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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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May 11, 1982
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ITEMF08, Approved For~Release 2008/06/0 NCIA-RDP84B00049R001503910011-6 t~/ / CONFIDENTIAL r2, ,q, sraTE ~ ACTInNt NOFIE INFp; FILET RF, CR/wH, FR, IAD/C~AS?3, LA/CATFM3r LA/RR, NICAG/LA, NIOILA, t~A~,A/FS"2r OAL.A/MC, OALA/MC/CA M OALA , / C/pCr GALA/NC/Mi, OAI_A/MC/R-2, OALn/MCMILr [)ALA/ME/LA, pALA/ME/MB, OALA/Ppt_A,, (~~RN.N pDPS?S oER pGI Z n , , , ? . GI/EC/IFr OGI/EC/IT, OGT/R-Z, GIA/ERRS,, D?A/I FMFA_ nncrG'tic_ nr,r.~.~c T~-_~ 8Z 858b528 SCn PAGE 0(t 1 NC !l585Sa8 TDR= 11p11bZMAY A2 ?--w?s?.a-qr-..~r.w~.w-wao..?-.~.r-~??~es?O.-.l.~~r-.-w-.r-...?--s~rr ~w-. r~-w--~~t~~ O(3RUEAIIB ZNY CCCCC ZOC STATE ZIH STUHU?~1 QQ RUEHC DE RUF_gAL ~3Q53 13t011o ZNYCCCCC ZZH 0 110n55ZMAY82 FM4A E~ MRABSYSAN 5A1_V~pQR TO SECSTATE ~+ASHDC IMMEDIATE 9SF~0 9T C 0 ?~ F I D E R1 ~,T I A L 4AP1 SALVAhOR 395; FOR ASSISTANT SECRETaRYENDERg FRAM DEAtJE HINTt1N E. 0, 12Q65s GOS 5/1~/R8 (NjNTnN, CfEANE R,) OR-M TAGS: F_'AID, ES SUR,JECT; (ll) FY84 Ft~REirN ASSISTAP~CE' RUOGET PREP4RATIQN REF; (A) STATE 1185x4; (B) STATE 11A9~d7f (G) 5TATF_ 121852 (D) STATE ~870u7 1. C ENTIRE TEXT., 2. WE HAVE CAREFI!LLYREVIEWED WHAT WE KPJOw ABOUT THE 3iTl1ATI0N HERE ANG ABQUT F4RZKGN ASSJSTANCE Ll~VELg IN RECENT PAST, PRESENT, A^aD PLgrar~ED? FRnM THIS REVIF~+, I CONCLUDE! (1) CONCERNING ECONOMIC ASSISTsNCEs (1) vVE NEED MORE FCONQMIC ASSISTANCE NOW, (2) FY S4 PLANNING LEVELS CQtJI,n TURNQ~!T TOpF_ Ton NIGH - IT DEPENDS rtN STRENGTH ~lF RECOVEkYHERE, f%ERT SERVICE State Dept. review completed. _ Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP84B00049R001503910011-6 - Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP84B00049R001503910011-6 ?www?wa~wwwwsw.~wwwww..rww-w?wwwwwwewwwwww?wwwrwwwwww.~wwwwww?w?wwsw?www?rw~wwo? 82 $5Ab528 SCO PAGE 002 TORT 1i011bIMAYR2 PROBLEMS, IBRD-IMF PROGRAM ANp MYASSUMPTION THAT FY$4 PRIVATE FINANCE WILL AE FI_OWI'~G NICELYINTO EL SALVADOR (3) CRITICAL NEED IS FORFIGNEXVt1ANGE EVENBEFORE FY 8? SUPPLEMENTALwwDELAYIN IMF HEIt'LHAS CREATED IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY SITUATION, (U) THEREFORE, TOSUPPORT NEw GOVERNMENT,KVERY EFFt~RT TO kEPROGRAM AMD ADVANCE DOLLAR DISFiURSEMENT8 MUST 9E MADE. ALTERNATIVELY, PRIVATE ARIDGE FINANCING MUST gE FOUND. ,(8) CONCERNING MILITARY ASSTST4NCE: (1) IF SUPPLEMFNTAAY IS LANG DELAYkD, TRAINING PRQ? GRAM WILL. GRIN[) T~~ MALT AND AMMUNITION 3HORTAGFS C0~-1Ln DEVELOP. TNFt~' ARE VTRTtItILLYrJO UNCOr~MITTED FUt~lOS AT (?_) FY $3 MILITARY As4iSfiA~1~E I?~ UNDOUBTEDLY TaoLnw AND FY84 PLANNED LEVEL ALSO wOULn BE T00 LOW IF WAR HAS OT WOUND DOWN! RYTHEN~ ( THEREFORE, OUR AjASA StJBMISSIO~JWILI CALL FOR 5113.2 MILLION I-~ FY83 ANO X134.5 iN FY$4. 1_. __ _~_ ~~ __~... __ _ T H I S P o i iV T ~J`1IL1~Y g2__ ~-F'AR--F-RiT*~-"~nV~A;~ 2. TONELP YOU UNDERST FD MYCONCIUSInN3r WE gUBMIT FOLLOWING BUMMARYTABLE RELATING TW BILATERAL AS9I3TANCEs plaraNiNG LEvEl3 FY 1991 ??I'N U3~ FY 1082 MYlLION ww MASH FY WASH fY ECONOMIC (1) 19!!3 1484 D 32.9 35 2 25 0 39 0 ESF 44,9 . 153.0 . 105.0 . 125.0 PLw480 ( I ) 1 7. 1 27.4 30 0 30 0 PL-4SO (II) q.o T?4 . S. . `3.0 CCC 2T.1 22.7 25.0 2'5 0 HIC s.s 15.0 15.0 . 15.0 SUBTOTAL 136.4 200.7 205.n 2390 'MILITARY (Z) IMET l.n 1.0 1.3 1.3 FM$ 10,0 16.5 b0.t1 gnso MAp 43.5 ? 1 s Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP84B00049R001503910011-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP84BOOO49ROO15O391OO11-6 82 858658 SCU P4C,F. 003 NC ~5~b529 Tt~R; i1011bZMaY 82 ?wwwwwwwwwwwswwwww~wwww~wow~wwwwwwa.wwwwwwww~www4wwwsw~~wwwwswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl~ SObA ?.5.0 55.0 1 SUBTOTAL 3b.0 ii5.0 t,u.3 8i.3 ~ TOTAL 172.4 37h.7 N 2bb.3 3?_n.3 ^!OTES: (i ) ECD"JD"~IC ASSISTA^JCE AME~tirJTS FtJR F-Y Al IS ACTUAL OBLIGATIONS AND FQR FY92 IS EXPEGTF:~) ACTUAL OBLIGATIC-~15. FpR FY~3/bur AMQ(~"VTS ARF FRU"~ CP bt)CU~tENTr REFTE:LS pp OTHER. WE NAE IMPIiTED A $?5 '~ILLID~! CPC PROGRAM FqR FY83/au PROGRAM OR iJEFTFL PLAUNI!vr, LEVELS. 3. FACTS OF C]VERta't~ELMING SIG'VIFICANCE ARE THAT CENTRAL- BANK IS BF?QKEr WA-2 CONTINt1ES, IMPORT ARRFARAGES STILL AtvD ECt1NOMYC4NN(~T TAKE: ARE MttCN MOUPdTI~?Ga ;ORE. !1E!~P ~ IN FYA4 wOULb 8E TUO LATE. MINTON ? ? Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP84BOOO49ROO15O391OO11-6