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December 19, 2016
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November 2, 2006
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October 31, 1972
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oved For Release 2006/11/08: CIA-RDP84-00780R004700020007- NOTE FOR: Mr. Coffey The attached material is for your use in preparing for the 2 November Deputies meeting. It pertains to agenda item f. concerning the MAG suggestion about dis- semination of information. STAT Paragraph 2d of the MAG memorandum suggests that "information should be presented in as straightforward a fashion as possible (somewhat like the CIB)." tells me that this remark was aimed particularly at the 30 March 1972 "FYI- -Allegations and Answers" issue abo Apparently MAG really felt that senior management was avoiding the issue. STAT MAG considers all of the Marchetti bVllotins quite appropriate and well done. ' Approved For Release 2006/11/08: CIA-RDP84-0078OR004700020007-4 Approved For Release 2006/11/08: CIA-RDP84-0078OR004700020007-4 ADMINISTRATIVE Approved For Releas@0?f44IAPt780R004700020g07-4 -DD'/,S R GI5TR1~ 10 October' p9~ 14 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director/Comptroller SUBJECT - Dissemination of Information 1. As MAG made clear in an earlier memorandum on the Allegations and Answers series, we believe that continued experimentation in internal communications is worthwhile. In general, MAG believes that the various efforts to pass information down from the top are worthwhile and have been well-received, particularly by offices and staffs somewhat isolated from the mainstream. There is an articulate minor- ity, however, which views many of the notices and bulletins with a degree of skepticism and sees them as vehicles to propagate an Agency "line." This adverse reaction by some of our professionals,_coupled with a certain uneasiness on our part about some of the recent releases, prompted MAG to re-examine the whole issue. We recognize that any single information vehicle, no matter how carefully designed, would probably be criticized by some. Nonetheless, MAG feels that a compromise can be achieved which could make such communi- cations acceptable and useful to a larger number in theILLEGIB Agency. 2. Toward this end, MAG recommends: should be issued from one central point regardless of which office originates and drafts them. The same format, whether a notice or bulletin or whatever, should be used in all cases. A. That all information efforts (employee bulletins, notices, "Allegations and Answers," and the like) which con- tain factual information on controversial issues (drugs, assassinations, ITT and Chile, the Marchetti case and so forth). publication. The Executive Director should sign off on a B. That one central coordinating point should be established (preferably the Office of the Executive Director/ Comptroller) where all drafts are examined and. reviewed before notices to give a sense of continuity. ADMINISTRATIVE CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Rele I40bgiUM 'lCIK4t'078OR004700020007-4 C. That a statement of purpose should in every case be included under the title. The statement would make clear whether the information was intended for internal use only, for selective use outside the Agency, or for any other purpose. D. That the information should be presented in as straightforward a fashion as possible (somewhat like the CIB). The notices should contain as much background and current factual material as security considerations permit and, when possible, should delve more deeply into a subject. Of the notices issued thus far, the ones on the Marchetti case best met the above criteria. If only superficial and ambiguous treatment can be given a topic, then it should not be issued. 3. MAG again offers its services, if time permits, to serve as a sounding board for further issuances prior to distribution. MANAGEMENT ADVISORY GROUP ADMINISTRATIVE CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY