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December 9, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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November 13, 1947
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Approved- For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000400020fg1-4 '25X1 A9 Reference Center T/0 25X1A9a 1. Our organizational survey substantiated statement that the T/O submitted by him was premised on minimum needs. In all cases, staff had not been requested to handle total anticipated work- load. No provision had been made in the T/O for new or expanded activities, 25X1A9a 2. The survey team recommendations in which concurs are incorporated in the attached T/0. (Attachment Those positions preceded by an asterisk should not be filled until the need is justified by additional workload or additional duties. 3. A chart (Attachment .,H?) explains the major, adjustments recommended to make adequate provision in the T/O for new or expended activities.. 4. In view of the newness of this organization' and the united opposition of`the division chiefs, it. did not appear wise to recommend total con- solidation of machine operations. However, a considerable degree of con- solidation and coordination will be achieved by the recommended reorganiza- tion of the Central Index Division. A suggested statement of functions for this Division is appended. (Attachment 11011)4 The Chief of Central Index will coordinate and direct all machine operations. The machine personnel organizationally charged-to the separate registers will be under the administrative direction'df the machine room supervisors of the Central Index Division. When all registers are fully activated, this operation'' :.should be again examined to determine the feasibility of organizationally separating machine personnel from the registers. 5. Several adjustments were recommended in grade levels to reflect comparability between registers, to provide for utilization of lower grade professional personnel, and to permitrderly progression. _ 6.. A personnel ceiling of 151 8' for third ~ recommended. If operations are substantiL machines are obtained, this ceiling.shoui. fourth quarter, 1948. 7. The attached T/O is designed to brir{ When the bulk of outstanding materials registers and twined personnel cut down the number of T/0 posi" ~r, Fiscal Year, 194$, is ; nderway and sufficient considerably increased for registers into full operation. ten incorporated into the job, it may be possible to 8. A substantial saving in pe ==l could be achieved if Reference Center rep-inter activity was confined ,I.usively to punch card recording. The establishment of files and th. xtracting and annotating of reports for file purposes which occurs irn Ski, BIR and CCR are time-consuming and r gruirt the cervices of many .rof`essional employees. Approved 1o a ease 001/07/27: bP84-00951R0004QQ029031-4