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January 11, 2001
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1,1 w t n - 4'?1 i .l - LL's 4.J9 f y 3 Approved For Release 'O1/03/06 : CIA-RDP84-00933RW020'0020011-8 Representative Charles Rose, III (D., N. Car.) Committees Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Evaluation, Chairman Charles Rose of Fayetteville (7th Dist.) Democrat--Jan. 3, 1973 _A rculture Comments His HPSCI Subcommittee has pursued Community u a-e of,&?F in some considerable depth and will continue to do so, 1978. His Subcommittee held several hearings on and produced a study tb. Aug. '11), 1939-Lawyer on terrorism, 1978. III- audition to a deep interest in the uses to which computers A.B. Davidson college. ( can be put in support of intelligence and his concern that there is 1961; -LLB., U. of N.C., probably too much redundancy in the use of computers within the 1964; practicing atty.; Chief Community, Mr. Rose is fascinated with cognitive psychology. He District Court Prosecutor has asked and will predictably continue to ask witnesses to for the 12th Judicial Dig- comment on the degree to which their component has considered trict. 1967-70. Married, one child. cogni ttii veebi ,s in the selection of their personnel as well as efforts^ which have been made to protect ourselves against the effects of cognitive biases in analysis. Has had (but refused) opportunities to be briefed by CIA representatives in London and Lisbon, November, 1978. Was briefed on the level of knowledge of Soviet use of and level of expertise in the field of parapsychology in which he has a deep interest, December, 1978. Approved For Release 2001/03/06,.;-GIA-RDP84-00933R000200020011-8 Approved or e e 2001/03/06 The 7th congressional district of North Carolina is the southern portion of the state's coastal region, the part of North Carolina most like the Deep South. Wilmi- npton is an old Carolina coastal city that never became a major port-a would-be Charleston or Savannah. Favettcville- ihe district's other pepu;aticn center, lies across the rather sparsely settled coastal plain ,o ,e nest. The city's population exceeds only slightly that of adjacent Fort Braes, the huge Army base (population 47,000), to v:h:ch Fayetteville owes much of its recent prosperity. Bragg is the home of the Army's 101st Airborne paratroopers, and nearby, along the garish strip highway with its X-rated drive-in movies and topless night clubs, is the nation's largest concentration of \'ietnamese restaurants. The 7th has a fairly large percentage of blacks (26`.;;, bat its most notable minority consists of American Indians (7%). In fact, more Indians bye than i-, ar.v other con, sessional district cast of the Mississippi. Most of ;hem are tTi > u ec n Cu.', ; ac d taut, ,,ace to t, e traditional caste system of the South has always ben uncizar. ::ob.-,~?, is aC,nut one-third white- one-third black, and one-third Indian, and in the days of _aerreca;ion the coumy maintained three chool systems. Indians have had their own civil rights cci scrstraticas, hat they also have objected to having their chi'dren bused to go to school with blacks. Like the Deep South, the 7th district has gyrated wildly in its presidential preference in the last three elections. In 1968 it was a near even split: Wallace finished first, hut Nixon, in third place, was only 6 o behind him. In 1972, McGovern lost some of the Humphrey votes, apparently because of his stand or- m'litary spending which did not sit well in Fayetteville or Fort Bragg; Nixon got 70% here. Four yea,-s later, the district had switched back to the Democrats, giving Jimmy Carter 6790 of its votes. In congressional elections, the. district has been more steady. The current Congressman, first elected in 1972, is Charles Rose Ill. Due to his associations with former Governor Terry Sanford-he worked for S' nferd's law firm and supported his 1972 presidential bid-Rose has been considered something of a liberal thou It he :n -is's he is a conservative- Rose left Sanford's `ism in the 1960s to n to hipbone town of 'asettevi!le, where he became a local prosecutor. In 1970 he quit to run for Congress. The incumbent was Alton Le-inon, a,-,- 64 and a former U.S. Senator who was appointed in 1953 and defeated for a full term in 1954. In the Senate, Lennon had hired as an aide Jesse Helms, later an iaitraconservative Senator himself; in the House, Lennon was a solid conservative and member of the Armed Services Committee. By 1970, however, he was a poor campaigner, and Rose carried the counties around Fayettevilie and wound up with 43% in the primary. So it was hardly a surprise when Lennon announced he would retire in 1972. Rose did not succeed to the seat without a contest. In the 1972 runoff he beat state Representative Hector McGcchy by a 5590-45io margin. But he seems to have made the seat safe. Two years later he beat M_cCcchy again, this time by a 61%-39 o margin; and he has had no trouble (81% in 1976) again;t Republican opponents. Rose was assigned initially to the ,riculture and House Adrnin,:tration Committees. He appears to be secure in his seat and, at 39, is likely to be aConares_;,an for a longtime to com Census Data Pop, 467,476. Central city, 21'7c: suburban, 17'. Median family income, $6,875; families above $15,000: 9;t; families below 53,000: 18%., Median years education, 11.2. The Voters Median voting age 35. Employment profile White. collar, 40%. Blue collar, 40%. Service, 13%. Farm, 7%. Ethnic groups Black, 267. Indian, 7%. Total foreign stock, 4%. Presidential vote 1976 Ford (R) ............... _..................... 40,560 Carter (D) .................................... 81,207 1972 (R) .__ ............................... 71,346 McGo?, cm (D) .--...... n 409 (33%) (67%) (70%) (30%) : CIA-RD `U~tiHCAR0LIA-4 ~ ;? Rep- Charles Rose D Elected 1972: b- Aug. 10, 1939, Fayettes:; "JQA0200~ QA0200~' idson Col A B 19 1976 general Charles G. Rose (D) ............... M. H. Vaughan R 21,955 (81 %) 1976 primary Charles G. Rose (D), uno..-os 21,955 (1990) 1974 general Charles G. Rose (D), unopposed ............. 1 3) Go ) Cut Defense S AGN 6) Delay B-i Bomber D AGN 11) S Korea Mil S Cut erec Nat Gas ?AGN 7) Chile Arms Sales FOR 12) Common Situs Picket AG\ 4) Rhod ChrtimeBan FOR 8) Consumer Prot Agy AGN AG\ 13) Prvt Uranium Prod FOR 5) Hatch Act Repeal FOR 9) Nuclear Carriers AGN 14) Delay Pollution Stnds FOR 10) Assassination invest FOR 15) Curb Bill Collectors AGS I Election Results Key Votes 61, U. of N.C., LL.B. icy rian. t Career Practicing atty., 1964-72; Chf. Dist. Ct. Dist., 1967-70 Prosecutor, 12th fad ,, . Offices 218 CHOB, 202-225-2731. Also Rm. 208, P.O. Bldg., Wilming,0. 2$401, 9I9-723-3375. Committees Agriculture (9th ) Subcoi .mmttees: Dairy and Poe';' (Chairman); Family Farms, Rural Development, and Special Stud:. Tobacco, District of Columbia (9th). Subcommittees: Economic Development and Regional Affa;- Hou-reAdministration~ ; 3th . Subcommittees: Office Systems; Personnel and Police; Policy G on n ormation and Computers ( airman). Group Ratings ADA COPE PC RPN NFU LCV CFA NAB NSI ACA- NT) 1976 39 73 45 47 73 49 55 0 1975 i8 62 0 46 17 6 67 41 _ 1974 3 S6 - 20 67 5(1 ;~ IOG 32 4G Biographical 137 1953-54; Scn.:e .;u eerier court judge, 195 candidate fat Goti ernor in 1904 6-61; U.S. district court J'udg 1,_ bore', N, C-. I Ou (-CC ; married ; city executive of ~'.C. irational I3ank Greens of men's Bi )le Emily Irving Harris; five childrenl +I?_; in P r b es yterian : e er and th d eace Chh urc; a;varded honorary Doctorate of Lcws debTees freta Lion College and the Uni Ciecled to versity of forth Carolina at the 91st Co Greesboro; _ er is , 1x72; reelected t o,l.ress; member of H o eac h ouse Agt?icuhure Committee, chairman of Sub- committee on Rural Development and Family Farms; member, House Admini- tration Coninrittee; chairman,MAd Hoc Subcommittee on Computers; director of ` Rural Caucus: ajors 'Ire; Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP84-OO933ROOO2OOO2OO11-8 SEVENTH DIST 1CT.-COON E9: Brunswick and Robeson lu3 cc .aics)? Population (1970), 467,i% Columbus, Cumberland, Hoke, New Hanover, Cumberllard County ' N . C. u st f 10 , Aug 1 F t u 1939 ' o aye ated ,ed aHaymourit School, teville, N.C.; graduated from Fayetteville Senior High School, 1957; A.B.' ; t Davidson College, Davidson, N.C., 1961; LL.B,, University of North Carolina Lsw Sehocl, IJd4; lawyer; admitted to the bar, 1964, began practice in Raleigh, N.C.; chief district court prosecutor for the 12th Judicial District, 1967-70; married Sara Louise Richardson 1962; one son Charles G^, 4th, and a daun Sara Louise; ciacte_ d to the 93d 'Con hter, Sara out r,_ gross No.,emb 7 C 4 t, --L=h Approved For Ref oe lM$O'6teJ! RDP84-00933R08Q2600220( 4se