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December 9, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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August 7, 1946
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OFFICE OF RESE&'.R.CII I:T7.D L7J,1UATIOIj O.R,E. 1.D%2i1ISTI.L'.TI E ORDER INU. 1 Ro oronaus,s a. C.I.U, Directive No. 14 ba. C,I.G. Adrainistrativo Order No. C C.R.S.Administrativo Order No. 2 d. Executive Staff. o. -iostorn Homisphore Branch, #. ~7octorn luropo., frica Branch. j. Eastern Luropo Ziiddlo Last Branch he Far East .? Paoif io Dranoh. Approved For Relea~eJ001107127 : CIA-RDP84-00951R0004~00?0058-5 3.1 C.I.G. Diraetivo rro, 14 rescinds all. provi.ouo C.I.G. diroc,;:ivorr and orders rogsr'ding the organizntion of the Central Intolli,,onro Group and directs its reorganization. C.I.J, Adrainist.ratjvo Order Ito. C. ostablishos a tontativo organization for the C.I.G., subject to revision in dota:i.l and to elaboration. The Offico of Rosoaroh and Evaluation, ostahlishod therein, is directed to continue the oporutions of the fors r Central Reports Staff and to expand progressively toward assumption of the organization and functions indicated.. . Administrative Orders I1os. 1 and 2 are hereby rescinded. 3. Pending i'urthor organizational planning and necessary rooruitaaont, the organization of the Office of Research arid' valuation will be as follow7s a. Office of the i, sistant Dirootor for Research and Evulu, tion, b. , Central Reports stuff, c. Plans and RequiroL ants Stufk+, 4, The Central Reports Staff will direct and coordinate tho aotivitioss of the rogional brunches in tho production of strategic and national policy intelligenco. 5. The irinediato function of the Plana and Requirements Staff will be to accomplish thb organizational planning,, required by paragraph 2. C,I.G, bdministrutivo Urdor? No, 6, in consultation with t ho other stuffs and brunches of O.R.I. It will, us soon as posniblo,, assume the Cenarul e6ordinu?ien and plann9_ta, t'smr:tinns assigned to O.R.L, 6. The Lk.ocutive Staff will function as an executive office with rospoot to the currant roquir ononts of O.R,E,, and will prepare for the oarlioot practicable activation of the projected. Porsonnol and i4minimtrative Bra;arch, Information Cantor, and o regional brunches will carry 9 the current oixsrationa Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00951 R000400020058-5 Approved For Release F001/07/27: CIA-RDP84-00951R0004000 0058-5 ti- of 0 0R.1' ., under coord~ nation by the Corrtrctl Roporta Staff, and will prepare to ussurio; as root, cis pzactioablo, the sadditional funotiono indicated in C.I.G. IdLninistrativo Order No. 6. Initially the arous of rosponnibility of the rogionol branches mill be as indicated in C.R.S. Administrative Oreior N10.2, subjoot to the temporary consolidation of ]Hoff qnd X/I. LUD',iELL L. 110i li:GUR Aoting Asoistant Director Roaoaroh and Evaluation Distribution: rar Last 1t'aoiff.o Dranoh assicnod to O.R.E. Vastorn Europe - Liddlo East Branch 1'Joatorn Luropo -Africa Branch 3xocutlve Stuff V ostsrn Hemisphere Branch Conural 2oporto Stuff' Plano and Roquiroz,'zonts Staff L,cocutivo to tho Dirootor Exocutivo for Porsonnol and Adrainiotration Chief,, Interdepartmental Coordinating and Planninr Staff Asst. Director for Spooial Operations Asyt,, Director for Collection Asst Director for Dissontndtion Central Rocordo (2) Anst,. Director for Reaoarch and Evaluation os of to the IntolYi,gonco Sjioff will nt roqui; A10 niat reGional praoti I'qKCtio dnonts 1e act` aaich, In b auohes will 0 as an oxoou - ? f O.R.E,, d nation o ho rmatio Conto on the ourr ill ro jocto and bporati ono Approved For Release 2001/07/27 :`CIA-RDP84-00951 R000400020058-5