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December 20, 2016
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May 9, 2007
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March 10, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007%1 E:CC -R DP84B00049R001800110002-4 DCI 10 March 82 We are here to brief you on what we now know about insurgency in El Salvador and how it is run. We will then take questions on El Salvador. Later, if you wish, we will show you the evidence of the military buildup in Nicaragua and the massacre of Indians which was shown to the press yesterday. Here with me today are Admiral Inman, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Dewey Clarridge, Chief/Latin America Division, Directorate of Operations Director/African and Latin America Analysis, Intelligend]fDX1 Directorate Constantine Menges, National Intelligence Officer for Latin America I Chief/Middle America-Caribbean Division, Intelligence 25X1 Directorate Military Analyst in Middle America-Caribbean Division, 25X1 Intelligence Directorate Intelligence Operations Research Officer, 25X1 special Operations Intelligence Center, Operations Directorate All of them have worked on assembling this picture and will be available to bring you their insights and respond to your questions. I 5X1 have been to Europe to brief our Allies on the Nicaragua buildup 25X1 has just returned from 4. weeks of traveling around El Salvador. 25X1 Hue and cry in press for evidence of external control - can't meet without losing sources. Last week I presented the El Salvador evidence to two intelligence committees. All members seemed satisfied and Chairmen Goldwater and Boland issued statements characterizing the evidence as compelling - comprehensive - overwhelming. They concluded that the President is acting on good solid information. Approved For Release 2007/ 1gEOCI RDP84B00049R001800110002-4 That the El Salvador insurgency is supported externally is not a new discovery. - March of 1980, the Defense Department told a House committee that Cuban support for the extreme left in El Salvador and Guatemala includes "advice, propaganda, safe haven, training, arms" and "men and material which transit Honduras, aircraft landings at remote haciendas" with weapons from Cuba. - 17 January 1981, in approving lethal military aid for El Salvador, the Carter Administration stated that its purpose was to "support the Salvadoran government in its struggle against left-wing terrorism supported covertly with arms, ammunition and training and political and military advice by Cuba and other communist nations." During my watch, for 14 months I have had a steady diet of reports and photos showing a flow of supplies and trained men from Cuba and Nicaragua into El Salvador and Guatemala by road in large trucks through Honduras by small plane from Nicaragua to small landing fields in El Salvador by sea from Nicaragua to El Salvador mostly across the Bay of Fonseca. In February 1981, the State Department put out a White Paper detailing how leaders of diverse Salvadoran guerrilla factions had been brought to Havana and promised financial and military support if they would unite,li a_Sa Ya_doca ,th Koradlf' i n commi' ?rfi 'P - and how subsequently some 200 tons of weapons, US rifles with serial numbers matching those left behind in Vietnam, Russian hand grenades and Chinese grenade launches, German G-3 rifles, along with other weapons and ammunition brought by air, sea and 2 TOP SECRET roved For Release 2007/05/10: CIA-RDP84BOO049ROO1800110002-4 Approved For Release 20071ftt-R DP84B00049R001800110002-4 large truck into El Salvador. The media did a lot of nitpicking on the details of this White Paper, but in April,of 1981 Fidel Castro told Wisnewski, the Deputy Chairman of the German Socialist Democratic Party, that the State Department White Paper was essentially accurate. In early 1980, instructions went out from Moscow on a new propaganda policy which would stress the militaristic policies of the United States, including the charge that we were poised to invade El Salvador. Meetings in Mexico City and Havana with Soviets and Cubans had the Salvadoran insurgents establish the FDR (Democratic Revolutionary Front) to represent the insurgency abroad and the DRU (United Revolutionary Directorate) as the central command of the insurgents. In April, the insurgents met at the Hungarian Embassy in Mexico City with representatives of East Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Vietnam, Hungary, Cuba and the Soviet Union to work out cooperation the supply of weapons. In June of 1980, the head of the Salvadoran Communist party traveled to Moscow and then to Vietnam, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ethiopia to get commitments for weapons, training and financial assistance. In June 1980, there was a further meeting in Havana in which the propaganda themesand the channel through which it would be communicated worldwide were laid down. We saw all this unfold brilliantly in 48 public meetings held around the world between the 13th of January and the 10th of March of 1981.. Those meetings have continued around the world and into the United States. I think you will get an idea of how thoroughly and comprehensively it was done by looking at this listing of meetings held outside the US during an 8-week period around this time last year. 3 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2007/05/1yppCT84B00049R001800110002-4 We substantially intensified our efforts to find out what was happening in El Salvador itself and were able to apply) to identify planes, ships and trucks bringin 5X1 5X1 25X1 9 arms into the country. We have worked with the El Salvador and Honduran govern- ments to train intelligence officers and security officers to identify infiltration routes and develop methods to interdict and reduce the flow of arms over those routes. We have identified over 150 guerrilla camps, we have traced a sophisticated communications network through which insurgent tactics and strategies are directed from Managua, and we have succeeded in learning the strategy and directives which the El Salvador insurgents use to seek political propaganda and military objectives. The picture laid out before you this afternoon will disclose a well-organized and sophisticated structure which is the work not of peasant revolutionaries, but of professional and experienced revolutionary leaders. You will see them sending plans, directives and supplies from Managua to the guerrilla bands in El Salvador and receiving requests for help and reporting results to Managua. The El Salvador briefing will be presented to you in three segments. First, who sifts and puts together this material every day in our Central America operations room, will describe the insurgent forces and how they are supplied. Then Dewey Clarridge will give you an overview of the capabilities we have developed there to help the Salvadorans gather intelligence and interdict the supplies sent in from outside. Finally,I will 25X1 show you how the insurgency is directed from Managua and give you the plans, objectives and propaganda themes sent from Managua to El Salvador in the very words used by those who command and control the attack against the government in El Salvador. Approve or e-2e&-H }X48=-C1A-R.D.P_84BQD049R001800110602-4 APPENDIX' Montreal Demonstrations and Protests Against U.S. Polio in El Salvador DATE 13 Jan. 16 Jan. . Bern - th+ra woria interest groups, mostly Swiss but with a smattering of Latin A i mer can participants ?? 16 Jan. Panama City -16 Jan. Revolution Student Front..' There was also an* attempt to firebomb the Embassy. Sydney 40' "Australian Social'st h-orkers Party" (T t "Usual* run of left-wince :,Huth ' nd 40 Conui to Uni taire De Sol idar-i to Pour 800 ro ykyite) (NOTE: Some Chileans were to participate, according to permit, but were.not seen at site.- ?. 16 Jan. 17 Jan. 17 Jan. .19 Jan. 20 Jan. 20. Jan. 20 Jan. 20 Jan.. Managua 300 All U.S. Citizens, mainly Maryknoller's, and others -describing themselves.-as i.......-_i_ Georgetown 40 Brussels 250 Bilbao 40 Barcelona 50 Vancouver 75 Wellington 8 Quito unk Pedpl e? Progressive Party (Pro-Soviet "A .small local Trotskyite_parfy"..and other?Leftist groups, Members of the Faculty of Theology of the University .of Deusto- Liga Comuni sta Revolucionaria, Movimiento Comunista de Catalunia El Salvador/Nicaragua Support Committee. Nicaragua Solidarity Committee Leftist students from Catholic University . Approved For Release 2007/05 10: CIA-RDP841300049R001800110 02-4 20 Jan. - Rome Unk Committee of solidarity with the Salvadoran People. Speakers included Brazilian labor leader and Communist "Lula " Uruguayan Ernesto Gogi, and others 22 Jan. USUN 200 Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador 22 Jan. . Bilbao Communist Party of Euskadi, Basque - Regional Branch of Spanish Communist Party. 22 Jan. Bogota 35 Colombian Communist Party (pro-Soviet) 22 Jan. Managua 15 Group describing itself as American .Professional people.from New York and California .22 Jan. .San Jose. . unk Unidentified group, mainly foreigners. The Government of Costa Rica subsequently expelled 16 foreigners including 3 U.S. ? citizens for demonstrating illegally. 24 Jan.. ' . Stuttgart 80 Amnesty International., Association of German Catholic Youth, Action Committee Stuttgart, Communist?Party of Chile Latin American Comm., Stuttgart, Movement ? of'tlie Revolutionary Left, Socialist Party of Chile, Socialist Party CNR, Chile. ? 24 Jan. ?Ca;lgary ? 2QQ Committee of Friends of El Salvador New Democratic Party, the U.S. Association, the Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America - ? . 29 Jan. Vienna ? . 1,500 Anti-U.S. campaign spearheaded by Austrian Communist Party. 24 Jan. Dusseldorf 100 Working Group for El Salvador, Neuss; Central America Committee, Wuppertal; Nicaragua Information Office, Wuppertal; Initiative Group for the Third World, Neuss; ? 'Working Group of BDKJ For The Politics of Development; ASTA (Combined German Studerrt:Co"ittee Professional Group _of the PP. Neuss; Approved For.Release 2007/05110: CIA-RDP84B00049RO 29 Jan. Dusseldorf 100 (Cont'd.) ? 31 Jan. Mexico'- .10,000 31 Jan. Frankfurt 15,000 31 Jan,. Stockholm 400 a rep. 6 Feb. Milan Melbourne unk 10 Feb.. San Jose 8 10? Feb. Mexico 150 10 Feb. Lima 15 Evangelical Student Co;rnittee, Dusseldorf; Working Group for. Alternatives in Social Work The Foreigners Group, Bilk; Action Movement for Housing, Dusseldorf; Independent Medical Group; Biker-Base Central Book Assn.; Saegewerke, E. V.; Children's Book Store. in Wuppertal, Third World Section; Provincial Association for'the North Rhine-Westphalia "The Green Ones" .(An Environmentalist Political Party); Free International University.. (Not attributed by Embassy report) Informationsstelle El Salvador. Marchers -.'included several hundred masked leather-jacketed rowdies" and "a number of orderly Turks and Chileans." The keynote speaker was Karsten Voigt. There. were acts of violenc Guatemala-El Salvador Committee. Vast majority or demonstrators were Latin. Americans, from Latin American exile groups. Telephone threat against U.S. Consulate in Milan by group calling itself MOVEMENT OF 28 FEBRUARY. Caller said in Spanish that- U.S. must cease giving arms to Salvadoran Ounta or his organization will take measures against you." , Socialist Workers Party, Spartacist- League of Australia, International Socialists, Communist Party of Australia. ' Partido Revolucionario de Los.Trabajadores_ D e our h Internati ona "Partido 14undial -De Los Trabajadores." Partido Obrero Socialista, Liga Obrero ? Marxista, Partido Marxista De Mexico, Juventud Democratica Mexicana "Leftist and Communist Demonstrators, organized and led by Senator Cesar Napuri (POIMMR) and Diputado Enrique Fernandez (PST) Nicaragua Reconstruction Committee emonstration followed series of radio announcements claiming':Feb. 10 would be day of world-wide demonstrations against El Salvador by th F t l Approved For Release 2007/05/10: CIA-RDP84B00049R001800110002-4 10 Feb. Paris 500 10 Feb. Hamburg 1.0. 10 Feb. Frankfurt 5 10 Feb. Lima 15 11 Feb. 13 Feb. Quebec.. Perth 6 14 Feb. Amsterdam . 2,500 17 Feb. Dublin 35 20 Feb. Oslo 200 25 Feb. Paris 1,000 26 Feb. Stuttgart '15 26 Feb. Rome 35 277Feb. Edinburgh 75 28 Feb. Vancouver 500 Organisation Communiste Internationaliste. Unattributed Protest letter delivered by reps of Internationaler Arbeitskreis Frankfurt. Persons representing various political parties, including the trotskyites. Communist Party - These demonstrators showdd up during a driving rain store for demonstration. ?Unattributed (Perth 0030) E1. Salvador Committee, together with the the support of other local anti-American protest.groups-and United Uruguayan Group In Solidarity With El. Salvador. . International : ' Communist League, Convencion Uacional de Trabajadores del Uruguay,.IKB - Grupo Combate. El Salvador Support Committee. (.note: the Embassy in Dublin reported this was the Fifth demonstration 'by this group.) ilnattri buted. Comite Soutien au Peuple du Salvador, Comite du Nicaragua, Comite du. Guatemala. (all these groups were organized by the Organisle 4E Internationale, a Trotskyist groupl. Same groups as Jan 24 demonstration. Partito Democratico Unione Proletario Fiovimiento Laboratori Per Il Socialismo. ? ` Among the group were six parliamentary reps of the PDUP. Latin American Solidarity Campaign Of Edinburgh. Some damage was done to the Consulate door'by battering it. ---El- Sal vador/Ki caragua Committee. Quebec/ El Salvador (t4EI) Socialist Party of Australia, Socialist Workers Party, Communist Party of Australia. "Several Danish political organizations from Center-left of Comnuni st" ' Chile- Nicaragua Allende-Uruguay Comrnittee. El Salvador Support~'Cor cnittee. on7/_5/10_QIA-R DP84B00049R001800110002- 28 Feb. Quebec 500 6 Mar. Adelaide 30 3 lar. CopenE gen' 1,500 10 Mar. Toronto 200