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December 20, 2016
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March 15, 2007
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Approved For Releas ; t~(ti LA~ Unified, Government-Wide Strategy CIA is actively involved in the ongoing efforts to produce a unified government-wide strategy for combatting international illicit drug trafficking. In connection with these efforts, the President has recently established a Cabinet Council on Legal Policy, chaired. by the Attorney General, to focus on the development and implementation of drug supply reduction programs. The DCI is a member of the Sub-council on Drug Supply Reduction within this Cabinet Council, and has appointed the General Counsel and Deputy Director of Operations to participate in the Council's Working Group on Drug Supply Reduction. This Working Group has been charged with developing specific proposals for action on the many issues confronting the federal agencies and departments involved in the effort to stem the flow of illicit narcotics. A number of these issues have a direct impact on CIA, foremost among them being the development of improved research and intelligence capabilities. Obviously, CIA plays.a major role in gathering and disseminating intelligence about the levels of availability of drugs, supply sources and distribution systems in foreign countries, as well as the capacities of foreign STAT Approved For Release 2007/03/1 ~-, 00049R000802020034-8 governments to control drug supplies. The Task Force on International Initiatives, a sub-group within the Working Group, has noted that the following needs must be addressed by United States Government agencies involved in research and intelligence efforts: ? a need for improving the scope and quality of national and international intelligence activities produce improved estimates on worldwide production and trafficking; ? a need for improved utilization and coordination of narcotics-related information; a need for a significantly increased priority for narcotics intelligence collection. Other issues being dealt with by the Working Group that involve CIA include a proposal for CIA to survey all available technology for assessing cannabis growth in the United States and a proposal to increase interagency cooperation in enforcement activities aimed at removing assets from drug tratlickers. While asset removal is primarily a law enforcement concern, CIA can participate by supplying information acquired in the course of foreign intelligence collection efforts which would indicate that assets are being removed overseas. The Working Group on Drug Supply Reduction has been tasked with developing a proposed implementation plan which will incorporate the various task force proposals finally adopted by AnnrnvPCl Fnr Release fbtM IT Approved For Release 2007IO3 N1gmj sj 91f ly9R000802020034-8 the Working Group as a whole, and will identify the specific steps which Cabinet departments must take to produce an effective Drug Abuse Prevention Policy. In addition, the Director of the Drug Abuse Policy Office has recently circulated for comments within the executive branch a working paper which contains an overall Federal strategy for the prevention of drug abuse and drug trafficking. The Director for the Drug Abuse Policy Office has recently been elevated to the status of Senior Advisor to the President, a change which indicates the overriding White House concern with this problem. Annrnvarl Fnr RPIPas P 2U S U BOC