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December 15, 2016
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August 25, 2003
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January 21, 1971
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Approved For Release 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-8 833F`f0001002600~b.L~_ Chief, Systems Programming Division MEMORANDUM FOR Director of Data Processing ATTENTION Executive Officer THROUGH STAT FROM ODP/P/SPD SUBJECT Unclassified Briefing for House Information Systems REFERENCE ODP Instruction 07-05-77 1. This memorandum requests approval for our plans to provide an unclassified brief-in on information management capabilities and plans to John Ferro of the staff of House Information Systems, U.S. House of Representatives. 2. Mr. Ferro is conducting an information management technology study for his organization. STAT 3. and I plan to have one briefing session for Mr. Ferro at CIA headquarters. We do not expect this to develop into a request for additional information or assistance. /8/ Bruce I. .oh"603 21 January 1981 2 2 JAN 1981 Date Approved For Release 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-00933R000100260010-4 ApprovedFor Release 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-10633R000100260010-4 26 January 1981 MEMORANDUM FOR TIIE RECORD STAT FROM: ODP/P/SPD SUBJECT: Meeting with John Ferro, House Information Systems STA T On January 22. 1981 and I met with John Ferro STAT of the House Information Systems, U.S. House or RepreseILtatLves. Mr. Ferro is an Information Systems Specialist in the Membership Services Division and he is involved in a survey of hardware and software technology. Mr. Ferro is interested in pursuing a "user-friendly" interface for their systems. He described the facilities of the House Informa- tion Systems which include two Amdahl V-5's, an ATEX system for bill preparation, a Xerox 9700 printer and a COMTEN processor. The software services include SCORPIO (Library of Congress), JURIS (Department of Justice), and STAIRS running under CICS. We briefly reviewed our centralized services including VM/370 time sharing, batch services and data base management. We concluded that while our direction is interesting to Mr. Ferro it is not especially relevant to the problems he is addressing. Approved For Release 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-00933R000100260010-4 /7/ lr-t"P 4 STAT 1. 1 COMPONENT/ OFFICER INFORMATION/ COMMENT CONCURRENCE APPROVAL/ SIGNATURE INITIALS DATE .U ~/ fir' c 5 i 1~ i _ _ see by f _ _ DISCUSSION: c`A Va ~'t t fi[ ~/~ 2'f~~7' !~ 2~ 1Z yllZ Qr 1G CIYT.Z l H7 / hGA~S oLC J _ ! . - a.+rn V I Approved Fose$1t gi 1I#MR &W093Z,?1000100260010-4 Approved For Release 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-00933R000100260010-4 STAT STAT Approved For cease 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-00933 0100260010-4 Explanatory Notes Subject: Self-explanatory - include ODP number if applicable. Purpose: What will action accomplish, e.g., "Reply to letter from OMB," "Obtain DDA approval to spend $100M," "Comply with periodic reporting requirements," etc. . Action Officer: Name, organization, extension. References: List of pertinent references. Copies should be attached in order listed. Resource Package and Costs: Identify the Resource Package and total costs for each fiscal year if the action involves funds. Routing: Who should see the action, whether for information, comment, concurrence, or signature/approval. The individual reviewing the action should initial and date where indicated. Place an "x" under the appro- priate column for each component. If concurrences are contained on record copy of action, simply refer to the action. Discussion: Narrative discussion of action - what led up to the action, why is it necessary, what do you want done. The pertinent references should be explained insofar as they relate to this action. If the ac- tion itself contains all this information, simply refer to the action. Signature of Action Officer: Sign and date form. Classification: Mark at the top and bottom of page, as appro- priate. Approved For Release 2003/11/05 : CIA-RDP84-00933R000100260010-4