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November 17, 2016
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July 22, 2000
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January 1, 1953
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Approved For Release 2000/0817.; 1.:t Cz1)fl~1: IA-RDP84-Olt$-0200200040-6 1- 4 Approved For Release 2000/08/1.7-: -IA- DP84-00951 R000200200040-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200200040-6 fp',~,ryfv pp?+T ~~~9 r1 ~^~^~ a.'C'rn/.,"i ?J' r,~1 r-?-,`q ,, ?~? r~ Ap~ ^9Y'? 5r'y 9J~ f'.ti ~'. a'.lrY, d.l J?/"' J.~ .,~~l-....xL IM".. yr~ry^ 2~.'~h :.~ V',(.4w' Y 5^~r^ Tr -^; 4,; r:1 1 +^^. t, rC x J'1) ,7fI'r ~.j.i +. ~7i 01" A 141~~. F3~1.L :i~.M?~ tJ i.l t! bi'ajL ~ne++Mr+rn.vnrw.~w_ _ _ _ ___"?un~m.tirwrr.., Ori{ ?ns of a:` ofec:ticr cncl Di s acs .ra 4+ion," 19h n-191!7 Cri ;in.g of Contral'oroncc SyJtcr:t, 1936-19a7 Comol?dc.t3.o t of Fbeform ca and. Lia;i sore i.n :L915 Organ L atioa of CCD, 191,8..1950 Chanti Ga TtiGGc!rm3 1dCid by Eborr"!tz ttr c^ :Cy i~L:) .'s CG:+ :i tt.oo?3, 1911,81-3,91,9 Or'j;.^-_r zat anal Proposal and Doci .i ;'.u a. ._?L.:. ~ti .d +~~ijs r.6 ,the Of. ico of Collcr t ion ~nd DJ. rd c- 11rLat5r.o4R !'(ocn) 211rn the period coverod. by this study (195O-1953), toikne ppa;-l~ in ca1< 1oction rnc3 had vary lit ?le to 0o wl..1 dissoa.inat ;on in the zer4sa generally intendad by these words in the la n ua ;e of irvto li.c'erco. In ac unlit , throuf;h 1953, t is Office h aa C cc- tral i'S.ling an d reference facility for Con t-Or. l Intc;ll Lgenco (w :oz;o s:,r?,r1cO- 3 c?lero also open to o i'sl'?r in olli),O ne aconci. s in so far as tha shoiCLd ILLEGIB choose to use thea) which also carrio:~ on cortcii:,A liai,,.on fu-notions x rla;ted to c3ic:c,,ination and collection. OCI? hctd hoc.n such an Office since ,`',?;ilar directive for Contral i:oforcnco would dcubtloca have contained tilt ran e c cco tjon re ardin the "naintenance of facil-Ltif;s neccsusry to mee i t^ ;3?1 T'~i,?:1 [(~1I2'~al{ dc.z-inda71 and a Fi'upolar st o?~:4., tce to tn4J Jiii n y 11,11,.G !,".,Cl ,I in / i (+ c i;c 1tction of j kjljV direotjtom 0 V 20 Approved For Release 2000/08/1 ;- 9I TRpP84-00951 R00020020'0040-6 ? t Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP84-00961 R000200200040-6 CL,encie:2 ,;ot.1C3 conti at" to v 1',i olra?ilaical lii:ta on that category of personalitiesy but ;ould forward the, ax ^or:a: t, ora to Central lntot~ l:l;enco for ins:oxinga Central .ntvelli once wza then to keep it -~x eadily a vail a oloS: for all concorncd,. Th1c directive did not, o:" course., fully ettlo the quec;tion a bio r`, azieal. intell.1gcrico. It gave C::ntral Thtol],igonco rcl;pon' sibil.i.ty i.'or.? pat of the field but- czid nothing about tho rest, indeed, ascardxn,; to one conteslar;~ary critic i4ho van not connected with Central Intolll."enco or az,y of the dc,;artmenta, a encies, "> p this directive is another c,ra. p1o of least' co,nMon dono.. inato; c~s:rapr nrai ses between CI and the Departaental intelligence a; encias. d'ho rou;lits of such coma rornises are a 'hod-O-podjc of Directives giving CIA very little authority to ccord:1nate intolllgenoo aggres- =2ve;~; as contera tltited by the ?iiational 5r-curity Act of 1M>"2 I:ev~;r hel os sx the rasa t o ' zI fl3j 'x - '~ was ' at least to ivo the 6Jio--d aphical a aegisteJ. of CCD a so-acYh'a4J uniquo nVandin- in t at it was the only component which could cl.t^d; to ho even in Par. a :& ; a:uly eoonstituted "s-orvico of comion co oorr.,= 1 Soo i'' C: D-8 dated `(ay 21~,, 71948, in Annex E'* sie o-; oranndua by i R, flaf#e'tiaad, ,{.?.x ,cu' ,vo SccroMia: of the Rosraxch and ,evoio; erit Eo~:rd, to Po,-rru Office of do "cti- rotar of 'ef yse :,. 12 i1:, t3 ,;..filo under 'CA?' > Approved For Release 2000/08/1 IfRP84-00951 R000200200040-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP84-00951R000200200040-6 Orr-r.n-iz,aw or. Of01"I'D iglie-1950 With the one exception of the Contact ReZlvter, which '-as to be transferred to the Office of ,C;>crations two months later, .the functional statement of July 1S ;8 sot forth the organization that Baas to rcmain uonerally const~':nt for the Office of Collection and s3oiaination t:a-ough t e :;illankoottea and Smith ad;ii.niatrnluions. This organ zatlon cons1str.d of .1 Library; i'io graphical, Indus- trial and Graphics .e,;isterc; a. Machine Technique: ro:;. onon'c; and a Livci sor, unit. Their duties, es set forth in 191.-,8, were also to remain unchanged jr, any important particular over this same period. 31ricofiy, the-Su were as followws:2 (1) the Library as to cor-,,,o as the rcpocitory for all in talligcnca received in doctuncntary form and, was to be "open" to all "Ii C a ;oncies." The Library would catnlooic these materials; buy or borrow further material needed by cnwlycr,,; prepare b iblici; a hios tend abstract material to be entered in the ;:taehino index; a certain the extent of useful intol.l.iuanco material in other libraries, end citstributc? mkoteric1 in accordance With instructions f r o:a the "Liaison tranch.'a (2) the 'rioar~at~t~io izc_rittcr, in tac:dttioaa to its pr ir,?aary function of maintaining; t'rio' ?a fphr3..c chute on foreign oientifio and ti chnol.o'~cvl. ;~ r. ;o:,alities, wt.ild Oct for CL\ in obt:ini: b i,):_^, ?.aphac ~n 'or .gat o;a on other personalities from aspprop i,ate sources arid would maintain a mnchire index of all, im_~or ant forc:i,ers. The l3io;graphic ReGister as e 1so, authorized to i_n3 tinto ''z?aoo:a;i?rid a4ioa~s designed to ; tren.7 hen the overall structure of the ;;ovea,naontas biographic in:olligenoc,.a 1 Sao CIA Goncral Order NNo; 9, ?-uguct 26, 1948, in 01X1111 r, files; and Ch=apter IV, p. 16, ootnote 1, above. 2 araphracc d fxo:a tine Official tats :goat of Furactiora of C1C.T1~ July 1, 191"8, prcvi(Usly cited, Approved For.Release 2000/08/ T-? - DP84-00951 R000200200040-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP84-00951'R000200200040-6 (3) the to cot`. zolidat[c; all natoli,.1 received rc t? :iyc to cored,-;n industrial invtal' is tio.;s a and to enter it in c r c hj rie in' ox .it was to attor.Ot to :^ ra.Iltcin f'c;j i?nd unrcvi,'riotod flow of this type) of J.71 Q,C'nco 6.,ionrr t i!c. it was also to mako roconcendations dccig Icd to "stron ;then the ovcrall. ~.) the was to perfc rm a pproxiw nata'iy the s rno scrviccs ac: t?re other r :; istrirt with x?`:sx~ec:t to photo rz hN a;:d ovir~:, pictures fiinx (5) the [tn:.;t~C,ine leci;nim,4o h!''4.:4 in effect,, two forctions: fir:aw;,~ c,o 51~ad;,, anti w.veiop i_ndex:m4cy r chiner end v''Ci.d1 .Quo y to its: ep i 1 ichine5 in repair, end to tr