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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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sart" Group cans for ftvolution in I*ench CP, by T. Mo p 8 ppo MeNclis Per, I" TIMs Modernes, Vol 23, May-June 1968,, pp i-v3ii. ipils 431,919 Internat 'Pol Aug 68 302,660 Armed -A-ruggle Diacusised by Revolutionary Groups, .37 pp. GUviaik,1114T Lbi~, LA4LI FRUiCh, per, Los Tpws Modemes, iaris, Nov 1 9, pp 39"33. J'RS/L 3242 IA-Bra&u. ;-01 Feb 70 4oo,736 Current Crisis, Revolution and Now Left Lmydned. by Urel Bartozek. 10 pp. FRUiCh, per, jjRk_Tpmp# 149d rnqs, aria, Doe 1969. ~ __ _p PP 792-803. JI lis 49 M I~L , -Gaech Pol Mar 70 403.422 lafto AMPLOM V*2x*AaasW Movwmt and VOUWWAO &W*Amoeo bV Bftu, MdAquos, 90 ppq FROCHO Pwro Am 14MIJ. It* P&AS4, July 19701. pp qdL-99. JFf3, 522 LAovemowlta& Ra 38pt 70 I W" p to ftv w1w ~~ I Ir" AMV90 a j3p, contsmmftl Revolutimt a~lvuzrll lwwp in T~efte 1006%qNwpt ALd ~J* Ep Parlso Ja 1970, 1 5923 p jw ZA-V*mmwU ha govt 70 Tf4ism -CPI t; Dobsto %Ath splintor ftwips, by GjLw4piuro 14 pp. SUM. per. Log; Toms Hodftmof~ Paris, Ame-SPIPt 19M pv 352-391. JVJt-'I 51513 iz.ItALY Pal Doe 70 .P.Ow VQW 9OW22JU TLgtVmph I)SgWtbad, WiRp" ot ;=Sao 20 ppo Flo Pen Low a 25-1,46t, jPVP ;77, 1~ P*rIB8 Oct 19?0* JM sao3o LA.UXUMW pol Doc -0)o v 0 15V a or Realvuol4ory o4ba ww*~Pwp. Puts. PW. Idw ramohm ffgdm~- F*dG. Dot JL970. pp O&A& -- JM =05 La.-a" pol jin n JAuOV%*%t for Revolution* Armul Str4We, tW j"a limlitgu"O 44 pp. MUNCHO port ja- Im. mgml.* F&ADO pp 1375- i" JALS 52594 b~w n ft"m 13tt - - --fts. ftsw (I I)o 5w0 mom A~ M& h- - Jum, &V 7 IWOP VP It 6. oft 3c 004 Af4ftgar Ag AJW ?o RLWI Ann" JIM orriew 01, MAMWO 4054,40 ,qIgsxi Assembly Approves 1973 Budget, 9 ppo VFMOH, np "Le Tms du Nigor, Niamey, 28 Sop '.12, pp 1, it; e Oct yeip pp 1j, 4. 'r 'PRS 5759p- Nov 72 Fundruient-al 'I'ven(In BeLween airp.loyers, b-.,r Charles Bokonga, F.CUNCH, b1c, Tendanc Rolations Entre Emy En Afrigue _ 1967. MUIS TT 70-51[149 In t.he Evolut-ion of ReLixt.lons Workers and Crolrernments in Africa,, 220 up. 'Evolution Des ravailleurs et Gouvernements zwoom me AMU on the Prdam of ak:ln C --UbIUIW of Aula"aUve on factants In Oocqpi~~ Hadicimp bv M. lbddop R. Tmmlwp IT ppe ammup pwp 2"al", Vol 2* ft np 290m IV 368-3T3- TO-Ift-3 324-,p371 SOL - Idol 4 Ned Ma 6T Technical Applications of Surfactants. Part 11. by A. Cliviala. GERMAN, per, Tonsidc, Vol 1~, No 12, 1967a PP 390- 394. ZITC-71-11324'-IIE Nov 71 Changv of the Antiseptic Properties of Catioric Surfactants In the Presence of Non-lonic Surfactants. Part II. Alkyl- dinotlayl-benzyl Ammonium Chloride and Various Non-lonic SUTfactants, by A. Delmotta. GERMAN, per, Tenside, Vol 5, No 1, 1968, pp 13-17. NTC 69-12644-060 Sci-B&H Tho Analysis of Alkanesull~onates by Means of Ion Exchangers, by M. blutter. GEMIAN, per, Tensido, Vol S, No 5/6, 1968, pp. 138-45. - NTC 69-11552-07C Sci-Cher .July 69 386.9626 .1dIA-Activu- ,~~;terijdcaticn of )..~-zmitol, ism- pai7aticxi of ~,Ltrf-zicx.-,ictiv--L>-;tuulitol.-liartial ii: 'Iijier-Aiolccular ~Wvftit Fatty Acids, Ly E. ~aineibld, C. ',Uaumt--cn ,1. per, WMIAL'o Vol 5, jo 9, 1968, L-9 266-270 C~ 1 16 3 Sai/ chu-if;try G9 338,681 Dotorminat.ion of Alkanemonosulfonates and Alkane- Disulfonal:es in Industrial Mixtures, by W. Stuck. GERMAN, per, Tenside Vol 7, No 1, 1970, pp 7-10. ATS-GJ-14S~2 72 Modol Tonts on tho Formation of Vlator-in-Crudo-Oil- Ewuluionv and thoir Significance for Combatting Oil' Pollution at Sea, by ff. Hellmann. GEM-LA21, per, Zenside, Vol 7, No 1, 1970, PP 11-15. NTC-71-10138-13B Yov 71 Determination of the Proteol.,rtic Activity in Enzyme Concentrates and Mizyme-Containing Detergents, Rinsing Agents, imd Cleansers, by a, 0. Raay. 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Eoon Jun 67 328,515 Criticism of Use of Manuals In Teaching 'arximm Rofutod, by lMmborto Perez and FelAx da U Uz, lZ pp. SPAN1.14-1, per, Toorla X Practlea, Oct 1966, pp. 1-9. JPRS 39972 IA.Cuba pol ,~ar 67 319,394 Testo Mado vIth Cuban St%ar Cane Cutting Machine for Collection Centerc, by Gilberto Oiaz, 25 PP- SPAAMSII, per, Teoria -v Practica, Oct 1966, pp. 10-29. ins 4oo4g LA-Cuba Econ Apr 67 321,074 Agricultural Hydraulics, by Inmel Tamayo, 11 pp. SPANISH, per, Teorin y Practica, ()ct 1s&, pp. 30-37- JPRS 40049 LA-Cviba Sai-t.gric Apr 67 321,075 Finwice,q Ikmey and Monetar7 Clivulaticm Discussed in Ccnnection with Socialism in Cuba, by Andres Vi3AUIW,, 28 pp. SPANISEI,, per, Tooria y Pructica, Nos 33,, Feb 1967, pp. 29-W5. MRS iU456 LA-Cuta Econ July 67 329*742 - - - - I---------- --- FaViLd Developmtrat of Bulk S%ir ftipments NAVhaslzod* by Raw MomUsp 5 ppo GPANM,, per,, Tooria X PractlC-ft# No* 33,, Feb 1967,. w. 59-62. JFFS Id456 LA-Cuba Boon July 67 329P743 PoUcy and Podagogy In thO TO -- OSL=l biom- =mtj, by TAoml Sotop 33 pp- SPAMH, perp 2MEJA y rEpstisa* 50. 34-35.- Nmr-Aipr 1967,p pp. 5-29. JPBS 41538 MpCubs soc July 67 330027 Rechaidmation of tho Cuttbig and Stacking of Sugar-Cane,, by Gilberto DdLaz,, 22 ppo SPMVIIL,. per.. 2241.2 x gap No - 34-35,v Mar-Apr 1967, Ppa 40-51o JM 43L538 LA-Cubn Fcon JWj 61' e 330*02b AUtoesitlon In Cdba,, 12 ppo 13PAKIDIII, perp MwAa m No. 360. may 19670 PPi- 35P 49-58- JPFO 41538 LA4%gxt loon Jkily 67~ 330#025 Some Matters ConcernIng Cuba's Fallrowlsp by Plafaml dal VaUe,, 12 pp. SPAUM, per,, mlwa X Fractlear No 37# June 1967 PP 31-41 - ipro i59 LA-Cuba no= Dee 67 346p26B The lrvcbzlaal Progrems and TraInIng of the fttwre Workerp bgr Jooo RadrJ4gms,, 9 pp, IWAff=s, Wa, XtR&L& :r MS 4-91v NO 3T9 Jme 1967j, pp 42., WAT & 51-55- JPBS 4330 LA/Cuba soc Dee 6T 346,269 Cubbn Analy"s Cames Of I%YTOIutIOuArY ftL'Luress, by Felix do la Uv, 16 pp- SPAR=,, per# bp_rJLA Y PracUmv No A JuIY 1967s PP 3-13- JPM 43254 TA/Cuba POI Doe 67 346,326 Mancedo: MetbW and Examplep by Martln Duarte and Narlque ViWmUrj, 9 yp. SPAWM, per, TL-od%-y-Prtw No 38s, July 1957, YP 77-W. MRS 431m-- ILA-Cubm POI Dee 67 346.,267 o'ubats Doijessu Addresimis Leningrad Confer- 4oxwej, by Antonio Masp 11 pp. IWAKW, Vero Toorls y Fractlea No 38.- July X967., pp 84-87- ~IPRS 43254 LR/Cubs Pal Dtwc 67 346027 lbdoting Orlsis or the Mmoretleal Back- ground,, b7 Maxwo lasknom, 12 pp* SPAK=j, jer., Teor" y Avg 196T.0 pp 14-216 MRS k3185 LA-Cubs Pal Nor 67 344j.160 Xn Momorl= Frof - Dr. Ir. F. A. Vaning bblmesz, iW7-1966.. by G. J. Bruiw, DMI's par., Tbr HardeaLLAB 1rof. 1h-. 1r. F. A. vonm!g imsa~, lmz:L(?tb iw- Ima-Dutch Blog_,, iio-iiA Ifnessiumm Pervades Chl3man ParUes# by MurU lkwmla Oyaromp 5 VD. (KNXFM~ u= oux IWAXUR., spp IS ftroem- do U IT Sept 3,967, p 5. MRS OUO 261.9 IA4Miile Vol a'an 68 346AU ChriaLlan DemocraLic 1'arLy Vrcuido;it I;tter- vievad, by Ilene OlivareG, 6 pi. per, Tercera da la Hora, Saintiago, 3 .Feb 68, pp. 12-13. X1111i; 441495 _:01 i LiCal .~vb 6B 3511747 Noualw,.. Minister Reveals Housing Plans, by Kirin Eugenia oyamun, .5 pp. SPATITIST-1, np, La Torcera de la li-ora, Sant:Lmgo Chil-o-,=3 V 71, PF T47--15. TVRS 52766 tA/ChIle Econ Apr 71 Housing Minister Repliev to Readers, Q"Ostlon", 6 pp. -SPANXSH, npl, La Tercera de la Ilo-ra, Santiago Chile, 20 Fab N, PP 34-15- MDRS 52766 U/Ch:Lle Econ APr 73. Agri,nilturo Miastor Usausnes AgnLrian Reform, loy 01rus Games, 6 pp. 'WAN*,'" '(- Tgragra d!j 2A YM, Santl Ve per, ago* (Ul;t, 2? Feb 29710 pp 15-36'. JPRS .52M? Sld-AP4 APr 71 , P.Mmister Astorga Memweem Chartges in Education,, bv ftno Ollvartm I~emsndo Reores !utta, n pp. SX,IANISIIO np, Ls Temem do L Z,9# Smtiagov Chue, 1)* 20 bhr 19n0 j VRS 5gg5l LA-Cbdle Lduc NW 73, AOU-HaLrAst P*Utl"l G"up lialds argrt Emoting, AkUaka 0ovommento 5 pp* Sp"Lill. np, JA-XqrcgM do Itt_ligM. S=tIAgag Chileg 3 Apr 19n. p 10. ,JI?RS IQ104 I'Ay 71 %kUcukl F&AY Promidont Disoxwoes Provant and rNItuM Of As Party, by j4Uwjjt LuSmia &jamun, 6 pp. SPANDIA, np, I& -T de-4-i~.Ora 1:4mtiAvv iadles, 29 Apr 19?1, p 4. im; AO!34?9 Jos 73. PmW flalitlesa AmnounoWwt by FPC on Anwde Massa" to cm4r"ll, 9 pp* SIIA=fl, npo la TO"= !je 3.a_lga. Santiago. 31 No 1971p pp ILO# 3-1. jEms 33674 JWV ZL aminim Leader vcteev mudnoemanle Anxieties. 5 py. S.PlIANDIR& npv Temers de.15 !kM. 43=tiago. Chi-log 2,5 July 1.9?1# p 4. im 93941 SaPt 7% carawa Tons PM DopuU*s Chumb Was F"odom of FAmationi, 5 pp. . SmtUgov 20 A139 afanillo, apt IMOM Le U Aga I Une 5. im I 04?1 4400,11,10 MAnter Discusses Govemment ~v am B, O"Var". 9 pp. ~JRAATSIA, npq aroo do - Mk-fta. Santiago. 3.2 Sqpt -1971, pp~M~ CIO, 11 Jim, 51~2?j 00t 71 Text of i VC Ldll on Throe Armas of' 6conotv, 5 PP. Si~Ajd.~14, per, la Tercera de la Hora, Santiago, 20 Feb 1972, p 20. JITZ5 55-54? Apr 72 Pablo Rodriguez Groz Discusses Movemont, by J, Francisco LAraona U., 5 pp. Lil-AIU;A, por, Tercea de la Hora, Santiago, 11 Mar lq~?2, pp 14-15. Jri(5 5.45757 APr 72 AgriciiLture Minister Chonchol Discusses Policy, Outlook, by I-linister Chonchol, 14 pp. 51-Aa4l6if, np, Tercera do la hora, Santiago, 12 1,;ar 197z' pp 19-29,.- JFR3 55 790 I-AY 72 6enato::- Volodia Teitelboinj Calls for an !,no to Chiloan 1-~atcrs, by Laria Oagonia CVarzwi, 6 pl.). np, Torcura do la tiora, Santiago, 15 Apr 19'j'2, pp 20-21. JI-1~5 55959 !-!aY 72 lnterview vdth And-ical Senator Anselno Sule, 8 pp. SeLdSh', np, Tercera de la Hora, Santiago, 22 Apr 19?2. pp 20-21. J,,I.Z 56114 June 72 -R#Vblu- alonary Left Sets Folicar Toward Now A3-lende Cabinet, 7 PP. S ,PANISE, per, IA Tercera de la Hora, Santiago, lb:- 3.1 Rov 1972, pp If --- J-PAS 37713 Dso '72 --pr-O&Ucerlo Prices Orown on Contxsct 17 yl, - of 1965-~Ui) for Chops Basis, by Dr. H. L., MJWRW, per., Termeloozovetkesetek Tanac- !!!djoff, no 43, 29 Oct W63, PP- 17Z-7 JPRS 33385 BE-Haugary Rom Jan &~ 293,635 Agrimatural mid Food Indu try Export arA romign Trude,, 22 pp * MMAMMO rptO Tsrm&losrA"tkgz&tek M9222242da's No. 20,0 17 May 1967v Pp. 1-7. JPHS 41885 33-Ruuk;ary- Scon Aug 67 333,094 A Visit to the State Institute for Vaccine Prodiction, by Szent-lvanji, ILUNGAIUAN, per, Termeszot I)jdommyi Koziony, No 2, 19678 pp 64--6Z. ACSI J-2311 ID 2204017367 Sci-114M May 67 326,1206 ..radiation Protection by Orugs, by G. Keomley, 12 13p. IIUNG,,iI'MA,N, per. TornieSZC!t Vilga, Vol 100, i1a 7, 19-59, pp 307-310. i%CSI-X-1 121 Nov 71 Tharmic conditions of the Periglacial Tundra in S14 Spitsbergen, by Stanisdlaw Baranowski, 74 pp. POLISH, mono, Termika Tundry Perlrglacjalnej SW Sp tsbe en, 1968 r e W-CF-S-TI-i -n;06, Sci/ear sci 14ar 70 E. Wi ta li a Thermona,cLear roactions through taser radiation of fzwic~i trateriats, by E. Wita4is. 22 pp. SWEDISI]i -I'Pt.0 ina av fusim 1971, pp 1-20 may 72 Notal OxIdes, Carbides, Nitrides, Dorides, and Silicides in the Technology ol. HiSli and Very High T-amperatiwes: Present State and Future Prospe.,tsp by E. Lubatti. EUROPEjU%', per, Termotecnica, Vol 20, 1966, pp 540- 551. NTC-71-.16252-IIB Jan 72 Continuous Control of Atmo sphexic Pbllution with Indust:td.al Analyzers, by G. Maxtinnelli. ITALIAN, per, Termotecn:Lca, Vol 21, No 10, 1967, pp 558-565 NTC 71-137;2-13B Feb 72 Reliability in Thermal Plantp by C. Zanchi. FRENCH, per, TermoteenigA, Vol 23, No 4, 1969, pp 193-202. CEGB Trans 471 Mar 72 R. Brovi Temperature OsciUations at Hoat Transfer Crisis With Two Phase Mixtures. ITALTAII, per., Termoteenica, Val 24, No 5., lcY70.. pp, 204-214 NTC 72--13211-20M e, . -~rw-cw~ S s-4cly sept 72 Irrigatian iatterns in Rm~a lescribed, by ,wbro V. Cotot, 7 PP, RIMMUN, por, TeMS, Bucharost, ";ol 1, No 2, Aar-Apr 1969, PP 12-17- il ns 48241 Sci-Agri July 69 383,955 Developmsnt of Geographic boience Traced, by V, OICU, Ale ROBUs 3.1 PP* RUMIM, per, Larra, Buebarest, No 4, July- Aug 1969,,Pp 5-14. JPRS 491rI13 SedL-I:Izr ~ici Nov 69 393,831 Major Trwuls in Geological livaearchl, 1944-1969, by V. lwaovici, 3-1 pp. RWUNJA14, per, YAj~~M, Bucharest, iio 4, July-Aug 1969. PP 22-31- j,aRs 49i~?3 5CJL-E" 41;ci iiov 69 393.830 Devoloptwat of Fwaign Trade samroyed, by 1, Sandru, 9 pp. RUMAMIkM, per@ Term,, Bacharest, Ho 40 Jul-A~ 19699 pp :~2-40. JPRS 49=1 M-aumods lean Cot 69 ,We 710 Dmlopment, Structure of Forexts Describad, by Cp Homm, 10 ppe RWANW4, per, Terra. Bucharest,, Nav-Dac 1969, pp 14-21. JFRS 49673 sai-Agri Feb ?0 4020111 i m*%T*u&Aftq, cemcw&7*tA*u or ughtstry mom4bwo, 'by IT voll~*ftq 13 PP, .Vjw:,Uwo per* IFYmb Bwhk~j, DO 2* liar/Apr :L9"* PP 96.1N 4V-RS .507S~ ISPROUNdA ED= JULY ?D ~ Wo AL-tl=a in AadeAtma r"=0% ;100-190& WJV* Alo a464*004 9 0 m bb4o~ - simall $oft ZM sm*wOGto ft 36 lbr-Am IM4, pp, 13-nd an 5=7 gd*md sopt 70 1970 P2"dog, nood Omtml RAmimS Dowrlbod, IV rMum ccvrn*Uu. a pp. RWAMme per* 12m, Bw&bnwt, No 6, No*-Dw 19700 pp T45. Ilm SeAzo IWI.ApdL I rob 71 Dovoupitwnt or Physicial neogretphy Ra- vlowed, by Orm Posen, 13 PI). RODtA',IITIAk',, per, Terra, Buclutrest, No 2, Kp-.V..,A.pr 71, PP 7=76. XPR'S 5159-1. Aug 71 IrAudrial Pbsocnat GrotWftgo Describedp by ce 4il"s 15 FPO HOMMAti, per, Um, Bwharesto Ho 2, 14u%-Apr 19710, pp 1?-27. JFM ~~6 july 'A StAtiation on International Toiwism aiven, by Comi6n Dv Peft-socup 12 pp. ROM6XIAIrv per.. Terra,, Buoh-usest, No 39 MAVIJur. 71, PP c,%-'17-,w JPIRA 53 9w Sep 71 15ort of' Constants Hodornizad# by B. 7otta, 6 Pp. ROMARIAII, per, Terra, nuchirest, No 4v Jul-Aug 71, pp T*P7-7 - TPRS 514350 Nov 71 Devalopment, OeographLo Disitribution of Vlootrl,3 Power Xndustry Degiorlbed, by 1. S. Mmenou, 34 PP- ROYANIAN, per, Terra Bucharest, No 6,, Ilov- Doe 71, pg) 3-34t~!!.--* JPRS 5505 Feb 72 ConbrIbrtion of Industry to Agricultural Development Discussed, by D. Chiriac, 8 pp. ROMNIAN', per, Terra, Bucharest, No 2, Mar- Apr 72, pp 14-11;-. -TPRS 56436 Z-Ul 72 land Traviviovement Work -- Achievements and FrospaAs, by Spiridon Boeru, 12 pp. RODULNIAN, per, Terra, Bucharest, No 2, Mar- Apr 72, rip 20-2'9-. J?RS !'>643,6 . Jul 72 Itapects of the Geography of Transportation, by Athena Herbst-Radoi, 12 pp. ROMANIAN, per, Terra, Bucharest, No 2, blar- Alor 72, 'PP 30-4U-. ~M- R3 56t~.~6 mil 72 41.ng a nd Photomramnatry iri City Plann4 Mcidernizahion, by G. Anculete, 9 pp. RCMANIAN, per, Terr , Bucharest, No 5, SeD-Oet 7~', Dn 10-16. JTRS-~7792 Jail 73 ~ Colcm-al Bokassa Addresses Chamber of Cam- merce and Dulustry of the Coatral Af rican ftyublic, 5 PP- FENCII, np, Terre AfricaLne, Vol 4, NO 109, 8-14 ran i~k ~Op. 4. JPBS .134w1 Africa-Central Arrican Republic Now reb 66 295,8W President Bukassa Vialts Ag:ricultural Center in L:)I)aye Prefecture.$ Outlines Educational, Health and Foxvign Policies., 6 pp. FFEW,U, np, Terre Africaine, No :L28, vol 4, '-31-28 may lgzr,-P,,. 1, 4-5e JPFIS 3626o Afric.EL SDC Jul &S 305,033 Control African Prosidont 6trosses Positive ilomats of as pouciaae 59 pp FRIN.,CH, n)), Torre Africains, 26 Fov/2 Doe 1966. pp 1. 7-18. JPHS 39430 Africa POI mar 67 319.276 Center for Agronomic Rosearch ; roftram L-oncribed, (Africa), 5 ppo IROXIi, np, Tqrr,,.Jkf~riS~~e, Bangui, 15 Dec 1969, p 4. jj,Rs 4o,6,,;5 Sci-Agri I,eb 70 400,623 --nviwaz~ -,F~rvlogy,, by J, 1.1, Dupont, 5 pp. FOR OFFICIAL MSE L94LY I-MAH, por, Torro I Air, Mvr, 25 Mar 1965, PI) 33, 2"& 1y 32, 33* 96976WJ FSTC 381-T6S-2b7 U-6 ~d 1 Aug 65 287,260 Smal liviesp Large Holes - or tho Art and Mannar of Nwing, Earth without Effort, as Shown by the 3rd Engineors, by Bernard Attali. FRENCH,per, Torre, Air, Mar No 76, 25 October pp 20-22. '-I"ACSI J-0258 ID 22040.5066 Sci- Rax:kkxR-i WE/Fr/Mil Jul 66 Activity at Pierralatte Des~--ribed, by Michel ClIevalet, 11 pp. GOVah'MUr USE ONLY French, review, TerregAir. PLer, 2aris, No. 120, 25 Oct 67, pp. 26-30. JPRS GUO 2715 Sci-Muelear Sci. and Technology Feb 68 351,660 Nuclear Submarine Wespon launchers and Their i,oginue oupport. 15 pp. FRMCII, Imr, Tgr_rv 4r I.Imr, No 1.39, 5-20 Sept 1968, pp 29-32. DiA LN 444-69 WB +11 ,jan 69 3?2.694 Brest War Harbor. F.RMCH, per, Terre Air Mer, 1970, PP 30-34. DIA IN 221-71 A'4~ 71 Ttut 19 410 Naval Expositicn f by, Paul Parfcnd E'RMCH,, per, Terrej. Airp mar, No 187, 1970, pp 29-.-Il. NAVY/TG'SC-3337-'7--'- Oct 72 I III ALHA I I-- ( Ai4K I III IPJL, SY'J I-M LANG,UAGE--Fk LCUNTRY-FR 'I, Y S 1 VM E L) ' Ar,M t. A LK A TLkkL I A I R, I M~-!-< N01 88 NoV -23, 7u p 15 FSTC-HT-23-2255-72 Now mirage 0, and F aeries in dovei~opment and production. 9 pp. BROCH, Tor2w Air Mer, 1972, pp 34-37 A.rR1F.TD-Z-C- 064-72 U.S. GOV'T USE ONLY. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION nov 72 Jdrborne Troopa, 12 pp. CIOVEMMM USE 0m 21MM, per, Terre, Air, Mer 16 march 1971. ABWFSTC/HT-23-1535-71 Mar 72 I Centerp by Paul Parfond fteach, par# 7brre Airl 14W. Wo 192# 1971g pp 2#-22, NAVI(/NI9CI-333t: ~M Oct 72 T T~ -!- -i ii I r) I S i i I A, q K - I 1,~ V 1, 1 L,'4 ''i 0 U '.,, -- - f K L-1 L uN T R Y - S A I z: i~ l-, Z: !~ I -, " t- r, -) L ii I i ; q - z- - - J I Z F :) T(- -H T - ,~ 3 - -, 1, ~~D- i j