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December 21, 2016
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June 17, 2008
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UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE FOR MANAGEMENT WASHINGTON I i .. Admiral. James, Nance Deputy Iff recto' to 'the _ President I for National Security Affairs JECT:L.B eposed Presidential Memorandum During our recent discussion we touched on in government operations overseas. Attache is 'the suggestion of a Presidential memorandum to heads of agencies regarding conserving resources a_possible draft of such a memorandum. I have also given-a copy informally to Bill Schneider at OMB. Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP84B00049RO01503620013-6 State Dept. review completed. STAT .a. Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP84B00049RO01503620013-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP84B00049RO01503620013-6 RANDUM FOR THE IIEAxi ,QF~ EXECUTIVE (EPART? TS AND AGENCXES SUBJECT: Improving Government Operations Ove seas. My inaugural pledge to curb the size and oat of government achieve those objectives. To meet agreed overseas requirements, tives and our representation kept to the uti ?auzi necessary to grams. As part of my Economic Recovery Program, therefore, I want our operations abroad to reflect national priority objet applies to our overseas activities as well a to domestic pro- are required and justified, which I expect yot to use efficient-- each Department and agency will receive those resources which those of the Secretary of State, who must pl for delivery of mission-wide support. F The Secretary of State will be eommu#~icating on those legislative or executive action; I invite appr~priate recommend- . I Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP84B00049RO01503620013-6 ly, with appropriate precautions against waster fraud, nlsaan agement, duplication of functions and unnecessary redundancy. I am directing that the Secretary of State, in close _~_cooperation with the heads of the agencies nvolved, organize and lead a careful review of possibilities` for savings and improvements in our operations overseas, particularly those with longterm or institutional impact. Preparing :.tight FY83 budget will require advance interagency coordination and planning of our overseas - operations, including staffing.) As you formulate .your requests for overseas resources, therefoie, I ask that*you give full weight to the views of Chiefs of M .ssion, along with' with him. Should your efforts identify Issues which involve issues with you in the coming weeks. I urge you to cooperate