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December 9, 2016
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June 15, 2001
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May 27, 1977
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4 Approved For Relea a 20011081 / ( -r C ytAy, 60933ROO000150001-3' 4r{ E DD/A/ODP Weekly Report Week of 20-27 May 1977 I. Major Activities During the Past Week: A. Support to OWI 1. NAVY - Naval warfare simulations. We have com- pleted the preliminary design of the final enhancements and modifications to the Submarine Trailer Model. This model will give OWI analysts a tool for studying Soviet submarine tracking capabilities. We are currently participating with the customer in a preliminary design review. 2. SIMULATE - Mathematical simulation of physical processes involving weapon systems in general association with intelligence. The capability to specify the target vehicle with a set of orbital elements has been added to the in--house version of ESP-III. Ephemeris generation visi- bility, and coordinate transformation routines were developed to convert the satellite position into ESP-III acceptable target data. (Unclassified - B. Support to OSO OELPROD - Digital tape conditioning conversion. Our preliminary design of a tape tracking system for SAD/OSO is currently being reviewed by the customer. This system will allow tracking of analog tapes from to -in to. to -out of the SAD/OSO laboratory. C. Support to OGCR 1. AGMET - Spring wheat prediction system. We have completed implementing the initial OGCR requirements for the AGMET system in support of the current crop season. Our accomplishments include: ? The existing AGMET model was streamlined. ? An AGZONE AGMET model with report generation capability was developed. Approved For Release 2001/08/08 :'' RDP84-OO933R0004001500 - )MPDET CL BY12YIAn ' CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP84-00933R000"0150001-3 A quality control facility was developed for weather data. ? A data base management system for file maintenance was developed. (Unclassified 2. CARTDEV - Developmental support to Cartographic Division. The problem in the CLUSTER program has been located and corrected. The load module and documentation has been updated. (.Unclassified - D. Support to OF 1. FRS - Financial Resource System. Our support to the FY 79 Program Call Budget exercise is complete. During the exercise we received over 100 requests for budget reports and we produced almost 250 reports. The next budget exercise is scheduled for July. It will support the preparation of the Agency's FY 79 OMB budget submission which is due in September. The OMB budget will employ Zero Based Budgeting (Z.B.B.) techniques in presenting Agency programs (decision units) and their incre- mental funding levels (decision packages). Although FRS budget reports will be produced during the OMB exercise, the Z.B.B. presentation will be prepared 25X1A manually. (Unclassified - 2. ACTUARY - Actuarial reports on the Agency's retire- ment system. The project proposal for improved data base maintenance and utilization software procedures has been approved by the customer. Implementation of the proposal has begun. (Unclassified 3. CONIF - Management of information on Agency contracts and interface problems. The customer has requested a delay in the processing of the obligation refer- ence number (ORN) report until OL inputs their data concerning settled contracts. A schedule of tasks yet to be completed jointly with OF, OL, and ODP has been prepared. OF and OL have agreed with the scheduled dates. (Unclassi- fied - Approved For Release 2001/ M *-R P8 -009338000400150001-3 r T;4 I Approved For Relea 2001/08 fA b A "0933R000400150001-3 4. GAS General Accounting System. A new version of software for the IV Phase system is to be implemented soon. We are in the process of making changes to the programs (IV Phase), some at the request of Production Division and some as a result of VERSION 3 o re for IV Phase. (Unclassified 25X1A E. Support to IPS AD-STUDY - Project feasibility study performed by ODP. The Information Privacy Staff (IPS) automated log data base has been moved to the GIM Production system. The Weekly 25X1A and Yearly Count Lists have been delivered to the customer for review. (Unclassified - F. Support to OIA CHINAIND - The statistical analysis for non-military China industries. The data for the CEMENT file has been successfully converted into NIPS. The customer has been given access to the completed CAMEXEC menus for review. The CEMENT file is the first of nine data files to be converted. (Unclassified - G. Support to ORD PROFILES - Statistical analysis of data to obtain personality assessments. A set of enhancements have been completed for the PROFILES project. (Unclassified - J. H. Support to OP PERSIGN - MAINT. Integrated Personnel Information System. We completed a requested modification to the new R412560D report (report of DDO and DDS&T personnel) to include non-DDO and non-DDS&T if assigned to those offices. We have completed the customer's request to search the entire master file for invalid records. (Unclassified - I. Support to OS SACS - Security Access Control System. At the request of the CENBAD data base manager, we briefed the Office of Security Clearance Division Chief and input operators on all major CENBAD files and the SACS-PERSIGN interface system. (Unclassified - I 'A- Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-PDP84-00933R000400150001-3 Approved For Relea a 2001/0 0:CIA-RDP84-00933ROO0490150001-3 J. Training During the Past Week: 1. A two-day. contracted course, RAMIS Reporting, was completed by 16 students. 2. A two-day contracted course, RAMIS File Design and Records Management, was completed by 16 students. 3. A three-day course, EDP Orientation, was completed by 27 students. 4. A one-day course, Interactive Systems Concepts, was completed b 20 students. (Unclassified - Nothing to report on FOIA. Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : C+GRDP84-00933R000400150001-3 1.100 H, T