 1967, - I inside rer cover pp 40-4" W-4G, ~V,- , 63-64, DIA 124 318-67--A lfeur-CA!-, rm-any 341867 Econ Ilov 67 TI-m Locomoti" Electro-Techni-cal Firm "Hans Veimlar" In llionningsdorf at tho Loipzig Sivirv; Fair in 1967- GEF-IMBI, per, Schionen Fahrzou,-ep Mar 1967. DIA 121 110-68 L Eur Ec on Apr 68 3-51, 31.~l Induntry for 14dl-wxW Vehioles at LelpzIg SprIng ftir In 1967o GERM', poro Scidenon EeNMMM, lur 1967. DIA LN 110-68 E Eur Boon Apor 68 .351#330