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December 12, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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December 31, 1947
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Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951R000400020028-8 CENTRAL INTELLI GENCE AGENCY Washington, D. C. ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NUMBER 40-15 31 December 1947 SUBJECTS Accountability, Procuremdnt and Library Service for Unclassi- fied Foreign and Domestic Bound Books and Periodical Subscriptions 1. Accountability . a. Effective upon completion of the procedure outlined in para- graph 2 below, the Reference Center will be accountable for all un- classified foreign and domestic bound books and periodicals obtained by purchase with the following exceptionst (1) Documents, including captured documents, channeled to Foreign Documents Branch for exploitation. (2) Desk dictionaries, Government Manuals,.Style Manuals and such publications listed in the CIA Catalog of Office Supplies as expendable items. (3) Readily available English language periodicals and newspapers which are not designated as "official Library Copies". 2. Transfer of Accountability a. Effective upon receipt of this instruction, all Responsible Officers will execute a Library Charge Sheet, Form No. 29-15 (supply available in Storage and Issue Section, Services Branch), in quadru- plicate listing unclassified bound books and periodical subscriptions in possession-of each office.- The original and two copies will be forwarded to the Reference Center. ` b. When the above transaction is completed, accountability is transferred to the Reference Center. The Accountable Property Officers are authorized to drop unclassified bound books and periodi- cal subscriptions from their stock record accounts by submission of a Report of I,ventory, Adjustment, Form 36-16.. on an indefinite loan basis. F0IAb3b c. The Reference Center will charge each unclassified bound book and periodical subscription indicated on the Library Charge Sheet to its property control accounts. .d. The Reference Center will then, through informal negotiations with responsible individuals, determine which of the books and perio- dicals so transferred for accountability will be returned to the library and which will be retained by the responsible individuals Approved For Release 2001/07/27 AlWhOPMOWM000 Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000400020028-8 RESTRICTED e. The Reference Center will maintain controls for property accounting in accordance with the existing procedures of the Property Control Division, Services Branch, A&M. f. All personnel being separated from CIA must obtain a signed clearance on Form No. 36-20 from the Reference Center, Librarian prior to final separation. 3. Procurement . a. All requests for purchase of books and periodical subscrip- tions should be directed to the Reference Centerld brary, Room 1433, "M" Building, telephone extension 2045. 4. Reference Center Library Service Reference Center Library service for unclassified bound books periodicals provides% a. Circulation and loan facilities: (1) Normal limited loan period is two weeks. and (2) Indefinite loans will be authorized whenever the docu- ment is required for continuing office research work. (Use of document more often than once per week defines an item required for continuing office research work.) b. A Central Reading Room stocked with current periodicals and references. c. Information and guidance in selection and acquisition of reference books and periodicals. FOR THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE: Executive for Administration and Management RESTRICTED ?Approyed~FFor Rellease 2001/07/27: CIA=RL)R84 00951R000400020028-8