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December 9, 2016
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July 28, 2000
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April 1, 1951
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CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/21: IA-RDP84-00709R000400080085-8 " ! ; 5 Q 4 Terence i:G +uio to oar `] stter of 13 Feb u i 51 o JU e-ich :y u , . v t e t. th `vi of the t ont,ral ;TnteUincnee Agenc 'in re ttcrdi to pea- a c s nd - - d tj ?.~y-? ', ` - - s r nlea on now ppi; the #errctarv of the r?+~,? . o ` o nt] sit c n fer` evoral 'esr , p~x? lc?alsrly d~zrin~' f# ~ sr~ ~,, reatrs 1i O t~? l 1711 this ?renoy has contributed -to the sptpport of for%i m , oUy!t~ph c awiea ;researctr..V3'4 poli fc r it a l te o , undertaken, by the po r i a=Kt its staff e tr a, n h insi'(r -or ,lurid t.o the Uepnrt'ornt of jnnteri.orr, These tends h v,. he ;tea ava :fable I t0 to db .ni,n foreign ?toot: "aph.lo nmes standardjsatio and $ubseq )eiit ciditinc of a u ; n n ecript get prepara ~s'- Gott of. nary lists for vasetteero to Meet r iuirv apin of the National, xntellihaneo t i voys progrzm. The sorviae rendorcd byte a :&t,a staff has been c tisfnotory and coniitments acc4pted by the staff provides withinthe t)tvisionq of Geography of the Lo trt:: ut of Interior have beat fuifilim or. schedule. in view of rhAj, 2 C - 42 Dtau .,3 tati ~ue, this Agency : ~totxla to ooutinue to aak tot this ac rvlcc and to iransfair futtoe therefor u land as funds from otl r uouroee an Accondfn to ;p thi c Tyr 21a the Board subj t t h , ,: ec ; o t e approval oi' the ueoret~r.of Interior, forrrrlatus pr.ittcipjoaj o1icira and pro- eadux+e to be 611c,ed t ith reference to both do vatic and for lgn o aphis names, and decides his stack ar"'~' i acs and to it bz?ituo p