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November 11, 2016
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June 21, 1999
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Approved For Release 1f97 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 (3d draft, OCR History) I. Introduction II. Background Through 1952 A. Previous Histories B. Basic OCD Functions C. OCD Organization III. Consolidation Programs, 1953-1957 A. Organizational Changes B. Systems Improvements C. Additional Services 1. Security Classification for Documents 2. Cables, briefings and debriefings 25X1 C 4. Branch Libraries 0. Participation in Special Surveys 1. Working Group on Information Handling 2. Clark Committee 3. Inspector General's 1956 Survey IV. Transition, 1957-1958 A. Report of the Library Consultants B. Changes in OCR Management C. New Look at the Library Consultants' Report Approved For Release 19 1 CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 it Approved For Release 1999/0 Contents, cont'd.? ILLEGIB REWA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 D. OCR Changes Attributable to Consultants' and Task Team Findings E. Early OCR Interest in Computers F. Other OCR Activities, 1957-1958 Collection of Intelligence Materials A. OCD in 1953 1. Liaison Division 2. Foreign Publications Procurement Program 3. Graphics Register 4. Biographic Register B. Requirements Coordination C. Collection Activities 1. 2. Direct Collection Indirect Collection VI. 0. Summary Processing of Intelligence Materials A. The Intellofax System 1. Indexing 2. Machines 3. Publications issued 4. DARE ?-p ex-iaae 5'` 5. Computer Applications. B. Dissemination C. Biographic Register Processing SECRET2 Approved For Release 1999/09/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Approved For Release 199jj: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 25X1A Contents, cont'd.) 0. Graphics Register Processing 1. Photographs 2. Motion Picture Films 3. Subsequent Processing Developments E. Industrial Register Processing F. CIA Library Processing G. Special Register Processing H. Summary VII. The Central Reference Concept A. Initial Consolidation of Reference Facilities, 1947-1957 B. Further Refinements in the Central Reference Concept, 1958-1960 C. The "All-Source" Concept, 1960-1966 D. OCR Regroups, 1966-1967 E. Summary VIII. in OCR A. Background 25X1A B. Significant = Developments, 1964-1967 1. Mechanical Translation 2. Expanded Support 3. Study of W Publications 4. Joint publications Research Service 5. Organizational Changes 6. Benefits Under OCR J. Summary Approved For Release 1998 25X1A 25X1A 3 CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Approved For Release 1i1-7 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Contents, cont'd.) -4- IX. Customer Support Within CIA A. Bibliographical Research 1. Library of Congress 2. CIA Library 3. Selected OCR Publications 4. Review of OCR Publication Program B. Biographic Services C. Graphics Support Programs D. Industrial Information E. Liaison Activities F. Special Intelligence Coverage G. Significant Projects 1. Vietnam 2. Communist China 3. Cuban Crisis, 1962 4. Dominican Crisis, 1965 5. Arab-Israeli Crisis, 1967 H. Summary X. OCR Support to other Agencies A. Specific Intelligence Community Responsibilities 25X1 C 1. Collection and Dissemination 2. Biographic Intelligence 4. Liaison Support .4 Approved For Release 19 J: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Approved For Release 1 2=0127 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Contents, cont'd.) 25X1 C B. Unique Arrangements 1. Special Arrangements with the Military Services C. Inter-Community Activities 1. Advisory Committee on Foreign Language Publications 2. Ad-Hoc Subcommittee on Information Processing 3. USIB Committee on Documentation 4. USIB Committee on Procurement of Foreign Publications D. OCR Relationships with the Academic Community 1. Release of Foreign Publications 2. Dissemination of CIA Publications E. Summary . Approved For Releas GR& 9/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Approved For Release I 999/05 f 1A-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5 Contents, cont'd.) -6- Appendices A. Chronology: 1952-1967 R. Glossary of Abbreviations C. Budget and Manpower Statistics D. Key OCR Personnel E. Annotated List of Surveys of OCR F. List of Central Reference Advisory Group (CRAG) Papers G. Personnel Interviewed H. Source References Illustrations Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Attachments ECET Approved For Release 1999/09/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000200240001-5