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January 1, 1947
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Approved For Release 1999/09/24 -00951 R000300020010-8 No gn Ddssem 25X1A9a On 1 January 1947 the CIA Library was organized as the~tetlligence~( D,,(/ocuments Division of the Reference Branch of th&Office of Reports and Estimates (ORE). It was assigned an initial T/O of 47 The first person. actually to report for duty"wwt.s ^ , re~hol`ds the distinction of having remained on the reference staff of the Library until her retirement in 1973. Mrs. 25X1A9a first task was to set up interlibrary loan with arrangements with the Library of Congress (LC) and/other government libraries. In June the Library received its first Chief 25X1A9a Librarian (later CIA Librarian)-- 25X1A9a - had transferred to CIG from the ONI Library in December 1946 and had been assigned as Chief Librarian in the Foreign ,Qp1u ants Division (FDD) of the Office XX ORE of Operations t, . equi~ment and books, many/from other librarie surplus ing, staffing, organization and management. Under addi ti is - to books - i t acquired _ The D.irec ~ sv~m n set' awaiting the establishment of the i.ntelligenge doqu -eptp division of cables for permanentMe in-th-e ttbra By 15 June the4 floodgates opened and the Library became heir to approximately 50.,000 unsorted intelligence documents which had been shored in the Message Center of ORE By"-35' yJ Navy an 25X1X8 . When he joined the/Reference Branch e was given om let aut or'ty fo the Li ry' ,vu R ki-V --~U# es 1-~ were destr-aye&,ili r rched SE t-age-~f' roft tha. Appro Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 o pa I ~cX w . ,'A to e~ Their receipt was recorded im a visible serial file and arranged by source. Burtng these formative months the Library received authorization for central.i-zation of purchase orders for books and periodicals to avoid duplicate ordering by offices 3 in the Agency. 1948 By the early part of 19148, the Library_ had put into operation working procedures for reference, inteiibrary loans circulation, preparation of bibliographies, book-selection book cataloging and document indexing and filing. ~vi is (3 ro s+~ " After the 1 May merger of the Reference tenter and the w Office of Collection and DisseminationjOCD), the CIA Library absorbed the information and distribution duties of the former Central records Division/Services Branch/Administration and Management (A&M)t Prior to this, the Library had indexed and filed the documents but had not been responsible for their distributione as The organizational breakdown-9f the Library was followns 25X1A9a Field Survey Divisions respohsible for locating items of l unusual intelligence' significance in universities, libraries and research institutions both in and out of the Washington 25X1A9a r` 6) area) Bibliographic Dsion, including the Analysis Section 25MAR for indexing of documents and the Catalog section,,or booms 25X1A9a ordering and cataloln t ' Reference' Divis~orFf or answer information eries"?a prep ring bibliographies;,,t .stribution or recording the bibliographic information o Division f =ME every incoming intelligence document) for distributing documents, Approved For Rel siof96%5W% i rA1- 4 009518000300020010 gnt control; Approved For Release 1999/09/24 ? CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 .,.......,......, uaassZQ 2a 1010 ON gVIINAIIJNOD Mania u,'Itatod ON Approved For ReleaselIIJ ! P84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 1-i W,93 ci- Pd "0 N N W F- 0 W cc{. ct IV K. a. elf, ca. ae ~ CD Imo' .'3 CD 7 (V P Iq 1-0 c+ C n dk~ ID ci' " y h 0 W COO ti pi c+ ? F b co CD 00 r"S c+ CCD d o o OT2 F' ' 0 11 9 ro ( m ? 5 ~1 chi to (3i m Cn cl- ci- Ey COD w R `, CA CC- or Releas(I1999/01/24: CIA-RDF84-0091 R00030020 Q-8 Apt cf. 9 Approved For Release 1999/09/24 ? CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 luass a u22ato,q ON uoilo5uIsso1oao rl V ILLNACIIJ OD 1uaSSZQ ur`1219.1o1 ON Approved For Release r 94/fW P84-00951 R000300020010-8 LY-!a. Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 FOIAb3bl # indexing of - Daily Reports, and indexing of unclassified documents into the Intellofax System. On 17 'arch 1949 the Agency Assistant Directors established the Document Procurement Committee to, O "o, the CIA Library on matters pertaining to the procure. merit of foreign and domestic publications. The CIA Library reference book col.lectien was converted in September from It call numbers to the classification scheme used for documents- the Intelligence Subject Code (ISC), thus standardizing the Library's subject and area approach to its resources. (in 1918, b 32 books had been cataloged. ). fi In November 1949 the Library was reorganized into the 25X1A9a following branchesa ) Analysia?(under tX1 9a Catalo i (under 25X1A9a C N r ~ entral i ecords (under 25X1A9a 25X1A96 r.who supervised this activity until her retirement in 1958), ,.t~! 25X1A9a 25X1 oaa M ~~~ V.L u anagement kunaer and 3e.-. 25X1 a ~A a a and Reference (under until 190. ) Th e ecords Branch was responsible for distribution of documents, Analysis Branch performed the input to the Intellofax System. The Cataloging Branch had three sections: Cataloging, Vrder (procure- merit), and Publications Review (clipping service). Central // IR including Top Secxet//yff (TS) and TS files. Records Management (formerly Archives) was charged with developing an active earl FOIAb3bl # See chapter on Intel lofax for indexing of= Daily Reports See chppter on Acquisitions-Procurement for further discussion By General Order No. 28, 31 September, 1949, a vertical departmental organizational structure was adopted'" CIA. The Library, therefore, became a Division in OCD and all breakdowns thereof obbv n in OC Julyy Branches. Approcb 'V " ? Wp"" C ile -oc' ea na 1e -Dec 1t9 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 r uO!4D 9lSSDI p puo 6ulpoJ6uMop 3f4owo4no woi} papnpx3 t df OIO 'IVI,LNIQIANOD tuassv j U 22.GO q ON Approved For Release 1990MZQIAW 00951 R000300020010-8 LY-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 CIA Records Management Program. Rdference Branch included 25X1A9a three sections: Circulations Information (under 25X1A9a until her retirement in June 1972) and Files* 1950-' With the issuance of CIA Notice 30.-50,, dated 26 July 1950, the Library accelerated the Records Management rrogram for the Agency. 149,363 items from 1948 and 1949 were microfilmed,, resulting in the processing of 351,698 frames for archival purposes. 25X1 A9a In April 1950 25X1A9a as CIA Top Secret Control Officer (TSCO)#nd as 8/ was CIA Custodian of Registered Documen. He rkkal appointed 2zt~, .rc u. 4CkQL ti E) ~v~~rr rr+~V - October 1950 he called a meeting of the Area TSCU'g Areas were intra-4gency office designations for TS control purposes.) The conferences the first of a series, was designed to improve the overall control system as much as possible and to develop uniform understanding of procedures 25X1 A9a~~ 5 ) among the Areas. issued a Guide for Area Top Secret Control Officers to provide Memos C/Record Mangement Branch to C/Library Divisions 22 March 1950, 'ltedesignation of Top Secret Control Officer and CIA Custodian of Registered Documents. C. (File: Library Daily Reading File 1950 Box 68-116/2) 25X1A2g (Memos AD/CD to Chief of Staffs US Army., 6 April COs sub: Establishment of Control Gffice in CIA. S. (File Policy 1950 Job 58-98/7 CIA Top Secret Control Officers 10 Oct 50s sub: Con. fdrence of Area TS Control fficers. C. (in File: Library Daily Readi File 1950 Job 68-116/2 Approved For Re ace 1999/9/24 : CIA-R P84 9 1 0Q3 ~-~TR ` were 4d Approved For Release 1999/09/24 : PIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 tUdSS1I u za,co9 ON 1VI1NACII,INO0 tUdSS Q U A4WO J ON Approved For Release 199' h AM 8 -009518000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 b. Other Relationships with LC In the mid-1950's the CIA Library began to transfer regularly to the LC foreign publications that (a) had been utilized by research components of CIA and were not scheduled to be retained in the CIA Library., (bP were archival materials no longer required by CIA (for example, the maptured Japanese collection), or (c) were current publications received as a result of the CIA Library's worldwide selection program but found to have little or no intelligence value. By 1959, an average of 8,000 pieces, hooks and serials, had been sent to the LC every ronth. but informal and continue to d An important, arrangement was worked out in December 1952 between ~Gu the IC and the CIA Library whereby one person from the Circulation Branch of the Library 'detailed to the LC on a full-time basis to handle searching and charging out of all CIA requests., averaging Arrangements were also made whereby professional personnel recruite were utilized by LC while awaiting full security clearance. These l" at LC on projects that were of benefit to CIA, sfer 9 JOO Vu-ss.v.~/ fl/Memo., CIA Librarian to AD/CD, 9 Dec 52, sub: urIuei-y.Lu.L from LC. U. (in Library 1952- Job 58-98/1) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 ul sslQ u DP-109 ON 'JVIINaQIJNOD tu'9SE'(1 'U"110,1011 ON Approved For Release I 9 dcAN49 rA4-00951 R000300020010-8 LY-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 all. TSCOts with a uniform functional understanding of the TS network or system. By July 2951 the Administx[tive Serviccs Offipe which hs1 been the Libr assumed re,onsibility for Vital /Materi an responslity s In 1951 the Library was relieved of two responsibilities which had been The Administrative Services time-consuming. - operation of the __ . , 2 25X1A9a Office assumed and the Cable Branch of the Liaison Division (ID) took over the maintenance and. servicing of the cable reference file. 12 Maeo,, c/Administrative Services to AD/CR9 17 July 5].,, subs Vital Materials Program. C. (in Library 1949-51 Job 58-98/1) 1 Operations Staffs OCD, 3 Mar 52 sub: Some Comments on Statist$tal Measurement of OCD t s Workload, S. (in OCR Yearly Statistcial Tables 1947-57 Job 59-875A) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved oForSDRelease 1999/099/24: CJA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 asst u 20.10d 0 'MIN IUIdN03 auassi J uJza aog ON Approved For Release I 999 d94V1 4-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release I 999/09 : RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 No Foreign Dissem ~~--. All subject indexing functions of the JW Library In June 1955 the Library was again reorganized. At that time it had a T/O of 248--the highest it has ever had to date (1973). In the course of the reor- ganization the Book Branch was abolished)and all pro- curement activities were transferred to the Foreign Branch (established in 1954, after the Foreign Pub- lications Branch of the State Department was trans- ferred to CIA*), which was then renamed Acquisitions Branch.1 The Catalog Section was moved to the Analysis ,Branch, which was renamed Analysis and Catalog Branch. The Top Secret Section was removed from the Library entirely, and a new Classification Control Staff, under the OAD, was created to handle consolidation of the document security control functions of the Agency TSCO and the Library Documents Branch. were combined in th' new Branch, which comprised three sections: Reports, for indexing intelligence reports into Intellofax; Book, for catalo?;ing books; and Periodicals, for indexing finished intelligence and periodicals and for the clipping service. * See Chapter ... , Acquisitions Program **See Chapter ... , OCR, 1954-67 SECRET Approved For Release I 999/( J%2F X141&84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/099RDP84-009518000300020010-8 No Foreign Dissem In September 1956 the DDI ordered an across- the-board personnel cut, as a res. It of which OCR (,ate game had _ch_an-g-e-d---n- L35.5-) had to discontinue several operations that were considered to be of relatively low priority. Among these were reference services in the Library. To achieve a more effective utilization of manpower, OCR was reorganized on 1 November, and parts of the Library and LD, plus the Classification Control Staff, were regrouped into a new Document Division (DD). This change placed the coding and dissemination functions in the same plae-@. Management had considered adding the dissemination function to the Library but had decided that this would make the Library too unwieldy. The shift of duties and personnel left the Library with a T/O of 141 and stripped it of the distinction of being the largest single Division in OCR. 25X1 X8 SECRET Approved For Release I 999/ 4 lft15P84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09Wjpp RDP84-009518000300020010-8 No Foreign Dissem In August 1957 Dr. Andrews resigned from the as AD/CR Agency. His successor', Paul Borel, immediately set out to evaluate the recommendations of the Library Consultants in order to have a sound basis for making decisions on them. Examining the Consultants' Report in detail, he found that several basic questions could be identified and set up 16 Task Teams to deal with these problems. Most of the Teams were chaired by OCR personnel, and 37 of the Team members were OCR employees. Other Agency offices contributed the services of more than 30 of their employees as Team members. N?KEx Peet-s.,,of- Library Twelve of the 16 Teams dealt with Library operations; the others with general topics, such as training and customer relations. Three of the 12 that concerned the Library were directed toward acquisitions and publications procurement and will not be discussed in this chapter. SECRET Approved For Release I 999KJ*1 e~ AP '84-00951 R000300020010-8 LY Con-3 25X1X8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 25X1A1a3 for the two projects to The 'DCI authorized the w increased expenditure in October 1952. Beginning with the March 1952 issue, and as a product of the f our CIA sponsored project, the MIRA was expanded from two to parts and with the increased FY 1953 budget, LC added a subject ie~ index of monographs. (_.. ^gm-e * 14 Under the agreement to convert the Slavic Union Uatalog from author to subject approach? the CIA Library received *-a" of Cyrillic Subject Union Catalog (CSUC). In 1956 the CIA Librarian as project Officer termir CSUC project. In listing his reasons he stated that he believed it was more important to announce the availability of publications (in the MIRA) than to build up a fully cataloged set of cards. Termination of the CSUC permitted IC to transfer nine positions to the MIRA staff, which needed r9lief because of an increase in receipts of USSR publications, the subject as 4'catalog which was hencef k own s the * A .ipy of a 1952 MIRA is on file in CRS Historical File- CIA Library 1952. These CSUC cards were augmented in 1954 1*4106 by cards which the CIA Library received from the Army G-2 Library, the Air Force ATIC Library, the National Uentral Library in London and the Armed Forces Medical Library on Slavic materials in their libraries: This catalog, bee$e knaa n as the IAC Union 6atalog in the CIA Library The did not work successfully., however, because of variations In cataloging it actices and the resultant ineom6,at bility of cards for filing purposes.'he project stopped in 1956."" Ymemo from AD/CD to DD/I,DD/A, CIA Comptroller, 13 Aug 520 sub: Additional Support Requested by the Library of Uomgress for the Monthly List of Russian Accessions and the Skavic Union Uatalog. C. (in File Library 1952 Job 58-98/1) h Ltr, AD to Librarian of Congress, 27 Oct 52. C. (in File Library 1952 b&981) Approve] ra Ieq?# A 24IAC1&fWf 4-608#x'1 FW0(V306D2ftVCNV Daily Reading File 1956. Job 68-3-16/2) Approved For Release 1999/0 DP84?N -00951 R000300020010-8 Q ac uououissouao IVI,L` HCII,3NOD turrass'a~ a"Ixaco; T OAT Approved For Release I 9~7~~ J/0I2~NIi W4-00951 R000300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 25X1A1a 25X1A1a Funding by the Agency for the MIRA rose to a peak of almost FY &962. By the latter dates the Agency secured the financial participation of the National Science Foundation (NSF) I-c and the itself. CIA costs then stabilized level, in 1959, CIA, through OCR, began support to a companion publications the East European AccesssionssLndex (EEAI)s published 25X1A1a lk 1 5 ? 4 to Y 9 25X1A1a was received from NSF. During a routine audit of OCR by representatives of the 25X1A5a1 s rls ng 9 by LC since 1952? Costs for the EAAI were _ in F General Accounting Office (GAO) in 1961, the question of the propriety of OIA/OCR sponsorship of the two publications was raised, Paul Bottels AD/CR at the time, called on the Agencyts Central Advisory Group (CRAG) and the members of the USIB Committee on Documentation (CODIB) ti survey the usefulness of the two publications. NSF and j LC hirec,.- the character and degree of use of the/ W an outside consultant, to determine 4~MIRA and the FEAt. In late 1961 CIA stopped its support of the EEAI and LC ceased its publication. As financial pressure continued to build up on CIA in the ensuing 1960'a, the priority importance of the support to MIRA continuedto drop. OCR felt that access to Russian publishing had vastly improved compared with the early 1950ts, and intelligence users were no longer making substantial use of the MIRA. A Stucky of the Use of the Monthly Index of Russian Accessions and The East European Accessions Index by Saul Herner. March 1961 Approved F b't F easebf? 9/6%2TTV -RuP84-00951 R000/300020010-8 Approved For Release 1999/04 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020010-8 s'U u za co ON unumm