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December 20, 2016
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March 20, 2007
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February 26, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007/03/20: CIA-RDP84B00049R001700290008-0 I / r. p DDA 82-0538/1 26 February 1982 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence VIA: Executive Director FROM: Harry E. Fitzwater Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT: Discussion about Project SAFE. 1. 'At my re uest visited Headquarters on Thursday, 25. February, to discuss our. cu ose attending the meeting included Evan Hinman, ADDI; and and myself o the Directorate of Administration. 25X1 25X1 STAT STAT 2. Emphasizing the importance of the SAFE project to CIA and DIA, I expressed our concern over the schedule slips and the prospective cost overrun, pointing out that we would be under congressional scrutiny to justify the increasing expenditures. I mentioned that the preliminary design review (PDR) had just been completed, one year late and conducted prior to a full design of the system. I expressed concern about the proble with the user language and the architecture 25X1 of the system, and concern at e hardware which has been selected for 25X1 the system may not prove adequate.. no e at the project personnel complement 25X1 appeared to be overly large for the design phase. He was informed that there were some very serious concerns held by senior people in the government and by certain government consultants that the system could not be built as currently being designed and managed. He was informed that, in order for us to gain an independent perspective on the state of the project, we are assigning an audit team to review the total SAFE project. 3. The DIA representatives echoed my concerns about the hardware and architecture, the need to justify the cost of the project, and the shortcomings we had observed in TRW management of the. project. 4. a stropg defense of the position. They believe '2?1 they have a via e design and the hardware can do the job. He reminded25X1 us that the hardware was selected through a process dictated by the government and that Ewould have been willing to build the system using any hardware. He also 25X1 mentioned that II had released to them information on future product plans, 25X1 which indicated that there will be an upward migration path from today's hardware. He admitted that the PDR review on error recovery had been flawed, but asserted that they now have a viable strategy for attacking this problem. He believes they will be close to meeting their projected schedule. . Approved For Release 2007/03/20: CIA-R DP84B00049R001700290008-0 SUBJECT: Discussion with TRW about Project SAFE 5. On the user language, he reported he had spent a few hours that morning with OCR/SAS seeing in person what kinds of service are now available on Interim SAFE and Mail system. He admitted that there has been inadequate com- munication about these services and other requirements, and said he intends to e their work on the operator interface question. 25X1 6. that the current Project meager had asked to 25X1 be relieved and his desire is being granted. He, ecried the lack of mutual trust and teamwork and said there had been too little communication on requirements and too much-communication on design. - . He believes they have been over-guided but admitted=had invited this. In a discussion of why the government/ contractor 25X1 relationship had had such difficulty, said that he believed the total 25X1 inadequacy of the original funding ceiling, had cast.a shadow on all 25X1. discussions thereafter,. making every. design and technical issue automatically a .:cost concern. He hopes that.we'.'can.rebuild mutual.trust and expressed concern about what an audit'would.do to Iteam.morale and to the project scheduling. . 25X1 7 I told him that despite the `danger of temporary disruption, the government needs to know exactly where we are on the project and that we would proceed with the audit. We agreed to try and conduct the audit with a minimum of interf the-project development. I made a copy of my instruction memorandum to s `i' Chief of the Audit Team, available to him. 8. Several issues about outstanding requirements and some recent proposed changes were discussed and are under investigation. 9. We will have the members of the Audit Team identified before the end of the day and will meet with the members next Monday to begin the audit. 1 - DDA Chrono 1 - HEF Chrono cc: ExDir ADDI. D/ODP D/ODII Rewritten:DDA:HEFitzwater:kmg (26 Feb 82) Distribution: - Orig - DDCI 1 - ExDir ER ~1 - ADDI 1 - D/ODP . 1 - DDA Subj E. F- ?ater