(Sanitized) 1965 BUDGET

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December 14, 2016
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March 28, 2003
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November 4, 1964
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~$ 5 z Approved For Release 2003/05/27 `:CIA-RDP84-00780R000400100 4 MEMORANDUM FOR: Special Planning Assistant to the DD/S 0 0 1965 Budget SPA/DD/S Transmittal Slip dated 29 Oct. 1964 forwarding questions submitted by BuBud. 25X1 Operating Budget for 1965 being established at a. Attention is invited to "Distribution of Office Estimates to Program Activity Categories", Form 1282- Att. A, which reflects the following items for FY 65. Figures are shown in thousands. General Administration Reference Services (Archives and Records Center) 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/271: CIA-RDP84-00780R000400100040-5 Approved For Release 2003/05/27 : CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5 SUBJECT: 965 Budget b. Hard to heat in cold weather. C., Temperature inside during meal hours in summer is very uncomfortable - cooling of the old structure would be uneconomical. d. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain proper standards of sanitation. Wood construction and hollow walls are subject to rodent and insect infestation. e. Present structure has inadequate storage for frozen foods. f. Present storage has no space for dry storage. g. Due to shortage of storage area we are stocking food in three separate buildings which is inefficient. h. The working area in the kitchen is inadequate. i. Roof rafters are sagging. j. Any increase in activity will require additional electrical power. k. Floor is deteriorating and will soon need replacement. 1. Boiler for generating steam for cooking, dish- washing and heating will require replacing in the near future due to its age and the non-availability of parts. (Manufacturer gone out of business) It cannot be stated that new mess facilities are mandatory during FY 1966. The above information reveals that the sooner the present facilities are replaced, the sooner will we avoid the increasing maintenance and replacement cost and simultaneously have the benefit of the other advantages inherent with the new structure. 3. Mr. has advised that further information is not required on the object class breakdown - k25X1 dmirecTor 51 communications Approved For Release 2003/05/271: CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/27 : CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5 Approved For Release 2003/05/27 : CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5 Approved For Release 2003/05/27 CIA-RDP84-0078OR00040010004Q:5.. DD/S 64-4668 THROUGH : Director of Communicatio SUBJECT : Fiscal Year 1965 Funds 01 SEP1964 1. The Agency anticipates a reduction in operating funds for Fiscal Year 1965. Against the contingency that reductions may be necessary in the Support Directorate, I believe it would be wise for the to withhold the obligation of $226 thousand. $ 35,000 160, 000 5, 000 6, 000 10, 000 4, 000 3, 000 3, 000 2. For the present, no change in your Fiscal Year 1965 budget of is necessary but your Fiscal Year 1965 allocation will be withholding of $226, 000. reflecting a 3. This action is consistent with negotiations among representatives of the and my office. the Office of Communications, the Budget Division Acting Deputy Director . for Support cc: Budget Division pv r .tttn~lfhn Approved For Release 2003/05/271: CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5 I 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/27 : CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5 Approved For Release 2003/05/27 : CIA-RDP84-0078OR000400100040-5